Best BJJ Accessories For 2019 – Reviews And Guide

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could let everyone know just how much you love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? I mean apart from all the daily babble on the subject that has people rolling their eyes. Let’s face it, BJJ takes over our lives and we’re glad to let it. Our addiction to the Gentle Art is apparent in almost every aspect of our daily lives, not just on the mats. That said, it is the small things in life that bring us the most pleasure. It is the same when BJJ is life and BJJ accessories are those small things that make us smile. To that extent, we take a look at some of the best BJJ accessories that can make your life better. 

When we’re talking about the best BJJ accessories, we’re talking about things from every aspect of life. It is not just about your T-shirt or cauliflower ears but also about stuff like your coffee mug, your car keys keychain, your toddler’s onesie… You can represent Jiu-Jitsu in virtually every aspect of your life outside the mats. Now, whether you decide to go with representing your Academy, or simply letting everyone know how much you love BJJ, the choice is yours. To make things easier, we’ll offer some key accessories that will leave no doubt about where your allegiances lay.

The BJJ Lifestyle

Just like with everything else, our lifestyles are highly customized in the world we live in. Everyone likes to both express their individuality and, at the same time, belonging to a group. Young people nowadays belong to one or more of a thousand currents or affiliations. Being part of the ever-growing BJJ community is certainly one of the best, but I’m very biased so it’s an answer you’d expect. Still, the BJJ lifestyle is about a lot more than just throwing Shaka signs and cramming in acai bowl after acai bowl.

First and foremost we have to talk about conduct. no amount of BJJ accessories is going to make you a good ambassador of the sport if you do not know how to conduct yourself. BJJ is about respect, positivity, and sportsmanship. The “no ego” talk so often heard on the mats should actually be an approach we take in every occasion.

That said, there’s no point in living the BJJ lifestyle if we can’t proudly display it for everyone to see. it’s not ego, it’s just love of what has us going every day. Granted, as grapplers, we’re really hard to talk to for “regular” people. We tend to bring Jiu-Jitsu, not every conversation, although, in our defense, not really intentionally. Still, there are other ways to portray our love for the sport. People tend to notice the small things much more than pay attention to a subject they’re not interested in. So, get the best BJJ accessories to both express your grappling lifestyle, and use it to start that BJJ conversation you crave for!

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The Best BJJ Accessories For 2019

so what exactly are BJJ accessories? The beauty of this “category” is that it is wide open. You can consider everything to be an accessory. Well ok, anything apart from the equipment we need for training, and BJJ apparel that’s part of our wardrobe. After all, they’re essential parts of life or training and can’t be labeled as accessories. Everything else, on the other hand, is a go!

Today, we made a comprehensive list of the best BJJ accessories you can get this year. We include everything, from hats and everyday bags to patches, mugs an keychains. Whether you like a good book to add to your library or some cool new threads for your toddler, we got you covered. You’re going to get these things anyway, so why not make them about the thing you love the most?

Eat, Sleep, BJJ Mesh Baseball Cap 

Eat, Sleep, BJJ Mesh Baseball Cap First up in our best BJJ accessories guide is a really cool looking hat. Having a hat on is a great way of representing BJJ. The hat in question is a black and white baseball cap, that’s perfect for both men and women. It is not overly conspicuous while at the same time feeding your BJJ addiction. Read More...

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Jiu-Jitsu Gear Belt Key Chain 

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Jiu-Jitsu Gear Belt Key Chain This one is pretty self-explanatory just by the title. You get a key chain that has a BJJ belt theme. Actually, the key chain itself is a BJJ belt, although in a much smaller scale than regular belts (duh). Read More...

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“Create Magic” BJJ Drawstring Backpack

"Create Magic" BJJ Drawstring BackpackBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu bags and backpacks are usually heavy-duty, specially designed gym bags. As such, they’re perfect for carrying multiple Gis and lots of additional equipment, as well as keeping things from retaining odors. However, they might not be very practical for everyday use, mostly because of their size. Read More...

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BJJ Shark Shoulder Bag

BJJ Shark Shoulder BagGrappling ladies, this one is for you. This shoulder bag is the perfect bag to take with you when you’re traveling, or simply for day to day use. given that it fits your choice of clothes and shoes, of course. Read More...

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BJJ iPhone X Case

BJJ iPhone X CaseThere’s no way we can go into the best BJJ accessories and not talk about phone cases! After all, if there’s one thing we always have with us and use everywhere, it is our phones. In this case, we have a really great iPhone X cover for you to get. Read More...

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iPhone 6-8 Jiu-Jitsu Girl Case

iPhone 6-8 Jiu-Jitsu Girl CaseOne specially made for the finer half of BJJ here. Also, this is a case that covers a wide variety of iPhone editions, except the 9 and X. Namely, this is a slim, shock-absorbent TPU gel case. It offers much better protection than plastic cases. Read More...

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Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Patch

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu PatchBJJ patches are usually things people associate with Gis. However, they don’t just have to be Gi accessories. they are, in fact, among the best BJJ accessories for everyday use as well. Namely, you can use the patch as virtually anything, from jackets to T-shirts or caps, and even bags or backpacks. Read More...

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Toddler BJJ Long Sleeve Onesie

Toddler BJJ Long Sleeve OnesieYes, you can go as far as dress your newborn children in BJJ themed clothes. it is one of the best applications of our best BJJ accessories ever! to that extent we have a couple of options for you today, the first coming in the form of this long sleeve sleepwear. Read More...

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BJJ Shaka Hand Girls’ Toddler Tunic

BJJ Shaka Hand Girls' Toddler TunicOne for all the beautiful future BJJ lady grapplers here. This tunic is perfect for baby girls between the ages of 2-4 years. Ultra-soft, 100 % cotton that’s perfect even for the most sensitive skin. The tunic comes in white and ranges from size 5T to 4T. Read More...

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BJJ Ranked Coffee Mug

BJJ Ranked Coffee MugAnother staple of the best BJJ accessories has to be a drinking mug. Whether you’re a coffee or a tea person, you need a mug. Almost everyone has a few favorite ones, one at home, one at the office, etc. Why not use our best BJJ accessories guide to choose Jiu-Jitsu themed mugs for any occasion? Read More...

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“Jiu-Jitsu And Coffe” Mug

"Jiu-Jitsu And Coffe" MugAnother ceramic white mug that bears a Jiu-Jitsu design. Actually, this one is much more subtle compared to the previous one. The design here has a Starbucks-like logo in the middle. While the logo is really like that of Starbucks, the words say “Jiu-Jitsu and Coffee”. Read More...

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Armbar Bumper Sticker

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Armbar Bumper StickerOnce again, you can’t think about the best BJJ accessories and not consider bumper stickers. To be honest, there is not a real lot of them out there. However, out of all available, the one we suggest is going to please everyone, guaranteed! Read More...

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In Conclusion

While our list of the best BJJ accessories is the most comprehensive one yet, it does not show every possible accessory. Nor is there any guide that can include them all. If your preference is to represent your own Academy, then your shopping is easy, yet limited to what they have on offer. If not, the sky is the limit, and we have everything between here and there that you might consider as fun and cool BJJ accessory!