Travis Stevens DVD & Digital Instructionals Collection

Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection
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BJJ world, stand at attention! You’re in for a real treat! You stand before the ultimate opportunity to learn the grappling secrets of the one and only Travis Stevens! The famous Judo Olympian has a bunch of different DVD instructionals out so far. Each of them addresses a specific subject of grappling at a very high level. Choosing which one to get is really a difficult decision. Well, now there’s no need for you to make it. All the best titles of Travis Stevens DVD instructionals have been singled out and organized for you! Want to discover exactly what is in the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection? Read on for a full and comprehensive review of the contents!

The best grapplers out there are quite hard to determine. Grappling is such an individually based sport that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. However, if we attempt to outline a few specific criteria, becoming a black belt in just 18 months is certainly top of the list. Furthermore, we can all agree that people who cross train in different grappling martial arts feature high on the list as well. Judo and BJJ are always a potent combination. Now, if you have a BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie, who is an Olympic silver medalist, you have the winning combination. That’s exactly what the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection brings to the table.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Travis Stevens is one of the best grapplers of today. He can do Jiu-Jitsu, he can wrestle and he is a true master of Judo. On top of all, he is an all-out kind of guy that absolutely never gives up. Yet, he is a man who truly understands grappling and has a deep knowledge of many arts. This makes him the perfect coach in multiple grappling disciplines and for grapplers of all levels. You’d expect nothing less from a man who has trained under Renzo Gracie, John Danaher and Pedro Sauer. Now, you can learn multiple aspect fo his game thanks to the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection.

Apart from the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection, Stevens is also known for his incredible work rate. Check out his complete strength and conditioning plan for grapplers!

Travis Stevens – The Embodiment Of Grappling Martial Arts

Travis Stevens is truly the best possible combination of grappling experiences and talent. he is like a grappling super-soldier experiment gone right. Getting to the Olympics in any sport is quite a high accomplishment in itself. Making history by being the only American male Judo athlete to get a silver medal is another!

Travis actually got to the Olympics in 2012 for the first time and came painfully close to a medal, only to miss out in the last moment. He did way better next time, getting the silver medal in the 2106 Olympics. The path that led the Olympic medalist to Judo, though is a funny one, to say the least. At age 7, Stevens went to the local youth center to enroll in sports. he managed to check the wrong box and ended up in Judo class by accident! The art got him hooked, however, and he never looked back after. Riddled with injuries at an early age, his path took him towards wrestling, but only for a short time.

His ventures into the world of BJJ were also somewhat by accident. A broken foot and time off Judo training resulted in a visit to the legendary Renzo Gracie Academy in NYC. After three months of fo double daily sessions with John Danaher, Travis’ love for BJJ was born. he got his brown belt from Danaher in little over a month!

Travis also has extensive BJJ competition experience at events like the Copa Podio. He also has notable wins over some of the biggest names in Jiu-Jitsu. Now, you can explore his own blend of grappling and get the best out of both the Judo and BJJ worlds! The Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection is truly a masterpiece bundle worth having!

Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection

There are 7 crucial titles to make you a better overall grappler in the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection. It features a whopping 14 DVDs of material! They feature subjects on many aspects of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Travis makes everything work together in a spectacular fashion, providing you with options. You could either choose to specialize in one of his subjects or use them all for a complete system of combined grappling skills.

All for the titles are spread across multiple DVD volumes. Technically speaking, everything is spotless- sound, camera work, editing, and organization. Travis, on the other hand, has a knack for concepts 9as most of the fastest BJJ black belts) which means his material is really rich with details. While Stevens knows how to convey his knowledge, you must be certain you’re paying close attention to everything he says. There’s next to no irrelevant information across all of his DVDs.

#1 “Chokes” DVD 

It all starts with the very simply titled “Chokes” DVD set. In it, Travis focuses on Gi chokes that truly bridge the gap between Judo and BJJ. That said, expect a lot of lapel chokes from every position.

Travis Stevens - ChokesThe first thing is a triple attack using lapel chokes from the back. In it, Travis explains how to really surprise your opponent by combining three into one (one of which is brand new for BJJ people). Next up are basic choking concepts that are really going to influence your game. You can use concepts in every possible choking scenario, unlike techniques. This means that whenever you apply the concepts, chokes are going to work.

Something I personally liked is the cross choke from butterfly guard instructions. It is a game changer for everyone that likes to work from the butterfly guard. Furthermore, it combines perfectly with the loop choke from the butterfly guard, also featured in this title of the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection.

Finally, there are a few triangle choke variations to get everyone, including all those powerful wrestlers that power through everything.

#2 The Takedown Blueprint (featuring Jimmy Pedro)

This one features Travis’ own legendary Judo coach, Jimmy Pedro. It is a three DVD set full of Judo throws. Nothing special, right? WRONG! These Judo throws are both good for classic Judo competition as well as BJJ! Travis covers only those takedowns that truly work in both, as well as a way to combine them all into chain attacks.

Travis Stevens - Takedown BlueprintThe first couple of volumes in this set focus on specific techniques that you can use to get the fight down to the mats. All essentials of Judo are there, from the Osoto Gari to Tomoe Nage and Sumi Gaeshi. Everyone enjoying foot trips is certainly going to enjoy the Tae Otoshi setup Travis offers.

The magic of this DVD instructional is in the third volume. Here, Travis goes deep into concepts of how to approach grappling with different opponents. He offers insight into dealing with wrestlers, extremely strong bodybuilders, guard pullers and all those extremely flexible guys that seem to flow out of everything. Nobody is going to be able to resist your takedowns after mastering this one.

#3 The Judo Academy DVD (feat. Jimmy Pedro) 

Another collaboration with Jimmy Pedro, this time on a wider Judo-related subject. this title might be better dubbed The Judo Academy For BJJ as it truly offers a useful insight into Judo. Across 4 content-rich volumes, it covers all the bases of Judo.

Travis Stevens - The Judo AcademyKicking things off is the crucial art of grip fighting on the feet. Jimmy and Travis offer very useful and easy to understand concepts of winning the grip fighting. The really cool part is that you can use them just as effectively on the ground as well. A few Ne Waza rolling techniques round off the first volume.

Which brings us to the second, purely Ne Waza DVD. yes, Judo does have a bunch of useful ground-fighting techniques. For example, they cover the over-under pass and Kimura submission in great detail. There’s also the armbar, of course, which is the quintessential Judo submission. For me, the cherry on top of this volume was the front headlock Gi options at the end. Amazing!

The third volume is all about the opposite side takedowns. These include Sumi Gaeshi, Uchi Mata, and a few foot trips in a simple and complete system. The fourth volume picks up with the same side throws, the likes of Ouchi Gari, Ippon Seio Nage and a really nice Belt grip Sumi Gaeshi.

#4 Armlock Series DVD

The midway member of the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection is once again, a Jimmy Pedro collaboration. In it, the star of the show is the Jiuji Gatame or Armbar.

Travis Stevens - Juji GatameThe great thing about this title is its organization. First, you get a very detailed explanation of how straight armlocks work. There are different positions setups as well as a number of variations on the classic armbar. Furthermore, Pedro and Stevens go over really important armbar counters. They vary from basic to advanced and are also available from multiple positions.

A very useful insight into becoming an armbar machine comes at the very end. The DVD series concludes with a lot of drill of armbar finishes. As opposed to the “traditional” approach of drilling entries, here, the focus is on finishing. It is a new way of drilling and one that really yields results quick!

#5 Wristlocks From Everywhere 

This is arguably the most sought-after DVD instructional by Travis Stevens. It is two DVDs full fo tips and tricks on the sneakiest submission in grappling. Wristlocks are as underused as leg locks were until a short while ago. This makes them the perfect weapon to catch anyone off guard and Travis is a master of them.

Travis Stevens - wrist locks from everywhereThe first DVD is all about basics. It kicks off with wristlocks options that involve a lot of lapel and Gi work. My personal favorite? The Americana wrist lock. It is quick, painful, easy to get and nobody expects it from the position of another submission hold. There are a bunch of others here, form the 2-on-1 all the way to the Gift Wrap mount, which as a whole story on its own.

In DVD two, things get really interesting. There are wristlocks from positions that nobody expects them from. Lasso guard straight wristlocks, spiderweb wristlocks and all kinds of wristlocks you can and can’t imagine!

#6 Killing The Spider And Lasso Guards

Travis Stevens - Killing The Spider GuardSpeaking of the Lasso guard, Travis has another DVD focusing on it and it’s the best friend, the Spider guard. Both are lapel/Gi based guards that are notoriously difficult to pass. Travis demonstrates the easiest ways of, most importantly, breaking the guards, and subsequently passing them.

You get a few guard breaks and a few passes to follow them up for each of the two guards. Personally, I never had much trouble with the spider guard. However, passing the leg lasso can be a real hustle. Travis’ concepts are truly effective an simple to integrate.

#7  Attacking And Defending The Turtle

Talk about a strong finish to the Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals Collection! The turtle position is one that people struggle with both defensively and offensively. Travis has the solution for both sides of this problem.

Travis Stevens - The TurtleOne DVD is dedicated solely to attacking and opening up the turtle position. Who better to teach you fighting turtled up opponents than a Judo Olympian, right? Of course, the clock choke features very heavily in this volume, with plenty of never before seen details! There are also great variations on the Peruvian necktie, this time done with the Gi. As the DVD progresses, the chokes become more and more insane. Take the Soccer Kick Senakku Choke for example. You’ve never seen anything like that before, and it’s going to work on everyone!

The second volume is all about staying safe when you’re the one turtling up! There are some basic defenses from the turtle as well as a few advanced ones. Once again, nobody is going to expect most of them and that’s exactly a reason why they will work perfectly.

#8 Magic Guard Passing

As Travis Stevens is a world-renowned judoka his passes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have to be perfect. The reason is simple. He will 99% throw anyone in BJJ on any given day and that’s where his passing comes in. Travis was working on his passes for a long time as that was something he was dependant on. He couldn’t just let someone sweep him and make him play a guard. With a great base that he has his passes really look like magic and this DVD is purely his way of passing guards.

Travis Stevens - magic Guard PassingThe main thing I like about this “Magic Guard Passing” DVD by Travis Stevens is their simplicity. There is no a lot of moves in a single technique. There are no unnecessary details that you can’t follow or do either in the gym or in competition. Travis really doesn’t care for the beautifulness of the techniques as he only cares how effective his techniques are. He really tries to show you a simple, easily doable and applicable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that will work on anyone.

As I mentioned earlier this instructional is not about flashy moves or something that works half of the time. NO, this is an instructional where he will lead you through a lot of moves around the techniques that he shows. Travis will show you a lot of details, counters and he will explain why he’s doing what he’s doing. He’ll teach you to connect moves in every possible situation you can encounter when you try to pass someone’s guard. He’ll teach you how to recognize fake attacks from real attacks and a lot more.

I can freely say that if you follow this instructional there’s no way you’ll find yourself lost in any situation. You’ll be hard to find yourself unprepared in the middle of guard passing. Every single move in this instructional will give you an advantage as Travis isn’t losing a single second on some “fake” moves.

This DVD is a great value for money as it costs almost 50% less than most instructionals around.

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BJJ world, stand at attention! You're in for a real treat! You stand before the ultimate opportunity to learn the grappling secrets of the one and only Travis Stevens! The famous Judo Olympian has a bunch of different DVD instructionals out so far. Each...travis-stevens-dvd-digital-instructionals-collection