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What is one of the simplest moves to do in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? I guess not many people will answer with “the Berimbolo”. Well, the truth is, the Berimbolo is actually one of the simplest things to do, once you understand the mechanics that make it so powerful. The following collection of the best Berimbolo DVD isnrtuctionals is precisely what will help you achieve just that – look at the Berimbolo as a simple move, instead of a complicated thing only a handful of grapplers can pull off. 

Learning Berimbolos is going to be two things – fun and frustrating. You will enjoy the process, but not the time it takes to master one of the most attractive moves in the sport of BJJ. That said, you can shorten the time it takes to figure things out if you understand everything properly from the very beginning. The following Berimbolo DVD instructionals will help, but you will have to put your reps in, and not just in rolling.

The Best Berimbolo DVD Instructionals Collection

What do you look for in a Berimbolo DVD? Well, there are several things a good one should contain, and drills are at the top of that list. If a Berimbolo DVD does not contain a movement portion without partners and fancy lapel grips, then it is not worth your time. Every instructor that really want s to teach you how to do the Berimbolo will focus a lot on movement without a partner before throwing you in the fire.

Following closely behind drills are grips. And yes, I do consider grips to be much more important than hooks during a Berimbolo. Why? Well, it is the grips that both allow for attachment and motion at the same time. That would simply mean that if you have solid inversion and Berimbolo solo drills, and you introduce grips into the mix, you are already more than halfway to finishing a Berimbolo on anyone.

The final part of the puzzle is not rushing. People in Berimbolo DVDs show lots of stuff that might work for them, but in most cases, even they will not use it against the highest levels of grapplers. Why would you want to learn something like that? This does make the selection of Berimbolo DVD  instructionals we have here quite small, but it contains nothing but information on the subject by some of the most famous bolo players ever.

The TOP Pick

There has to be one Berimbolo DVD that stands out from all the rest. How did we choose it? It contains the most information on the subject, it is organized in a way that is easy to follow, and it features the best players in the world!

The Berimbolo and Beyond by The Miyao Brothers

miyao_brothers_berimboloThe Miyao brothers are very unique creatures – all they care about is Brazilian JIu-Jitsu. The one thing they are extremely good at, though is Berimbolos. In fact, they are probably the best ever to build a game around this grappling move. This instructional covers literally everything you will ever need to understand how to do the Berimbolo if you are a beginner and everything you need to make it world-class if you are a more advanced grappler.

List Of Every Berimbolo DVD Instructional Out There

Following closely behind the Miyao brothers Berimbolo DVD instructional are several other ones that are more than worth exploring.

1. The Berimbolo System by Mikey Musumeci

Mikey MusumeciThe Berimbolo System Cover Instructional ReviewMikey Musumeci is arguably at the same level as the Miyaos in terms of his bolo game. He is one of the stereotypical small-framed Gi grapplers that like to spin around like fidget spinners and then they’re on your back choking you out. That is precisely what you will learn in this instructional.

2. The Berimbolo System Part 2 by Mikey Musumeci

mikey_,musumeci_berimbolo_system_part2In fact, Mikey’s system is so vast and in-depth that he needs several more volumes on top of his original four-part release to go through each aspect related to it.

3. The Original Berimbolo by Samuel Braga

samuel_braga_berimboloThis one explores the roots of the Berimbolo, looking into the original versions of the move, and how you can use them to improve the modern uses of the Bolo.

4. Viking Guards by Tommy Langaker and Espen Mathiesen


Something different. that is what this Berimbolo DVD brings to the table. the Viking guards are a bunch of interesting innovative positions that have to do with lapels, inversion, and of course, lots of Berimbolos. Definitely worth exploring, especially if you are already a seasoned Bolo player.



Another big title by one of the best in the business- Gianni Grippo. This man has Berimoboloed pretty much anyone of note in the Gi competition world, and now shares all his competition setups and finishes in terms of the Berimbolo.

In Conclusion

This collection of Berimbolo DVD instructionals will pretty much prove to everyone that you can not just learn the Berimbolo off of DVDs, but also master it. AS long as you keep up with the proven formula of doing solo drills first, introducing grips, and finally trying to figure out what the hooks go where they go, you’ll spin towards everyone’s back or set up some of the most attractive leg locks ever.

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