There are only so many things you can ask coaches and teammates in training before class is over. If you’re really crazy about learning the ins and outs of striking, which is as complex as martial arts can get, then you’ll need to look to learning sources outside the gym. Striking DVD instructionals are your best bet, as long as you don’t just waste time and money on something that you already know. Instead, DVD instructionals should help you go deeper into aspects of striking, and not focus on general aspects of it. That is why we built this comprehensive striking DVD instructionals database right here. Enjoy the selection! 

If you already train, you’ll have great use of striking DVD instructionals. If you are just starting out, or are looking to join a striking gym, whether it is striking-only or MMA, you will also benefit from digital releases. And, if you think you can learn striking only from DVDs though, without live sparring and going to a gym, you’re in for a rude awakening the first time you will need to use your knowledge. The combination of DVD instructional and actual live training in a gym is a winning combination but only works if you do both.

The Best Striking DVD Instructionals Collection

Watching an MMA match you might not think this striking thing is too difficult. Watching boxing or kickboxing just makes it seem even less complicated. The keyword here is “watching”. There’s a lot more to striking than meets the eye, regardless if it is all out striking or integrated with grappling for MMA. In fact, boxing’s nickname “the sweet science” is probably the best way to describe all types of striking.

Let me just try and paint a picture of everything you need to be thinking about during a striking exchange. First, let’s talk about yourself. Apart from a high degree of technical knowledge of strikes that include punches, kicks, elbows, and knees you also need to know how to combine them in a meaningful way. No, not all combinations of strikes will work out in your favor, there has to be a reason why you combine them.

Next up, we have footwork. Try standing in place and trading shots with someone and you’ll soon realize that without footwork, all the technical knowledge you have is worthless. Dancing around like Muhammad Ali or Dominic Cruz is an absolute must for any striker.

Then, there’s the aspect of not getting hit while you’re trying to hit someone. That’s where all the slips, weaves, shoulder rolls, evasive maneuvers, and upper body motions come into play. Connecting this with footwork, combinations, and technical knowledge of how strikes work will give you the baseline of being a good striker.

And yes, that is just the baseline, because you’ll need a lot more to actually develop a style of your own. That is where striking DVD instructionals can help. Apart from teaching you any of the aspects discussed above, they’ll also help you develop rhythm and a distinct style.

The TOP 7

Not all striking DVD instructionals are made the same, just like not all MMA or BJJ DVDs are. Some are just put together in a way that makes them crazy effective at teaching anybody the ins and outs of the crazy world of striking. Now, while everyone, MMA or pure striking should learn the basics of it, all strikers should also have at least some knowledge of how striking integrates with grappling. Most of our top 7 picks reflect this.

1. Power Kicking by Benson Henderson

Power Kicking by Benson HendersonWhenever we talk about striking, people tend to start thinking about kicking almost immediately. Kicks are by far the most difficult aspect of striking to master, with balance, agility, and power being the main pillars of kicking prowess. Luckily, all of them are highly trainable and easy to develop, with the right tools. This Benson Henderson instructional covering kicking power will teach you to kick like a mule on Mexican steroids.

2. Crash Course: Striking For MMA by Kyle Bochniak

Crash Course: Striking For MMA by Kyle Bochniak

Remember those complete striking DVD instructionals I mentioned at the beginning? Well, this DVD is one of them. It is a full course on striking, mostly with MMA in mind. However, given that striking is a lifelong pursuit, this one is somewhat of a crash course – it’ll teach you all you need to develop a striking base, with every possible aspect covered. Whether you use it for MMA, striking, or self-defense after, the cat remains that you’ll have to build on it. This DVD answers lots of questions though, that you might not have time to ask during regular classes in a gym.

3. The Comprehensive Strikers Guide by Anderson Silva

The Comprehensive Strikers Guide by Anderson SilvaOf course, whenever striking DVD instructionals are mentioned, there has to be one that features one of the best strikers in MMA history – Anderson “The Spider” Silva. This four-part instructional covers everything, from basic striking to some of the most mind-blowing striking combinations you’ll ever see. Moreover, Anderson shares a system of names and numbers for his strikes meaning Yu can use it to organize training on a heavy bag with it, or put together a full-proof system for fighters in tournaments. This instructional is once again aimed at MMA fighters, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t learn a lot from it.

4. Fundamentals of Power Punching by Cain Velasquez

Fundamentals of Power Punching by Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez is one of the scariest men alive, especially when it comes to striking. Nobody could deal with his power inside the octagon, and if injuries hadn’t sidelined him, he probably would’ve been one of the greatest UFC heavyweight champions of all times. That said, his knowledge of striking is so deep, that he is right up there with the likes of Anderson Silva. His take, though, at least in this instructional is all about developing the most powerful punches imaginable.

5. Creating KO’s by Melvin Manhoef

Creating KO's by Melvin Manhoef

One of the best kickboxers on the planet, Melvin Manhoef also happens to be one of the best striking coaches alive. As far as striking is concerned he is a hall of famer, and there’s no striker alive that wouldn’t want to learn from him. In this instructional, Melvin goes over the art of knocking people out. It is not just about power, though, as he uses 3 long volumes to demonstrate how positioning, mechanics, trickery, and timing have everything to do with putting people to sleep.

6. Power Punching by Mike Winkeljohn

Power Punching by Mike WinkeljohnAnother release on power punching, this time from a much more fundamental standpoint than Cain Velasquez’s video. in this one, the legendary coach Mike Winkeljohn shares the secrets behind the big four punches of boxing – the jab, cross, hooks, and uppercuts. Given his experience, you can expect this instructional to uncover secretes about these punches that not even some of the greatest boxing coaches know much about.

7. Fundamentals of Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier

Fundamentals of Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier

Wrapping up the fabulous seven is a very interesting DVD by Stephen Whittier. he is a black belt in BJJ under Mat Thornton and also a very accomplished striker. This makes him the premier source of MMA knowledge, especially when it comes to connecting striking and grappling. He likes to call this “functional striking” and teaches every aspect of his system in what is one of the best striking DVD instructionals ever released.

List Of All Striking DVD Instructionals Out There

Apart from the top seven options out there, you can also find lots of other digital releases that cover a whole host of aspects of striking that can improve your game. the following striking DVD instructionals will improve your striking game by leaps and bounds.

1. Combination Striking Mastery by Randy Steinke

Combination Striking Mastery by Randy SteinkeThis is the first volume on our list of striking DVD instructionals that covers striking combinations. In it, you’ll find a bunch of highly innovative ways of putting together combinations that are hard to defend against, and that won’t leave you open to counters.

2. Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin

Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin

As the title suggests, this is an all-encompassing striking DVD aimed at MMA. It won’t just teach you how to strike and counter, but also deal with takedown attempts and set up some throws of your own with lightning-quick striking combinations.

3. Striking For MMA by Cyrille Diabate

Striking For MMA by Cyrille Diabate

Cyril Diabate is an MMA veteran and one of the people that has been through it all when it comes to trading punches. This three-part instructional will teach you mechanics, combinations, footwork, defensive maneuvers, and most important of all, timing.

4. Six Gun Striking by Brandon Gibson

Six Gun Striking by Brandon Gibson

A very originally named striking instructional that is all about Brandon Gibson’s original style of striking, which, unorthodox as it seems, is highly effective.

5. World Class Striking Mastery by Cedric Doumbe

World Class Striking Mastery by Cedric DoumbeThere are not many striking DVD instructionals like this one out there. This doesn’t only cover strikes, combinations, and all the “usual” stuff, but also some stretching and flexibility exercises to make you looser and in better shape for striking.

6. Explosive Striking by Thiago Alves

Explosive Striking by Thiago Alves

Thiago Alves is one of the most aggressive strikers to ever grace the UFC octagon. learn all the tricks of the trade he picked up during his decades-long UFC career from this spectacular instructional.

7. European Striking Fundamentals by Morgan Charriere

European Striking Fundamentals by Morgan Charriere

Why would anyone want to learn European striking? Well, one great reason would be the fact that the Dutch style of kickboxing is one of the most comprehensive and deadly ever. Check out all the secrets of this striking system in the three volumes of this DVD.

8. The Secrets To Power Striking by Liam Harrison

The Secrets To Power Striking by Liam Harrison

One more of the power-focused striking DVD instructionals, this time covering all aspects of striking power, from kicks and punches to knees and elbows.

9. Movement as a Weapon by Stephen Thompson

Movement as a Weapon by Stephen Thompson

One of the best striking DVD instructionals of all times! As mentioned before, movement truly makes or breaks a striker and Stephen Thompson knows all about it. In this DVD he explains in great detail the role of movement in striking and how to make it seem flawless and unrestricted while knocking people out.

10. Total Striking Control by Alexsandro PereiraTotal Striking Control by Alexsandro Pereira

A very important aspect of striking success is where you are positioned inside the ring/cage/octagon. That has to do with how you control the distance, and space by using striking to pressure opponents into corners or up against the fence. in this DVD, Pereira will teach you how to control everything by using strikes to guide opponents into going exactly where you want them.

11. Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit

Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit is a name you should know pretty well if you’re interested in striking. In this four-volume instructional, he shares all his knowledge of what works, as ash been tried and tested by him against some of the greatest names in MMA.

12. The Lumberjack Manual by Peter Aerts

The Lumberjack Manual by Peter Aerts

One of the best named striking DVD instructionals in existence, and one focusing on power combinations, taught by the charismatic and fun to watch Peter Aerts.

13. Cage Control by Mick Hall

Cage Control by Mick Hall

On the subject of controlling with strikes again, this instructional is highly MMA-specific. It taches the unique aspect of cage control, with a combination of striking and clinching that is bound to end any fight quickly once you master it.

14. Winning The Battle For Pressure, Pace And Space by Jean Ndoye

Winning The Battle For Pressure, Pace And Space by Jean NdoyeAt the end of our best striking DVD instructionals list is a title that covers some finer aspects of striking. This is one fort he more advanced and will teach you stuff along with the likes of pace, timing, pressure, managing space, etc. Consider this to be the cream of the crop when it comes to striking proficiency. Conversely, if you master this, you’ll be unstoppable on your feet.

15. Striking Combos by Anderson SilvaStriking combos by Anderson SilvaAnother great striking DVD by Anderson Silva. This one is a bit older but it shows all the striking combinations that have made him the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world. It’s pretty cheap instructional, so if you’re into MMA striking you can check this one out.

In Conclusion

All in all, while you can’t learn striking from instructionals only, you can learn a lot about it from them. If you use striking DVD instructionals to expand upon and improve your knowledge about triking from an actual gym, where you work on technique, a heavy bag, and train with sparring partners among other things, you will be pretty much unstoppable. Any of the DVDs above will do that for you, but you will need to pick one or two, to begin with, before you know exactly what you’re looking for.

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