New Bernardo Faria DVD Review – Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Bernardo Faria DVD Foundations Of BJJ

Bernardo Faria, is without a doubt, a DVD making-machine. Despite being one of the most successful competitors of modern times, the heavyweight is a world-class coach as well. Bernado is a multiple-time world champion, known for his versatile and well-rounded game. The latest Bernardo Faria DVD is hot out of the oven, bearing the title of “Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”. This release is intended for students of every level and focuses on mastering the true building blocks of the Gentle Art.

A Bernardo Faria DVD is always a joy to watch. He has so many successful releases in the past couple of years that even buying a Bernardo Faria DVD is a source of pleasure for grapplers worldwide. While we’re used to Bernardo focusing on his favorite competition-proven moves, this time it’s time for something different. In his “Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” Faria encompasses a much broader subject. As a result, this set consists of 6 DVDs, full of high-level information by one of the world’s best. It is a set that anyone should have, regardless of how good you think you are at the basics. Because let’s face it, everyone has something “basic” to learn or re-learn.

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Bernardo Faria – Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 
Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Bernardo Faria – Techniques List and Free Videos

Bernardo Faria DVD Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Techniques List

it is painfully simple. Click the link. Click the BUY button.. Get better at Brazilian Jiu-JItsu. IF you do not own a Bernardo Faria DVD, this one is a great place to start. If you already know how good his instructionals are, then get a move on and add his latest release to your collection. And, if you do not what to expect from a Bernardo Faria DVD, just read on. We’re going to cover every volume in detail so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

The Bernardo Faria DVD Collection

Bernardo Faria is an amazing character, to say the least. He is a top-class black belt and one of the fiercest competitors in the game. His competition skills are only matched by his coaching skills. Bernardo is a true professor of the art, and one always tending to a larger audience. Through his digital releases, Bernardo reaches thousands of grapplers in all corners of the world.

So far Faria has multiple digital releases out, all of which are worth having. The level of instruction you get from him is unbelievable, Furthermore, he is a complete grappler, capable of demonstrating different aspects of BJJ at a very high level. IF you want to get better at pressure passing than Bernardo is your man. There area few top-level grapplers out there that can claim the title of the world’s best pressure passer better than Faria. IF you want to improve your half guard, especially the deep half, then there’s nobody better than Faria. These are just some of Bernardo’s favorite BJJ moves that helped him become a World Champion.

There’s a whole Bernardo Faria DVD collection available for you to acquire. His material ranges from the closed guard to finishing with high-level Omoplatas. He is also highly accomplished as a No-Gi grappler, with a top release on fighting from the bottom half guard. To round off his amazing skills, Bernardo also has a DVD set focusing entirely on escaping bad positions. His instructionals guarantee that you’ll get better at BJJ and that you’ll be wanting more of them. Luckily, he is very dedicated to releasing new content on a regular basis, so you won’t have to wait too long for the next Bernardo Faria DVD instructional.

Bernardo Faria: “Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” Detailed Review

So, what does Faria offer in his latest digital release? Why is it longer than his previous DVD sets? Is he as good at explaining broader concepts as he is at demonstrating his favorite moves? What about the technical quality of the release? Let’s get to these questions one by one.

First, the latest Bernardo Faria DVD is all about the very foundations of BJJ. He tackles subjects from fighting on the feet, through intricate guard strategies all the way to slick back takes and brutal submissions. Further on, the reason this release is spread across 6 DVDs is the subject it addresses. Faria divides the content into standing, guard work, passing, transitions, submissions, and escapes. He addresses each of these subjects in-depth, with every DVD featuring over 15 chapters on average.

To wonder if an accomplished, 5xWorld champion black belt is good at the fundamentals of BJJ is actually a legit question. Very often top competitors like Faria tend to focus on certain moves only, as they should. Moreover, sometimes competitors do not turn out to be the best teachers. Well, if there was ever an exception, it’s Bernardo Faria. He is as good (if not better) instructor as he is a competitor. His knowledge of the art is undisputed as he’ll prove in his latest DVD set. Finally, this set is with perfect sound and picture quality, so rest assured you won’t regret acquiring it.

DVD 1 – Fighting From The Feet

Bernardo Faria is a very dangerous opponent when on the feet. He is very dangerous from the feet, both at pulling guard and going for takedowns alike. In the first volume of the latest Bernardo Faria DVD, the focus is entirely on takedowns that work.

Since the guard and half guard are some of Bernardo’s favorite positions, he starts things off with guard pulls. Both getting to the closed guard and the open guard are included. A crucial concept in BJJ is posture, something which Faria explains in detail.

After the guard pulls, Faria gets straight into the meat and potatoes of BJJ takedowns. He really explains the double leg takedown, closely followed by single-leg setups. Faria rally goes into detail when talking about grip fighting. He offers some groundbreaking concepts that’ll ensure you get the grips before your opponent. The second part of the DVD is all about Judo throws. My personal favorite is the Morote Seoi, something I like doing regularly. I got such precise details from Faria that I can’t wait for the next time I compete.

DVD 2 – The Guard

The second volume of this Bernardo Faria DVD is about fighting off your back. It starts at the first step of BJJ – the closed guard. Bernardo outlines his own approach to the closed guard, demonstrating some basic sweeps along the way. If you do not know the scissor and pendulum sweeps than this DVD is going to help you fill in these gaps.

As the DVD progresses, Faria turns his attention to some submission options. He has such a cool setup for the Kimura that you’ll be raring to give it a try. And the inverted armbar is going to change your life, literally Its the one fast and easy submission from the closed guard that you always wanted to have in your arsenal.

OPen guars start with the spider guard, covering everything from basic sweeps to nasty triangle chokes. As the DVD nears its end it’s time for more sweeps, this time-based in the tripod position.

DVD 3 – Open Guard And Passing

The third and fourth volumes are transitional ones. They feature half of one subject and half of another. That said, this is a truly masterful move by Faria, as it allows you to connect things into a working system.

Since the last disc featured open guards, this volume picks up with more open guard techniques. The De La Riva and Lasso guards feature heavily, along with Faria’s unmistakable knee shield. There are multiple sweeping options available, are fairly easy to understand. A very interesting and easy transition from half guard to closed guard via a hook complete’s the guard’s portion.

The second part of this volume is also the first part of the passing system. As with standing, it all starts with posture concepts. From there, Faria shares tips on opening the closed guard before moving on to more complex passes. The Torreando modification he demonstrates made me like a guard pass I never really used before.

DVD 4 – Passing And Top Position Transitions

As with the previous volume, this is a disc that features two subjects. Continuing on the previous thread, it’s time for some Faria signature moves. this Bernardo Faria DVD starts with his pressure passing concepts and how to use them against various guards. Some of the guards covered include spider guard, half guard, Foot-on-hip guard, etc.

As the Material unfolds, Faria shifts towards moving in between top positions. Getting to side control and mount with a knee slice or backstep is covered in high detail. Also featured are some submission options from top positions, like Kimura and armbar attacks from the North-South. There are also essential principles on acquiring and maintaining the knee on belly position for optimal pressure. A nearside armbar wraps up another amazing volume of this instructional.

DVD 5 – Submission Galore

This is the volume that all you submission hunters out there are going to love in particular! Just as before, Faria picks up from knee on belly, this time focusing on the far arm. A few top choking options follow closely, before switching to mount attacks.

The mount is where a good portion of this volume takes place. It starts with a basic armbar, a very tight Americana setup, and a basic collar choke. after getting the basics out of the way Faria shows a fantastic double attack that’s essentially undefendable. This is the final mount attack before flipping your opponent so that you get to the back.

A few back taking options offer variety when taking the back before finishes enter the spotlight. Farai connects the rear-naked choke and collar choke to perfection. he also offers a great modification on the collar choke. The bow and arrow choke is the cherry on top.

DVD 6 – Escaping

Wrapping another impressive Bernardo Faria DVD up are positional and submission escapes. From basic mount escapes via the UPA to side control escapes directly into a single leg. What you’ll notice is that Faria doesn’t only look to escapes. he ties every escape to either a transition to a dominant position or a submission attempt. This is the mark of a true world-class BJJ black belt.

The side control reversal concept is only second to the amazing North-South elbow escape Faria shows. A crucial knee on belly setup follows suite, along with a few more positional escapes. The final portion of the volume focuses on submission escapes that are easy and work flawlessly. Counters to all common submission like armbars and triangles are all there. So are some key rolling escapes that’ll surprise even the most experienced opponents you face.

Get Faria’s Instructional TODAY ON SALE:
Bernardo Faria – Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 
Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Bernardo Faria – Techniques List and Free Videos

Bernardo Faria DVD Foundations Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Techniques List

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bernardo-faria-dvd-review-foundationsBernardo Faria, is without a doubt, a DVD making-machine. Despite being one of the most successful competitors of modern times, the heavyweight is a world-class coach as well. Bernado is a multiple-time world champion, known for his versatile and well-rounded game. The latest Bernardo...