Brand New Roberto Cyborg Abreu “Flow: Top Game” DVD

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Ah, those blue belt days. If there is one thing that marks my blue belt period, it is the tornado guard. Somehow, I came across a Roberto Cyborg Abreu DVD and that was it. It was actually one of my first BJJ DVD instructions. It did me a world of good If I’m being honest. My guard became unpassable very quickly, and I had absolutely no trouble sweeping people. Even when I started enjoying inversions a bit too much, I had great success with the tornado guard. Now, years later, there’s a brand new Roberto Cyborg DVD out. And I went out and got, for history’s sake if nothing else. 

As Soon as Cyborg’s DVD is Out We’ll make a review of it. It’s a matter of hours when it will be released, so make sure You can check if it’s out on THIS LINK.

Roberto Cyborg is one of the old school heavyweight grapplers that is surprisingly mobile for his weight. He manages to get the most out of his flexibility and strength by exploring some rather unorthodox avenues of Jiu-Jitsu. However, one thing is for sure – Cyborg’s stuff works! It worked for me as a blue belt, and, though I have some injuries that prevent me from using it now, it does work later on as well. After all, Cyborg has been using it for years against top-level grapplers of all generations. The Brazilian is one of those grapplers that have World titles in everything, from the IBJJF to the ADCC. Which is exactly why you need to make the new Cyborg Abreu DVD a priority!

Roberto Cyborg Abreu

Roberto Cyborg Abreu is a super heavyweight grappler that was born in Campo Grande, Brazil. The 38-year-old came into the sport by joking around wrestling with his friends. The thing was, that one of the kids was way skinnier then Cyborg, yet managed to finish him a few times. The skinny kid knew BJJ. From that moment on, Cyborg made it his mission to pursue the Gentle Art. As we all know, he succeeded in his quest.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu DVDCyborg today leads the Fight Sports Academy, based in Miami, Florida. The nickname he carries is due to a very serious car accident he had like a blue belt in the early 2000s. Despite the doctor’s prognosis that he wouldn’t be able to use his left arm ever again, he managed to get silver in the Brazilian nationals only 4 months after the accident. He still carries glass in the arm to this day, which is why his teammates named him Cyborg. His ‘godfather” was Isaias, a Carlson Gracie black belt, who named him right after his Brazilian Nationals heroics.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Roberto Cyborg Abreu, it is that he enjoys competition. This means that any information you get from a Roberto Cyborg Abreu DVD is going to be 100% legit for use in tournaments. Cyborg is actually a Francisco Albuquerque black belt, which only strengthens his pedigree as a top competitor. Cyborg got his black belt in an impressive 5 years. Afterward, Cyborg teamed up with Buchecha and Cavaca to form a deadly competition team. Even though the team fell apart after a few years, Cyborg still went on to compete everywhere he could, and still does to this day.

As Soon as the latest Cyborg Abreu DVD is Out We’ll make a review of it. It’s a matter of hours when it will be released, so make sure You can check if it’s out on THIS LINK.

Cyborg’s Grappling Career

Overcoming a lot of adversity and harnessing his fierce competitor spirit, Cyborg managed to conquer a lot in the world of BJJ. Even before he earned his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Cyborg managed to get the world and national titles. However, it was teh decade or so after getting the black belt that he truly excelled.

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Some of Cyborgs most notable titles include IBJJF European champion, Pans Champion and multiple IBJJF No-Gi World Champion (five times, to be precise). He is known for competing in both his weight class and the absolute. Actually, Cyborg has some of his most impressive competitive achievements precisely in the absolute division. The first thing that springs to mind is his 2013 ADCC performance. Ending up a runner-up in his weight division, Cyborg came back strong for the absolute. he defeated his former team-mate Buchecha in the finals, conquering the highest accolades possible in Jiu-Jitsu.

To this day, Cyborg is still an active competitor. Just recently, he won another world title, this time at the IBJJF World Masters. This time, however, he conquered the title with the G. Roberto overcame 5 very tough opponents in an impressive performance where his Tornado guard featured heavily. Seeing as his trademark stuff works at the highest level to this day, I’m certainly extremely excited about the new Cyborg Abreu DVD and the innovations it will bring!

“Flow: Top Game” Roberto Cyborg Abreu DVD


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