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De La Riva Guard

The De la Riva guard is a classic in terms of Jiu-Jitsu guards. It is an open guard variation pretty much everyone uses, whether it is their primary game or not. The guard is reliable and easy to explain but is also so diverse and detailed that it offers people of all levels something to work with. The De La Riva is a guard that works in both Gi and Not-Gi, although it is somewhat more useful when it comes to the Gi game. On that subject, there are quite a few De La Riva DVD instructionals that can help you become proficient with this guard. 

The De la Riva is pretty much the ultimate open guard example. It provides safety in terms of guard retention, as well as lots of attacking options, in the form of sweeps and submissions as well. The grip combinations will take a bit of time to figure out but once you get your favorite combination (or two), you will definitely have a lot of fun trying it out against all levels of training partners. The De la Riva DVD instructionals we have below will pretty much take care of every aspect of the De La Riva guard that you need to learn.

The Best De La Riva Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

The De la Riva guard is probably the oldest open guard variation in existence. It has been around since people figured out that he closed guard and half guard are not the only guard options. As such, it is pretty much the best example of an open guard you can find.

In the De La Riva guard, you have one leg around an opponent’s leg, which is often referred to as the De La Riva hook. It is the passive leg, or hook leg which you see in all kinds of open guards. It has the task of keeping your inside space safe and keeping your opponent from easily passing your guard.

The other leg is your free leg, and can be placed at different spots, including the hips, behind the knee, on the calf, etc. it is the active leg, tasked with causing imbalances and breaks of posture in your opponent which will eventually lead to successful sweep and submission attacks.

The grips are what makes or breaks the De la Riva guard. In particular, the one grip that goes on the leg that is already wrapped with the hook leg is crucial. The basics are that you should keep your pinky finger as close to the mats as possible, gripping the heel rather than the ankle. However, all the tiny and precise details are in all the De la Riva guard DVD instructionals reviewed below.


Before we take a look at all the De La Riva guard instructionals that are available out there, it is only fair that we focus on several of them that we can freely consider being the best ever released on the subject, In fact, we have five of them for you right here:

1. De La Riva Fundamentals by Danny Stolfi

De_La_Riva_Fundamentals_by_Danny_StolfiStarting with the fundamentals is always a great idea, and that is exactly what this DVD will deliver. Over four volumes, Danny Stolfi lays bare all of the underlying principles that make the De la Riva guard tick. What you get is a step by step system to everything De La Riva related, from grips to sweeping and transitioning to Berimbolos and other crazy moves.

2. Destroying Larger Opponent From Open Guard by Matheus Gabriel


Matheus Gabriel will teach you the slick game of dealing with giant grapplers that try to pressure you into giving away your guard by using mostly the De la Riva. this is a Gi instructional with lots of grip fighting, angles, and interesting attacks covered. A De la Riva DVD perfect for grapplers of all levels.


This De la Riva DVD instructional is aimed at more advanced guard players. it involves quite a lot of spinning and transitioning from the De la Riva, from paths into other guards, to Berimbolo attacks that lead to back takes, or even options to get a De la Riva hook on the opposite side leg. This is the perfect DVD for people that like to compete using the De la Riva guard as their key open guard.

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GIANNI_GRIPPO_NEXT_GEN_DE_LA_RIVA_GUARDGianni Grippo is one of the grapplers that you should always look into when trying to figure out guards, especially in the Gi. His take, of course, is a modern one, with lots of crazy De La Riva hybrids that involve lapels and highly attractive entries into attacks. That said, he also offers a great formula for developing the “unpassable” De la Riva as well.

5. Precision De La Riva Attacks by Jay Wadsworth

Jay Wadsworth Precision De la Riva AttacksWrapping up our top five picks is a title that features Jay Wadsworth. He uses this two-volume instructional to go over highly effective attacks from the De la Riva guard which will not allow people to get even a second of breathing space while you work to get your sweeps and submission attacks.

List Of Every De La Riva Guard DVD Instructional Out There

A few more other titles out there will definitely help you figure out all kinds of details and principles that make the De la Riva such an efficient guard that has withstood the test of time.

1. Effective Old School Guard by Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes

Effective_Old_School_Guard_by_Vinicius_Draculino_MagalhaesOpening up is a title by Vinicus Draculino who always has interesting things to teach. In this open guard instructional, he centers things around the De la Riva, but also offers lots of other “neighboring” guards to connect it with.

2. No Gi Fundamentals Bottom Game by JT Torresjt-torres-bottom-gameJT Torres is another grappler of the Gianni Grippo mold, who is an expert at playing the bottom game in BJJ. In this particular De La Riva DVD, he outlines his NO-Gi game with the most utilized open guard in existence.

3. Collar & Sleeve Guard a Systematic Approach by Isaac Doederlein

Collar_Sleeve_Guard_a_Systematic_Approach_by_Isaac_DoederleinFor those of you that are exploring the grips that make the De la Riva work, this is the perfect title to get really deep into the world of collar and sleeve gripping.

4. The Bull Sweep & Open Guard Tactics by Charles Negromonte

the_bull_sweep_open_guard_tactics_charles_negromonteSomewhat unusual, to be honest, and not really an exclusive De la Riva DVD. However, this one will for sure provide you with more options than you thought, especially given how powerful the bull sweep is.

5. The Berimbolo and Beyond by The Miyao Brothers

miyao_brothers_berimboloA huge DVD by the unmistakable Miyao brothers. It has to do everything with the Berimbolo, which, as it happens. is most effective when launched from the De la Riva guard. Henceforth, you get the ultimate De la Riva system that makes the Berimbolo possible.

6. Attacking The Back Every Match by Roberto Jimenez

Roberto Jimenez DVD ReviewRoberto Jimenez made a name for himself as a black belt killer when he was merely a purple belt. his back take system is crazy good and it involves ute a lot of use of the De la Riva guard to set things up.

7. The Aggressive Open Guard No Gi by Johnny Tama

The_Aggressive_Open_Guard_No_Gi_by_Johnny_TamaAn attack-based De la Riva guard DVD instructional that works without the Gi. A very in-depth approach to looping together attacks from open guards into an easy to integrate system.

8. Playing Guard Against Big Guys by Michael Liera Jr.

Playing_Guard_Against_Big_Guys_by_Michael_Liera_Jr.Michael Liera Jr. knows a thin or two about beating bigger guys in grappling. In this instructional, he shares many of these secrets, and the De la Riva guard makes an appearance in each of the four volumes.

9. Back Takes For Everyone By Gabriel Arges

Back_Takes_For_Everyone_By_Gabriel_ArgesGabriel Argues is usually related to kneebars, but he does have a very slick guard game as well. In fact, you’ll learn how to knee bar people from the De La Riva, while hunting for the back in this one.

10. The Heisen Guard by Malachy Friedman

Best BJJ Closed guard Instructionals The Heisen Guard

The Heisen guard, named quite astutely by Malachy Friedman is a very interesting take on the open guard that involves a lot of De la Riva and Reverse De la Riva hybrids.

11. Viking Guards by Tommy Langaker and Espen Mathiesen

Viking_Guards_by_Tommy_Langaker_and_Espen_MathiesenArguably the best-named instructional among all guard instructionals out there. Viking guards will provide you with different options to what your opponents are used to.

12. Dynamic Open Guard 3 DVD Set by Michael Langhi [DVD]


Another of those extra quick and hard to deal with smaller grapplers that cause nightmares to their opponents from the bottom. In fact, Langhi is one of the top authorities on the De la Riva guard, and definitely one of the people to watch if you’re trying to compete with the DLR.


AP_DE_LA_RIVA_GUARD_KRISTIAN_WOODMANSEE A De la Riva DVD instructional meant for all levels of grapplers and especially geared towards the needs of those favoring the Gi.


DE_LA_RIVA_GUARD_BY_VICENTE_JUNIORAn instructional fit for people that have never used the De la Riva and are looking for a step by step manual into how it works.


MARCELLO_MONTEIRO_ADVANCED_DE_LA_RIVA_GUARDIf you like to surprise people from the De la Riva guard, this is instructional to turn to. The grip details in this alone are worth acquiring the DVD.


ABMAR_BARBOSA_JIU_JITSU_OUTLAW _DE_LA_RIVAAn outlaw’s take on the open guard game, with the De la Riva Guard being the focus of his system. Moreover, if you like to mess around with the De la Riva – spider guard hybrid, this is the perfect option!


AUGUSTO_TANQUINHO_MENDES _GUARD_GAME_VOL._1Tanaquino’s guard game in the Gi is something most grapplers that have been following the competition scene will easily recognize as one of the best. This instructional will give you an insight into every detail of his elaborate game.

In Conclusion

De la Riva guard DVD instructionals will all teach you different aspects of the De la Riva that you can add to your game, and make your own. It doesn’t matter which title you choose, they all have something to offer you. Understanding the De la Riva is really something of a must for every modern grappler, but it is something Gi competitors simply can’t even try to succeed without.

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