Transition Mastery DVD by Bernardo Faria – Complete Review

Bernardo Faria Transition Mastery DVD REVIEW
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Oh, s*$t! This is exactly what it thought when I found out there’s a transitions BJJ DVD out there! Learning that it is brand new and that it is by Bernardo Faria only heaped more excitement! naturally, I had to get it and go through it at the earliest opportunity! I’m at that point in my Brazilian Jiu-Transition when the hidden nuances of the sport are my main focus! The devil is in the details, and in Jiu-JItsu, he’s hiding in the invisible ones!  Transitions are bang in the middle of this category, as mastering them, means you’ll master a huge part of Jiu-Jitsu! It is hard though, and Bernardo Faria’s Transition Mastery DVD set certainly lends a helping hand!

Bernardo Faria – Transition Mastery (DVD/DIGITAL)
Bernardo Faria Transition Mastery DVD REVIEW
We all know by now how good Bernardo Faria is. And I’m not only talking about his 3 European and 5 World titles (including a Worlds double).  Lately, we’ve come to know Bernardo as a magnificent coach as well, particularly through his ever-growing BJJ instructionals collection. The legendary Alliance super-heavyweights is now taking his teaching a whole level up. Do you think the Omoplata and kneebar are the only moves responsible for his 95 competition wins? Think again. The deepest secrets of Bernardo’s grappling style begin to get revealed in the Transition Mastery DVD set!

Transitions – The World Of Invisible BJJ

Speaking of transitions, why are they so important, you might ask. As a white, and somewhat into the blue belt, you’ll mostly look at BJJ in a black and white manner. You see a situation, you use a move for it, it leads to another situation and another move, etc. This is exactly as it should be in the beginning. However, as you mature as a grappler, you’ll find out that most of the successful setups in Jiu-Jitsu happen outside of well-established positions. This is when transition awareness enters the frame.

I once heard the phrase that “there are no scrambles in Jiu-JItsu”. As time passed by, this notion seemed to confirm itself. Every time a “scramble” comes up, what high-level grapplers see are opportunities. Attacking during transitions is one of the hardest aspects of Jiu-Jitsu to understand and master. Why? Well, first up, you need to really know what you’re going after, i.e. specific techniques. Next, you need to understand the transitions and how they work in different situations. Once you put those two together, your overall game is going to improve in leaps and bounds!

A such, transitions in BJJ take place in every aspect of the game. You can use them offensively, counter-offensively or defensively. You can transition from to top to top, bottom to bottom positions, or in between. Furthermore, you can also transition from standing to the bottom and vice versa. This last part is extremely important to know. It also happens, that this is the area which Faria’s Transition Mastery DVD set focuses on!

Transition Mastery DVD

Bernardo Faria’s Transition Mastery DVD is going to take you, step by step through the intricacies of transition in the stand-up domain. Bernardo is a real master of Jiu-Jitsu in every area, but his take on how to transition between different planes and levels is mesmerizing! The Transition Mastery DVD set is an instructional like no other before it! It is not only the information that’s in it but also the way the DVD is set up!

In this BJJ instructional, you do not get the usual technique specific chapters. Instead, you get four volumes filled with flows that focus on how to transition between positions, rather than the positions themselves. Moreover, it includes a lot of work based off of the opponent’s reactions, which is huge and never before seen! Bernardo covers the subject of guard pulling from both an offensive and counter-offensive perspective, along with some unbelievable double leg takedown sorcery! Here’s what you can expect from this crazy DVD!

Pulling Half Guard(s) 

We all know how much Bernardo likes the half guard. Once again, he strives s towards his favorite position., However, in this DVD, you don’t get as much half guard details as in previous releases. Instead, you learn how to get in and out effectively, quickly and elegantly. No more scrambling in and out of position. Instead, the Transition Mastery DVD is going to guide you through every detail of every single exchange that involves pulling half guard(s).

After the mandatory introduction, Bernardo starts by demonstrating the first flow. It is a half guard pull that actually takes you into a single leg sweep. Basically, you learn how to pull guard and still end up on top! In the worst possible scenario, you’ll end up in half guard which Bernardo covers in earlier releases. And it is only the first flow!

Transition Mastery DVD Review Further along, you get to learn Fria’s secrets of success – pulling guard right into sweeps, passes and even submissions! The chapters build on each other, so form the pull to single leg sweep you get a folding pass to mount to an armbar. then, you get the same but his time with Faria’s signature over-under pass.

The best part is that there’s also a version where the whole flow begins from the knees. This time, Bernardo goes into deep half and uses the Faria sweep to switch positions. Of course, the over under pass follows, along with a nasty scarf choke variation!

Pulling Half Guard(s) – Countering Sprawls

The sprawl is a very useful defensive movement, not only against double legs but also against certain guard pulls. Whenever pulling guard goes wrong, or the opponent has lightning-quick reflexes, you need to transition straight into attack mode. Bernardo’s route takes us towards the deep half guard once again. This time, there’s a single leg thrown in there for good measure, leading into a Turkish get-up. Once again, you’ve ended up on top!

Now you’re in a similar position to before. You can either use the stuff Berardo demonstrated in the first volume or switch it up a bit. One option includes hitting the over-under pass and going into a triangle trap. This move is wicked effective and works from side control, so not many people will be expecting it. Once again, there’s a version of the flow starting from the knees.

Double Leg Takedown Flows

The third part of the Transition Mastery DVD set takes a turn. Instead of pulling guard, now you’ll be looking to take the opponent down and get top position straight away! Bernardo’s method of choice is the double leg takedown which means you do not need to learn fancy new takedown moves.

The flow begins with an opponent sprawling in response to your double leg attempt. Instead of bailing, you use a smooth transition to once again establish the single leg sweep. However, here you get to pass a bit differently, with the over-under brother pass the preferred option. The different dynamics of this pass mean you end up in a different attacking position. This time, you get an easy transition into a very tight kneebar.

Another pathway off the single leg sweep takes you into north-south and straight into an armlock if you like to keep things short and sweet.

The final flow is once again from the knees and goes double leg, sprawl, single leg sweep to over-under brother pass vs spider guard, to a north-south armbar. Crazy stuff!

Dealing With Guard Pullers

The final portion of the Bernardo Faria Transition Mastery DVD takes you through some flows to help you deal with guard pullers. Instead of allowing your opponents to establish guard, you use the pull to transition into a pass. You guessed it, it is the over-under pass!

Once again the flow begins step by step, leading you to the over-under first, and then a back take. Of course, from there you finish, and the submission of choice is the bow and arrow choke. Simple, straightforward and easy, as long as you know when and how to transition.

As the final volume goes on, Faria takes us into some unique craziness. The Spread Chicken from the back is one example. Sounds funny but you’ll love it! But that’s not the final step! Faria also has a last-minute transition into the mount to keep you on the attack at all costs! Of course, you also get a simplified version and one starting from the knees as well!

Final Verdict

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Attacking submissions during transitions is how black belts seem to know what you’ll do before you do it. They focus on attacking you along the way, instead of starting once you’re at the endpoint of your movement. The Transition Mastery DVD is the only resource of its kind available now! It is a whole different kind of Jiu-Jitsu instructional, one which will undoubtedly pave the way for many others. Until then, though, you have the unbelievable chance of learning invisible black belt secrets from one of the most competitive World CHampions ever! Do not waste it!

Bernardo Faria – Transition Mastery (DVD/DIGITAL)
Bernardo Faria Transition Mastery DVD REVIEW

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Oh, s*$t! This is exactly what it thought when I found out there's a transitions BJJ DVD out there! Learning that it is brand new and that it is by Bernardo Faria only heaped more excitement! naturally, I had to get it and go...transition-mastery-dvd-review-faria