The Best MMA DVD and Digital Courses

The Best MMA DVD and Digital Courses
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Learning martial arts from books is nearly impossible. Learning from video material, though, is a very different thing. Once again, it was BJJ that demonstrated you can learn a lot from DVD instructional and digital content. While learning from videos is s staple in Jiu-Jitsu these days, you could also learn a lot about MMA from digital content as well. While it will not make you an MMA fighter without actual training, watching the best MMA DVD and Digital instructional will certainly open up new horizons for you, especially if you include your coaches in what you’re watching. 

Mixed martial arts is the most difficult sport out there without a doubt, especially if you’re looking to be a professional fighter. There’s nothing like training in a gym, with sparring partners, and this is true for every martial art, even Aikido. However, if you’re training MMA there’s no way around sparring constantly in all the different areas of the sports. Then, you also have to think about tactics, specific game plans for every fight, your own style of fighting, etc. In all of these areas, you can find a lot of answers, or even better, questions to ask of your coaches in MMA instructionals. And, while every DVD can teach you something, having the best MMA instructionals at your disposal is what can turn out to be a game-changer!

The Best MMA DVD Instructionals Collection

It is not easy to figure out what the best MMA DVDs are, given that there are so many moving parts to the sport. And that is before we even consider the individual factors. Nonetheless, certain DVDs have been proven to help anyone that gives them a watch, whether it is by solving puzzles, or opening up new ones to solve.

However, it would be presumptuous to just focus on several MMA DVDs thinking they’ll universally work for everyone. That is why we di a TOP 5 list of the very Best MMA DVDs that you can get in digital format. But we did not stop there. Below you’ll also find every MMA DVD that is worth your time and effort in the most comprehensive list of MMA instructionals put together to this day. Enjoy!


1. Combat Sports Ground and Pound by Mick Hall

Combat Sports Ground and Pound by Mick Hall Best MMA DVD

One of the most brutal ways to dominate an  MMA fight, and oftentimes finish it, is by ground and pound. Learn all the intricate ways of dealing with punishment from different top positions, like the mount, crucifix, from inside the closed guard, and lots more. This DVD instructional will have you ready to finish any fight that goes to the ground with you on top.

2. The Fundamentals of MMA by Greg JacksonThe Fundamentals of MMA by Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson is one of the top names if not the best ever MMA coaches of all time. While not everyone around the world has the luxury of training at his gym, using his DVD instructional is just a few clicks away! In this two-part DVD, Greg breaks down the key concepts of building up an MMA game plan, covering stuff like 3/4 surrounding, post, and rift, the Gemini twin concept, etc. Make a note of his “Mongolian attacks” concept, as it is something that will really change your game, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a surging amateur.

3. BJJ For MMA: Cage Wall by Devin PowellBJJ For MMA: Cage Wall by Devin Powell

There’s no way around using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in MMA. That said, you’ll need to know some aspects of BJJ that are highly specific to MMA more than anything else. Using the cage and wall to your advantage is not something usually covered in BJJ classes,s but it is essential for MMA fighters.

This four-part MMA DVD instructional will teach you how to use the cage both offensively and defensively when grappling in an MMA setting. moreover, it will uncover key submission chains that become available when the wall surface enters the frame.

4. Attacks, Counter and Feints for MMA by Randy SteinkeAttacks, Counter and Feints for MMA by Randy Steinke

Tactics. If there is one thing that can change the outcome of any MMA fight it is tactics. To that account, being tricky and unpredictable means nobody can really prepare for your style of fighting. Developing a solid counterattacking system, one that involves faints and blends in attacks is one of the best baseline concepts for building an MMA game.

This is a four-part striking DVD that will help you understand MAM footwork, using the cage to your advantage, attacking, countering, feinting, and using sneaky “backdoor” attacks to surprise opponents. Truly, one of the very DVDs out there!

5.Mastering The Clinch by Rafael CordeiroMastering The Clinch by Rafael Cordeiro

Another huge aspect of MMA is controlling the clinch. Rafael Cordeiro is one of the most accomplished MMA coaches in the history of the sport. In this 3-part instructional, he offers step-by-step stigmatization of clinching for MMA, from basics to advanced. Everything from closing the distance to control and disengaging is covered in this instructional. A real must-have for any MMA fighter.

List Of Every MMA DVD Instructional Out There

It is not that the following MAM DVDs are worse off than the 5 above, it is just that they are more specific and as such, might appeal to certain people more than to others. That’ is perfectly ok, as, once again, MMA is highly individual. Check out the full list of all MMA instructional available for you:

  1. Working The Cage And Walls In MMA by Benson Henderson

    Working The Cage And Walls In MMA by Benson HendersonWorking the cage is crucial for MMA, and this is the DVD to teach you how to gain every advantage, both standing and on the ground. Delivering the information is Benson Henderson, which is in its won a great reason not pick this DVD up.

  2. Crash Course: Striking For MMA by Kyle Bochniak

    Crash Course: Striking For MMA by Kyle BochniakA crash course in striking for MMA won’t make you a world-class striker, but it will teach you the ins and outs of the standup aspects of the sport. And get you battle ready, of course.

  3. Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin

    Striking For MMA by Daniel WoirinLearn striking for MMA from the coach that taught Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, and Dan Henderson.

  4. Striking For MMA by Cyrille Diabate

    Striking For MMA by Cyrille DiabateAnother 4-part instructional, dedicated to the striking aspects of MMA. A bit more on the advanced side, with lots of interesting striking combinations.

  5. The MMA Muay Thai Manual by Cheick Kongo

    The MMA Muay Thai Manual by Cheick KongoCheick Kongo. That should be enough for everyone to go out and get this DVD. Even more, some, when it is a fully detailed Muay Thai For MMA DVD by the UFC veteran.

  6. Tinguinha’s Open Guard for Beginners DVD – BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA

    Tinguinha's Open Guard for Beginners DVD - BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMAThe closed guard will get you only so far in MMA. Enter the open guard, but none other than Tinguinha, one of the masters of the position. Use this DVD to nullify most people’s passing and ground and pound attempts.

  7. Six Gun Striking by Brandon Gibson

    Six Gun Striking by Brandon GibsonA kickboxing-based striking instructional for MMA fighters that has three volumes of highly interesting combinations and concepts.

  8. Explosive Striking by Thiago Alves

    Explosive Striking by Thiago AlvesIF you’ve seen Thiago Alves fight, you know that anything he does happens at the speed of light. This MMA DVD will not only help you with your striking technique but also with power, speed, and precision.

  9. The Comprehensive Strikers Guide by Anderson Silva

    The Comprehensive Strikers Guide by Anderson SilvaWhile you might not end up moving and striking like Anderson Silva after watching this DVD, you’ll certainly have a much deeper understanding of the art of striking inside the cage.

  10. Complete Cage Control by James Krause

    Complete Cage Control by James KrauseWrestling secrets for MMA to help you control everyone and get them to the ground at will while suffering no damage yourself.

  11. Modern MMA Striking Mastery by Carlos Condit

    Modern MMA Striking Mastery by Carlos ConditAnother name everyone in MMA knows is Carlos Condit. You probably also know that he is one of the best strikers to ever fight in the UFC. In this DVD, he will help you master MMA striking through 3 information-filled volumes.

Closing Thoughts

Now that everything is neatly organized for you, it is as simple as taking your pick! whether you go for one of the top 5 (or better yet, all of them) or choose a more specialized title is up to you. Whatever the case might be, you have the ultimate MMA DVD list right here! Make sure you check back as it will constantly be updated with new releases as well!

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