Vagner Rocha DVD Review: The Float Passing System

detaield review of the Flaot Passing system Vagner Rocha DVD

Are you ready for a Vagner Rocha DVD? One of the most aggressive and entertaining grapplers of today finally has a BJJ instructional to offer, and it’s going to rival the best of them! The subject matter is one that’s highly popular nowadays – guard passing. It is not just any guard passing DVD, however. Instead of a generic passing DVD, filled with unrelated moves, her you get a highly specialized system of passing. Vagner shares with us this float passing system which is the secret behind his top game success. Expect to pass anyone’s guard with this information, regardless if they’re just starting or run your class!

Vagner Rocha The Float Passing System (DIGITAL, ONDEMAND)

Review of a Vagner Rocha DVD : The float passing System
Techniques List

There’s no doubt that Vagner Rocha is one of the top grapplers of today. His invitation to the 2019 ADCC that’s about to take place in September outright confirms that. He is fun to watch, he is extremely technical and he can go toe to toe with the best grapplers of today. he is also a multiple time. multiple grappling discipline world champion. In short, whatever he has to teach, we’ll listen. The “Float Passing System” Vagner Rocha DVD is a masterclass on passing anyone’s guard in No-Gi. Spoiler alert- it’ll work just as good with the Gi!

Vagner “Ceará” Rocha – The Passing Machine 

Vagner is a Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu black belt that was born in Nova Friburgo, near Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. He started training Taekwondo as early as 7 and didn’t get interested in grappling until he was 18. That’s when BJJ caught his attention. As many great grapplers of today, playful ground fighting with relatives and friends got him interested in grappling. His first coach was Jorge Popovitch (Pablo Popovitch’s brother), where he started training in 2001.

Vagner worked his way through the ranks, getting a coaching position in 2008, a year after awarding him his black belt. This paved the way for him to start doing BJJ professionally. Eventually, he even transitioned into MMA and fought in the UFC. Vagner eventually parted ways with the Popovitch brothers in 2011, when Rocha started his own VRMA academy. Rocah was also part of the “Avengers” which was an association that included Cyborg Abreu, Buchecha, Pablo Popovitch, Rodrigo Cavaca and a bunch of others. The team destroyed everyone in 2008 but soon fell apart. However, Rocha and Cyborg remain affiliated to this day.

Rocha holds titles as an EBI combat champion, ADCC US Trials champion, IBJJF Pans Champion, Grappling Quest champion and a whole lot of other accolades. he has an amazing 47 wins, with a 50% submission rate. OOne of his greatest strengths is the top game, which makes float passing the perfect subject for this Vagner Rocha DVD.

Vagner Rocha DVD Review: The Float Passing System

Passing the guard, particularly against skilled opponents not wearing a gi is truly a skill of BJJ masters. Without the Gi to use as a handle, getting around the legs of top-level guard players is an impossible task. UNless you’re Vagner Rocha. Basically, we all used to think that passing the legs went in a few predetermined directions. We could go over, under, around or through the legs. Well, now you can choose to go in a different passing direction – floating.

While floating is not a direction like the others, it is definitely a passing “position zero” type of thing. Essentially, it is a concept you can apply to any direction of passing without having to rely on specific techniques or sequences. Floating goes against one of BJJ’s old rules of always keeping weight behind your hips and keeping your posture upright at all times. In fact, when you decide to float you’re looking to do the very opposite.

As you’ll see in this Vagner Rocha DVD, floating is the best way of beating the guards of the most skilled guard players. It involves you going with your opponent. rather than trying to block and force them. As such, you have the option of switching between passes and even passing directions while your opponent is attempting to sweep or attack. As long as you understand how to position yourself, you’ll have immense success with this passing system. And a 3 part Vagner Rocha DVD on the subject is the best place to start!

#DVD 1 

The first volume of this Vagner Rocha DVD starts with a position we all love to use for guard passing – the knee cut. After a detailed introduction on what float passing is, and how his Float Passing System works, Vagner heads to explain basic technical nuances. The knee cut is the primary starting position. As such, Vagner explains his complete knee cut philosophy on how to get and stay in the position and stop early counters.

After the basics, it’s time for some Vagner Rocha guard passing magic. There are about a dozen chapters, going over different ways to pass with the knee cut pass. The neck hug knee cut is one version that really resonates with me, as you can do it even with knee injuries. I also like the back step series, as it deals with a very wide array of guards by using just one passing system. The deep half guard killer is one to look out for.

Finally, you get some really nice submission options that are right there for the taking off the knee cut. Vagner’s signature rolling Kimura is a real masterpiece!

#DVD 2

The second volume follows the same rhythm as the first. However, it changes the subject, from the knee cut to the float pass. The initial chapter is all about the basics, where Vagner discusses the fundamental float pass philosophy and offers entries into the position.

Flaot passing technique from the Vagner Rocha DVD From there on, it is all about floating around and choosing how you’re going to destroy your opponent’s guard. Depending on the guard, and your opponent’s reactions, or your preferences, there are plenty of options. In fact, there are about 10 just in this portion of the Vagner Rocha DVD. The initial few are smash passing, reverse knee slice, and the hook killer pass. This last one is going to change your approach to passing any hook based guard, like the butterfly guard.

Following suit, Rare Rocha’s takes on floating to pass common guards, including the lockdown. There’s also a nice take on the “Canuto” back pass straight into the mount, as well as hip switch passes and passing straight into a guillotine choke.

#DVD 3

The final volume of the Float Passing System Vagner Rocha DVD is divided into two main portions. First, Vagner covers a dozen passes from a standing position. Then, he includes 8 bonus chapters, addressing the problems of the butterfly guard and the half guard. The perfect way to wrap up an amazing BJJ instructional.

When it comes to standing passing, Rocha goes over the most important thing – how to step into the opponent’s guard in a safe way. From there on he has a bunch of options to pass. These include knee slicing, floating, pinning the ankles, and dealing with the annoying X-guard. He wraps up this section with a few “Vagner Over Under” passing options that cover passing against ultra strong and flexible guard players.

The bonus moves are nothing short of astonishing. In modern grappling the butterfly guard is one of the most common positions, mainly due to the threat of leg locks. Well, Vagner’s way of passing makes sure your legs are safe, and you get an easy route past one of the most difficult guards to pass. AS for the half guard, it has caused trouble to passes since it’s inception. Vagner’s take is simply, brutally effective and guaranteed to get you out of that annoying half guard trap.

Final Thoughts

After going through this 3p art Vagner Rocha DVD with a fine tooth comb, we can deliver a verdict. This is one of the best passing instructionals available out there! It doesn’t just cover modern guard positions, but also staple guards that people tend to use. Moreover, Vagner’s floating will work against opponents of all levels and sizes. And finally, everything is just as good for use in Gi Jiu-Jitsu as it is for No-Gi. All in all, it is a great way of passing the guard that’ll take most people completely by surprise!

Vagner Rocha The Float Passing System (DIGITAL, ONDEMAND)

Review of a Vagner Rocha DVD : The float passing System
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vagner-rocha-dvd-review-float-passingAre you ready for a Vagner Rocha DVD? One of the most aggressive and entertaining grapplers of today finally has a BJJ instructional to offer, and it's going to rival the best of them! The subject matter is one that's highly popular nowadays - guard...