The Best Yoga and Stretching DVD and Digital Instructionals

The Best Yoga and Stretching DVD and Digital Instructionals

Stretching is a highly divisive subject in Brazilian jiu-Jitsu. Everyone claims it is important, yet people disagree on what the best ways to use it for grappling are. There are plenty of schools of thought out there, and there are even more methods of stretching, all claiming to be the best. Moreover, while there’s no doubt that flexibility is helpful to BJJ athletes, sometimes it can do more harm than good. With our collection of the best stretching DVD instructional for material artists, you can rest assured that what you get will only help you in your goals. 

How can you become more flexible for Jiu-Jitsu? Stretch more. The answer is correct, but if it was only that easy. What most people don’t realize is that stretching is a complicated thing that involves a lot of moving parts. It is not just stretching itself, but also your own physical limitations and your build that play a huge role in how successful you’ll be with it. We have the ultimate selection of stretching DVD instructional that can help anyone achieve their flexibility goals.

The Best Stretching DVD Instructionals Collection

What you will usually hear is that Yoga is the best stretching based activity to complement BJJ. To an extent, this is true. The questions are, what kind of Yoga, and is it the right kind for you? You see, there are many different styles of Yoga out there and they employ different stretching methodologies, not all of which have direct benefits for grapplers and fighters.

Stretching is a “tricky’ business. while you can achieve greater mobility in your tendons by stretching, you have to be careful about it. Understanding the basics, like what is dynamic and what is static stretching is key in actually getting a benefit from practicing it. Moreover, unless you’re ready to give stretching time, you won’t be able to see any measurable progress. It is not something that works overnight.

Also hugely important, while stretching regularly will help you prevent lots of injuries, it can also cause catastrophic injuries of its own. As long as you take stretching as seriously as your other “homework” training (cardio and strength training), you’ll be able to actually reach your flexibility and mobility goals. The following list of stretching DVD instructional has been thoroughly researched with the aim of providing you with all the best, proven stretching methodologies for fighters that exist.

Our TOP Pick

Let’s kick things off with an instructional that is bound to allow even the stiffest among you be able to practice 10th PLanet JIu-Jitsu techniques in a few months’ time.

Yoga For Rocks by Sebastian BroscheYoga For BJJ Sebastian Brosche ANd the latest Yoga For Rocks DVD

Unless you’re able to do Jean Claude Van Damme style splits, this is the stretching DVD to start with. Yoga for Rocks will turn even the most brittle among you into flexible grapplers that are able to do stuff you’ve never thought possible. There are three discs in this DVD set, each covering different areas of the body, and the ultimate ways in which you can use Yoga stretches to improve their range of motion.

List Of Every Stretching DVD Instructional Out There

Let’s not limit ourselves to just one great instructional, though, While it may be the best one to start with, there is certainly another awesome stretching DVD instructional out there, and not all of them are based on Yoga. Read on.

  1. Strength Training and Stretching for Endurance Athletes by Eric Hinman

    Strength-Training-and-Stretching-for-Endurance-Athletes-by-Eric-HinmanHere’s a DVD that blends together strength training and stretching to provide you with maximum efficiency in minimum time! Gymnasts use such a combination all the time, and they are able to perform some impressive feats! Imagine what you’ll be able to do in grappling!

2. BJJ Stretch Coach by Josh Stockman


BJJ stretch training is a stretching DVD that is put together specifically for the needs of grapplers. Across four volumes very rich with information, you’ll become an expert on stretching for all possible muscle groups and joints.

3. Grappling With Yoga by Josh Stockman

Grappling-With-Yoga-by-Josh-StockmanJosh Stockman has a highly specific DVD regarding Yoga for grappling. A bit more on the advanced side than our top pick, if you already have a decent level of flexibility, picking this instructional up will definitely take you to the next level.

4. Yoga For Grapplers Digital Only by Nicolas Gregoriades-bjjfanatics

Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades instructional CoverYoga For Grapplers is another highly specific stretching DVD aimed at BJJ practitioners. The person demonstrating is Roger Gracie black belt Nick Greagoriades, which means he knows exactly what you need as a grappler.


Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades instructional CoverYoga for grapplers by Nick Gregoriades, this time in a digital format available on-demand.

In Conclusion

Getting a stretching DVD instructional should not be a choice you make lightly. Stick with the proven methods and DVDs to get the most bang from your buck. Moreover, picking any of the instructionals on our list guarantees you’ll see results as fast as humanly possible. Remember though, if you want to keep your flexibility, you’ll have to keep practicing it constantly!

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the-best-stretching-yoga-dvd-and-digital-instructionalsStretching is a highly divisive subject in Brazilian jiu-Jitsu. Everyone claims it is important, yet people disagree on what the best ways to use it for grappling are. There are plenty of schools of thought out there, and there are even more methods of...