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The best bjj jiu jitsu mount attacks
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The mount is a position you have to master if you want to be good at Jiu-Jitsu. It is as simple as that. Now, despite seeming like a simple position, the mount actually has a crazy amount of nuances and details to ti that really makes it hard to figure out. With the right guidance, though, you can cut the time needed to master this crucial BJJ position in half. A great example are mount attacks DVD instructionals featuring some of the utmost experts on the subject. 

Mount attacks are something you can’t do Jiu-Jitsu without. The mount is a crucial position, that it delivers you the most possible points (along with the back mount) under any ruleset that utilizes a point system. Knowing how to get there, stay there, attack from there, and leave towards the back are the key aspects you need to understand. The following mount attacks DVD instructional cover each and every one of these aspects in extreme depth.

The Best Mount Attacks DVD Instructionals Collection

The mount seems like a position you can hold easily, but even against untrained people, it can prove to be a really difficult task. Against folks that know how to escape, you’ll need to have some next level mount maintain and attack skills to be able to capitalize on being in one of the best possible Jiu-Jitsu positions.

The mount has several aspects to it, as mentioned before in getting there, staying there, doing something form there, and if need be, leaving there on your own terms. You also need to consider the different mount variations in the low, middle, high, and s-mount, along with other more unusual variations like the monkey mount. Then you have submissions and submission chains. Finally, there’s also the question of playing mount with and without Gi grips.

Mount attacks DVD instructional are plentiful, but those that will actually teach you to have a better mount in little time are scarce. They do exist though and are available if you know where to look. In the name of convenience, we gathered all of the best mount attacks DVD instructionals in one place, so that you can take your pick. We certainly have made ours.

Our TOP Pick

Opening up our mount attacks DVD instructional galore is a title that has helped me personally, and a bunch of other people I know improves the mount in a matter of weeks. It is arguably the best instructional ever issued on the subject of the mount. Moreover, the instructor in question is Matt Thornton, which, if you are a grappler, should mean a lot.

Mastering The Mount by Matt ThorntonMatt Thornton DVD Mastering The Mount

Matt Thornton, a black belt under Chris Haueter is the founder of the legendary SBG gym and one of the best Jiu-Jitsu coaches alive. His “Mastering the mount” DVD is one of the best BJJ instructionals, period, and definitely at the very top in regard to the mount position. Get this instructional if you’d like to understand how the mount works instead of just a number of multi-step techniques.

List Of Every Mount Attacks DVD Instructional Out There

Check out a few more highly useful and content-rich mount attacks DVD instructional.

1. Winning From Full Mount by Andre Galvao

Winning-From-Full-Mount-by-Andre-GalvaoThe mount is on every competitor’s list of favorite positions, so no wonder that tone of the most avid competitors of all times, Andrea Galvao has an incredible DVD instructional on the subject.

2. Mount Attacks by Henry Akins

Mount-Attacks-by-Henry-AkinsHenry Akins is a black belt under Rickson Gracie, and probably the only man out there teaching the invisible Jiu-Jitsu of Rickson in a way that makes s sense. Another great mount DVD and even a contender for the top pick spot.

3. The Mount Attack Encyclopedia by Bernardo Faria

Mount Attack Encyclopedia Bernardo fariaBernardo Faria has a true encyclopedia of mount attacks, organized in a four-part DVD instructional that will take care of all offensive issues you might be having from the mount.

4. Mount Attacks Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisboa

Mount-Attacks-Beyond-The-Basics-by-Thomas-LisboaThomas Lisboa has a mount attacks DVD that is intended for more advanced students and which does go a step further than the basics but contains highly useful and really effective techniques regardless.

5. The Pressure Mount by Braulio Estima

The-Pressure-Mount-by-Braulio-EstimaBraulio Estima is another one whose DVD  you should really hoard. His version of the mount is all about pressure, which is something nobody else covers in such depth and detail.

6. Pillars: Mount Dominance by Stephen Whittier

Pillars-Mount-Dominance-by-Stephen-WhittierStephen Whittier is actually a Matt Thornton black belt, meaning that this DVD is the perfect companion to our top pick. In short, it delivers on the promise to teach you how to be absolutely dominant from the mount, against everyone!

In Conclusion

The only way you won’t need to master the mount in BJJ is if you quit BJJ. Since you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if that was the case, you need to learn mount and learn about it fast. Any of our mount attacks DVD instructionals will help you achieve that, and you can even choose if you want to specialize in certain aspects of the position.

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the-best-mount-attacks-dvd-and-digital-instructionalsThe mount is a position you have to master if you want to be good at Jiu-Jitsu. It is as simple as that. Now, despite seeming like a simple position, the mount actually has a crazy amount of nuances and details to ti that...