Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills DVD Instructional

Tom Deblass Solo And Partner Grappling Drills DVD

The subject of drills for BJJ has been discussed so many times that it seems pointless to go over it again. Yet, we’re witnessing the same trend in Jiu-Jitsu as always. People love to roll live, do not mind positional sparring, are OK with the technical part of the class and simply hate warming up and doing drills. As per Murphy’s law, the two most hated things are actually the two most important. Warming up keeps us from getting injured, for example. On the other hand, drills are the best, proven way of quickly advancing in BJJ. On that note, there’s a brand new resource in the  Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills DVD, that will make even the most stubborn grapplers change their mind about drills.

Tom DeBlass – Grappling Drills (DVD / OnDemand)

Tom Deblass Solo And Partner Grappling Drills DVD
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Let’s keep things basic here. We all know we need drills. We have one of the best in Tom DeBlass confirming that we need them. So much so, that he dedicated a whole instructional to the subject. Actually, Tom is one of the most active coaches when it comes to shooting video instructionals. With 2018 just around the corner, his first DVD of the year is all about drills. That’s how important Tom and all other black belts, think drills are. This Tom DeBlass grappling drills DVD has it all – drilling theory, solo drills, partner drills and how to set everything up.

The Value Of Drilling

Speaking of drilling let’s go over the things we know already. Why do we need drills? Well, BJJ is an endless martial art, meaning we can easily get lost and halt our progress. Drills make us effective at the core movements of BJJ primarily, and a group of moves specific to the individual, secondary. With drills, the best analogy is to think about them as walking.

Namely, when an infant is born, the need to learn how to walk. It is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time. Walkling involves almost every muscle in the body and requires coordination and balance. Once we learn, though, we stop thinking about it because we’re doing it for most of our lives. If you stop walking for an extended period of time, you’ll surely forget about the nuances of doing it seamlessly. the same holds true for Jiu-Jitsu.

If you stop executing the most basic of movements, you’ll surely forget the details. And, as you know if you’ve been training for a couple of years or so, BJJ is all about the tiny things. the more invisible something is, the more important it is. This is how Jiu-Jitsu works. But, in order to keep those invisible things up to pair, you need to work on them constantly. Grab the tom DeBlass Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement DVD. It’ll teach you how to drill efficiently and not “waste” your precious rolling time.

  • Solo Drills

As far as BJJ drills are concerned, we have two main categories. The first is drilling solo, which you can do virtually anywhere, as long as you have padding on the ground. The second one is with a partner, which is a lot more versatile and specific. Both have a place in Jiu-Jitsu, as you cant’ become an efficient grappler by choosing between one or the other.

Solo drills have the task of making you effective at the core movement in Jiu-Jitsu. These are the movement patterns that make techniques and specific moves work. With solo drills, you clean up moves like bridges, hip escapes, and technical stand-ups, at first. Later on, you move on to more advanced stuff like Granby’s and combining movements into flows.

  • Partner Drills

Drilling with a partner is where things get fun. Here, your options are endless. There are two main ways of getting the most out of your drill sessions. One is to go for specific moves or short sequences. A good example is passing the guard. However, any technique will do as long as you figure out a repetitive way to do it. Moreover, you can control speed, intensity and the level of resistance your partner provides.

The second (more advanced) way fo drilling is with long flows that involve both partners. here, you might do your guard pass, for example, and head into side control. the partner will then do a side control escape to get you in full guard and then sweep you. You then proceed to escape the mount etc. For competitors, these kinds of drills are irreplaceable.

Tom DeBlass “Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement” DVD Review

The Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement DVD is a fantastic resource to teach you all about BJJ drills. Here, Tom goes over the basics and then proceeds to offer the very best of solo and partner drills. He also covers every major position in Jiu-Jitsu. By the way, Tom has really strong basics, and it is the secret to his incredible success. After all, nobody has managed to submit him in 17 years.

The Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills DVD four-part part set, that reduces the clutter surrounding BJJ drills. With Tom, you get the bare essentials, only the stuff that really works, and the best way to train them. Tom’s coaching abilities are never in question, and the overall production of this DVD is spotless.

Open Guard And Guard Retention

First and foremost, there’s no particular distinction between solo and partner drills here. At least not in the sense of different volumes for different drill categories. Instead, DeBlass likes to show them in context with certain moves. If there’s a solo drill that can help your partner drill, Tom goes over it in the same chapter.

Tom Deblass Grappling Drills DVD
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The opening drills are all about guard retention and preventing the pass. The first drill is one you’ve probably done so far, with the high leg guard recovery. However, you get a new twist on an old classic along with a great solo drill you can use. The following suit is sitting guard drills along with a whole array of inversion drills. My personal Volume 1 drill is the one that has you following the pass straight into a Single Leg X Guard.

Normally, drills focusing on the Single-leg X are numerous, given Tom’s love of leg attacks. The first volume of the Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills DVD concludes with leg pummeling and butterfly guard drills.

Half Guard Bottom And Submissions

As soon as the second volume starts, you know you’re in Tom’s favorite part of the instructional. It all begins with his signature position – the half guard. There’s hardly anyone better than Tom when it comes to the half guard, and now he teaches the drills that brought him notoriety form the position.

First up are defensive drills, dealing with common half guard passes. The weave pass gets particular attention, and it’ll never be a problem ever again if you continue drilling this one pass prevention. Half guards attacks are up next, with a really cool transitional drill that takes you from a half gaur Kimura straight into Ashi Garami.

The second portion of the second volume is all about submissions. Tom demonstrates how you can train to improve your transitions between submissions, as well as submission, holds themselves. They include both top and bottom submissions.

Top Position And More Submissions 

The third portion of the Tom DeBlass Grappling Drills DVD begins in the mount. Mount retention is one of the things that is hard for grapplers of all levels. Tom offers universally effective concepts along with the drills to reinforce them.

Tom Deblass Grappling Drills DVD
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In terms of submission drills, this is where things get a bit advanced. Tom goes over some traps and baits, like getting the triangle off an opponent’s guard pass. There is also a great drill on the subject of escaping side control that ends with a direct attacking threat. Another extremely essential leg pummeling drills also find it’s the way here. But Tom does not stop there and introduces a follow-up drill in regards to inside leg control which is fundamental for leg locks.

Escapes And Flows

Finally, it is time to put theory into practice. the first three volumes of the Tom Deblass Grappling Drills DVD were all about the technical aspects of solo and partner drills. The final one goes more into how to put things together as a system. However, before teaching that, Tom has a couple of escape drills he shares. The subjects are back escapes and half guard pummels.

Organizing every drill Tom shares into one continuous flow is impossible. Still, Tom does have a way of organizing specific subjects into cool flows. He teaches how you can build your own flows, according to needs and level. Moreover, he is going to teach you how to organize drills in a manner that’ll help you fall in love with them. Not to mention how good your Jiu-Jitsu is about to get!

Tom DeBlass – Grappling Drills (DVD / OnDemand)

Tom Deblass Solo And Partner Grappling Drills DVD
Techniques List
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tom-deblass-grappling-drillsThe subject of drills for BJJ has been discussed so many times that it seems pointless to go over it again. Yet, we're witnessing the same trend in Jiu-Jitsu as always. People love to roll live, do not mind positional sparring, are OK with the...