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How do lapel guards in BJJ work? What do Keenan and all the others that love his stuff do when they set up those crazy cloth guards with even crazier names? It is not hard to figure it all out, and it should not take you several years to do so. Instead, use the knowledge that is already out there to build abase for your lapel game, and you can keep on experimenting as you go forward. This Lapel Guard DVD instructionals collection will help you achieve that goal. 

Lapel guards are fun and very reliable, but that is only true for the person playing them. Those on the other end are usually highly frustrated and end up hating everything, from the GI all the way to the person playing the guard. That, however, is no reason not to figure out how they work. You don’t even have to play lapel guards in order to own a lapel guard DVD. Figuring them out will mean you won’t get stuck passing them.

The Best Lapel Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

Can you play any lapel guard that you see? Of course, you can, and it won’t take more than a month or two. All it takes is understanding the mechanics of what you’re trying to do with the lapel, instead of just holding to it and thinking it will magically sweep or submit people. The lapel is just a different part of the Gi you are holding to make things happen. that should be the first thought in your head when it comes to playing these types of guards.

The second step in figuring lapel guards out is the entanglement. In terms of entanglement, there’s really nothing more complicated in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than the entanglements that happen during lapel guards. There are man little (and big) reasons behind the placement of the lapel behind a leg, or around it, etc., etc. The most important aspect of it all, as you might expect, is the grips. In those terms, you will have to accept that you will have to change your grips, and you can’t play lapel guards with just one grip from start to end.

This brings us to the thing that makes or breaks lapel guards – grip fighting. The grips you place on lapels are notoriously hard to break. However, you will need to pass the lapel from one arm to the other, and figure out when to switch the position of the grips until you achieve your goal of sweeping or submitting with them. And that will require the final piece of the puzzle – patience!

The TOP Pick

The Lapel Encyclopedia 9 DVD Set by Keenan Cornelius

Keenan Cornelius DVD review of The Lapel Encyclopedia BJJ InstructionalOf course, Keenan Cornelius is going to lead the line when it comes to the best Lapel Guard DVD instructional out there. This is really not just an instructional, but more like the bible when it comes to lapel guards You get 10 + DVDs (including bonus material) that will cover everything from the worm guard to the weird stuff like the Gubber guard. Simply put, probably the only resource you’ll ever need to build a perfectly solid lapel guard game.

List Of Every Lapel Guard DVD Instructional Out There

Following suite are a few more titles of lapel guard DVD instructional out there that are definitely more than worth putting time into.

1. Open Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher

Danaher Open Guard BJJ Fundamentals DVD Review Cover

Despite the fact that you might not associate Danaher immediately with the Gi, or much less lapel guards the man knows what he is talking about (as usual). His open guard series from the GI system does focus quite a lot on the various ways you can use the cloth to gain an advantage when on the bottom.

2. The Bull Sweep & Open Guard Tactics by Charles Negromonte


A simple approach to the lapel guards will benefit people that have not messed around with them a lot. A great one to start with!

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3. The Lapel Guard Blue Print by Alex Huddleston

The_Lapel_Guard_Blue_Print_by_Alex_HuddlestonA true blueprint to lapel guards, that starts with basics like grips and some old school guard and quickly graduates to full-blown lapel madness all around by the fourth volume.

4. Modern Lapel Guards Made Easy by Kauan Barboza

Modern_Lapel_Guards_Made_Easy_by_Kauan_BarbozaA different look at all the modern lapel guards from a perspective slightly different to Kennan’s but not less effective by any means!

5. Lapel Guard Killer by Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

Lapel_Guard_Killer_by_Osvaldo_Queixinho_MoizinhoThis one is the wrench in this system, focusing on teaching you how to deal with lapel guards, rather than attack them yourself. However, if you lip the info in it, you’ll end up becoming better with lapel guards than you ever thought you could!


GREG_MELITA_OUTSIDE_LAPEL_GUARD A curious lapel guard DVD, focusing on the outside lapel guard which is not one people use very often these days. Given how effective it is, this just means you’ll get a weapon not many people will know how to deal with!

In Conclusion

Lapel Guards DVD instructionals vary in terms of how effective or applicable the content in them is The above list, starting with Keenan and then continuing through all the other options is literally all it will ever take to understand how lapel guards work. From there on, you can either go deeper into exploring certain lapel guards or develop a variation of your own. Happy hunting!

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