REVIEW: Omoplata Everyone – Bernardo Faria

REVIEW: Omoplata Everyone - Bernardo Faria

Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria might be the best Omoplata DVDs I’ve watched till now. The reason is simple. It’s made for beginners, advanced students, and people in between. It’s an easy instructional to upgrade your Omoplata game on any level you are at the moment.

If you decide to purchase Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria you’ll have three options.

I purchased the Combo as I like having DVDs in my collection and they’re easy to bring to the gym for drill but the Digital, OnDemand version can also do the trick.

Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria
Bernardo Faria Omoplata everyone

About me and my experience with Omoplata

I’m a Jiu-Jitsu brown belt with more than 10 years of experience in BJJ. I’m not a professional writer, so forgive me for the mistakes I’ll make while writing this review on Omoplata Everyone. I’ve been asked to make an honest review and I’ll try my best to demonstrate your values of these DVDs. And I’ll try to show you what you get for your money and how it is actually good.

I’m in the Omoplata game for more than 2 years and I like it a lot. After numerous techniques and concepts, I tried throughout my Jiu-Jitsu career, I find Omoplata the most interesting concept of all. I believe that anyone who is in Jiu-Jitsu will be interested in Omoplata at some point in their career.

If someone tells me that till the end of my Jiu-Jitsu career, I could do only one submission or position it would be Omoplata. Why? Because when you catch someone in Omoplata you’re able to hold him there, submit him, and sweep him without any problems with your opponent’s weight as you’re controlling his arm and shoulder and you’re not dependant on your or your opponent’s weight.

Omoplata Everyone – Bernardo Faria Review

From the intro of the first DVD, you’ll figure out how this instruction will be presented. First techniques in instructions like this are usually techniques that you know for sure if you’re even a bit into the technique you’re interested in. But that’s not the case here. Even the first technique is awesome, so simple and so effective. It’s probably the easiest way to get Omoplata and surprise your opponent and you weren’t thinking about it before.

After that Bernardo Faria is simply building an Omoplata game. He’s building and upgrading Omoplata gameplay with a simple language that anyone can understand.

If you’re an Omoplata beginner after watching the first few techniques you’ll start submitting people with it. I assure you that because there are a few details that I personally haven’t seen anywhere before. Even if I did they weren’t explained that well. That’s what I like here. You’ll understand how and why only a few grips can change the Omoplata game completely and you’ll be able to submit people with it in a way you couldn’t before.

After watching the first DVD and drilling techniques with a friend I came to the gym and my Omoplatawas completely different and I’m into Omoplata for more than 2 years. The problem with other DVDs about Omoplata I’ve watched is that most of them repeat stuff that you can find on YouTube. And it’s not the case here.

Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria
Bernardo Faria Omoplata everyone

The Counters in Bernardo Faria – Omoplata Everyone is something special. No matter how hard I tried before to find the counters that actually work I never managed to find this effective one in one place. And counters are something that you definitely need in Jiu-Jitsu. From the beginning of Omoplata Everyone instructional you’ll be learning counters and recounters and recounters on every situation you can find yourself in.

Yes, you can Omoplata Everyone

If you were watching Bernardo Faria’s video where he submits everyone on his seminar using Omoplata, after watching Omoplata Everyone instructional you will understand how possible and relatively easy that is. You’ll be able to easily get Omoplata from various positions like Closed guard, Half Guard, Turtle, side control, mount… From all kinds of guards like the Lasso, De La Riva… And in the worst case, when you can’t get a submission, and it’s really hard if you master this instructional, Bernardo Fario will show you various ways on how to get the sweeps and points.

My Gym Experience after Watching and Drilling Omoplata Everyone Techniques

I came to the gym and told the guys I had problems with before and told them to try to escape. I can’t express enough how different my Omoplata control and submitting were. I didn’t have problems with people standing with my legs around their arms. No more problems with jumping over me getting to my side and escaping in various ways and no more problems with finishing Omoplata.

I especially like the part on how to handle super flexible and super strong guys and I’m not that big at all. They suddenly lost all of their “powers” against you. You’ll learn to deal with all kinds of people you’ll face. As simple as that. As I said I can’t express enough how different I felt and how effective I was using Bernardo Faria Omoplata Everyone Instructional.

To be honest, I still didn’t drill and try everything. I’m on like 60%, but even this is enough to be superior to anyone in the Omoplata game who hasn’t watch this instructional. I can’t wait to drill and try everything from it as it contains so much of it.

Conclusion on Omoplata Everyone Instructional by Bernardo Faria

I could write about Bernardo Faria Omoplata Everyone instructional for like 2 days as I really find it the best on the market today. The fact is that Bernardo Faria covers everything you need when you’re into the Omoplata game.

If you’re someone who appreciates details and building Omoplata from 0 to 100 you will like this instructional. This is more than just a technical breakdown, this is instructional that will allow you a deeper understanding of Omoplata and it’s very easy to build your own game with it as these videos will drastically improve your Omoplata gameplay.

TO sum it up Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria is the best Omoplata instructional you can get on the market today and it’s very well worth your money.

Felipe Ponce
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt

Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria
Bernardo Faria Omoplata everyone

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review-omoplata-everyone-bernardo-fariaOmoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria might be the best Omoplata DVDs I've watched till now. The reason is simple. It's made for beginners, advanced students, and people in between. It's an easy instructional to upgrade your Omoplata game on any level you are at...