Marco Barbosa DVD Review: “The Pressure Pasing Manual”

Marco Barbosa DVD Pressure Passing Manual
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You’re in your guard, trying to use what you think you know against a black belt. As a white belt with now almost six months of experience you even dare to think you can do something from there. Suddenly, like magic, your guard is gone. Although it seems the instructor hasn’t shifted at all, your guard just gives way. And then you feel it. Pressure. Pressure like you’ve never felt before. Since this is completely new, you tap. Then, you learn that tapping to pressure is rare and often even ridiculed. Well, unless that pressure is truly jaw busting. And if you want to learn how to do that, the good news is that you do not need to wait until you’re a black belt. all you need is a Marco Barbosa DVD instructional. Or, in particular, the “Pressure Passing manual” DVD. 

Pressure passing is one of the more brutal traits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Well, at least if you’re on the receiving end. While everyone would like to add pressure passing to their game, not all succeed in doing so. The reason is that pressure passing is a conceptual effort and is highly individual. that means you need a world-class coach to guide you through every pass of learning. Hardly anyone can beat Marco Barbosa in this sense. Since there’s no way everyone can learn from Marco directly, this Marco Barbosa DVD is the best way of getting Marco to you. Why is he the man you want to learn this from? Two main reasons: he is a featherweight and he has tapped high-level black belts with pressure only.

Marco Barbosa – The Pressure Passing Manual (DVD/DIGITAL)

Marco Barbosa DVD Pressure Passing Manual
Techniques List


Marco “Barbosinha” Barbosa is a legendary black belt, coming from the Rickson Gracie lineage. He got his black belt from Roberto Godi just before the turn of the century. He is also a very accomplished Judo black belt, which is how he discovered BJ jin the first place. Now 53, Barbosa is one of the original pioneers of the pressure BJJ generation.

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Barbosa was into martial arts from a very young age. As a 13-year-old boy, he took up Judo and quickly excelled at it. Actually, Barbosa knew he was going to be a professional grappler as early as 18. it was then that he set on a very clear path of grappling greatness. There was a period of time when Marco, coming from a poor family, spend literally all of his time training. He was in the gym from morning to night, giving his all to Judo. Along the way, he discovered BJJ and decided to widen his arsenal.

Starting under Waldomiro Perez, Barbosa got his purple belt in a short 4 months! The impressive Judoka now started transforming into a well-rounded world-class grappler. Barbosa won the Brazilian nationals at brown and black belt level, along with many other accolades, including three bronze medals from World Championships. Now, he is in charge of Barbosa MMA in Brazil, one of the most successful gyms in the country. The pinnacle, so far, seems to be this brand new Marco Barbosa DVD outlining one of his favorite moves – pressure from top positions.

Pressure, Passing, And Strategy

Pressure passing is one of those skills everyone pursues. The thing with pressure passing is that it has pre-requisites that you can’t skip past. The thing with pressure passing is it isn’t a set of techniques. it actually is a concept that builds on two main foundations. The first is your knowledge of actual guard passing techniques. the second your understanding of weight distribution for Jiu-Jitsu and your ability to use it.

The good news is that the Pressure Passing Manual Marco Barbosa DVD is just that – a manual. Marco is going to give you his life experience as a Judo and Jiu-Jitsu black belt in order to teach you how to stay heavy at all times. All you need is a basic understanding of the fundamentals of guard passion for BJJ. The thing with pressure passing is that you need to find a way past your opponent’s legs while staying really heavy on them. Since the legs are really mobile and often very flexible, passing in any way is extremely difficult, let alone with pressure. Lucky for you, Barbosa has the ultimate hack – a way to position your self so that every pass turns into a pressure pass.

Pressure passing is a great way to ensure you break the opponent’s will along with the pass. It is also a way to make sure they give further positions and/or submissions away. As humans, we have a huge aversion to being pressured into tight and uncomfortable positions. We also do not like other people being on top of us. Brabosas’ style prays on these fundamental traits of the human begin, submitting the opponent’s with sheer pressure.

“The Pressure Passing Manual” Marco Barbosa DVD

This Marco Barbosa DVD is a very rare specimen, even among the ever-growing BJJ DVD collection available today. This DVD contains “only” two volumes. Each of them is about 60 minutes long. That means you get two hours of information on how to become the ultimate pressure passer from hell. And on top of everything, you get it all with crispy clean sound and perfect camera work. Not to mention Barbosa himself, and his decades of teaching experience.

Part 1

IT all starts with some philosophy. If you’ve ever been around grapplers like Barbosa, you know their understanding of Jiu-Jitsu runs really deep. So, whenever they open up on the philosophies of their style you need to listen very carefully. With Barbosa, it all starts with his take on guard passing. he shares his philosophy and the most important pointers for anyone looking to become a pressure passer.

Immediately after, Barbo’s transitions into some key drills for guard passing. Do not be surprised at the names of some of his moves. While they’re all based in basic guard passing motions, Barbosa likes to precisely name most of the moves he uses. So you’ll learn about the Helix, the parachutist, the chair drill along with many others.  There’s something that’s also really important here – guard pass stabilization. This is where most people (me included) go wrong with pressure passing. Well, not anymore. All key concepts about stabilizing the opponent’s hips are here -all you need to do is listen and then give them a try.

Finally, this volume also contains information on mount retention and some key attacks. there are also paths that tie together passes and the mount position. Of course, some side control tips are also a part of this incredible DD instructional.

Part 2

Marco Barbosa DVD Pressure Passing Manual Part 2 of the “Pressure Passing Manual” Marco Barbosa DVD starts with a subject many advanced students will find useful – passing flexible guards. With today’s modern BJJ guard game focusing a lot on flexibility, some people’s guards are literally impossible to pass. Barbo’s share’s his take on modern guard position as well as his strategies that help him overcome them.

Another crucial BJJ concept that you’ll learn here is head control. Forget all you think you know about controlling the head or using the cross face. This DVD is going to teach you the correct way to use head control in order to make yourself heavier.

Barbos also touches on a subject he also excels at – breaking down the turtle. He offers a few methods of placing extreme pressure on turtled opponents along with a few back taking routes. The cherry on the cake is his crazy effective and extremely easy lapel choke finish.

Marco Barbosa – The Pressure Passing Manual (DVD/DIGITAL)

Marco Barbosa DVD Pressure Passing Manual
Techniques List
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You're in your guard, trying to use what you think you know against a black belt. As a white belt with now almost six months of experience you even dare to think you can do something from there. Suddenly, like magic, your guard is...marco-barbosa-dvd-review