A Collection Of The Best No-Gi BJJ DVD Instructionals

The Very Best No-Gi BJJ DVD Instructionals

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there are two major currents. One is true to the original roots of the art, emphasizing training in the Gi. On the other end of the spectrum is the No-Gi current, where people wouldn’t get within 10 feet of a Gi. Both have their strengths and advantages as well as merits. That said, the best BJJ practitioners are those that combine both of these disciplines. Since they’re both parts of Jiu-Jitsu one would think training in both is a given. However, there are people that choose to cross-train in other grappling martial arts, like Judo or wrestling, before looking at the opposite BJJ discipline. This causes people to turn to other sources in their quests for the complete study of BJJ. Since digital content is the modern grappler’s learning method of choice, we take a look at the best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals available.

Whenever you’re looking for a resource that is worth your while, make sure you know whose product you’re going after. Look for the people that are the best in the discipline and furthermore, in a certain aspect you’re looking at. This is a foolproof way of selecting the truly best No-Gi BJJ DVD out of the bunch. In today’s market, it is very easy to be confused, so make sure you also look at reviews to get an idea of what certain instructional holds. And, of course, do not skip class in favor of watching DVDs. Roll first, watch tape second.

Going No-Gi

The transition to No-Gi for a Gi-only practitioner can be quite a difficult one. I went through it myself as a blue belt and it took a lot of time to adjust. Which is completely normal since a lot of the moves’ mechanics change slightly but very significantly. As such you need to approach the transition ready for certain sacrifices.

To begin with, you will have nothing like the control you have with the Gi. Grips are the one area where the difference is more than noticeable. In the absence of material, wrist and elbow control is the only way to go. This, however, is far more difficult in a No-Gi setting, especially after a few minutes when sweat makes everything slippery. The same goes for head control since there are no lapels to tug on. The grip differences are crucial for every aspect of the game, from takedowns to submissions, so this needs to be the first thing you study when transitioning.

Next, when looking for the best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals, make sure you include one that focuses on positional control. The slippery environment and lack of steady grips make controlling even the most dominant position a real chore in No-Gi. People are going to easily weasel out of positions you’re accustomed to dominating. Just keep practicing and you’ll find all the nuances in time. On a positive note, your Gi game is going to improve rapidly once you figure things out in No-Gi.

The Best No-Gi BJJ DVD:

Before going out in a futile search for the ultimate DVD set that’ll resolve all your No-Gi issues, understand one very important thing. There is no one resource for learning Jiu-Jitsu, whether it is No-Gi or Gi. BJJ is made up of different areas of grappling and no one DVD or instructional offers an insight into all of them. That said, go for very specific DVDs for very specific situations.

For example, if you’re looking for an intricate No-Gi guard game, you wouldn’t look at a takedown DVD, would you? If the development of a complete game is your goal, then be prepared to acquire multiple DVD instructionals for the most important positions in grappling. Luckily for you, we’ve made a thorough selection of the very best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals for every aspect of the No-Gi game.

Z-Guard Encyclopedia by Craig Jones

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DVD Review: Craig Jones Z Guard Encyclopedia
Techniques List

Half Domination by Tom DeBlass

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Half Domination by Tom DeBlass
Techniques LIst

The Butterfly Half Guard by Tom DeBlass

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The Butterfly Half Guard DVD Review
Techniques List

Takedowns And Pressure – No-Gi Takedowns Made Easy by Rick Hawn

No-Gi Takedowns Made Easy by Rick Hawn
Techniques List

As with every BJJ match, we’re going to start on the feet. Since we already discussed that grips are very different, you’ll probably be stuck in this area. Especially if you’re used to judo throws. Well, there is an instructional that can help your stand-up conundrum. All you need is Rick Hawn’s “No-Gi Takedowns Made Easy”. It is a DVD that’s purely No-Gi but focuses on all variations of throws and takedowns available. Yes, modified Judo throws are included, so all you’ll need to learn are the grips. From the Kouchi Gari to foot sweeps and sacrifice throws, you’ll have a complete and effective throwing arsenal.

Once down, however, it is time to focus on pressure. This is a very tricky area in No-Gi JIu-Jitsu, even for the best grapplers out there. Speaking of the best, Yuri Simoes might be able to help you out with that one. His “High Efficacy No-GI Jiu-Jitsu: Top Game” DVD is a masterpiece of No-Gi instructions. The 2x ADCC Champion is going to show you how to put pressure on your opponents and pass their guard with ease. It won’t matter if they’re playing open, closed, half or inverted guard. You’ll be able to destroy even the most flexible guard player with very little effort. Oh, and there are a few submissions and wrestling takedowns sprinkled around the set. Just for good measure.

Ground ControlRussian Grappling Hacks by Rustam Chisiev

Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam Chisiev
Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam Chisiev

Jiu-Jitsu is the art of control that leads to submission. Seems simple when put like that. Regardless, when you try to control someone on the ground you’ll be in for a surprise. And if you’re only wearing a rashguard and spats you’re in for a struggle. And struggle you shell when transitioning from Gi to No-Gi BJJ, at least until you watch Rustam Chisiev. His “Russian Grappling Hacks” material is just that – hacks for fast progress in No-Gi BJJ. We all know how relentless Russian grapplers can be, just look at Khabib Nurmagomedov. Out of our collection of best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructionals, this one is a definitive must. YOur obligatory No-Gi takedown techniques are there, but the real value is in the control and submission volumes. What you’ll learn is how to control your opponent both standing and on the ground.

A great addition to Chsiev’s material is that of Hudson Taylor. The wrestling champion shares awesome concepts of control in his “Wrestling for BJJ” blueprint. Heavy pressure and tight control from every position imaginable are what you get. Moreover, you’ll get to learn defensive aspects of the No-Gi game that’ll get you out of “sticky” situations.

Bottom Game – The Ground Marshal Guard by Neil Melanson

The Ground Marshal Guard by Neil Melanson
The Ground Marshal Guard by Neil Melanson

The best No-Gi BJJ DVD in the bottom guard game compartment is a no-brainer. With Neil Melanson’s “Ground Marshall Guard” you get nothing but the best. A very cool rubber guard-like position with no flexibility requirements, his system is a deep and very detailed one. Melanson’s style of explanation is very thorough, allowing whoever watches his material to learn every possible variation of a certain move.

Melanson system starts with body positioning basics, before going deeper into control concepts from the bottom. The beauty of this instructional is that it doesn’t just show submissions, it teaches you how to bait your opponent into getting in them by himself. It is the simplicity of the system that makes it so effective and one of the best resources of all times for No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Submission – Down Under Leg Attacks by Craig Jones

Down Under Leg Attacks by Craig Jones DVD
Down Under Leg Attacks by Craig Jones

The cherry on the top. Although you might be tempted to jump straight into heel hooks now that you’re going No-Gi, take it easy. We’ll get to leg locks, but first, go for the proven moves that you’re already somewhat familiar with. In NO-Gi, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better percentage submission than the Guillotine. Now imagine a whole system of control devised around this staple BJJ submission. That’s exactly what Josh Hinger delivers in his “Hingertine” series. He has every right to name the move seeing as how deep he goes in the world of front headlock chokes. Mechanical details, more than two dozen setups, opponents’ reactions, and counters are all discussed thoroughly. You’ll become a choking machine in no time!

That said, why would you ignore 50% of the human body? Craig Jones certainly doesn’t, so his ‘Down Under Leg Attacks Series” is an essential element of the best No-Gi BJJ DVD instructional stack. The heel hook is the centerpiece, but, it is not really what you’re after. Yes, you’ll get useful details but Craig’s forte is entering dominant leg locking positions. All his unique entries, along with tips to control even the greatest spazz are going to turn you into a formidable leg locker yourself!

High Efficiency No GI Top Game by Yuri Simoes

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Yuri Simoes DVD High Efficiency No Gi Top Game
Techniques List

Enter the System: Front Headlocks by John Danaher

Best No-Gi BJJ DVD Danaher front headlocks

This one works just as well in both Gi and No-Gi, but we all know it is tailor-made for No-Gi. Danaher is the ultimate No-Gi BJJ coach in the world. Now, he also has the ultimate Best No-Gi BJJ DVD contender. There’s nothing like being able to control an opponent from the top. Even better, controlling and submitting an opponent who is really defensive, like in the turtle position for example. This is a major issue, especially in No-Gi.

Well, thanks to Danaher, you have the solution. But it is not just for the turtle position. The “Front headlocks: Enter the System” DVD by John Danaher is the only guide you’ll ever need to anything front headlocks related. Guillotines, D’arce chokes, innovative anaconda choke concepts… Everything you ever associated with the front headlock is in there. In fact, all you know about the front headlock is probably only in one volume of this DVD instructional. And there are 8 of them. Over 10 hours of pure Danaher brilliance on how to choke and control people hile bein in top position and completely safe. What more could you ask for when grappling without a Gi?

Staying Safe – Worry Free Escapes by Dean Lister

Worry Free Escapes by Dean Lister
Worry Free Escapes by Dean Lister

Before you binge out on every title in our collection, take one more aspect of BJJ into account. Once you start messing around in No-Gi, regardless of your level, you’re going to tap more often. It is just the way things are. So do not skip the defensive side of Jiu-Jitsu and let Dean Lister help you with his “Worry Free Escapes”. Fear submission no longer, especially the leg attacks that are predominant in No-Gi. Just follow Lister’s easy step-by-step instructions and you can stay safe and impose your own game.Best No-Gi BJJ DVD

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