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What is everyone’s go-to guard when things get rough in BJJ? It is the half guard, of course. This is one of the positions in BJJ that you will use no matter what, given that it can save your guard from being passed in countless different situations. The half guard is something everyone dabbles with, but very few make their own. Given the power of the position, all the available variations, and how easy it is to get and work from there, you should look into expanding your half guard knowledge if you’re serious about building a well-rounded BJJ game. The following half guard DVD instructionals are all you will ever need to build the most diverse half guard ever in record time! 

There’s something about the half guard that attracts everyone that gives BJJ a try. Ask anyone, from white to black, male or female, big or small and they will have an inclination towards playing half guard, even if it is a final means of defense. However, that is exactly when people discover how much of an offensive weapon the half guard can also be. it is one of those BJJ positions that offers so much and have so many directions to head to, even though it seems fairly simple and uninteresting. We made sure we covered all the` effective variations in our half guard DVD instructionals collection, as well as some of the key fundamentals behind what makes this position so powerful. All you have to do is read the reviews and take your pick!

The Best Half Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

What is the best half guard DVD out there? There isn’t one. The half guard has so many different variations and opportunities to it that it is next to impossible to figure out a single one that will work universally good for everyone. The one common denominator is that all these variations fall under the half guard category, making the position itself highly efficient. The precise way of playing it though will depend on your build, goals, abilities, injuries, age, etc. The good news is there’s a half guard for everyone out there if you look hard enough, or in this case, if you just look at the reviews in this article.

The half guard is basically in between closed and open guards. When you connect your feet you get a closed guard version, albeit around just one leg of an opponent. When they’re not connected (like in everyone’s favorite Z-guard) you get an open guard variation. Finally, when you use it as a closed guard, you can fend off plenty of guard passes that come your way when you use it as an open guard, you can start attacking and transitioning without having to move too much or use muscular strength. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, it will be, as long as you figure out the mechanics of the position correctly. In other words, you have to know how to position yourself for any half guard out there. The key thing to remember is that you should be on your side at all times with one side of the hip and one of your shoulders off the ground. This is imperative to allow you to be mobile from the position and set up defensive or offensive maneuvers. You should also try and be compact for most half guard variations, i.e. curled up forward like in a crunch, making your body strong and working as one unit. It is all in the half guard DVD instructional we have in our collection, but these two principles (on your side, and curled up) are what you should pay close attention to in each and every DVD option.

The TOP 10

Opening the account area the top 10 half guard DVD releases that can completely change your Jiu-Jitsu game. AS you’ll notice most of them feature some of the biggest names in the sport, which is no accident – everyone has a half guard component to their game given how reliable and diverse the position is.

1. The Half Guard Anthology by Lachlan GilesBest BJJ Half guard instructionals half guar Andthology

The best way to figure out the half guard is to get an overview of all the major top variations. This half guard DVD doe not offer just an overview though, but explains all of the top half guard variations in the greatest details possible. It is a true anthology Lachlan Giles is a name that requires no introduction in the BJJ world. Keep in mind that his instructional has 8 volumes and nearly 12 hours of material, so picking it up means you’re truly dedicating yourself to studying the half guard.

2. The Lockdown Blueprint by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass DVD The Lockdown Blueprint ReviewThe lockdown is something most people usually associate with 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu and often brush away as either difficult or ineffective. Both notions are false. Tom DeBlass, as you’ll witness further in this article, is probably the best half guard player of all the huge names in Jiu-Jitsu. In this instructional, he shares the secrets of the lockdown half guard in a way that will make sense to everyone, Gi and No-Gi. Highly, highly recommended.

3. The No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0 by Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover DVD Review: The No-Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0

The deep half guard is one of the half guard variations that most people turn to when they get injured, or, well, old. The reason for this is that it is extremely easy to control, and offers lots of options both in terms of retention and sweeping. Given that this is a Jeff Glover deep half guard DVD though, you can expect the unexpected when it comes to setting stuff up. Moreover, it is a No-gi instructional which makes it immensely valuable since not many people can make the deep half work without a Gi at the highest levels. Jeff can.

4. The Coyote Half Guard by Lucas Leite

Best BJJ Half guard instructionals Coyote Half guardThe Coyote guard is by now a classic when it comes to half guard. Countless high-level black belts around the world are playing it, but it was Lucas Leite that truly perfected it. Conversely, learning everything there is about this guard is best done through him and his work. This four-part instructional will uncover all the Coyote half guard secrets for you when it comes to setting it up with the Gi.

5. The Pillars: Half Guard Bottom by Stephen Whittier

Stephen Whittier Pillars: Half Guard Bottom DVD ReviewA highly conceptual approach to the half guard, as shared by the unique Stephen Whittier and his hard-to-miss style. There’s’ a huge amount of information on the half guard in this instructional, and it is aimed at understanding how the position works, from the fundamental level all the way to advanced ones. Everything is meticulously organized by Whittier, and this instructional is the one to get if you have no idea where, to begin with exploring the half guard.Click Here

6. The Battle Tested Half Guard by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria DVD Battle Tested Half GuardBernardo Faria’s take on the half guard is one that has been tested at the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jisu, and proven to work. This half guard DVD outlines how Faria managed to win several world titles in the Gi by relying heavily on this half guard game whenever on the bottom. Everything from pulling the half guard to finishing with sweeps and submissions while easily retaining it is in here.

7. The Buchecha Half Guard by Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

Best BJJ Half guard instructionals Ther Buchecha half guardAnother one of the greatest names of BJJ that is famous for having a slick half guard game. BUchecha’s half guard style is quite original, so much so, in fact, that he has named his half guard variation after himself. You can expect lots of interesting sweeps, including inverting into the tornado guard variation, as well as some slick kneebars in this DVD.

8. The Ground Marshal Half Guard by Neil Melanson

The Ground Marshall Half Guard DVD -Neil Melanson has his version of pretty much everything in BJJ and it usually is highly effective and with great amounts of pain for the person, you’re doing it too. The Ground Marshall half guard is no different THis No-Gi half guard variation is extremely effective, unorthodox, and will work for people of all levels. The best thing about it is that it also works like a charm with the Gi, especially when you start experimenting with Gi grips once you understand all the underlying principles.


Paul Schreiner Half Guard DVDOld-school, straight to the point, and nothing if not extremely effective. This is what you can expect from Paul Schreiner’s half guard DVD. Meant for the Gi, this instructional is al about simplicity. It will explain how the half guard works in the greatest possible details without overcomplicating things. Paul is also a submission machine, meaning you’ll learn how to submit people on the spot, or use submissions to create sweeping options and still tap them out from the top.

10. Diamond Concept of Defense by Xande Ribeiro

Xande Ribeiro Diamond Concept Of Defense DVD ReviewIf you’re on the hunt for a defensive DVD, this is the one to get. Xande’s diamond concept is something brand new, very original, and pretty much unbeatable. Of course, it has everything to do with the half guard and will provide you with an as unpassable variation of it as is imaginable in the sport. Given Xhande’s vast knowledge and experience, there’s really no reason no to pick this crucial half guard DVD up.

List Of All Half Guard DVD Instructionals Out There

Apart from the top ten which are a great place to start, or specialize in, there are e other half guard DVD instructionals out there that are definitely worth exploring. All the best ones are listed below, offering you not just different variations of the half guard, but also opportunities of going very deep into the fundamental mechanics of the position.

1. Half Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher

John Danaher Half Guard DVD Go Further Faster Review

If you want to go deep into the mysteries of the half guard, John Danaher has an awesome instructional out and about. His 8-volume release that is a part of the “Go Further Faster” series will teach you all kinds of stuff about the half guard you never even thought of.

2. Half Domination by Tom DeBlass


As I mentioned, Tom DeBlass is the man to see when you have half guard questions, so there will be lots of instructions by him in our collection. This one is all about the fundamental working s of the half guard and is perfect for beginners.

3. Half Guard Domination 2.0 by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass Instructional DVD Review: Half Guard Domination 2.0 Cover

The second installment of the Half guard Domination DVD by Tom is a bit more advanced, picking up where the first one left off to provide you with an extremely well-rounded half guard game.

4. Deep Half Guard Domination by Tom DeBlass


A half guard DVD focusing on the deep half once again, this time with Tom as the instructor, and once again, without the Gi.

5. High Tech BJJ In The Gi by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass DVD High Tech BJJ In The GiSwitching his attention to the half guard in the GI, this Tom DeBlass instructional covers all the technical aspects of a Gi based half guard system.

6. The Butterfly Half Guard by Tom DeBlass

The Butterfly Half Guard DVD Review

The Butterfly half guard is by far one of the most utilized modern variations of the half guard. Not many people have come out with ways of playing it, though, and Tom has an entire four-part instructional covering everything you’ll ever need to know about it.

7. Don’t Be A Square by Jeff Glover

Don't-Be-A-Square-by-Jeff-GloverJeff Glover’s originally named (as usual) half guard Bo-Gi DVD will help you develop more unorthodox ways of attacking people from the bottom…to say the least.

8. Connected Reaction: Half Guard by Paul Schreiner

Connected-Reaction-Half-Guard-by-Paul-SchreinerAnother gem of a half guard DVD by Paul Schreiner. In it, he covers a unique principle he calls the connection-reaction, where he will teach you to play the half guard by feel more than by looking at what is going on.

9. The Coyote Half Guard No Gi by Lucas Leite

Lucas_Leite_-_The_Coyote_Half_Guard_There’s really no need to introduce this DVD as it si the No-gi version of the much sought after Coyote half guard by Lucas Leite. once again, pure brilliance!

10. Rubber Guard: Concepts From Half Guard by Richie Martinezrichie martinez rubber guardHave you ever thought of playing the rubber guard from the half guard? NOt many people have, but Richie Martinez, of course, not just thought about it, but developed an entire system from there. The good news is you don’t need rubber guard-level flexibility to pull this one off!

11. The No Gi Half Guard by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria DVDAnother Bernard Faria title, this time all about how he likes to approach the half guard when there’s no Gi around.

12. Transition Mastery by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria Transition Mastery DVD REVIEWWhile not quite a dedicated half guard DVVD, this Bernardo Faria instructional does cover a very important subject – transitioning between positions. Given that the half guard is basically the one position connecting all others when it comes to transitions this is an aspect of it no other instructional covers.

13. High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Half Guard by Jake MackenzieBest BJJ Half guard instructionals high precision hafl gaurdSomply put half guard for competitors. This instructional is aimed at Gi competitors that would like to develop an effective, but unpredictable half guard game.

14. High Precision Half Guard Vol. 2 by Jake Mackenzie

Jake Mackenzie DVD Hig Precision Half GuardIf you liked the previous volume, you’ll love this one. it is the improved and expanded version of the high precision half guard that Jake Mackenzie is well known for, once again, perfect for Gi competitors. That doesn’t mean anyone else can’t do it or benefit from it, though.

15. Basics To Advanced: The Half Butterfly Guard by Aaron Benzrihem

Basics-To-Advanced-The-Half-Butterfly-Guard-by-Aaron-BenzrihemAnother of those rare instructionals on the half butterfly guard, this one addressing options with the Gi on.

16. Far East Half Guard by Masahiro Iwasaki

Masahiro Iwasaki DVD Review : Far East half guardIwasaki’s version of the half guard is unorthodox, looks like something that will never work, but for some reason, it is extremely effective. The Far Easy Half Guard is one of the best half guard DVD instructionals I have ever seen.

17. Sweep The World by Leonardo Saggioro


One of the best attacks you have from the half guard is sweeping people. In this instructional, you’ll learn all about the mechanics of sweeps and how to take away people’s balance before coming up on top.

18. Position to Submission by Matheus DinizPosition to submission - Matheus Diniz Best BJJ DVD 2019

Matheus Diniz, a Marcel Garcia black belt, has a very interesting take on the old “position to submission” principle, which involves a lot of half guard stuff.

19. The Aggressive Open Guard No Gi by Johnny Tama

The_Aggressive_Open_Guard_No_Gi_by_Johnny_TamaAn open guard DVD that, quite unexpectedly, has lots of open half guard and Z-guard stuff inside that will help you connect your half guard to any open guard variation you like to play.

20. Dynamic Z Guard attacks by Hiago Gama


Speaking of the Z-guard, here a dedicated instructional to the, arguably, most played half guard variation in the world these days. Hiago Gama has lots to say on the subject, and he really holds no punches in this half guard DVD!

21. The Butterfly Guard System by Rafael Formiga


Formiga’s butterfly guard series is very entertaining, but in the context of the half guard, the best part about it is that he sues it to both get to the half guard, and out of it.

22. Mastering The Half Guard by Lucas Valle

Luvas Valle DVD Review - Mastering the Half Guard instructionalAn interesting, old-school-based approach to mastering the half guard in the Gi by one Lucas Valle. This is a highly organized half guard DVD that will take you from the fundamentals all the way to some highly advanced stuff.

23. The Heisen Guard by Malachy Friedman

Best BJJ Closed guard Instructionals The Heisen GuardMalachy Friedman’s nutty Heisen guard is a bit out there if we’re being honest, but it will work, especially if you like taking the half guard into unexpected and unusual directions.

24. Linking Half Guard And Pressure Passing by Alexandre VieiraLinking-Half-Guard-And-Pressure-Passing-by-Alexandre-VieiraA very interesting DVD by Alexandre Vieira. he manages to create a very logical link between working from bottom half guard, getting on top, and transitioning right into pressure passing. Really cool!

25. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu The Half-Guard Vol-3


A very old-school Rigan Machado DVD instructional on different half guard attacks and setups with the Gi.

26. Hip Clamp Guard for BJJ DVD by Samir Chantre

Hip-Clamp-Guard-for-BJJ-DVD-by-Samir-ChantreIf you never want to see your half guard passed again, you’ll have to clamp down on people from the guard. That is exactly what you’ll learn from this Samir Chantre half guard DVD.

27. Nogi Sweeps DVD with Chris Brennan [DVD]

Nogi Sweeps DVD with Chris BrennanChris Brenan’s DVD about sweeps fits any guard instructionals category, given that the provides sweeping options from literally everywhere, including the half guard.



Oli Geddes is a Roger Gracie black belt that is a real wizard when it comes to the half guard, especially in the Gi. Expect a lot of innovative stuff in this instructional.


UNDERHOOK-HALF-GUARD-JOSH-VOGELWhat is the most commonly played half guard variation? The underhook half guard. Learn all about the secrets of the position, along with some interesting new approaches to playing this classic half guard.


DAN-COVEL-BLACK-MAGIC-HALF-GUARDGo dark with this half guard DVD and explore the black magic variation of the position as created and shared by Dan Covel. Very entertaining!


AUGUSTO_TANQUINHO_MENDES _GUARD_GAME_VOL._1One of the top competitors in the Gi, and a prolific guard player shares many of his secrets on his favorite guards, including a very detailed and long explanation of his half guard game.

In Conclusion

Learn the half guard! It doesn’t matter which variation you choose or whether or not you use it all the time or just sporadically. having a half guard DVD instructional or two is mandatory for anyone in BJJ, Gi, or No-Gi! The collection we offer has everything everyone will lever need to start exploring the world of the BJJ half guard, and eventually perfect it!

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