The Best Strength & Conditioning DVD and Digital Instructionals

The best strength and conditioning dvd and digital instructionals

Techniques beat strength is something you’ll hear or read in just about any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy around the world. Let me tell you how to counter this statement with a very purposeful and sneaky question – what if the other person has a better technique? As with all other sports, getting your body in the optimal shape for Jiu-Jitsu is a no-brainer, really. Talent and technique can only get you so far if you’re not doing any strength & conditioning to support it. For that purpose, we’ve compiled an incredible list of every strength & conditioning DVD that can help you become a faster, stronger, better grappler. 

Strength really will make a difference in your Jiu-Jitsu. Strength & conditioning training is not only intended for competitors and professional athletes. There’s a lot more to it than just lifting weights or running for hours. As an expert in that field, I’d argue that it is just as complex and impossible huge a subject as BJJ is. In other words, much like you can’t ever hope to learn everything there is about BJJ, you won’t be able to do so with strength and conditioning. In order for you to focus on grappling, we went out and picked everything you’ll ever need to know about creating the perfect grappler’s body. It is all below in the list of the best strength & conditioning DVD instructional for grapplers.

The Best Strength & Conditioning DVD Instructionals Collection

The subject of strength & conditioning is a huge one, involving many fields of science, from anatomy and physiology to physics. It would be presumptuous to think you can ever master everything there is on the subject. You could, however, aim to learn with surgical precision, only those integral aspects of strength hand conditioning for combat sports that will help you achieve a goal of your own within the sport.

As previously stated, strength and conditioning training is not just something professional athletes need to consider. This is particularly true for grappling. Whether you are a pro competitor, amateur competitor, training recreationally, or for self-defense, you will need to ensure your body can take the strain of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That is true for both the technical training portion and the sparring and competing ones.

Jiu-Jitsu is a very demanding sport, and it requires plenty of different physical attributes. Those include strength, cardio, stamina, power, flexibility, and mobility, to name just the most important ones. While each and every one of us possess all of them, we do so to a different degree, and in most cases, not enough to really be able to reap the full benefits BJJ has to offer. In simpler terms, using strength & conditioning DVD instructional to set up a supporting training regiment will make your body better for grappling, whether you’re looking to be the next world champion, or just cut out injuries.

The Top 5

Let’s kicks things off with strength & conditioning instructional from some of the very best coaches out there that have created monster combat sports athletes throughout the years with their methods.

1. 30 Day Fighter Challenge by Lockhart and Leith

George Lockhart Nutrition And Weight Management SystemOne of the absolute best in the business is George Lockhart. George doesn’t just understand strength & conditioning but is also an expert in nutrition, sleep, and everything else that has to do with combat sports outside the sport itself. His 3-part instructional will teach you the ins and out of taking care of your body and managing your weight along the way.

2. Ripped In 12 Weeks Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness by Tom DeblassEasy Bodyweight Fitness by Tom DeblassTom DeBlass in his late thirties has the physique and strength that people in their twenties can’t achieve. All of his secrets, both in terms of strength and conditioning and nutrition are divulged in his 12 weeks system. A real must-have for anyone involved in BJJ, regardless of age or goals.

3. The Fundamentals of Power Lifting by Louie SimmonsFundamentals Of Powerlifting Louie Simmons DVD Review

Louie Simmons is a legendary name in powerlifting and strength circuits. If lifting weights is something you’re really interested in, there’s no better person to learn from than Loui. His 2 part DVD will teach you all about his Westside barbell method and how you can get her most out of it for grappling.

4. Movement for Grappling by Scott Georgaklis with Travis Stevens

MOvement For Grappling DVD & E-BookTravis Stevens, the legendary Judo Olympic medalist and Danaher BJJ black belt has a slightly different strength & conditioning DVD out there. His focus is more on corrective movement than on strength or cardio. Henceforth this instructional will make you more limber, mobile, and pain-free for mat practice.

5. KB Essentials an Instructional Guide to Kettlebell Training by Mike PerryMike Perry Kettlebells for BJJ

One of the best tools in existence to get people in shape for any sport are kettlebells. Learning how to t  train with them takes a little bit of time though, and you have to learn from someone that really understands how training with them works. Enter Mike Perry, a man who knows about both Jiu-Jitsu and kettlebells. From this DVD, you’ll learn not only how to train with them, but also how to organize and create your own workouts.

List Of Every Strength & Conditioning DVD Instructional Out There

Moving on from our top five picks, we have a really huge collection for you to choose from. Here, you’ll find bot general strength & conditioning DVD instructionals, and highly specialized ones in every area of physical training.

1. Getting Swole As A Grappler by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan DVDGordon Ryan had one of the most impressive physique transformations in recent BJJ history. Since we’ve never seen him gassed out, looking into his regiment might give you more than a few ideas on strength & conditioning for BJJ.

2. Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John Danaher

Self-Mastery-Solo-BJJ-Training-Drills-by-John-DanaherDanaher is not someone who comes to mind in a strength and conditioning sense. However, this DVD of his has an incredible amount of drills and ways to organize the mint workout that will definitely improve you as a grappler.

3. Rolling Strong by Phil Daru

Rolling-Strong-by-Phil-Daru“Rolling Strong” is a strength & conditioning DVD full of exercises specific for grappling. In fact, even the volumes in it cover exercises for better takedowns, better passes, sweeps, submissions…

4. Breathe by Peter Lakatos

Breathe-by-Peter-LakatosA highly underrated skill is the skill of controlling your breathing. Learn all about breath control under pressure and how to always keep your calm and your fitness.

5. Yoga For Rocks by Sebastian Brosche

Yoga For BJJ Sebastian Brosche ANd the latest Yoga For Rocks DVDYoga has always been one of the best things to do in addition to BJJ. This DVD is intended for everyone that’s as flexible as a rock. Follow Sebastian’s program for a couple of months and you’ll suddenly feel like a whole new person.

6. Bulletproof For BJJ by Joe Worthington & James Tomlinson

Bulletproof For BJJ DVD ReviewA very interesting blend of mobility and strength workouts, tailor-made for combat athletes. Four volumes in this instructional contain four different levels of the program, meaning this one is intended for people of all levels of experience.

7. The Budokon Mobility System by Cameron Shayne and Xande Ribeiro

Mobility-System-by-Cameron-Shayne-and-Xande-RibeiroThis one is a real gem, as you get to see what exceptional athletes like Xhnade Ribeiro have been using throughout the years to make sure they’re primed for competition. This strength & conditioning DVD is perfect for older grapplers.

8. The Perfect Grappling Workout by Nick Rodriguez

The-Perfect-Grappling-Workout-by-Nick-RodriguezNick Rodriguez is one of the most incredible athletes involved in grappling. Given that he beat several black belts as a blue belt in the ADCCattests to that. Now, he uncovers all the secrets that got him to develop a physique like that.

9. No BS Fat Loss by Jordan Syatt

No-BS-Fat-Loss-by-Jordan-SyattWhether you’re looking to cut weight, lose some weight or just get in a better shape, this is the DVD to get. I’ll help you set up a nutrition and training system that’s perfect for BJJ athletes.

10. Mobility Fundamentals: Grapplers Guide To Warm Up & Cool Down by Michael SergiMobility-Fundamentals-by-Michael-SergiWhile the exercises from this DVD work perfectly for warming up and cooling down, you can also use them as workouts too. Everything is explained in the two volumes of this instructional.

11. The Diamond Protocol by Ethan Benda

The-Diamond-Protocol-by-Ethan-BendaAll you need is a couple of kettlebell and resistance bands for this one, and you have the absolute perfect training regiment for anyone involved in combat sports.

12. Kettlbell Conditioning for Grapplers Digital + E-Book Only by Matt D’Aquino

Kettlbell-Conditioning-for-Grapplers-by-Matt-D'AquinoAs far as kettlebell for grappling go, this is the most extensive instructional you can find. It contains 3 levels of programs (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and an additional E-book.

13. No Excuses by Bobby Maximus

No-Excuses-by-Bobby-MaximusA bodybuilding based system of getting extremely strong. Perfect for everyone, from recreational to professional.

14. Cowboy Strong: Building Functional Power by Gary Calcagno

Building-Functional-Power-by-Gary-CalcagnoMany talk about functional fitness and stuff like that, but nobody has come as close to nailing it as Gary Calcagno. Full program with workout designs inside.

15. BJJ Stretch Coach by Josh Stockman

BJJ-Stretch-Coach-by-Josh-StockmanThis is a bodyweight strength &conditioning DVD that shows a unique blend of stretching, calisthenics, and gymnastics. Perfect for training on the mats or at home.

16. Grappling With Yoga by Josh Stockman

Grappling-With-Yoga-by-Josh-StockmanAnother instructional focusing on yoga for grappling. Plenty of routines and poses in this one.

17. Gas On The Mat by Jason Khalipa

Gas-On-The-Mat-by-Jason-KhalipaThis one is all about conditioning. Jason Khallipa knows exactly what he’s talking about and what it takes to have endless energy for rolling and competing.

18. 10 Top Dumbbell Movements by Jason Khalipa

10-Top-Dumbbell-Movements-by-Jason-KhalipaThe perfect DVD if you also want to develop[ strength along with endless cardio. Once more, a Jason KHallipa instructional, this time looking into strength for BJJ with the help of dumbbells.

19. 1% Better Every Day Strength Building System by Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell DVD 1 % better Every DayOne of the best instructional on strength and conditioning I’ve ever seen. Ricky has a very unique approach to things that is extremely effective nonetheless.

20. Strength Training and Stretching for Endurance Athletes by Eric Hinman

Strength-Training-and-Stretching-for-Endurance-Athletes-by-Eric-HinmanStretching for endurance athletes. WIle it may sound like something fit for marathon runners it is actually an amazing DVD for athletes of all kinds, and in particular, combat sports athletes.

21. Yoga For Grapplers Digital Only by Nicolas Gregoriades

Yoga For Grapplers Nicolas Gregoriades instructional CoverYoga for BJJ with Roger Gracie black belt Nick Gregoriades. Exactly what you need to target stubborn body parts and make yourself feel more comfortable on the mats.

22. Budofit Digital+Download Only by Nicolas Gregoriades

Budo Fit DVD Nic Gregoriades instructional Strength & Conditioning DVDAnother bodyweight-based strength & conditioning DVD  instructional by Nick Gregoriades, this time expanding on yoga with some mobility and calisthenics exercises and concepts.

23. Building Your Power by CT Fletcher

Building -Your-Power-by-CT-FletcherThe legendary powerlifter and bodybuilder shares incredible tips and tricks on organizing your training for developing crazy power. Ful workouts and exercise demonstrations included.

24. Simplified Strength Training Templates For BJJ by Alex Sterner & Alex Bryce

Simplified-Strength-Training-Templates-For-BJJ-by-Alex-Sterner-&-Alex-Bryce Strength & Conditioning DVD“Simplified strength training systems for BJJ”. The title says it all really, and there’s a lot for those in the four volumes this instructional contains.

In Conclusion

Strength & conditioning DVD instructionals are not hard to come by. Good ones that will actually help you become better without false promises are. That’s why we filtered out anything that you don’t need to waste time on, and left you with nothing but the best options out there.

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