Best BJJ Hoodie: Top Picks And Reviews


When BJJ completely takes over your life (and it will) you’ll notice your wardrobe becomes increasingly grappling-oriented. Unless you’re one of the really wacky ones, you’ll probably stop short of having even Jiu-Jitsu themed underwear. However, for most grapplers, wearing, t-shirts, hoodies, or hats that show an affiliation to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a must. Luckily, unlike wearing a rashguard everywhere, this is something that is socially accepted among mortals that do not train. Out of all the available Jiu-Jitsuleaisurewear, one item that’s certain to appeal to everyone, small or big, male, female, or child is the BJJ Hoodie. So much so, in fact, that grapplers have begun innovating on the subject, creating some amazing revolutionary products. Check out our top picks below to see what I mean!

Nobody is going to complain about feeling uncomfortable ina hoodie. Yeah, even those people that like to spend most of their day in suits have to appreciate the good old hoodie. Moreover, with so many designs available, you’re bound to run into something you like. And, if you like to be particular with your choices, and you’re a grappler, having a BJJ hoodie is right up there with owning at least three BJJ Gis. That said, a hoodie is much more versatile than a Gi, as you can do just about anything with one. Especially if it is a warm and cozy one that instantly becomes your favorite. Or a hoodie that can transform into a backpack. Interested? Time to check the best BJJ Hoodie options out there. ..

BJJ Leisurewear

I’m definitely among those guilty of completely filling up my closest with BJ Jleisurewear. Even before training grappling, I’ve always been a fan of tracksuits and comfortable clothes, in general. Most other grapplers will relate easily. To that extent, it’s not just about showing your affection (read: addiction) to BJJ, but also feeling comfortable as you do. Just like with everything else, nowadays, you can find pretty much any garment you think of with a JIu-Jitsu theme. Yeah, even socks. However, the most common ones are T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and hats.

61ujdV5debL. AC UX679  - Best BJJ Hoodie: Top Picks And ReviewsOut of them all, you could argue that hats are the most universal item. That is if you’re a fan of wearing one. We’ve already covered some of the best caps and hats you can wear as a grappler. Moreover, we’ve also taken a look at the best BJJ/MMA T-shirts to clearly demonstrate you’re a badass. Today, it is time to focus on something entirely different – BJJ Hoodies. Or, more specifically, the best BJJ Hoodie. After all, you can do pretty much anything with a hoodie, right> Unlike a hat, you can keep it on at all times wherever you are. Plus, they tend to be way more comfortable than just a plain T-shirt, Especially if you live somewhere with not much sun.

Whatever your choice of leisurewear is, one thing is for certain – if you’ve been training for more than a couple of years, you own at least a few items. Since you’re going to go on a binge at one point or another anyway, why not make sure you have the best possible items? After all, it is easy to make the wrong choice with all the options available out there. Let us serve as a filter to the absolute best BJJ Hoodie options out there! 

The Versatility Of BJJ Hoodies

Why a hoodie? Well, for instance, name a piece of clothing that is as versatile as a hoodie if you can. I’m waiting. No? Ok, then let me go on. Wearing a hoodie is much more than just using a piece of clothing to display how crazy you are about wrestling in pajamas. It is something that you can actually use in training as well, and not just when you strut around amongst friends that don’t train.

For example, a top BJJ hoodie is a great thing to have on while commuting to and from training. All the Best BJJ hoodie top picks below are of the utmost quality, offering great thermal insulation. That means you can walk in just about any weather with them and still stay warm. Moreover, most hoodies have a cap so that you can protect your head from wind and rain. But that’s far from the full extent of it. Apart from everyday use, or use for commuting you can actually also train in a hoodie. Of course, it won’t be on the mats, but rather your strength and conditioning. Still, there’s hardly anything more comfortable than a hoodie. Pair it with one of the best BJJ rashguards below and you’ll hardly need anything else when training.

FInall,y hoodies are baggy by design, making them perfect for BJJ tournaments. Have you ever had a match delayed? Yo get all warmed up, wait in the Gi, and cool down while your turn is up. A great BJJ hoodie is going to fit perfectly over your Gi, helping you retain heat while you’re waiting for your name to be called. The examples go further than just these, but I have a feeling you’re eager to see what our best BJJ hoodie recommendations are.

Best BJJ Hoodie: The Top Picks

So how do you decide n the best BJJ hoodie?  Well, it is not easy, but it is simple. You pick a few characteristics you know are universally important and you start doing research. Well, at least in our case, In your case, you simply follow this guide and you’ll get everything you need in a few clicks. Not to mention at the best possible prices. With BJJ hoodies, it is primarily about comfort. You need a comfortable hoodie that’s also sturdy and is going to last you a long time.

Whether you want a pullover or a zip-up one is entirely down to you. The deigns is also subject to personal taste. However, the quality of the material, the quality of the print, how easy it is to keep clean, whether it retains odors or not, etc are characteristics that we took really seriously. As such, they were the defining factors of whether or not a hoodie appears among our top picks. You can rest assured we tested all of our top choices, and we guarantee for each and every one of them.

One more thing to keep in mind is that we also include osm highly innovative hoodie designs. In fact, one of them is probably going to revolutionize the hoodie industry in its entirety, it is that good. And, the best part is that it is made by grapples, for grapplers. However, that doesn’t mean the more traditional items on our list are worth any less. On the contrary, each and every one of the BJJ hoodies below is going to be your favorite piece of clothing for a very long time. Enjoy the reviews!


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We simply have to start with the absolute number one best BJJ hoodie ever made! That is the QuikFlip Hoodie, an item actually developed by a Gracie family member. The person in question is none other than Rener Gracie, one of the highest level black belt coaches alive. Well, Rener, as ti seems, si not just skillful at BJJ and making insane smoothies, but also hs a nack for clothing, In fac,t his QuikFlip is an absolute bestseller and it is mainly due to the fact that it transforms really easily into a drawstring backpack! What could be better for a grappler?

In a recent Amazon Deal Of The Day promo, the entire QuikFlip Hoodie collection sold out, proving how good Rener’s product is. At the moment, what’s available and in stock are sizes XS to XXXL and three different colored designs. The colors in question are black,  charcoal, and heather gray. The material is premium French terry fabric 960% ring-sup cotton, 40% Polyester). That gives it the perfect blend of comfort and durability. It comes in unisex sizing and a slim-fit model with a full top zipper in the front. At a weight of only 8.6 oz, this is a medium weight hoodie perfect for any occasion.

However, swath really makes this the best BJJ hoodie around is the fact it transforms into a bag. How? Simply flip the hoodie upside down, and reach in to find a hidden pouch. Just pull on it and the hoodie instantly transforms into a drawstring backpack with two compartments. Plus, the straps are completely adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for you! Plus, you can get it at a special price if you hurry up!

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Moving on from the QuikFLip Hoodie can be hard, I know, However, there are also other great options out there and we have to provide more of them/ One such example is the Interstate Apparel Inc. BJJ hoodie. This is a very simple hoodie, that’s perfect for everyday use and training. It s a pullover type hoodie that’s ahs the best price among our top picks to go with its’s premium quality.

If you’re a fan of pullover hoodies, this is the one to look at. This BJJ hoodie comes in sizes small to extra large. Colorwise, it has black around the torso region, with brown around the sleeves and the hood. At the front, there’s a white circle, containing the Japnese symbol fro JIu-Jitsu. The letters Jiu-Jitsu are written around the edge of the circle several times. As I said, simple but powerful in design. Moreover, the material is high-quality cotton, guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. The hoodie is machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. The quality of the print is also very high, guaranteeing no peeling of the design. Drawcords on the hood and affront dep pocket make ti the perfect hoodie for grapplers.

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One more pullover best BJJ Hoodie contender. This one is by “This Wear Apparel” and available in plenty of different colors and sizes. When looking at comfort, this has to be one of the best hoodies I’ve ever worn, regardless of design. The fact that it also is Jiu-Jitsu themed, and witty one at that, is only a huge bonus. Pricewise, one of the best deals you can find online nowadays!

This crazy comfortable hoodie is available in 8 different colors. Each of them coms in the form of a single color, ranging from ash, through military green and heliconia to plain white or red. AS I said, lots of possible variations here. Moreover, sizes range between small and XXX large, meaning there’s one for everybody. The front of the chest has “Jiu-Jitsu –That’s all that matters…and maybe two people” written across. Witty and original. Printing is done with water-soluble eco colors and the latest in printing technology. In other words, it’ll never fade. The material is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, to guarantee a long life along with enhanced comfort. There are drawcords on the hood as well as a front double-sided pocket. Made in the USA.

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81SJQACiF L. AC UX466  - Best BJJ Hoodie: Top Picks And Reviews

This is one I particularly enjoy wearing. Once again it is an iNterstate Apparel Inc. design. This time, however, it comes in a very cool design, with a cool logo on the front. In terms of comfort and price, all that we previously said about the Interstate Apparel hoodie still stands. However, since there are changes in material here, this one is even sturdier. Not to mention it has one of the best BJJ hoodie designs ever.

The size this hood is available in are all in between small and XXX large. Design-wise, you get a combination of plain black and green camo. The camo is reserved for the sleeves and hood, while everything else is black. The letters in the front read:” Enjoy Jiu-Jitsu – bring your game”> the best part about it is that the letters are arranged like the “Coca Cola” logo. The Hoodie is printed and made in the USA and is a blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Once again, there’s a double-sided front pocket and drawstrings on the hood. Yet another example of a great pullover BJJ Hoodie.

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5. “JIU-JITSU: GROUND IS MY SAFE SPACE” HOODIE 619Wk5t7ozL. AC SX569. SX. UX. SY. UY  - Best BJJ Hoodie: Top Picks And Reviews

One of the most simplistic hoodie designs you’ll ever see, for sure! If you’re a minimalist in nature, you’ll love this one! Pullover, full-colored, with a Jiu-Jitsu theme across the chest. Whether you want to warm up in it, train in it, commute or wear it at home this is the best BJJ Hoodie for you. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable and available at an unbelievable price. You can actually collect a few of these in different colors,  and be set for years.

Sizes range between the usual Small and XXX-Large. In terms of colors, it is mostly simple cull color designs, coming in black, grey, charcoal, forest green, red, blue, and Kelly green. One more BJ hoodie with a 50/50 polyester and cotton design, providing all the comfort and durability to go toe to toe with the best of them. The printing says “Jiu-Jitsu: The Ground is my safe space” and there’s a figure in Gi kneeling at the top. This hoodie weighs 7,8 oz, making it medium weight. The hood features a drawstring closure and thanks to air-jet yam there’s a pill-resistant finish.

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Out of all the contenders in our best BJJ Hoodie list, this has to be a favorite of mine. Between this one and the QUckFlip, I think I might just be set for life when it comes to choosing jiu-Jitsu hoodies. Who doesn’t want a teenage Mutant Ninja turtles hoodie? Particularly when it has both the iconic turtles and a BJJ theme. Not to mention a really slick design, with perfectly placed colors and all the sizes you can imagine! I don’t own this one yet, but the order is already in!

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81oBEeyWqML. AC UX679  1 - Best BJJ Hoodie: Top Picks And Reviews

Finally, something that might not appeal to everyone but is extremely cool. It is a BJJ hoodie, but one that features no sleeves. In that sense, it is more of a vest hoodie type of thing. Once again, quality comes guaranteed, courtesy of Interstate Apparel Inc. Moreover, the design is also really witty and interesting. At first glance, it might seem the perfect fit for bikers only, but it is actually perfect for anyone. The absence of sleeves, though, means you can combine it in different ways and with different types of clothing!


This pullover style sleeveless BJJ Hoodie is available in black only. This has to do with the design which actually features a whiskey-style label at the front. Instead of Jack Daniels. Though, ti says Jiu-Jitsu, also stating Discipline, Honor, Respect and more BJJ related phrases. Sizes range between small and 5x Large. In terms of comfort, there’s hardly anything that can beat it, with 80% of the material being cotton. Similar to other Interstate Apparel products, this is a USA-made product. Once again, drawstrings feature on the hood, as does a front pouch pocket. 

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Say whatever you want about hoodies, but you’ve worn one at least once in your lifetime. If you’re a grappler (and reading this site, you’re most likely one) then you absolutely need hoodies in your life. The more, the better. So, why not make every one hoodie you own the best BJJ Hoodie available? From crazy stuff like the QuikFlip to simpler and funny designs like the TMNT one, you can’t go wrong with any of our top picks. Or, if you want a challenge, try to collect them all!