Matt Thornton DVD – Mastering The Mount Review

Matt Thornton DVD Mastering The Mount
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Time to refresh some of that mount knowledge you have. Or gain some very important experience, in case that amount isn’t really your thing. The mount is one of the two most dominant positions you can get in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Along with back control, the mount has remained the king of grappling position throughout BJJ’s complete evolution so far. It is own of the fundamental positions that every grappler has to learn. That said, you need to learn the mount from someone that’s been doing it for a while. Actually, the longer, the better. And Matt Thornton fits right in that description. Mastering the mount is a Matt Thornton DVD that is going to make you immovable from the mount. 

If you have any knowledge of the grappling or MMA world, there’s no way you’re unaware of who Matt Thornton is. Matt is an old school as they get, and is the driving force behind one of the most successful MMA gyms in the world. He is also a world-class grappling expert, one that favors the efficient and uncomplicated approach. Thornton is known as a fan of the top game, and the, in particular, the mount. I think hardly anyone would think twice about getting a Matt Thornton DVD on any subject, let alone one of his best-attacking spots. A complete system of maintaining, being heavy and submitting from the mount is available in the “Mastering The Mount” Matt Thornton DVD. Awesome for both beginners and advanced, as well as for Gi and No-Gi.

Matt Thornton DVD/DIGITAL – Mastering The Mount

Matt Thornton DVD Mastering The Mount
Techniques List

Straight Blast Gym 

You don’t have to be a grappler or fighter to know what Straight Blast Gym is. Every fight fan in the world is aware of the SBG, largely thanks to Conor McGregor. Well, the founder of the Straight Blast Gym and its worldwide network is Matt Thornton. And his empire is one that should be admired.

Matt Thornton DVD Mastering The MountThe Straight Blast Gym is one of the oldest MMA gyms in the world, in existence for 20 years and counting. It has its roots in Portland, Oregon. Matt’s goal with the SBG was to create a fighting university with global reach, which he succeeded indeed. The main aim of the SBG, as Thronton states, is to explore the world of fighting and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Experimentation is something that the SBG prides itself in, after being on the forefront of much of the innovations in combat sports, BJJ included.

Today, the SBG has more than 50 affiliates around the world and is home for many of the fighters and champions on the UFC roster. On top of those, plenty of Jiu-Jitsu world champions, combat sports athletes and law enforcement members are regulars in SBG locations across the globe. The “Mastering The Mount” Matt Thornton DVD is the latest resource that this gym offers to the wider audience, in an attempt to further help us understand grappling.

Old School Mount, Matt Thornton Style

What makes Matt’s mount system better than most people is his philosophies about the position, prior to his vast technical knowledge. Matt is a 4th-degree black belt under the legendary Chris Haueter, one of the BJJ dirty dozen. Chris is the definition of old-school BJJ, so you can see how his longtime student Thornton is much of the same. Mat got his black belt in 2002, meaning he has extremely vast experience in grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Matt’s JIu-Jitsu principles are very simple, and the “Mastering The Mount” DVD is clearly built on them. While Matt is a big fan of training as hard as possible, he has a clear rule when it comes to rolling – never go 100%. This outlines how much emphasis he places on technical control and the ability to keep your opponent in place without physical effort. Rolling should be clean and very specific, as this is the best way to sharpen your skills for actual matches or fights.

Furthermore, Matt is of the “never back down” variety. What that means is that when he gets to mount. there’s no way you’re getting out whether it is to half guard or to a full reversal. Well, this Matt Thornton DVD is going to teach you how to apply this never say die mentality to your BJJ game, and in particular to your mount. After all, Matt did get his blue belt from Rickson himself, and we all know Rickson never goes back after attaining a dominant position like the mount!

Review Of “Mastering The Mount” – Matt Thornton DVD

This Matt Thornton DVD does not come in a format that we’re all used to. BJJ DVDs usually follow a pretty straightforward format, usually involving multiple volumes and specific chapters. Well, Thornton changes all that with “Mastering The Mount”. This DVD is very uniquely set up in lessons as opposed to classical chapters.

What you get with the “Mastering The Mount” Matt Thornton DVD are 15 lessons that each outline a very precise philosophy of mount. While techniques do feature in this DVD, this instructional is more of a conceptual one. You’ll learn how to obtain the mount, stay there, how to distribute weight and become “unbuckable”. Moreover, you’ll discover how to attack with both pressure and submissions, until you get an inevitable tap. A uniquely set up instructional that is going to revolutionize your mount game, regardless of your belt level.

Framing Fundamentals

If there’s one thing you absolutely have to understand in Jiu-Jitsu it is the concept of frames. Frames can work for or against you, depending on the situation. Form the mount, frames a usually a means of creating space in order to escape. However, there’s nothing usual about this Matt Thornton DVD. So, what you get as a concept is how to use frames as an attacking system form the mount.

However, this is not before Matt explains how frames-work, and especially defensive ones. The goal with this is simple- prevent your opponent from ever framing successfully. Matt offers options on both preventing the frames, as well as deconstructing them. There’s also the method of redirecting frames. Plus, you’ll learn how to make them completely ineffective at bearing your weight. You can then use it to pressure your opponents from the mount.

P&P – Posture And Pressure

When it comes to pressure from the mount, there’s nothing really mysterious about it. We all know we need to be HEAVY when we’re in the mount. So, you’re either advanced enough to understand weight distribution form the mount, or you’re enough of a beginner to know how it feels. Whatever the case, you need pressure. Well, Matt is going to teach you how to get it, and the secret ingredient might surprise you.

The thing about pressure from the mount is, that it rarely works without proper posture. The same holds true vice versa. You need to know how to optimize your posture in order to stay heavy at all times. You also need to know how to manipulate your opponent’s posture so that your pressure feels a lot heavier. It is all in there, and Matt does a great job of explaining it clearly.

The Principle Of Connection

Matt Thornton DVD Mastering The MountThis is probably matt’s best principle. It is also one that he is known about in the grappling world. Matt is a strong believer in conceptual Jiu-Jitsu, and the principle of connection is one of the most fundamental things you need to understand. it’s quite easy, actually. If you do not establish a connection with your training partner/opponent, you can’t grapple. The way you establish the connection is going to be detrimental to your success, or lack of it.

The “Mastering The Mount” Matt Thornton DVD dedicates a whole lesson on the subject of connections. The better you understand the distance, gripping, positioning and other nuances of staying in perfect position, the better your mount is going to be. AS simple as it sounds, this is arguably the most important lesson on this amazing DVD.

Extra Features

As far as sneak peeks go, the above is more than enough to tickle your imagination. After all, this Matt Thornton DVD is so high-level, that we can’t absolutely do it justice by simply reviewing it. Matt put a lot of time and effort into it and made a real gem of an instructional. Wha you need to do is get it and go over all the 15 incredible lessons in it.

There’s also an unprecedented feature you get with every purchase. It is direct access to Matt himself. That way, you get to ask all your questions directly to the source and get valuable feedback. On top of everything, the complete mount curriculum is in there, available in both a DVD and digital format. If you like the mount position, then you should get this DVD as soon as possible. If you do not like the mount then this DVD is something you absolutely need in order to become better at BJJ.

Matt Thornton DVD/DIGITAL – Mastering The Mount

Matt Thornton DVD Mastering The Mount
Techniques List
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Time to refresh some of that mount knowledge you have. Or gain some very important experience, in case that amount isn't really your thing. The mount is one of the two most dominant positions you can get in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Along with...matt-thornton-dvd-mastering-mount