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The one constant about any BJJ gym you’ll walk into is that in a matter of minutes, you’ll see someone tapping out to a choke or strangle of some sort. Chokes are submission holds that are used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu far more than other grappling martial arts. Wrestling has none, in Judo they’re scarce and far between. Sambo even considers them too dangerous to perform. Catch wrestling does have a few, but most work in unison with neck cranks. The bottom line is that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu chokes are unique and available in too many variations to count. The following list of BJJ chokes DVD instructionals will provide you with more learning opportunities than you could ever hope to go through. 

If you really want to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu chokes then you will have to understand two things. First up, there are several different categories of chokes, and each of them works based on the same principles. Secondly, you can’t hope to ever master all chokes with an equal level of proficiency. Instead, you will probably find it hard to master an entire category of chokes as well. What you can (and should) do, though is specialize. Pick a few chokes and make them your best weapons. Really go as deep as humanly possible into the details that make them work. Below you’ll find BJJ chokes DVD instructionals that cover principles, categorization, but most importantly, specific chokes in the most detailed way possible.

The Best BJJ Chokes DVD Instructionals Collection

So, how does choking work in BJJ? You need to have a general idea of things before you dive into the world of BJJ chokes DVD instructionals, right? SO, let’s dissect chokes in Jiu-Jitsu a little bit.

First of all, you have to be aware that chokes in BJJ are set up in one of two main ways – with or without the use of the Gi. Obviously, whether you do a Gi choke depends on whether someone (you, your partner, or both) is wearing a Gi. In both situations, the grips and mechanics of chokes differ, so you’ll usually need a few of each to feel comfortable choking people in BJJ.

Secondly, the categories I spoke of earlier. Basically, you have air chokes and blood chokes, which are usually closely followed by chest compressions and neck cranks. In the true sense of the word, though, blood and air chokes are what we usually mean in Jiu-Jitsu. The way they work is by either blocking the blood flow on one or preferably both sides of the carotid arteries of the neck. That means no oxygen gets to the brain and nap time soon follows.

Air chokes are more painful and less precise, aiming to put pressure on the trachea, closing the throat, and thus ridding the body of oxygen intake. They are effective but work based on slightly different principles than blood chokes.

Finally, you have the different choke systems, like triangle chokes, rear-naked, guillotines, lapel chokes, collar chokes, etc. they all work either as blood or air chokes, but that is where the similarities end, for the most part. Just look into the BJJ chokes DVD instructionals below and every aspect of choking people out will become crystal clear.

The Top 10 

A great way of navigating the huge world of BJJ Chokes DVD instructionals is knowing which ones are the best. Since there’s no one DVD that can be the best for all, we included the top options in each major coke category first, as part of our  Top 10 Picks.Click Here

1. High Percentage Chokes: No Gi by Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles High Percentage Chokes No Gi

2. Off With Their Head by Neil Melanson

Off-With-Their-Head-by-Neil-MelansonNeil Melanson is one of the best grappling coaches around. He also loves submissions, and particularly the most vicious ones imaginable., In this four-part instructional he will teach you how to do some of the best No-Gi chokes that fall both under blood and air chokes. You can then choose what you want to specialize in further.

3. Winning From Full Mount by Andre Galvao

The one instructional you absolutely have to look into if you want to learn chokes. it is a No-Gi one, but that just means you can use the chokes regardless of the Gi. This 8-part instructional covers everything there is about chokes, from mechanics to setting them up and even transitioning between them. All categories are covered with lots of examples of each.

4. Mastering Guillotine Concepts and Principles by Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec

Mastering-Guillotine-Concepts-and-Principles-by-Karel-Silver-Fox-PravecThe Silverfox has a real treat for all guillotine lovers in this instructional. Since guillotines are one of the few chokes that can work as both an air and a blood choke with minimal adjustments, the concepts behind them are quite unique. Moreover, they can work as direct chokes, or triangle chokes too (arm-in guillotine, for example), meaning there’s a lot to understand if you want to become really proficient with them. there no other highly specialized BJJ chokes DVD quite like this out there.

5. Dirty Darcing by Jeff Glover

Dirty-Darcing-by-Jeff-GloverInstead of just enjoying watching Jeff Glover move and set up all his submissions in a slick and breathtaking way, learn how to do them. Especially when it comes to Darce chokes. This three-part DVD is just as original as Jeff is, but underneath all the wacky stuff there are tons to learn about the Darce choke. After all, nobody performs it even nearly as good as Jeff.

6. The Crucifix and Loop Choke by Alexandre Vieira

Alexandre Vieira DVD Review: Loop Choke & CrucifixTwo of the most reliable and often used BJJ Gi chokes are the lop choke and the crucifix choke. Both are pretty straightforward at first glance, but they do hide plenty of details that make them the formidable weapons we know they can be for some of the most elite grapplers in the world. This three-part instructional contains dozens upon dozens of chapters that explain away every little secrete behind these colossal Gi chokes.

7. Understanding Collar Chokes by Travis Stevens

Understanding-Collar-Chokes-by-Travis-StevensStill on the subject of Gi chokes, Travis Stevens brings about a different flavor of strangles that utilize the cloth. Namely, he uses his Olympic Judo experience along with his black belt BJJ knowledge to go as deep into the world of collar BJJ chokes as anyone has gone. The result is this awesome collar BJJ chokes DVD that will change the way you approach strangling training partners, and eventually, opponents.


JAMES-CLINGERMAN-MASTERING-THE-VON-FLUE-CHOKEThe Von Flue choke is the ultimate counter submission in BJJ. It is the embodiment of Jiu-Jitsu sneakiness – the moment an opponent thinks they have you in a choke, you, in turn, tap them out with a choke of your own. There is a catch, though – this is one of the chokes that have the most details required in order for it to really work. James Clingerman will provide you with answers to any Von Flue related burning questions you might have.

9. Fade to Black Complete 6 DVD Set with Brandon Quick

Fade-to-Black-Complete-Set-Brandon-QuickWrapping up our top 10 picks of BJJ chokes DVD instructionals is another release that covers many different chokes and choke categories. “Fade to black” apart from being one of the best-named BJJ chokes DVDs ever, is also a real gold mine of information on strangling people.

10. The Triangle Machine by Craig Jones

The-Triangle-Machine-by-Craig-JonesCraig Jones’ favorite submissions was initially the triangle, despite many people thinking he is yet another leg lock specialist. In fact, he is one of the best in the world with it, and he has a very comprehensive and detailed instructional on how you can become a triangle machine just like him. If you’re looking to specialize in triangle chokes, this is the DVD to get you going.

List Of Every BJJ Chokes DVD Instructional Out There

This is where things get interesting. You see, the above top 10 picks are just the tip of the iceberg. Below, you’ll find nearly a hundred other BJJ chokes DVD instructionals that all have something valuable to teach you. Happy hunting!

1. Triangles Enter The System by John Danaher

John Danaher DVD TrianglesIn the modern BJJ world, there’s hardly a Jiu-Jitsu subject not covered by a John Danaher instructional. The one he has on triangle chokes is the ultimate triangle encyclopedia, with more than 10 hours of total running time.

  1. 2. Back Attacks Enter The System by John Danaher

    Back-Attacks-Enter-The-System-by-John-DanaherSimilar to the triangles chokes DVD, but this time with a lot more positional focus as opposed to mostly being about triangle mechanics and entries.

  2. 3. The Front Headlock System by John Danaher

    Best BJJ DVD 2018 Danaher Front headlocksArguably the best ever DVD released on the subject of front headlock chokes. It covers literally everything, from standing, all the way to finishing from top positions.

  3. 4. Systematically Attacking The Back by Gordon Ryan

    Gordon Ryan Instructional: Systematically Attacking The Back REviewThis Gordon Ryan DVD expands on the Danaher back attacks system. Ryan covers a lot more entries into the rear-naked choke and all assorted chokes you can do from the back.

  4. 5. Systematically Attacking The Turtle Position by Gordon Ryan

    Systematically Attacking The Turtle Gordon Ryan DVD ReviewSimilar to the back takes system above. This time, though, Ryan does a lot more chokes, switching up between front headlocks, back chokes, and everything in between.

  5. 6. Systematic Submission Dilemmas: High-Level Triangle and Leg Lock Combos by Craig Jones

    Systematic Submission Dilemmas: Craig Jones DVD CoverThis is where Craig Jones really brings his submission hunting system into perspective. in this DVD, he blends together BJJ chokes with leg locks to maximal effect!

  6. 7. Unifying The Systems: Navigating Between The DDS Submissions Systems by Garry TononGarry Tonon Unifying the Systems DVDIf you are a fan of the DDS submission system, this is the one instructional that brings everything together. Garry Tonon might not have a dedicated BJJ chokes DVD, but it contains more chokes than some other specialized ones out there!

  7. 8. The Complete North South Choke by Marcelo Garcia

    Mracelo Garcia North South Choke DVD Review coverMarcelo Garcia. The North-South choke. Those two things just go together naturally, so good is Marcello at this effective, but quite complex to master choke.

  8. 9. The Headhunter Guillotine Series by Neil MelansonThe-Headhunter-Guillotine-Series-by-Neil-MelansonAnother great release by Mr. Neil Melanson, this time covering guillotines in his usual scary and brutal fashion.

  9. 10. The Complete Guillotine Choke by Marcelo Garcia

    Marcelo Garcia Guillotine Choke DVD Review CoverMarcelo’s choke prowess doesn’t end with the North-South chokes. he also has one of the best guillotines out there, and there’s even a variation named after him. That makes this one of the most valuable BJJ chokes DVD instructionals on the subject of guillotines that coves both old school and modern concepts.

  10. 11. Side Control Attacks & Submissions: Old School Evolution by Fabio Gurgel

    Side-Control-Attacks-Submissions-Old-School-Evolution-by-Fabio-GurgelFabio Gurgel’s old-school take on how to submit people from side control comes in perfectly suited to catch people off-guard in modern BJJ.  Lots of chokes in this one.

  11. 12. The Single Strap Back Take Encyclopedia by Bernardo Faria

    Bernardo Faria DVD Review: The Single Strap Back Take Encyclopedia coverIf you really want to surprise people you need to get your hand on this unique BJJ chokes DVD by Bernardo Faria. it will improve the way you choke from the back in a matter of weeks.

  12. 13. High Percentage Submissions by Bernardo FariaHigh Percentage Submissions by Bernardo FariaWhile this is a DVD that covers lots of different submissions, chokes do make a huge portion of it. Moreover, Bernardo is a real aficionado ofc choking people out, especially with the Gi.

  13. 14. Guillotine Traps by Firas Zahabi

    Advanced Ground Techniques Satoshi Ishii dvd instructionalFiras Zahabi is a Danaher black belt that has a very distinct and concept based grappling style. This BJJ chokes DVD is not only going to teach you how to finish guillotines but also how to make people get into them without noticing what is going on.

  14. 15. Submission Arsenal: Closed Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni

    Submission-Arsenal-Closed-Guard-by-Giancarlo-BodoniChoking people out from the closed guard is simply a skill you must have in BJJ. let this Giancarlo Bodoni DVD help you develop it.

  15. 16. Invisible Triangle concepts by Braulio Estima

    Invisible-Triangle-concepts-by-Braulio-EstimaAnother triangle BJJ chokes DVD, this time on the conceptual side of things. Given that it is Braulio Estima doing the teaching, you should definitely consider owning this if you like triangles.

  16. 17. Guillotine Fundamentals by Pedro Marinho

    Guillotine-Fundamentals-by-Pedro-MarinhoPedro Marinho goes over some guillotine basics in this four-volume DVD that is perfect for people that are just starting out to experiment with this BJJ choke.

  17. 18. Timeless Sweeps And Submissions: The Side Butterfly Guard by Rafael Lovato

    The Side Butterfly Guard Rafael Lovato DVDLovato’s side buttefly gaurd systme offers a unique opportunity to set up some weird angle chokes that will get you very quick taps.

  18. 19. Finding The Darce Choke Everywhere by Joel BouheyFinding-The-Darce-Choke-Everywhere-by-Joel-BouheyThis one is all about Darce choke finishes, and is osmething that helped me clean up my Darce personally, I highly reccomend it to everyone.

  19. 20. Reverse Triangle The World by Joel Bouhey

    Reverse-Triangle-The-World-by-Joel-BouheyNow this is a highly specific BJJ  chokes DVD that is not for everyone. You need to really enjoy reverse triangles and annoying people with them to rally value how grat this release is.

  20. 21. The Glover-Tine by Jeff GloverThe-Glover-Tine-by-Jeff-GloverWhy jus do guillotines when you can invent one of your own? I guess Jeff Glover thought that if Marcelo can do it, so can he. And he did, developing the Glover-tine into a particularly nasty BJJ submission hold.

  21. 22. Choke Artistry by Jeff GloverJeff Glover choke Artistry DVD reviewSpeaking of Jeff Glover, he really does take BJ Jto the level of artistry, and especially BJJ chokes. Think like an artist, choke like a world champion.

  22. 23. Total Crucifix Back Attacks by Dallas Niles

    Total-Crucifix-Back-Attacks-by-Dallas NilesAnother of those rare DVD instructionals looking into the crucifix position and all the BJJ chokes opportunities that it opens up.


    EDWIN-NAJMI-DARCE-THE-WORLDOne of the absolute best DVDs on the subject of the Darce choke ever released. Najmi is a real wizard with it, and the fact that this is a Gi DVD makes it that much more unique.


    EDWIN-NAJMI-TRIANGLES-AND-MORE-TRIANGLESNajmi really does love his chokes, doesn’t he? As the name suggests, this DVD is all about triangle chokes.

  25. 26. Passing, Back Takes & Finishes by JT Torres

    Passing-Back-Takes-Finishes-by-JT-TorresOne of the biggest names in the game JT Torres has a monster of an instructional in his four part system that covers passing, back takes, and of course, many, many chokes.

  26. 27. Closed Guard Yin Yang Series by Roberto Jimenez

    Closed-Guard-Yin-Yang-Series-by-Roberto-JimenezRoberto Jimenez is one of the big future superstars in BJJ. He has a very submission-based game, which he shares in this closed guard instructional.

  27. 28. Attacking The Back Every Match by Roberto Jimenez

    Roberto Jimenez DVD ReviewWhile he is great from the closed guard, the position Jiminez truly owns is the back, along with every imaginable choke hold finish from there.

  28. 29. Cruci-fixing – 30 Easy Setups & Finishes From This Forgotten Position by Thomas LisboaCruci-fixing -Thomas-LisboaThomas Lisboa is a proven BJJ competitor, so when he makes a selection of crucifix setups and finishes that work, you can bet they will be effective against anyone.

  29. 30. Mount Attacks Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisboa

    Mount-Attacks-Beyond-The-Basics-by-Thomas-LisboaChoking from the mount is something of a lost art nowadays, and any instructional that covers so many different strangles like this one has to be considered as a great source of knowledge.

  30. 31. EBI OT Mastery by Keith Krikorian

    EBI-OT-Mastery-by-Keith-KrikorianWhat is the ultimate test of your chokes knowledge? Winning an EBI overtime round that starts from the back. This is the BJJ chokes DVD that will help you become unstoppable even when people know what you’re up to.

  31. 32. Gangster Grappling by Chael SonnenGangster-Grappling-by-Chael-Sonnen“Bad Boy” Chael Sonnen knows some gangster grappling moves, and especially chokes, that he shares with great detail in this very amusing and informative BJJ DVD.

  32. 33. Old School Crushing Pressure and Submissions by Murilo BustamanteOld-School-Crushing-Pressure-and-Submissions-Murilo-BustamanteWhy just choke folks, when you can also feel like a mountain on top of them while you’re doing it? Adding pressure to chokes really does take things to a whole different level.

  33. 34. The Darce Killer by Malachy Friedman

    The-Darce-Killer-by-Malachy-FriedmanMalachy Friedman is a very interesting character that really loves to submit people. he also loves to show us how he does it, and in this edition, it is all about the Darce choke.

  34. 35. Position, Transition and Submission by Eli Knight

    Position-Transition-and-Submission-by-Eli-KnightOne of the conceptual DVDs that will teach you everything about the subtle art of positioning and weight shifting that is a condition for successfully applying BJJ chokes.

  35. 36. Luta Livre Concepts: Basic Submissions by Nicolas Renier

    Basic-Submissions-by-Nicolas-RenierNow this is a volume that often flies under the radar. Old-school, luta livre submission-based concepts with a plethora of chokes that are not quite what we’re used to in BJJ.

  36. 37. Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam ChsievRussian-Grappling-Hacks-by-Rustam-ChsievRustam is one of the scariest grapplers alive, and for a good reason – he can choke pretty much anyone. In this BJJ chokes DVD, he shares some ex-Soviet secrets on how to strangle your opponents.

  37. 38. Old School Submissions from Side Control by Keith Owen

     Submissions-from-Side-Control-by-Keith-OwenOld school setups of chokes from the top of side control using the Gi that will provide you with a different dimension of attacks.

    39. Finishing Finishers by JM Holland & Zach Maslany

    Finishing-Finishers-by-JM-Holland-&-Zach-MaslanyIf you want submissions, look into 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu. This BJJ Chokes DVD covers the crazy world of 10th Planet singles and chokes, shown by highly skilled black belts Zach Masleany and JM Holland.

  38. 40. The Cobra Choke by Mike Demko

    Cobra-Choke-by-Mike-DemkoYou probably don’t know this choke. That is perfect, as neither do your opponents. That is particularly why you need this highly specialized BJJ chokes DVD in your arsenal.

  39. 41. Chokes By Travis Stevens

    Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals CollectionAnother Travis Stevens DVD covering more of his unique blend of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu choke combinations.

  40. 42. No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Choking System by Troy Manning

    No-Gi-Choking-System-by-Troy-ManningA No-Gi chokes DVD by Troy manning, which has three volumes filled with nothing but details, details, and more details on choking everyone out. Literally!

  41. 43. Side Control Masterclass by Matheus Gonzaga

    Side-Control-Masterclass-by-Matheus-GonzagaWhat are you going to do from side control when it is time to submit someone? Chokes, of course. here’s a full masterclass on them from Matheus Gonzaga.

  42. 44. The Japanese Necktie and Unorthodox Front Chokes by Keith Krikorian

    Keith Krikorian Japanese Necktie DVD CoverOne of my favorite chokes in Jiu-Jitsu is the Japanese necktie. If you want to know why look into this Keth Krikkorian instructional.

  43. 45. Guillotine Choke Systems by Dante Leon

    Guillotine-Choke-Systems-by-Dante-LeonDante Leon is another top-level competitor who excels at putting people to sleep. This is his take on guillotines and the reason you need to get it is because he offers a full system of how to base an entire game around them.

  44. 46. Mastering the Guillotine by John CombsMastering-the-Guillotine-by-John-CombsAnother BJJ chokes DVD, another guillotine series, and still more details for those looking to specialize.

  45. 47. Pillars: Mount Dominance by Stephen Whittier

    Pillars-Mount-Dominance-by-Stephen-WhittierIf conceptual BJJ is more your thing, then Whittiers DVDs are exactly what you are looking for. Like this one, for example.


    BJJ-SUCCESS-VOL6-SUBMISSIONSSome submission combinations aimed at helping grapplers over 40 deal with younger opponents. Lots of chokes inside.

  47. 49. Mirroring Principle: End Game Finishers by Wim Deputter

    End-Game-Finishers-by-Wim-DeputterDeputter’s mirroring principle is one of the best things modern BJJ has produced lately. Using it to finish submissions, including a plethora of chokes is exactly what will make you a top-class grappler.

  48. 50. The Top Game Submission Manual by Ken Gabrielson

    The-Top-Game-Submission-Manual-by-Ken-GabrielsonCHokes work from everywhere, but attacking from the top is a more secure and reliable way of finishing them. Ken Gabrielson has the ultimate guide.

  49. 51. Darces From Everywhere by Kade & Tye Ruotolo

    Darces-From-Everywhere-by-Kade-&-Tye-RuotoloTo be honest, after their displays lately, I’d get anything the Ruotolo brothers release in a digital format. This BJJ chokes DVD on Darces only proves my point.

  50. 52. The Masters Guard by Daniel Beleza

    Daniel Beleza Masters Guard DVD InstructionalAnother instructional aimed at older competitors. It is all about efficiency once you pass 35, and this closed guard DVD has lots to teach you on that subject.

  51. 53. The Pressure Mount by Braulio Estima

    The-Pressure-Mount-by-Braulio-EstimaPressure and an old school name you’ll recognize – Braulio Estima. This one will teach you how to be heavy from the mount while you’re choking everyone with the Gi.

    1. Triangle Masterclass by Rodrigo Cavaca

      Triangle-Masterclass-Rodrigo-CavacaWhile we saw new school examples of triangle magic, like Craig Jones’ and Edwin Najmi’s DVDs, this instructional is all about the old school triangle choke concepts.

  52. 55. Sneaky Submission Traps From Guard by Arnaldo Maidana

    Submission-Traps-From-Guard-by-Arnaldo-MaidanaSubmission traps are exactly what makes BJ Jsubmissions work in the first place. This BJJ chokes DVD will show you intricate and original ways of setting people up for the tap.

  53. 56. Killer Turtle Attacks by Mike Palladino

    Killer-Turtle-Attacks-by-Mike-PalladinoChokes are acutally one of your best options to deal with a turtled up opponent – if not the actual best. Here are a few ideas.

  54. 57. Judo Strangles by Andy Hung

    Judo-Strangles-by-Andy-HungAnother DVD looking into BJJ chokes form the perspective of old school Judo strangles.


    ADAM-BENAYOUN-CUNNING-LOOP-CHOKESLoop chokes are cunning by nature, but there is a way to make them even more heart breaking for those that tap to them. This DVD contains the formula.


    MARCELLO-MONTEIRO-MY-FAVORITE-CHOKES What are Marcello Monteiro’s favorite chokes? Get this DVD and you’ll learn all about them.


    TRIANGLE-CHOKE-SEMINAR-BY-ROY-DEANThis is footage from an actual seminar on the subject of triangle chokes held by Roy Dean. In other words, it is a different type of instructional to all the rest.


    JAMES-CLINGERMAN-PERUVIAN-DOZEN-2.0One of the instructionals that originally got me interested in the Peruvian necktie. Well worth checking out.

  59. 62. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques and Tactics: Chokes DVD – BJJ Martial Arts Lessons Marcus

    Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu-Techniques-and-Tactics-Chokes A really old school BJJ chokes DVD instructional that goes over some of the original Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Gi chokes.

  60. 63. Fade to Black: No Gi Chokes

    Fade-to-Black-No-Gi-ChokesOne more installment of Brandon Quick’s Fade To Black chokes series that goes deep into the world of No-Gi chokes.

  61. 64. Fernando Terere – Favela Jiu Jitsu Submissions 3 DVD Box Set

    Fernando-Terere-Favela-Jiu-Jitsu-SubmissionsThe only person that can tach favela chokes is Terere, and this is the instructional where he does just that!


    HINGERTINE-BY-JOSH-HINGERJosh Hinger is one more BJJ black belt who has a guillotine choke variation named after him. Similarly to Glover and Marcelo, his version also works like a charm.


    SUBMISSION-HUNTER-BY-JEREMY-HENDERSONHunt for choke submissions from literally everywhere by learning how to recognize every possible opening during scrambles.


    MASTERING-THE-GUILLOTINE-BY-JOSEPH-CAPIZZIThe first part of a two-volume system aimed at solving some of the most common guillotine choke issues in BJJ.


    MASTERING-THE-GUILLOTINE2-BY-JOSEPH-CAPIZZIPart two of the Capizz guillotine isntructional.

  66. 69. Anti Jiu Jitsu by Kazushi Sakuraba

    A Review Of the latest Kazushi Sakuraba DVD "Anti Jiu-JItsu"Sakurba beat the Gracies by using principles and concepts that went against everything they were teaching. This is exactly the anti Jiu-Jitsu that he teaches in this DVD.

  67. 70. The Bermuda Triangle by Benji Silva

    Bermuda-Triangle-by-Benji-SilvaNot just a triangle choke, but the Bermuda triangle choke. If you’re looking for unusual ways to tighten your triangle choke, you just found them!

  68. 71. Sneaky Submissions by Kaelum Kalista

    Sneaky-Submissions-by-Kaelum-KalistaIt seems that sneakiness is the prerequisite for getting and finishing chokes, as this is yet another BJ Jchoeks DVD that works based on that concept.

In Conclusion

You have the idea – choke people out. You also now, have the formula – understand the categories and principles behind chokes in Jiu-Jitsu. Finally, you have the ultimate list of every possible digital source of knowledge you’ll ever need in our BJJ Chokes DVD instructionals collection. Enjoy!

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