George Lockhart Nutrition & Weight Management System DVD/EBook

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System

If you’re looking for the perfect Nutrition, and weight management system, the George Lockhart Nutrition System is the way to go. When nutrition for combat sports is the subject there’s an endless pool of information available. It is very easy to get completely lost in the sea of fad diets and nutrition plans and end up in worse shape than you started. To be honest, there are only a few names worthwhile in terms of nutrition for grapplers. Mike Dolce and Johne Berardi have proven their methods work, but there’s one name that is simply on top of the list. George Lockhart is a top-class nutritionist that has arguably, the most simple and effective approach to nutrition for Jiu-Jitsu in the world.

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System
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George Lockhart is the nutritionist of many MMA and athletic standouts and boasts a perfect record. None of the athletes he works with have ever missed weight. Lockhart has a no-nonsense approach to nutrition that does wonders for fighters from all weight divisions. Now, he has issued a DVD set that outlines his nutritional strategies in detail. However, with George Lockhart, you get more than meets the eye! he includes a very informative E-book along with the DVD set! No punches pulled with this one! it is simply a must-have to end your struggles with cutting weight for MMA or grappling competition!

The Nutrition Genius Of George Lockhart

George Lockhart is a nutritionist, MMA fighter, marine trainer, and gym owner. As you can see, he’s a very active man with a very active lifestyle. Not only that, but he is the nutrition specialist for the cream of the crop in the UFC. Lockhart is the man that gets Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Brian Stan, Cris Cyborg, and plenty of others on weight for their astonishing performances in the octagon. Tristar gym owner Firas Zahabi is also a big fan and proponent of Geroge Lockhart’s nutritional approach.

Lockhart spent 10 years working as a combat conditioning specialist for the US marines. He was tasked with figuring out the optimal nutrition strategies to keep the fighting forces going. Given the strict weight and performance standards of the USMC, this is no easy task to accomplish. Getting the correct amount of nutrients to someone with limited time and supplies became a specialty of Lockhart. So, it is no surprise that he took his expertise to another group of people desperately in need of sound nutritional advice – fighters.

In terms of George Lockhart’s nutrition concepts, he likes to keep things simple and efficient. His first order of business is taking care of people’s sweet teeth before he begins coaching them on the principles of nutrition. Next, he emphasizes the importance of accountability. You have to stick with your nutrition plan or it won’t work. it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Staying away from fad diets, not starving yourself and smart supplementation are all included in his system. In both his DVDs and the accompanying book, Lockhart outlines everything you need to know about his principles of weight management for martial artists.

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System 

To tell you the truth, I’ve been a fan of Lockhart for a while now, ever since I saw him in an interview with Firas Zahabi. His principles are easy to follow, keep you satiated, healthy, and full of energy. One of the most important tricks I learned was dealing with sugar cravings. His method not only works but over time gets rid of my sweet tooth for good. All his diet principles, tips, and tricks are presented in detail in both his written and recorded material.

An Introduction To The System

First and foremost, the Gorge Lockhart Nutrition System in this release is the guide that’ll help you make sense of the book. Otherwise, you’ll just have a book of diet plans and delicious recipes to choose from. Which, when I come to think about it, is really not that bad.

So before taking us on a nutritional trip, George Lockhart explains what the crucial elements of any successful diet plan are. Whether you’re looking to drop fat, cut weight for a competition, or just get in shape, it all starts at the same point. While most people are aware that goal setting is the first step to success, many are clueless about how to do it. Lockhart explains the importance of goals and how to set achievable ones so that you keep having progress. He lays out a roadmap for you to follow. it is as easy as that.

Next, you get to learn about the building blocks of any diet out there. Whether you’re eating a clean or a junk-food diet, your food is made up of three main building blocks. Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are the main macronutrients in any diet. George Lockhart gives attention to each of the themes separately, outlining what they are and why they’re important. Contrary to popular beliefs and fad diets, you need all three of them for a healthy and balanced diet. George outlines how much different people need in different circumstances.

George Lockhart

Hydration, Supplements, And Meal Timing

Do you know what the Harris-Benedict formula is? Well neither did I but it turns out it is nothing complicated. Or rather, it is, but Lockhart manages to explain the meat and potatoes of it. Basically, it is a formula that helps determine our basic metabolic rate and figure out how much we need in terms of nutrition. While you might be able to find calculators set in accordance with it, they’re missing a key portion. What Lockhart adds to the table is hydration levels and how to fit them into the formula. It’s truly invaluable information that no other nutrition guru or trainer has ever prioritized until now.

Another great benefit of buying this Geroge Lockhart Nutrition System, DVD and E-book combo is that you’ll save money. Not only once, since the price is very reasonable, but every month from now on. The reason is that Lockhart outlines the very few supplements that actually work. It only takes a few supplements to get the maximum benefit for any Jiu-Jitsu or MMA athlete out there. It is going to save you a lot of money on useless supplements and you’ll get a better result than ever!

A hugely important part of this DVD is the nutrition timing portion of the release. What to eat before and after a workout is crucial for a good workout and a positive recovery. It also helps you maintain or drop weight easily, with just a few tweaks here and there. Speaking of weight, you’ll finally be able to learn everything about your real weight.

Weight Cutting Secrets

The one DVD that every athlete other than ultra heavyweights is going to swear by. Simply put everything you need to know about cutting weight for martial arts. You’ll learn how to supercharge your endocrine system to help you burn fat efficiently and constantly. Now imagine that you’re allowed to eat Twizzlers after workouts (which you are). Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. You’ll be able to drop up to 20 pounds or more in an effortless fashion.

And here’s the cherry on top: The addition of an E-book means that you get a detailed nutrition plan along with delicious recipes on over 100 pages. The system is tailored to take you to your best shape in just 30 days! What you’ll learn after those 30 days is that you can cut weight and drop fat successfully while not starving yourself. You’ll also learn healthy habits and a cookbook with recipes for a lifetime. However ѕou look at it, you’re going to benefit from acquiring this amazing George Lockhart release. It is the one DVD that the martial arts world has been waiting for!

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System
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George Lockhart Diet Principles

The main thing to know about Lockhart’s dieting principles is that he likes to use science to build them. Furthermore, he is a big advocate of tracking everything on a daily basis and making adjustments as you go. It is a foolproof methodology that gives results – as all of his fighters can confirm.

One aspect of fight nutrition that George Lockhart takes really seriously is weight cutting. He finds the current trends of weight-cutting methods to be primitive and dangerous. The saunas and sweatsuits, dangerous dehydration, and endless running are not methods Lockhart likes to use. Instead, he likes to focus on the science of weight cutting. So far, it is a mostly unexplored aspect of nutrition at least from a scientific perspective. Lockhart is slowly and surely changing that.

For Lockhart, nutrition is not just fuel, but also a means of recovery for athletes. He has a strict no PEDs rule about his clients. As far as Lockhart is concerned, the only thing you need to recover, cut weight or grow is proper nutrition. This brings us to another of his fundamental principles – individual assessments. He likes to take the time and learn how the body of each of his clients works and responds so that he can tailor their nutrition needs to the smallest detail.

While he can’t do this for each hand everyone that picks up his bundle, he provides all the information you need to do such assessments of your own, while adhering to his principles. It is based on science and really easy to follow.

George Lockhart Qualifications

Very often, with nutritionists, we tend to look for proof of their education and qualifications for the task at hand. So far, there is no world-class college for sports nutritionists, although that doesn’t mean that sufficient qualifications do exist. They include a science-based approach and experience in the field.

In terms of qualifications, I really think George Lockhart tops the list of possible candidates. After all, not everyone gets to be a nutrition specialist for the Marines. If that’s not enough as a fact then you should know that he has a Navy achievement medal for his nutrition curriculum devised for the Marines. If it is good enough for the USMC it is good enough for everyone.

Moreover, George Lockhart is highly experienced in the field of nutrition. Growing up as an obese kid, he started learning about dieting and physical training at a very early age. Since he’s also a martial artist and fighter himself, he understands the needs of athletes even better. His qualities are science-based methodology and decades of experience. A clear testament to the success of his methodology is the stability of UFC starts he’s had under his tutelage. So far, they’re more than 100, 11 of which are or were world champions.

His athletes never have trouble reaching their desired weight. Not only that, but their performances in the cage are at the highest level possible. Lockhart takes all the stress of weight cutting out of the equation so that fighters can focus on their technique and tactical gameplan.

Geroge Lockhart Recipes And Meals

As far as recipes go, the E-book that’s part of the “George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System” bundle is jam-packed with lots of those. However, let’s see a preview of what you can expect to find inside.

A great recipe comes in the form of a post-workout meal. For it, you’ll need fast-acting carbs – a lot of them. His top choice of post-workout snacks is dried fruits – cranberries, raisins, dates, figs, and the like. Carbs are far more important after training than protein is. That said, pairing them with a good protein source like Greek yogurt is going to give you all the nutrients you need.

A good breakfast that Lockhart likes to use with his athletes is a fruit and kefir bowl. For it, you’ll need 2.5 fl. oz low-fat, plain kefir, a medium banana, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, and 1.5 oz of oatmeal. Mix everything up and enjoy a great start to your training day.

For a lot more recipes and great information on supplement protocols, make sure you pick up his “Nutrition And Weight Management System” bundle!

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management System
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If you're looking for the perfect Nutrition, and weight management system, the George Lockhart Nutrition System is the way to go. When nutrition for combat sports is the subject there's an endless pool of information available. It is very easy to get completely