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Daniel Beleza Masters Guard DVD Instructional
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All you young gun grapplers just coming up in the game, look away. This BJJ DVD instructional is intended for “senior” grapplers only! The Masters Guard DVD is the ultimate blueprint for evening the planes between masters and adult competitors! This DVD is not only going to make you dominate the masters’ divisions but also take you toe-to-toe with all the young guns that dare challenge you! Daniel Beleza is the culprit behind this awesome 3-part instructional, who, as a master competitor himself, know exactly what you need, and more importantly, need not do!

Daniel Beleza – Masters Guard (DVD/DIGITAL)
Masters Guard DVD ReviewAs a master myself, (creeping in on Master 2) every opportunity to learn from a black belt master competitor is a godsend. Getting the chance to learn the secrets of a multiple time Masters World Champion was beyond my wildest dreams. Now, I can do it on a daily basis, wherever I am at. Even more importantly, the “Masters guard” DVD set really, actually works! You can take this at face value from a majorly injured, featherweight masters grappler. Or you can go on to read the full review and come to the same conclusion by yourself.

4 Time IBJJF Master World Champion

Daniel Beleza is a BJJ black belt under Carlos Pinto Sá “Sazinho”. However, he is no ordinary black belt. He has been one for almost 20 years now. Beleza is one of the very best to ever represent the “Sazinho” Fortaleza Academy. A curious thing is that he is not a black belt form the “common” Gracie lineage, but instead, one from the much more rare Takeo Ino lineage.

Daniel Beleza43-year-old Beleza was born in Rio De Janeiro and didn’t start BJJ until the age of 18 after he moved to Fortaleza. He started rolling in the Nova Uniao – CEP gym along with many of his friends. Very soon, Beleza turned into one of the most feared grapplers in all of Brazil. Since 2008, Daniel is a resident of York, Pennsylvania. there, he runs his ACA academy.

Beleza is a grappler who won many accolades during his BJJ journey. A black belt since 2000, Beleza has a total of four Master World Championship titles, the last from 2015. Furthermore, he is also a Brazilian national champion, 4 time Pan American, and CBJOO World Champion. Now, the light featherweight is also behind an awesome instructional in the “Masters Guard” DVD set.

Daniel Beleza “The Masters Guard” DVD Review 

WhenI wrote that young guns should look away at the very beginning of this article, I was actually joking. This DVD is a really useful tool to make your guard a real fortress. Even if it may not fit your game now, look at it as an investment in your masters’ competition days that’ll surely come. For masters grapplers, it is the best way to inject a quick fix into your bottom game. And a world class quick fix at that.

The one thing you won’t get with the “Masters Guard” Daniel Beleza DVD instructional is a boring closed guard game designed to stall. That you can learn from a host of people. Learning how to become a human submission flytrap off your back is something entirely different. Beleza is going to take you through submission after submission of your back that requires no athleticism or strength. Even people with injuries can use his concepts to get one over younger training partners. Tournament-wise, this DVD set is all you need to build a complete bottom game.

You get three volumes, all done extremely professionally in terms of production and technical aspects. Each DVD contains well over a dozen chapters filled with information that nobody without Beleza’s rich experience could ever teach you.

#1 How Many Loop Chokes Are There?

No, really how many variations of the loop choke are there? I mean, I knew of a few at best, but it seems Beelza has a whole DVD worth of them! Yeah, the first volume of his instructional is all about loop chokes from the bottom. It turns out, he can catch them from every angle, and in every collar/lapel configuration imaginable. Nonetheless, all his secrets are available for everyone to learn now!

The DVD actually starts with a triangle choke. This is understandable, as Daniel has one of the nastiest flying triangles in the history of BJJ. From there on, it ‘s all about loop chokes. The very first one is the most basic one. A couple of alternate loop choke setups follow, which do raise eyebrows but are nothing spectacular. Which is exactly where Beleza changes gears. Lapel chokes, the “goose” choke, loop chokes off Omoplatas and other craziness ensues. Fittingly, the volume ends with another triangle choke setup, this time off of a lapel choke.

#2 The Beleza Guard 

In part two of “The Masters Guard” DVD, Beleza goes over his signature guard, which is ideal for masters. The first half of this volume starts with a host of spider guard subs that include Omoplatas, reverse triangles, armbars, and a very unusual tilt triangle choke. Moreover, there’s also the Masaspao triangle which you’re going to have to see to believe.

Speaking of triangles, the second part of the second volume is all about triangle chokes. There are the odd flare armbar and Americana/wristlock combo to bring in variety, but it’s mostly about strangling people. Loop chokes to triangles, spider De la Riva triangles, and many other variations and combinations are discussed. The final chapter is a masterclass on triangling people forms the “hand in pocket” position. This one will skyrocket the finishing rate of your triangle chokes.

#3 Double Under Pass Traps

Masters Guard DVD Daniel Beleza Review
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This final part of the DVD is my very favorite. Lots of people in my academy, with my instructor in the lead, love to pass with the double under. there are a whole host of variations, many including lapels, that make this pass really annoying to deal with. Well, Beleza has the ultimate solution or, better said, about a dozen of them.

You can probably guess the first two moves that Beleza likes to use as counters. Yeah, you got it, they’re the loop and triangle chokes. From there on, he continues to do a bunch of stuff that’s going to make your opponent’s think twice about passing under your legs. The Whizzer lapel choke is awesome, and the leg sneak triangle is a real “Eureka” moment. Ther’es even a no-arm triangle setup that works like a charm! Moreover, a few more triangle variations come before the very final chapter of an Omoplata against a double-under pass.


This awesome instructional is definitely something you absolutely have to have in your collection if you’re older than 30. Do not fool yourself in thinking Berimbolos and inverted guards are going to carry you much further. You need to keep your guard tactics simple and effective. Actually, you need to look into basing your guard game on high-percentage submissions. In essence, you need “The Masters Guard” DVD set and Danie Beleza’tutelagege to become a monster guard player when nobody expects you to.

Daniel Beleza – Masters Guard (DVD/DIGITAL)
Masters Guard DVD Review

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All you young gun grapplers just coming up in the game, look away. This BJJ DVD instructional is intended for "senior" grapplers only! The Masters Guard DVD is the ultimate blueprint for evening the planes between masters and adult competitors! This DVD is not only going...masters-guard-dvd-review