The Best BJJ DVD 2019 – UPDATED!

John Danaher Triangles
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It’s been said over and over again that BJJ is a martial art that is not shy of evolving. In fact, evolution based on experimentation is one of the main premises behind the success of Jiu-Jitsu. This unique aspect of the art, along with the technical depth, means that there’s more than one way to approach learning. Let’s be clear, going to class on a regular basis is the best way to learn grappling martial arts! However, learning doesn’t have to stop there. Off the clock drilling with training partners, competing and watching high-level tournaments all play their role. One very valuable best teaching tool is digital content in the form of video instructionals. So, grab your copy of the best BJJ DVD 2018 and start learning! Well, it’s not quite that easy. best BJJ DVD 2018

When it comes to choosing the best BJJ DVD 2018, you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for. It’s not just about grabbing the first title that you find on a subject and going with it. Much like BJJ schools, not all BJJ DVDs are created equal. Some are better than others in certain aspects of the game. For example, a leg lock instructional from a decade ago is not even in the same category as a leg lock BJJ DVD of today!

As with choosing a BJJ gym, you need to make sure that the style of the person demonstrating the moves is also a good fit for you. Watching Keenan Cornelius while being built like Cyborg Abreu is not going to be of much help and will only frustrate you. So, make sure you have selection criteria before you decide on the best BJJ DVD 2018.

How To Learn From Video Instructionals 

First and foremost, let’s make a crucial distinction between the different kinds of video instructionals available. YouTube videos are almost never on the same level as DVDs. So whenever you’re looking to really improve, go for well-structured DVD releases. They offer a framework of positional hierarchies in relation to a move, as opposed to just quick-start instructions. BJJ DVDs and instructionals are much more in-depth in terms of material and knowledge that’s presented. They offer systems instead of just singular techniques, which is the best way to approach any subject of your Jiu-Jitsu that you’re looking to improve.

That said, make sure you approach digital learning correctly in your quest for the best BJJ DVD 2018. Since most BJJ DVD instructionals come on multiple discs, managing material is your first priority. As you begin a new instructional, stay focused only on specific sections of the DVDs, instead of trying to watch them all in one sitting. Follow the chapters by moving on to the next only after you’ve tested the previous one in training.

That brings us to the next important point. Always attempt what you learn from BJJ DVDs in training. However, know that rolling is not your only testing ground. Try to find like-minded partners that are willing to drill with you. Drilling is huge in BJJ and for a good reason. It’ll help you develop muscle memory and work out the kinks that’ll open up the next chapter of the DVD for you.

A good idea is also to connect the subject of your DVD with whatever you’re learning in the academy at the moment. Try to add to the knowledge you get on the mats by exploring different perspectives through related BJJ DVD instructionals.

Improve Your Game Fast: Best BJJ DVD 2018

Now that we’re a couple of months in the new year, it’s time to take a look back at some of your BJJ resolutions. The cycle of going for it in January, giving up and feeling sorry for yourself in February is over. Now it’s time to pick yourself up and really dig into your resolution of expanding your BJJ knowledge. There’s hardly a better way to do so, apart from being on the mats, than through instructional video DVDs. So, let’s take a look at a comprehensive list of the best BJJ DVD 2018 releases. Here are our top picks!

John Danaher – Front Headlocks: Enter the System

Let’s start this list with a BANG! MR John Danaher just dropped a massive knowledge bomb on the BJJ world! He came out with an instructional on one of the most versatile positions in Jiu-jitsu and dumbed it down to a T. The No-Gi guru broke down the front headlock position as much has it was possible. And you’re going to love it!

The front headlock in wrestling is a way of getting the fight to the ground or getting an opponent on their back for a pin. In BJJ, apart from guillotines, people usually use it to get the back. In both instances, this position is massively underused. Just like with leg locks, Danaher discovered how to turn a staple of grappling into a complete system that can win you world titles. The “Front Headlocks: Enter the System” DVD by John Danaher is an 8 volume set that will teach you a complete grappling system.

The DVD features both top and bottom positions, as well as options from the feet. As you’d expect, Danaher really emphasizes control and has incredible concepts about rationing the position. Furthermore, it is true chokes galore as he goes over every possible guillotine variation. But, the best part, at least for me, is his Kata Gatame series, focusing mostly on the Anaconda choke. get this DVD if you truly want to become a submission artist of the highest caliber. It is as simple as that!

John Danaher Front headlocks
Techniques List

Craig Jones – Down Under Leg Attacks

Leg lock enthusiast rejoice! One of the top emerging leg lockers did not wait long to get his stuff on a DVD! After shining bright at ADCC and EBI, Australian black belt, Craig Jones put together a great piece of content on his favorite attacks. Just take a look at his effectiveness with heel hooks at the top tiers of competition and you’ll know that you’ve hit a jackpot. Only second (MAYBE) to the Danaher Death Squad with his leg lock game, until the Danaher Death Squad releases digital content Craig’s DVD easily makes the top of the best BJJ DVD 2018 list.

EDIT: As Danaher DVD is out there’s a question of what you should buy, Craig Jones DVD or Danaher’s DVD?  If you like a lot of talking, a lot of concepts and everything about certain positions then you should go to John Danaher’s DVD. But if you like pure techniques, greatly explained without unnecessary details that most of the time won’t help you a lot then Craig Jones DVD on leg attacks is the way to go. You just can’t go wrong with it as it offers pretty much everything you need to know about leg attacks. Also, the price may play a big role in your decision as Danaher’s DVD cost 3 times more than Craig’s.

So, John Danaher vs Craig Jones leg locks instructional? Our choice is definitely Craig Jones DVD as it offers everything you need to know without a lot of talking about something you might not be interested in.

Craig Jones - Down Under Leg Attacks
Techniques List

In-Depth Review Of Craig Jones – Down Under Leg Attacks
Craig Jones DVD Instructionals You Absolutely Need

Neil Melanson – The Catch Wrestling Formula

Now, this is the one clear winner for me personally. I’ve been a big fan of Neil’s stuff for a while now and this one was a no-brainer when it came out. Catch wrestling complements Jiu-Jitsu better than any other style of wrestling. Melanson’s submission heavy approach is rivaled only by his knack for brutality. The DVD is full of tips and trick to make you heavier from top position and make your opponent suffer in discomfort while you slap on a tight submission. Arm locks, chokes, leg attacks, and neck cranks all feature in this release. It’s a top game changer for any grappler!

Neil Melanson - The Catch Wrestling Formula
Techniques List

In-Depth Review of Neil Melanson – The Catch Wrestling Formula

Tom DeBlass – Half Domination  

On the opposite spectrum of the half guard game from Melanson, DeBlass came out with a bottom half guard game release. If you’re looking for a BJJ DVD to solve all your half guard woes, look no further. Tom DeBlass goes through every half guard variation imaginable, both offensively and defensively. He even has a segment on submission options from the top half guard! The real gem of the release, though, is the final volume in which DeBlass goes over every “what if’ guard retention scenario that you’re bound to encounter while rolling. Do yourself a favor and get your copy ASAP! best BJJ DVD 2018

Tom DeBlass - Half Domination
Techniques List

In-Depth Review of Tom DeBlass – Half Domination

Bernardo Faria – Omoplata Everyone

The highly accomplished grappler that’s been a nightmare for everyone when passing, this time went with a very specialized release. Bernardo chose the omoplata to focus on and in doing so, revealed concepts that very few people actually understood about the submission. The 3 x world champion, didn’t hold back in this one, with some killer details included in the material! After absolving Faria’s material, you’ll be able to hit the omoplata from every grappling position. Knowing that he’s not the most flexible or most athletic competitor out there makes his Omoplata DVD more attractive for the average BJJ practitioner.

Bernardo Faria - Omoplata Everyone
Techniques List

In-depth Review of Bernardo Faria Omoplata Everyone
Bernardo Faria The Best DVD Collection

Dean Lister – Worry Free Escapes18

Who better to teach you how to escape submissions than a formidable submission artist himself. Dean Lister is certainly the go-to guy for anything submission related. After all, this is the guy behind the birth of the Danaher leg lock philosophy. In this No-Gi instructional Lister focuses on high-level submission defense. The focus of the release is mainly on defending and escaping leg locks. Other submissions like guillotines and armlocks are also included, but it is the defensive side of the leg locking game that makes this DVD special. I can not recommend highly enough!

Dean Lister - Worry Free Escapes
Techniques List

Chris Haueter – Old School BJJ

BJJ standout Chris Haueter is as old school as BJJ gets. The Machado black belt and UFC veteran bring you invaluable material that’s based on “old school” Jiu-Jitsu. It starts off with an intricate bottom guard game full of “forgotten” moves. What follows is an equally impressive passing game where the central theme is pressure. Hauter ends up with amazing strategy advice for all the “old guys” competing in the master’s divisions, but not before going over some fundamentals like side control and back mount. best BJJ DVD

Chris Haueter - Old School BJJ
Techniques List

Tom DeBlass – Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness

A somewhat unexpected feature in the best BJJ DVD 2018 list. DeBlass makes the list again, although this time in a different BJJ related to fashion. Namely, the renowned grappler decided to share his strength and conditioning regiment along with his nutritional protocol. Although there’s nothing really new in terms of physical training, there are some cool exercise variations that are definitely useful for grapplers. The truly valuable advice is on the nutrition part. There, Tom details how intermittent fasting for grappling works and how anybody can use it.  After seeing his incredible physique, how can we not believe him?

Tom DeBlass - Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness
Check Program

The Headhunter Guillotine Series – Neil Melanson

The master of Catch wrestling for Jiu-Jitsu strikes again! Neil Melanson never fails to deliver on his DVD sets and he’s got another masterpiece in this one! Renowned for his catch wrestling based style of grappling, Neil focuses on a staple of the wrestling world – the front headlock. Right up there with the Shultz brothers in terms of front headlock knowledge, Melanson goes deep into the world of Guillotines, D’arce chokes, Anacondas, and Neckties. Grab this BJJ DVD and you’ll never lose a front headlock control ever again. As a bonus, you get a whole volume dedicated to chokes of Neil’s own invention. Now you’ll be able to tap even those more experienced grapplers that are hard to get with a Guillotine or Brabo. It’s still early but I think this one is going to be my pick for the best BJJ DVD 2018!

Heeadhunter Guillotine Neil Melanson best BJJ DVD 2018
Techniques List

In-depth Review of Neil Melanson Head hunter Guillotine Series

Craig Jones: Z-Guard Encyclopedia

The enigmatic Aussie is back with another release to complement his Down Under Leg Locks BJJ DVD Instructional. Craig’s fame is due mostly to his leg locking efforts of late, namely at the ADCC and a couple of EBI’s. Most people see him as just a leg lock specialist but the young grappler is much more well rounded than that. He has an admirable bottom game as well, particularly form the Z-guard. In this release, Craig goes through every Z-guard scenario in his usual systematic style. Z-guard, De La Riva GUard, and reverse DLR are all covered in different dedicated volumes. What you also get is more than your fair share fo triangles, a submission that Jones is particularly experienced in. All in all, a true encyclopedia that all Z-guard players simply have to own!

Craig Jones Z Guard Encyclopedia best BJJ DVD 2018
Craig Jones: Z-Guard Encyclopedia – Techniques List

In-Depth Review of Craig Jones Z-Guard Encyclopedia

Craig Jones DVD Instructionals You Absolutely Need

George Lockhart Nutrition & Weight Management System DVD+Ebook

When you think of the top level combat sports nutritionists out there, three names usually pop up. George Lockhart, Mike Dolce, and John Berardi. Of the three, none has delivered more in shape athletes at the highest levels of MMA and grappling competition than George Lockhart. Now, his secrets are revealed in detail by none other than the man himself! Lockhart issued a three DVD set that covers every nutrition and weight-cutting aspect of a fighters tournament preparation. The best thing is that you do not need a Ph.D. in natural sciences to understand what he’s talking about. Lockhart outlines the basics of nutrition in a very easy to understand manner and provides a very effective way of planning a diet.

Each macronutrient is covered in depth, leaving no place for wondering after you finish the DVD. A real gem of this release is the hydration and supplements guide which are the two areas most grapplers fail at. A comprehensive weight cutting system that is fail-proof is also included in the set. Finally, everything is topped off with a 100+ pages E-book full of delicious recipes based on Lockhart’s principles.

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System best BJJ DVD 2018
Check Program

Everything about the best Nutrition & Weight George Lockhart DVD, Book, E-book

Tom DeBlass – High Tech BJJ In The Gi

For all of you that think that Mr. Tom DeBlass is only a No-Gi and Intermittent Fasting wizard, here is a surprise. He is also world class in the GI and he has the DVD instructional to prove it (not that he needs to). Tom DeBlass’ latest digital release is a great guide to every position you might find yourself when training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He devotes equal time to both the bottom and top game concepts. Passing any guard, especially boring lapel based guards is not going to be a problem any longer! There are also very elegant solutions to neutralize guard that open up leg locks, like the butterfly and X-guard variations. best BJJ DVD 2018

From the bottom, Tom’s trademark half guard has visited once again, this time in the Gi. After some serious half guard material, Tom gets into the X-guard and shows some real magic! Butterfly-half hybrid guard essentials open up the transition to insanely good counter-attacking options from the bottom. A philosophical outline of the most important grappling principles closes out this amazing digital release. Tom Deblass has certainly delivered one of the best BJJ DVD 2018 releases!

Tom DeBlass best BJJ DVD 2018 High tech BJJ IN The Gi
Tom DeBlass – High Tech BJJ In The Gi – TECHNIQUES LIST

In-Depth Review of Tom DeBlass High Tech BJJ in The Gi 

All About The Bolo – Gianni Grippo

Gianni Grippo is a Marcelo Garcia black belt that is a true representative of the Berimbolo generation. The multiple world champion has released on to of the very best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD instructionals up to date! His “All about the Bolo” BJJ DVD is as in-depth as anyone has gone in terms of the Berimbolo. The real value of this digital release is in the step-by-step organizational system of the material that is presented.

Everything starts with the solo drills that are the foundation for any Berimbolo enthusiast. Much valued gripping details from the De La Riva guard provide clarity of the position and its structure. Simple knock down setups open up the technical entries to the Berimbolo, adequate for all levels. All the basics are covered as precisely as possible before moving on to more “fun” applications of the position.

All leg lockers that give the Berimbolo a hard time are going to reconsider after seeing this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD! Calf slicers and twister hooks are dissected to the bone, linking everything up via the bolo. But why stop there? Cool crab ride combinations are going to open up new grappling horizons even for the most experienced inverted guard players. ANd this is all before touching the subject of counterattacking. Every possible scenario you can think of, from a posting opponent to countering back step passes and single leg X-guard is part of this unbelievable instructional! The choice of the best DVD BJJ 2018 is no easy feat!

Gianni Grippo Berimbolo best BJJ DVD 2018
All About The Bolo – Gianni Grippo – TECHNIQUES LIST

Dean Lister’s K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System DVD

Now, this here is a classic that is probably more sought-after nowadays than when it was originally released. Luckily, this timeless Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD instructional is still around. Dean was certainly ahead of his time in leg-locking terms. The K.A.T.C.H acronym stands for Kneebars, Ankle locks, Toe holds, Calf Slicers and Heel Hooks. It really does say it all, seeing as there is no leg attacking category that’s left out. Conversely, Dean is a real expert in each and every one which is as rare as it gets. After all, Danaher himself said that Lister is the reason why he dedicated to studying leg locks in the first place.

Across four volumes Dean demonstrates his leg destroying brilliance from every position imaginable. The level of detail regarding the execution of the submissions is breathtaking. This BJJ DVD is a staple that no grappler can overlook, regardless of their feelings towards lower body submissions. The calf slicing and kneebar information he provides is unlike anything digitally available out there. This was my first ever leg locking instructional and remains one that I consult on a regular basis to this day. Training without this BJJ DVD is like rolling without a belt – you can do it, but something is going to be missing.

Dean Lister KATCH best BJJ DVD 2018

Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam Chisiev 

Best BJJ DVD 2018 Release? If you’ve ever seen Rustam Chisiev grapple you know what you’re in for. There’s no way anything Rustam does is half-assed. He goes all in, all the way and he did so with his unique instructional. With a heavy wrestling background, Rustam offer amazing No-Gi techniques and concepts that are bound to take most opponents by surprise!

The name “Grappling Hacks” really suits this Jiu-Jitsu DVD since it is not your regular system based instructional. Instead, you get shortcuts to submissions from a multitude of positions. Leg locks feature heavily in this BJJ DVD, as do front headlock-based chokes like neckties and guillotines. Rustam also shares his grappling philosophy and principles, providing insight into the way he sets up his mindset for competition.

A No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional done by a wrestler is not going to be complete without in-depth standing techniques. Chisiev’s release is heavy on the takedowns, exploring everything from single leg takedowns to suplexes and gator rolls. Reversals and counters you’ve never seen before (unless you’ve wrestled in Russia) are also included in the release.

Here’s one bonus hack for you: combine this release with any (or even better all) of Neil Melanson’s releases for a mean No-Gi system with no holes whatsoever!

Russian grappling Hacks best BJJ DVD 2018

Battle Tested Pressure Passing by Bernardo Faria

If there is one thing I really love about Bernardo Faria is his dedication to a single aspect of the game. When Faria records an instructional, he truly demonstrates everything that he knows about a certain subject. So when a multiple times world champion that is one of the most notorious guard passers issues a guard passing instructional it is going to be, arguably, the best BJJ DVD 2018 instructional.

Bernardo Faria’s signature pass is the over under pressure pass. If you think, though, that this is the only focus of his multiple-volume release, you couldn’t be more wrong! 4 high-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVDs deliver an astonishing amount of information on all things related to pressure passing. There’s no pressure passing unless you know how to distribute your weight correctly and Faria makes sure that this is crystal clear. The first DVD is all about the over-under pass and creating the utmost possible pressure while passing.

From the second volume onwards it really gets interesting. Bernardo hs no trouble passing even the most elaborate modern guard, and neither will you. The worm guard, lasso spider guard, and other complex guards are no longer going to be puzzling. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to counter your opponents’ attacks s that you can get into pressure passing mode whenever you choose. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a whole DVD with narrated rolls where Bernardo is using all of his techniques as a complete system.

Faria best BJJ DVD 2018 Battle Tested Pressure Passing
Techniques List

Bernardo Faria The Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD Collection

Tom DeBlass Submission Escapes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD

The man who has not bee submitted for longer than a decade is here with an amazing BJJ DVD to make you submission-proof. Every submission you’ve thought of is covered, along with the major dominant positions. It is not just about defending the submission and ending up in another one or in a worse position. DeBlass makes sure that you stay safe, defend and successfully escape.

It all starts off fairly simple. After all, you primarily need to know how to get out of the most common submission in the sport. Straight armbars, triangles, Kimura locks, guillotines… you name it. There is not one submission that happens at least once a class is not covered here. Furthermore, there is a complete volume dedicated to keeping you safe from leg locks. Much like the comprehensive attacking nature of Dean Lister’s K.A.T.C.H. system, Tom’s is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It is not just about defending heel hooks, but getting out of every leg lock BJJ has to offer.

Capping things off is a DVD that focuses on reversing some of the most dominant positions in grappling. No more trouble when you’re at the bottom of mount or have someone on your back. Simple concepts and easy techniques are going to allow you to slide out of every bad position you find yourself into. As far as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD goes, it can hardly get better than this one. Well, in a defensive manner, at least.

Tom DeBlass Submission Escapes BJJ DVD
Techniques list

In-depth Review of Tom DeBlass Submission Escapes

High-Efficiency No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu by Yuri Simoes

Highly accomplished black belt Yuri Simoes has claimed many accolades in both Gi and No-Gi. he is, however, much better-known for his proficiency in the No-GI game. As such, his BJJ DVD is one of the best BJJ DVD 2018 instructionals anyone can get.

Yuri Simoes has his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD instructional set up in the best way possible for grapplers. He goes over every concept of the top game before turning to the related techniques. And by top game, I mean every aspect of it. Yuri goes over guard passes, takedowns and even submissions from a top perspective. After outlining the basic concepts, he focuses on the destruction of the opponent’s guards. If you can think of a No-Gi guard, there’s a pass for it in this release.

One outstanding characteristic of the DVD is that there is a whole volume dedicated to dealing with the inverted guard. This guard is by far the most commonly used one in NO-Gi. IT is great that  Yuri went into such depth explaining how to pass it. It is a mark of highly technical and often extremely flexible grapplers, so dealing with it can be a real nuisance. Not after watching Yuri’s take on it!

Finally, every takedown you need to master in order to dominate No-Gi matches on the feet is there. All in all, it is one of the most complete No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals out there!

Yuri Simoes DVD High Efficiency no gi Jiu Jitsu: Top Game Review
High-Efficiency No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu by Yuri Simoes – TECHNIQUES LIST

 In-Depth review of Yuri Simoes High-Efficiency No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Top Game

The Diamond Protocol By Ethan Benda

Let’s jump off the technical bandwagon for a second and turn towards conditioning for BJJ. Ethan Benda is a 43-year-old fitness expert that also trains grappling. While he is a regular in training he is not a professional, meaning he leads a life similar to most of us. Ethan’s reputation on the mats is that he never gases out. Now, he shares his conditioning secrets with the rest of the Jiu-Jitsu community.

It is always welcome for a fitness expert to have a complete understanding of grappling when constructing a conditioning program. Ethan Benda ticks every box in this context. His system is one that is perfect for grapplers.  The DVD’s outline a 12-week plan that gets progressively tougher with time. It is separated into three distinct phases, each posing specific demands. IN terms of equipment, it only takes a couple of kettlebells and a pull-up bar for this program.

The Diamond Protocol DVD gets its name from the structure of the training program. Denda’s innovative programming is shaped like a diamond, offeri9ng benefits to grapplers that no other program can. Also included int he instructional are complete nutritional guidelines for everyone training BJJ. Do not just eat healthy before a competition, but all year round by following Ethan’s easy principles. The final volume is dedicated to weight cutting strategies and cheat meal schedule.

BJJ DVD Ethan Benda Dimaond Protocol
The Diamond Protocol By Ethan Benda – TECHNIQUES LIST

Luis Heredia’s Pure Jiu-Jitsu

Luis Hereda is one of the old-school guys. He was a student of Helio Gracie and is a true representative of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. In his BJJ DVD, he focuses on the old-school principles that made the art famous in the first place. At 54 years of age, Hereda likes to do only techniques that really work. These are the same techniques that he demonstrates in his 4 disc release.

It all starts with a look at a true BJJ classic – the closed guard cross collar choke. The details on this fundamental submission are second to none, and yes, I have thought about oRoger Gracie as well. Some really useful tricks for defending the Ezekiel choke really give this DVD value. And you’ll learn the paper cutter choke. Everyone training BJJ needs to know the paper cutter choke.

Something missing from almost all BJJ instructionals is specific information on weight distribution for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Knowing how to be heavy from top side control is truly an art, one that Hereda is the Picasso of. Turn your knee on belly into the stuff of nightmares for your opponents. Best BJJ DVD

Hereda also doesn’t leave out the most old-school position of the mall – the closed guard. Complete attacking and counter-attacking concepts are explained in amazing detail. Some crucial guard passing principles and techniques round off this amazing digital release. Really make sure that you have this one in your BJJ DVD collection.

Luis Heredia BJJ DVD
Luis Heredia’s Pure Jiu-Jitsu – TECHNIQUES LIST

Position To Submission – Matheus Diniz DVD

Marcelo Garcia black belt Matheus Diniz is a great representative of Garcia’s philosophy of Jiu-Jitsu. He truly emphasizes the concept of position before submission, proving why his master is the greatest of all times. This BJJ DVD instructional is full of basics that have been proven to work at every level of Jiu-Jitsu.  Best BJJ DVD

The flower sweep has always been perceived as a move to get you on top, but Diniz extends its reach straight into an armbar. On the subject of armbars, how to position yourself in the closed guard is also covered in depth. Some crucial deep half guard attacks completes the first volume.   best BJJ DVD

The rest of the DVDs focus on the top game. Again, starting from the basics, Diniz presents ho to end up on the back from the knee-cut position. Going into modern day submission, he also opens up cool kneebar entries against the De La Riva open guard. A bit more on the old-school side, his take on the closed guard pass that ends with a paper cutter choke is a thing of pure grappling brilliance. The finale is reserved for some pretty attractive stuff like jumping over the butterfly guard into a paper cutter or a crucifix.  You’ll find your fair share of crucifix attacks in this BJJ DVD, which really isn’t that strange, given who Diniz’s master is.

Diniz Position Before Submission BJJ DVD
Position To Submission – Matheus Diniz DVD

Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Guard DVD 

As far as No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals go, this one is the first volume you should own. The closed guard is a great way to keep an opponent at bay when Gi grips are not available. It is even better when you approach the subject from an unorthodox point of view. Neils catch wrestling background means that he does not shy away from innovation and borrowing elements that work from other grappling martial arts.  best BJJ DVD 2018

This BJJ DVD is one more done is classic Melanson style. There aren’t plenty of chapters per volume but there is a lot of explaining in each. Neil spends at least 20 minutes per chapter, going as deep as possible into the structure and possible follow-ups form every position. His take on the closed guard is a blend of rubber guard and traditional guard philosophies. He takes the best of both, throwing out any flexibility requirements or unnecessary movements. Apart from a triangle choke setup, the first DVD is all about the concepts of the ground marshall guard. Everybody part’s placement is carefully covered and explained.

As the instructional progress, the focus turns to submissions. Plenty of triangle options and a few armbar setups make up most of the material. A cool Kimura setup precedes the Irish collar system, a closed guard variation of Neil’s own making. Trust me, this is one closed guard system you really need to learn, especially if you compete in No-Gi!

Ground Marshal Guard Melanson BJJ DVD
Neil Melanson’s Ground Marshall Guard DVD – TECHNIQUES LIST

Hudson Taylor Wrestling For BJJ

Would you buy an instructional from a blue belt in BJJ? How about if I told you that the instructional was about BJJ specific wrestling techniques? What if he was also a world champion at the blue belt? If you’re still not convinced, then the fact that it is a world-class wrestler demonstrating the techniques should remove any doubt. Hudson Taylor is quite new at BJJ but so are numerous unranked catch wrestlers like Josh Barnett. Best BJJ DVD

In his Brazilian JIu-Jitsu DVD, Hudson managed to identify the flaws of Jiu-Jitsu in a grappling sense. He then went on to plug in those holes with high-level wrestling moves. The result is a wrestling fro BJJ DVD that covers a lot more than just wrestling takedowns. Yes, you’ll learn wicked details about double and single leg takedowns but that is not the focus of this digital release. Most of the material is focused on controlling an opponent on the ground and successfully transitioning without creating space.

What was completely new to me (since I have no wrestling background) were the defensive and counter-attacking concepts. Hudson definitely knows what he’s talking about and what relates to BJJ. Cradles, pins, Granby defending stuff like the banana split area all covered. The part on leg rides is also really useful to open up turtled up opponents with ease. Just pick up the DVD. You can thank me later.

Wrestling for BJJ DVD Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor Wrestling For BJJ – TECHNIQUES LIST

JT Torres Passing Back Takes & Finishes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DVD

When you think of JT Torres, you most likely picture him hanging off of someone’s back, like a Koala bear on a eucalyptus tree. He is as proficient at taking the back as one can get. Finally, JT has released a DVD where he explains his back taking strategies and techniques. But he neither starts nor stops with back takes. This BJJ DVD covers everything from initially passing the guard to get to the back, all the way to inescapable submission holds.

The set is made up of 4 DVD volumes, each filled with invaluable information for anyone training Jiu-Jitsu. The first couple of discs are all about getting passed the dangerous legs of your opponents. It gets as basic as opening the closed guard and as advanced as cartwheel passing and destroying lapel guards. You won’t be left with many guard-passing related questions after going through JT’s material. best BJJ DVD

Torres’  bread and butter, attacking from the back is the subject of the last two volumes in this BJJ DVD instructional. First of all, you’ll learn ways of getting the back you’ve never thought were possible. Secondly, you’ll discover how to keep the position and never get shaken off again! Lastly, you’ll master brutal submission holds from the back. And they’re not limited to your regular rear naked and bow and arrow choke. The back position also opens up Ezekiel, Brabo, Clock chokes as well las kimura and armbar opportunities and JT goes every single option and variation. An essential for any self -respecting competitor out there!  Best BJJ DVD

Passing Back Takes & Finsihes JT Torres BJJ DVD


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