Scott Georgaklis – Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)

Scott Georgaklis - Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)

If you enroll in a Judo class, you’ll soon start to comment about having to train break falls for 30 minutes each class. In wrestling, you get much of the same, only with movement and hand fighting drills instead of falls. Why don’t we have this practice in BJJ as well? Isn’t the essence of grappling in the mastery of the most fundamental sport-specific movement? There’s a clear lack of movement specific training in Jiu-Jitsu and the effect is that people need more time to progress through the belt system. However, if you want to learn BJJ the right way, and get to black belt in the shortest amount of time possible, you need to focus on movement.s Especially if you are a complete beginner. Scott Georgaklis has the ultimate resource to get you going – his “Movement For Grappling” DVD.

Scott Georgaklis – Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)
Scott Georgaklis - Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)

Movement is the basis of all martial arts. People usually get bored with having to go through the same repetitive motions for endless amounts of time. Yet, when students turn into coaches, they’ll start teaching and preaching the same thing they hated as beginners. Isn’t it much easier to accept straight of the bat that you need to learn how to move in order to be good at any sport? With Jiu-Jitsu, which takes place mostly on the ground, this is that much more important as it is not something we do daily! The “Movement For Grappling” DVD is a two-part system. It is going to teach you everything you need to know about BJJ movement. Easy to use and well organized, this DVD is a must-have for anyone just starting with Jiu-Jitsu.

The Instructors

The people behind the “Movement For Grappling” DVD are Scott Georgaklis and Travis Stevens. This is the absolute perfect combination for an instructional of this kind. Both are experts in their respective fields and try to solve the BJJ movement conundrum with joint efforts.

Scott Georgaklis is a licensed massage therapist and certified functional strength coach. He works as a therapist at Movement As Medicine. He learned his trade working with Mike Boyle, who is a legend in kettlebell training for martial arts. Scott himself has a background in kettlebell training and martial arts as well. Scott is a movement coach, nutritionist and strength coach working with a wide array of clients. This includes the Olympic Judo team as well.

Travis Stevens is a Judo black belt and an Olympic silver medalist. He is also a John Danaher black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and one of the toughest competitors in both sports! In the “Movement For Grappling” DVD, Travis acts like the perfect guinea pig. In fact, he is a real representation of the walking disasters that grapplers are. Scott applies his training methodology to Travis throughout the DVD. It is an instructional like no other, as you get to see how the methods actually work right in front of your eyes!

Movement For Grappling DVD

The “Movement Fro Grappling” DVD is not one to teach you how to do penetration steps, hip escapes or bridges. This is actually what you need to do before you even consider training grappling. In fact, this guide has the task of getting you healthy and limber enough to actually learn sport-specific movements correctly. And I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough! The “Movement Fro Grappling” DVD is the one best resource that’ll teach you how to correct all your body’s imbalances and turn it into a grappling machine!

The way this DVD is organized is in two main parts. The first one addresses breathing techniques and ways to get your body moving pain-free. Once your body is fluid in movement, you can use the second part to develop insane grappling specific strength. Here you learn how to use a different approach and lots of isometrics to become a real force to be reckoned with on the mats.

Part 1 – Corrective

As the DVD begins, Scott takes us through some stretches that are amazing to use as a  warm-up. Whether you’re warming up for strength training, training, a tournament or just trying to start your day limber, this is the routine to do. Some key moves like shin box stretch, the 99 and the Tyler sit T-spine are going to make you more flexible than you’ve ever imagined.

The second part of this first volume of the “Movement For Grappling” DVD set is all about Scott’s CAR system. Basically, it is a system of exercises designed to take you through a maximal range of motion on all your joints. The goal here is to make the joints move further and better, strengthen the associated musculature and tendons and help you reach new levels of flexibility. The system addresses 13 articulated body parts in total, helping you improve coordination, agility and build a more efficient grappling body.

Part 2 – Strong As An Ox

Part 2 is where Scott, with Travis’ help, moves into exercises to help make you a lot stronger for Jiu-Jitsu. Some preparatory work that includes ankles, neck hips and wrists starts this second volume. Following closely are some activation exercises that make a world of difference. When I first saw them, I didn’t think much. However, I quickly changed my mind when I gave them a try, particularly the progressive neck activation series. As a grappler with a neck hernia, I can tell you that this helps, a lot!

In this part, you’ll encounter a lot of exercises you never thought can make you a stronger grappler. You get a lot of squats and deadlifts, as well as some unique moves, like bear transitions and hardstyle planks. I can guarantee you two things with this instructional: you won’t get bored, and you will become a lot stronger. The spinal waves are something to look forward to, trust me.

The DVD ends with a series of isometric exercises that will challenge even the strongest grapplers. Nothing but the basic squats, pushups, deadlifts and pull apart here, but they’re torturous, I can promise you that!


The best thing about the “Movement For Grappling DVD” is that it comes with a complimentary free E-book. The combination of a video guide and demonstrations, along with the detailed E-book is almost as good as the combination of Scott and Travis.

The E-book contains information on everything you see in the DVDs but in a more detailed version. Here, Scott breaks down each exercise with the help of high-resolution photos and short and concise textual explanations. After you see the exercises in the videos, you can expand your knowledge of them with the help of the E-book. Moreover, the e-book contains a lot of ways in which you can build programs to suit your needs. All in all, the E-book turns this already great DVD into an awesome one!


If your goal is to reduce soreness and inflammation, get better cardio, become stronger, more coordinated and perform to your maximal potential on the mats than this is the bundle for you. The DVD paves the way with clear and precise video instructions and the E-book just piles on knowledge and programming patterns. With two volumes and the E-book, you get everything you’ll ever need in both terms of strength and conditioning and mobility and flexibility for BJJ.

Scott Georgaklis – Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)
Scott Georgaklis - Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)

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movement-for-grappling-dvd-reviewIf you enroll in a Judo class, you'll soon start to comment about having to train break falls for 30 minutes each class. In wrestling, you get much of the same, only with movement and hand fighting drills instead of falls. Why don't we...