Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment In 2020

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We’re in that period of the year when everything is about the holidays. With Christmas just a few days away, we thought you might want a bit of Brazilian JIu-JItsu Christmas cheer. So we put together a comprehensive guide to everything that’s on sale this Christmas in terms of Jiu-Jitsu equipment. Why not make yourself, or your significant other that trains very happy by taking advantage of the greatest Christmas BJJ sale to date? Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Everyone loves the holidays. For most grapplers, this is also true. The only exception is those preparing for January competitions and cutting weight in the process. I certainly do not envy them. Yet, even if all grapplers can’t enjoy festive feasts, they can certainly enjoy other holiday caveats. A Christmas BJJ sale of top-of-the-line Jiu-Jitsu equipment ios one such occasion. Outside of the holiday season, we do not see many sales of this kind, so you better get a move on while there’s still something to get!  

Making The Most Of The Holiday Season 

Given that it is the holiday season, most people might look to get a rest from training and go and stuff themselves as much as possible. It is what holidays are for anyway, right? Well, not quite. All the hardcore folks are still going to show up on the mats. In fact, most academies run open mat classes on days that are usually holidays for everyone that’s normal. Still, for both the hardcore grapplers and those taking well-deserved res, there’s a perfect pastime. Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

You know that you’re going to be shopping during the holidays anyway. Whether it is for yourself, your significant other, or your kids, you’ll be on the lookout for the best prices possible. Well, as far as Jiu-Jitsu equipment is concerned, we got you covered. We put together the ultimate Christmas BJJ shopping list, one that features different types of BJJ gear. We divided everything into five main categories to make browsing easier for you. In that sense, you can browse through BJJ DVDs, Gi Jiu-Jitsu equipment, No-Gi gear, miscellaneous things as well as MMA equipment if you’re cross-training. Absolute best prices are guaranteed as well as an easy and laid back shopping experience! Have at it!  


First up, let’s see a few digital releases that will certainly bring joy to any grappler’s holiday season. The idea is to cover a bit of everything yo you have submissions, escapes, positions, strategy, nutrition, and more to choose from

Exit The System – Gary Tonon 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Gary Tonon is one of the best grapplers ever and an overall very cool character. His first-ever instructional is also one of the best ever made with Tonon focusing on the art of escaping. When is the last time you saw Gary get submitted? All the secrets of his take on escaping the tightest submissions are now available in an 8-part DVD set running at well over 10 hours! Each DVD covers a different subject, including leg locks, armbar,s triangles, kimuras, guillotines, and all other submissions you can think of. The perfect Christmas BJJ gift for anyone!

Mount Attack Encyclopedia – Bernardo Faria  

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

When it comes to being a machine from the mount position, Bernardo Faria has all the answers. The multiple-time world champion has one of the most notorious pressure games in the sport. Conversely, he enjoys torturing world champions from the mount position. Across 4 volumes, Bernardo now shares all his key concepts and attacks. But it is not just a DVD of armbars and chokes. Faria teaches mount maintenance and crucial counters to all common escapes. Plus, the submissions include wristlocks, Ezekiel, and the other less used submissions from mall mount variations. Not to mention all the cool ways of getting to mount that is signature Faria!

Belly Down Footlocks – Tarick Hopstock 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

When it comes to Jiu-Jitsu equipment, instructionals can now be considered essential BJJ gear. That said, just like with anything else, you need to know what’s good and what’s questionable. Tarick Hosptock’s “Belly Down Footlocks” DVD is one of those that era among the absolute best titles of 2019. Famous for his Traikoplata, Hopstock actually has a very well-rounded game and a wicked leg lock arsenal. IN this instructional he shares his setups of the belly down foot lock, mostly from the single leg X guard. Given that all this is legal at all levels, you need to win this particular DVD, especially if you are a competitor. 

Top Game Devastation – Rafe Lovato Jr. 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

It’s been a while since Lovato treated us to one of his instructionals. Among other things, 2019 marked his rise to championship status in Bellator. That and he finally released a brand new instructional. “Top Game Devastation” is four volumes long, and will teach you how to be incredibly heavy from the top. Lovato, along with the Ribeiros has the best pressure game in the business, along with decades of high-level competitive experience, Now, he shares it all from knee slices, through arm triangles all the way to crazy mounted attacks. Highly recommended and not just as a Christmas BJJ gift.  

The Leg Lock Anthology 50/50 – Lachlan Giles 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

If there’s anything you need to get this Christmas BJJ sale in terms of BJJ DVDs, this is it. You can disregard all other JIu-Jitsu gear as long as you can get your hands on the Leg Lock Anthology 50/50 DVD by Lachlan Giles. Lachlan usually has lots to say, and especially after his crazy success in the absolute of the ADCC, he issued an 8 part instructional talking about his crazy 50/50 leg lock system. It has a perfect structure, starting at the very beginning and taking you through the mechanics of the 50/50 position. leglocks of all varieties, along with cool leg lock counter attacks make up the most of this instructional. The final volume contains both narrated rolls as well as a narration of Lachaln’s ADCC trial fights.  

The Sitting Turtle – Priit Mihkelson 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Priit and attend a few of his classes. Suffice to say, he is just as good as you’ll think after you check out his “Sitting Turtle” DVD. The man can escape, and he can escape from everything.

Holding a position against him is impossible, let alone looking for a submission. he has a weird and crazy, yet very methodical and easy to learn approach to escapes. His four-part sitting turtle instructional is unique and innovative and will save you from a lot of taps. My personal favorite – the Panda. You’ll know what I mean once you give it a try.

Floating Passing System – Vagner Rocha 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Passing the guard is one of the most difficult tasks in Jiu-Jitsu. Vagner is one of the people that do it perfectly, and they do it against everyone they face. Rocha is a No-Gi specialist and he has a really cool system of floating. Flota passing is something that’s extremely effective once you get the hang of it, and Vagner makes it all too easy to learn. On that particular subject, I guess there’s no better teacher than him. Conversely, his instructional containing nearly 50 chapters, covers everything you need to know and is the best possible resource on the subject.  

Nutrition And Weight Management System – George Lockhart 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

This is a DVD that aI feel will always make its way into lists like this. It is that good. In fact, it is not just a DVD but a Bundle that also includes an E-book in addition to the three DVDs. Inside them, the world’s leading nutritionist George Lockhart finally shares his system with everyone.

He explains the ins and out of nutrition, shares a complete system and a meal plan, and makes weight cutting a process of enjoyment rather than torture. Plus, the book contains a bunch of recipes that help you enjoy life as a fighter, rather than fear eating tasteless chicken breast over and over again.

Battle-Tested Down Under Leglocks – Craig Jones  

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

It seems Australians rule the leg lock stage at this moment. Craig Jones is a black belt under Lachaln, and we already talked about his leg lock DVD. Well, Craig has one as well. In a first edition, he shared his leg looks system dubbed “Down Under Leg Attacks“. Well, after a couple of years, he issued a second edition, of sorts. Now, he shares all the stuff he has done in competition, with all the nuances that only competing can teach.

Once again, there are a lot of narrated rolls inside, along with key information on setting up everything, from heel hooks to kneebars and ways to make it all work in tournaments.

High-Level Takedowns And Mat Control – Henry Cejudo 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Finally, let’s wrap the DVDs portion of this Christmas BJJ sale with a wrestling one. Who better than Olympic and UFC champion Henry Cejudo to teach you the ins and outs of wrestling? IN an amazing 8 part instructional, Cejduo teaches no only wrestling takedowns but also key ways of pinning. However, he goes outside the wrestling realm and teaches everything in a way that’ll benefit grapplers and MMA fighters. It is one of a kind instructional, where Cejudo has really reserved the most important aspects of wrestling on a neat little platter for us all.  


Let’s now move on to some actual Jiu-Jitsu equipment. There are countless things you need or want to have with you while you train. Some are essential, others are optional. First up, in our Christmas BJJ sale guide his year, are Gis and Gi Jiu-Jitsu Equipment.  

SENSO Jiu-Jitsu Yuki Kimono  

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

The Senso Yuki Gi is one of the best possible Gi’s you can get for yourself or a significant other. It comes in white, and sizes ranging from A0 to A5. there are even a few in-between sizes that can really help you narrow down the perfect one for you. The Gi jacket is 100% cotton, 450 GSM, and features a pearl wave. The pants are 10oz ripstop cotton. There’s a great and simple overall design with cool embroidery on strategic locationsThe Gi has an athletic fit and is perfect for both training and competition.   

 Flow Kimonos Air Lightweight Gi  

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

If you’re a fan of lighter-weight Gi’s then the Aur BJJ Gi by Flow Kimonos is what you need to be looking at. It is a Gi that not too easy to find, so having it on a Christmas BJJ sale is like a real Christmas miracle. The Gi comes in black, white and blue, and features a 350 gsm pear weave and 8oz ripstop pants. Extremely comfortable to wear, comes completely pre-shrunk, and a top choice for weigh-ins. There are 9 sizes, meaning there’s an option for any body type.

 Elite Sports Ultra-Light Women’s BJJ Gi 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

While looking at the best Gi Jiu-Jitsu equipment this Christmas, we can’t skip over the Elite Ultra-Light Women’s GI. It is one tailor-made for the ladies, pus it is a lightweight Gi once again. Color includes white, black, navy, pink, grey, and military green. Sizes range from F0 to F5, or in other words, options for everyone. The white and black are IBJJF approved. the design is geared toward the needs of ladies, providing a very reliable and comfortable Gi. It comes with a free white belt that’s a great Christmas surprise.   

SHOGUN Fight Tao Premium Jiu-Jitsu Gi 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Let’ include one more GI option here, this time a cool and unusual one. For all those that don’t really care much about regular kimonos and like outside the box Gis, the Shogun Fight Jiu-Jitsu Tao is the perfect one. Another pearl weave Gi, available in all the usuals sizes, has a design that easily beats all others.

The GI is IBJJF certified, coming in black, blue, and white. The real value though is in the art that’s on the GI. The sleeves and pants have very cool embroidery, to begin with. The inside of the jacket is lined with a rashguard, featuring crazy and unique art. Everything is designed to last, so getting this Gi doesn’t just mean you get a cool-looking one.

 Hypnotic BJJ Belt

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Of course, you’ll need a belt to go with your Gi, as this is yet another of those Jiu-Jitsu equipment essentials. The Hypnotic belt is an extremely reliable one. IN simple terms, you get one, and you can rest assured it’ll go through everything and still be intact when it comes time to get promoted again. The reason is that the belts are pearl weaves. That means they maintain their shape much better compared to their belts. comes in at 1.5 inches wide with the Hympotinc logo embroidered.


FUJI Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Another belt option that’s always a great choice is the Fuji BJJ belt. With Fuji, though, you get a lot more choices, given that they also have kids’ belts as well. They’re made from extremely durable material, feature very vivid colors, and ultra-high-quality cotton. They are also available in more sizes than you can count and come at a great Christmas BJJ sale price!


Hayabusa Ryoko Gym Duffel Bag

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 


Venum “Challenger Backpack

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

 Matman Ultra Soft Adjustable Wrestling Ear Guard

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Champion Women’s Spot Full-Support Sport Bra

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 


It is time to turn our attention to No-Gi now and check out some of the best Jiu-Jitsu gear that’s available on a Christmas BJJ sale. In no-gi, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to attire and gear, and different people have different tendencies. The focus here is on quality and variety, as we did our best to include everything Np-gi that’s high quality, and of course, on sale this Christmas!

Sanabul Essentials Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

There’s no way we kick things off with anything else apart from rashguards. BJJ rashguards are simply awesome. As long as you know your high-quality stuff from everything else, the only thing you need to worry about is design. The Sanabul essentials rashgu8ard is all on sleeved one that fulfills every possible best rashguard criteria. It is IBJJF approved, meaning you get ranked varieties. However, with this one, there’s even an option for red belts. That means six different ultra high-quality designs of this rashguard in addition to all possible sizes. It also features UV SPF 50 protection if you like to take it out for a surf. Apart from that it is tight-fitting, easy to wash and dry, and doesn’t retain odors. Heck, even John Danaher has one of these and you know how picky he is about his rashguards.

 Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Short Sleeve Rashguard

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

A real classic among Jiu-Jitsu equipment. Under armor has a line of anything related to sports, but they’re most famous, at least in the fighting world, for their rashguards. Still to this day, they make an awesome rashguard, like the short sleeves Het Gear series, for example. A signature quality blend of 84%  Polyester and 16 % elastane, this rashguard is designed to last. It features extra compression features, improving blood flow and recovery. Mesh panels ensure that there’s constant ventilation and it also has moisture-wicking properties. Available in 16 different colored designs and everything in-between XS and 5XL. Comes In a short-sleeve version.

Neleus Men’s Compression Pants Running Tights Sport

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

After looking at top options for rashguards, it is time to figure out what spats to pair with them. When it comes to the best, it can be quite hard with spats, as there are thousands of options. Since regular yoga pants won’t do, we made sure to include the best possible Christmas BJJ sale option out there – The Neleus Compression Pants. Christmas BJJ

85% Polyester and 15% spandex guarantee a comfortable experience. The fabric is smooth and super elastic, with 4-way stretch technology. Has all the marks of the best spats out there, with features like moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and two-way air circulation. Flatline seams make it impossible to get abrasions, and there’s an elastic waist closure. There are white, black navy, grey, and red-colored spats available in all sizes. The Christmas BJJ sale part here is in the fact that you can order either a 2-pack or an a3-pack of different colored spats at a massively discounted price.

Pressure Grappling Women’s Premium Grappling Spats/Tights

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Where do I even start with the Pressure Grappling Women’s Premium Spats? They have it all, from a wicked design to features custom-tailored for BJJ. First and foremost, these spats are made from WikPro polyester, which completely wicks moisture. The fabric also stretches in four directions while also providing extreme durability thanks to reinforced seams. 4/6 flat lock stitching further provides comfort and eliminates the risk of abrasions. Sizewise, there are 6 options starting at XS and ending at XXL, The designs are also unique, with 7 different multi-colored ones, that feature sublimated artwork. That means the colors never fade or fall off no matter how much you wash them. Hardly a better pair of spats out there when it comes to the finer half of JIu-Jitsu.

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Shorts

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

The final piece of the essential No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu equipment triad after rashguards and spats are, of course, shorts. In those terms, you need to worry mostly about whether or not you’re going to compete with them. If you want to remove that particular issue, go for the Hayabusa Metaru Charged shorts. They come in ranked colors, with a black base, meaning they’re perfect for any type of No-Gi competition. Plus, they’re extremely strong, with stretch panels that allow for complete freedom of movement. There’s a hardware-free waistband given that these are Jiu-Jitsu-specific shorts. Available in half a dozen sizes and perfect for grapplers of all levels.


Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Another perfect Christmas gift for any No-Gi BJJ enthusiast out there. This is one of the best pair of shorts overall, whether it is MMA, BJJ, or just as a different type of beachwear. They come with an ergonomic design that includes an athletic cut to guarantee maximal mobility. A strong grip waistband means you can maximize how they fit in order to grapple freely. Fabric is tear-resistant and the design is sublimated and crack-resistant. Breathability is another strong suit of the RDX shorts that is worth mentioning. Sizes feature all the usual, and design-wise, there are blue, black, and yellow options available, with different and very cool designs.

Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Although this is a product that’s useful for both Gi and nO-Gi JIu-Jitsu, it is definitely an integral part of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu equipment. The fast pace and lack of grips in No-GI require the use of added protective gear, and a mouthguard is the most important piece of that puzzle. However, you can’t just go out and get a garden variety one that’ll make it hard to breathe and roll. The Impact Custom mouthguard is what you’re actually after if you’re a grappler or MMA fighter. It is easy – you order it, you get a kit within a few days.

There are clear directions on how to use it to make an impression of teeth, and you send it back. Within a few more days, you get the mouthpiece, specifically designed for your needs ina professional facility. The mouthguard features protection of the jaw, neck, and soft tissues n the month in addition to teeth.

Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Show your knees some love! Constantly being on the mats is extremely hard on the knees, even though we sp[end most of the time on the ground in Jiu-Jitsu. The Fox Head launch knee pad is one of those products that are not made for BJJ but fit the bill perfectly. It is lightweight, with a soft knee pad that you can slip in and out. Interestingly, this is one knee pad that is a success when it comes to figuring out how to allow you to bend the leg without any restrictions while wearing it. Abrasion-resistant, with a silicone gripper on the inside to prevent slipping. Available in sizes S – XL which covers most people out there. It comes in a red and black color design offering both structural support and abrasion protection for your knees.

G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

On the subject of the Christmas BJJ sale of protective gear, let’s expand beyond the essentials. Something many people need is the protection and support of the joints that suffer the most. In BJ, there’s hardly a joint that needs more attention than the elbow joint. The G-Form Pro-X Elbow pad is the only reliable option to keep your elbows safe and supported. It features reactive protection technology that’s proprietary to G-Form. They’re low profile, flexible and extra comfortable, with an ergonomic design for maximum range of motion. Machine washable and made in the USA. Available in 9 different sizes and 6 different color designs. Oh, and they come as a pair, which is always better. 


Training Jiu-Jitsu is often accompanied by MMA training for people. You do not have to be a professional MMA fighter to cross-train, but you do need the appropriate gear. Just like with Jiu-Jitsu equipment, MMA gear is highly specific and some items are mandatory for training. Given that lots of the gear can double for both BVJJ and MMA training, we decided to share with you a bit more in this Christmas BJJ Sale.

RDX MMA Gloves For Grappling Martial Arts

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Of course, if you train MMA, you’ll need MMA gloves. There are different gloves for training, fighting, and sparring that you usually need. however, with the RDX MMA gloves, you get all in one amazing product. They come in full black and golden/black and all sizes between small and extra-large. The material is 100% genuine full-grain cowhide leather that’s additionally reinforced by specific stitching. In other words, these are the only gloves you’ll ever need to train and fight in MMA. There’s extra-thick foam in the padding as well as extra padding around the wrist. The unmistakable E-Z hook closure system is there as well, as is a Nabla-Pan architecture, that makes grappling easily possible. Built to last, breathable, and extremely comfortable.

Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Since we’re going over a Christmas BJJ sale, we had to include something of this kind. Everlas has a full kit that’s perfect for getting everything you need about MMA in a single click. Not to mention the Christmas prices on the entire set. What you get here is a real starter pack for training MMA, with a70 lbs heavy bag, a pair of bag gloves, hand wraps, and all the assorted accessories to use them all. Easy to set up in a gym or your home. The bag is stuffed with naturally made custom filling, coming with a customizable chain and a bungee cord to add a different level of training experience. Available in black, and, a proven Everlast product above everything else.

Top King Shin Guard Protectors

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

One key thing you need for MMA ara strong shins. That, however, does not mean you need to get destroyed every time you have striking training. That’s where shin pads come into the picture. And, since we’re looking at the best stuff out there, we’re going to talk about the Top King Shin Guard protectors. These shin guards are available in 7 different colored designs to fit most preferences. They’re also available in sizes, despite being completely adjustable. This makes them different from most other one-sized shin guards in terms of fitting and comfort. Plus, there are extra padded areas to help protect the muscles and the area under the knee cap that are unique features of these shin guards. Make sure you check the size chart before choosing the best ones for you!

as BJJ

Sparthos Workout Mask

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Although not something inherently made for MMA, the training mask is becoming a must-have tool for everyone involved in combat sport. This is one of those pieces of Jiu-Jitsu equipment that can double for everything, from MMA to conditioning training. The Sparthos workout mast is a high-altitude simulation tool to raise your conditioning to the next level. It comes in three different color designs and a size that fits everyone thanks to some neat adjustment properties. It guarantees a performance level that you simply cannot get without it, or with any other similar product. There are 16 breathing levels talking you from amateur to pro depending on your requirements. It makes it easy to change flows during training, which is one of the best possible properties for any training mask.

RDX Headguard for Boxing

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Of course, training MMA will require you to spar. As you do, strikes will be involved, which translates to the danger of head trauma. With the RDX headgear, all these dangers are eliminated. The head guard contains shell-shock-based special tri-slab foam padding that offers extremely high-intensity shock absorption. There’s an EZ quick release loop closure system to allow for ease of use even with gloves on. The outside has resilient Maya hide leather that’s designed to last for decades. There’s even a removable face grill that offers added protection. Finally, there’s integrated gel tech for shock absorption, taking the protection levels to a whole different dimension. Available in four different color designs and several sizes.

Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

If you’re going to wear gloves to MMA training (which you will), you’ll also need hand wraps under them. They help protect both your skin from abrasions and your wrists and finger joints from impact injuries. Pro impact’s Mexican style boxing wraps are designed with ultimate protection ads the only goal. They come in 16 different designs with ultra-quality construction. The material is not only durable but also elastic conforming material to make it a perfect fit. These wraps are machine washable and come at a length of 180 inches meaning you can get really tight wrap. An oversized hook and loop closure as well as a thumb loop ensures an ultra-tight snug and guarantee they stay on regardless of how crazy your workouts are.

Shock Doctor Bio-Flex Protector Compression Shorts

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

As far as the top-of-the-shelf MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Equipment goes, Shock Doctor’s Compression shorts Bio-Flex Supporter play a dual role. First, you get a pair of amazing spats, that you can wear under any shorts. Secondly, they come with a removable groin cup that you can slip in and out at will. The Bio-Flex cup is a bio-shaped groin guard designed to shield crucial areas. The positioning of the cup is such that you get an unrestricted range of motion, as well as a perfect fit.

The spats are moisture-wicking, dual mesh cup, flatlock stitched spats, perfect for MMA or BJJ training. They, come in all possible sizes and black and white color options. The cup fits in an X-pocket Retention system positioning the lower third of the cup in a natural position to make it feel like it is not there. Finally, four-way stretch technology ensures an unprecedented comfort level.

NEXPro Battle Rope Polydac Undulation Rope 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Finally, wrapping up the MMA portion of our Christmas BJJ sale is yet another conditioning tool to help you become the best possible version of yourself. The 100% Polypropylene and Polyester battle ropes are an incredible tool to raise your strength and conditioning levels to new heights. The ropes are wear-resistant, will last a lifetime, and also poses very high tensile strength. They are 1.5” wide with options for 30,40, or 50 feet in length. The construction features a 3 –strand rope twist covered in a waterproof sleeve to protect it from friction and fray. The ends feature heat shrink caps. The NexPro Battle Ropes are used by world champions on a daily basis and have the stamp of approval for anyone training combat sports. A slightly unusual but definitely unique Christmas BJJ gift idea.


Finally something for everyone. Iн this section of our Christmas BJЈ sale guide, we’ll look at several Jiu-Jitsu equipment options that are meant for outside the gym. From T-shirts and BJJ hoodies, aлl the way to the small but important stuff like mugs, patches, and books, this is where you’ll find everything that you need this Christmas!

TapSnapor Nap Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Unisex T-Shirt

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Training BJJ is something that everyone needs to know you’re doing. At least that’s what happens to those that really get sucked inто the sport. That means everything, from apparel to accessories needs to be BJJ-themed. If you’re heading in that direction, then make sure you get the best possible things at the best prices. The Tap, Snap Oр Nap BJJ T-shirt is a great example. It comes in black color and features an extremely cool design that covers most of the front area. The words, written in white are Tap, Snap, Or Nap, which is self-explanatory. The t-Shirt, made in the USA out of a ringspun 30/1 fine jersey knit is unisex with a modern fit sizing. Sizes range from small to 3XL. The print job is with high-quality, crack-resistant durable inks, and top-of-the-line printing presses. One of the best possible BJJ T-shirts in existence!

Ronin BJJ Emperor Samurai Gi Patch

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Something here that’s the perfect supplemental Jiu-Jitsu equipment for any Gi grappler out there – Gi patches. Out of all the options out there, nothing beats the Ronin BJJ Emperor Samurai patch. This is an, embroidered patch that’s intended to go on the back of your Gi. Dimensions are 6×5 inches. The size means you can place it anywhere, from the front of the Gi to the pants and even on backpacks or T-shirts. The design features the head of an ancient samurai warrior in full armor with vivid colors. Moreover, the material is of exceptional quality, with thick durable fabric guaranteed to withstand everything.

Hütz – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coffee Mug

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Here’s a cool one to give to anyone that trains Jiu-Jitsu. This is a mug that’ll last throughout your entire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu career. Well, until you get a coral belt, anyway. The mug is white, featuring a design that has all the adult BJJ belts opened above the other, with black at the very top. What makes this mug different from others is the thick boxes in front of every belt. On the top, there’s writing that says “ What’s your BJJ rank? Mark your answer and keep training”. If you’re really enthusiastic, you can keep marking the mug with every belt you get, until you thick all the boxes, literally. The mug has an 11oz capacity and is 100% machine dishwasher and microwave safe. Made out of high-quality porcelain.

Quikflip 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

One of the best things I saw on the internet in 2019 has to be this amazing BJJ hoodie. It is designed by Rene Gracie and it is a unique, two-in-one, transformable hoodie and drawstring backpack. Available in black, charcoal, and heather grey this is a full-front zipper hoodie. However, it also transforms into a drawstring backpack in just one simple motion, allowing you enough space to store a bunch of stuff in two storage compartments. The material is premium French terry fabric, with 60% ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester. The backpack straps are conveniently hidden in hoodie form. The design is unisex with a slim fit and available in all possible sizes.

LED Interval Gym Timer 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

A quick detour from non-essential Jiu-Jitsu equipment to look into gear that’s essential for BJJ academies. We’ll start off with the LED Interval Timer, something any MMA or BJJ gym needs to have. A Christmas BJJ sale is the perfect time to upgrade your gym tech with this amazing interval timer. It comes in two options with two blue or green fields and four red ones. It is a multi-function timer with 5 different modes of training. However, despite all the variety, it is very easy to use and set up. In fact, it comes preprogrammed with stuff like Tabata intervals and several other workouts. The crystal clear LED contrast display ensures that you can see ti from all corners of the gym. It comes with remote control.

IncStores Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling Mats

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

The absolute best time to pick up some new mats for your gym or even home gym is definitely during a Christmas BJJ sale. Speaking of mats, forget about puzzle mats and try a different option this time around – roll-out mats. They’re easily portable, easy to set up, and highly durable and comfortable, particularly for grappling. The mats come rolled up with a  handle making transport a breeze. То set тхем up you simply roll them out and you’re all set. You can set up an entire gym within minutes. Moreover, you can use mat tape to bind them together into a seamless surface, ideal for grappling. They come in 9 different color designs and several different sizes, the largest of which is 5ft x 10 ft x 1 1/4  inches. Easy to clean, soft, and impossible to tear or present a risk for your toes and fingers, like puzzle mats do after a while.

BJJ Small Dog / Cat  Pet Sleeveless TShirt

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

This is by far the nuttiest piece of Jiu-Jitsu equipment you can get. It is also the one thing that has the least to do with you and your JIu-JItsu. However, it is a great present for a pet (probably). Use this Christmas BJJ sale to get a BJJ-themed T-shirt for your dog or cat and let it run about in style. The T-shirt is sleeveless (of course) and available in black with the Brazilian flag and the words “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” printed on the back. Sizes range between S and L meaning it fits plenty of different breeds. The material is 100 % polyester and there’s a size chart you can see before you make your choice.

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil BJJ Soap Bar

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

BJJ soaps are a huge, huge thing. They’re one surefire way of keeping your hygiene at the highest level, even after trolling on sweaty mats with sweaty people for hours upon hours every week. This soap is one of the best ones on the market and my personal go-to option. It is organic, made with coconut oil and natural peppermint essential oils. That means it is suitable for all different kinds of skin, including the most sensitive one. Moreover, provides extreme protection against most bugs that usually haunt Jiu-Jitsu mats. The soap comes with an added bonus of a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Master Of Muscle Jump Rope

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

Who doesn’t need a good jump rope? Particularly nowadays when running outside is too hard for most due to extreme hot or cold weather. Instead, if you opt for year-round conditioning, the Master Of Muscle Jump rope is going to become your best friend. Namely, this rope is a speed rope with handles that provide fast spin 90-degree turns. The wire is also geared towards speed, unlike the usual PVC ropes on the market. There’s absolutely no tangling or bending in this rope. In addition, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. The length is adjustable according to you’re height and training preferences. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Hydra Cup High-Performance Dual Shaker Bottle 

Christmas BJJ Sale Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Equipment 

The very final thing we have on offer this Christmas BJJ sale is the Hydra Shaker bottle. For athletes, including grapplers, there’ no better shaker bottle out there. It has two compartments that are divided across the middle of the shaker. That means you get two shakers in one.  The lid also features a dual openings system, each with its own dedicated cap. The capacity is a total of 32 oz, 14 on one side and 22 on the other. Whether you use it as a dual shaker bottle or use one side for shakes and the other for water is down to your preferences. The lid is screw-on and leak-proof and has a mesh surface attachment to ensure great mixing. There are four different designs available.


Whether it is Jiu-Jitsu equipment, MMA Gear, apparel, and accessories, Christmas is the best time to do most of your shopping. It is not just the Christmas BJJ Sale, but also the availability of some of the best products that you might find hard to track down during the rest of the year. Plus, you get to cheer your loved ones, or yourself during the holiday season with a large selection of BJJ-related items. Merry Christmas everyone!

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