10 Best Leg Locks DVDs and Digital Instructionals

10 best leg locks dvds and digital instructionals

If you untold someone in BJJ ten years ago that leg locks would not just be considered a normal thing, but even high-percentage submissions that people sought to learn, they’d call you crazy. Fast forward to 2021 and even the IBJJF has legalized knee reaping heel hooks (to an extent). In modern BJJ, there’s no going forward without the use of leg locks, Gi or No-Gi. In fact, the game has got so diverse and deep since Danaher’s Death Squad popularized them, that there is plenty of material out there to learn different aspects of lower body submission holds. To that extent, we put together a guide for you – the most comprehensive leg locks DVD instructional collection ever put together. 

The issue with picking and choosing leg locks DVD instructionals is the same as with many other BJJ DVDs – figuring out which ones offer applicable information, and which are just smoke and mirrors. It is not that leg locks won’t work, it is more the case of which leg locks are the ones that work against t most people, under most circumstances, and without any special athletic requirements. Leg locks do require a bit more than just grabbing the ankle/ heel/toes and pulling. Danaher taught us the value of positioning, but the BJJ community, as usual, did not stop there. The following collection of leg attacks DVD instructional is the natural evolution of this aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can bet there will be more to come as well!

The Best Foot & Leg lock DVD Instructionals Collection

How do you know that a leg lock is a reliable one? One big hint would be the ability to tap people from white to black belts with it. An even greater indicator of success would be if you could achieve that feat without being a black belt yourself. If at the same time, you can tap people of all sizes, ages, and body types as well, you can more or less be certain you’re on to one of those leg locks that will rarely fail you. It also means you should probably specialize in it and evolve it further.

The thing you need to figure out with leg locks is control. That was the deciding factor in taking them out from the closet, dusting them off, and re-introducing them as some of the best moves in BJJ after decades of neglect. Nowadays, everyone understands control mainly due to the introduction of the Ashi Garami concepts. That said, you could go dextrally deep in figuring out all late concepts, or just focus on one or two general principles that make it all work. One principle I like to call fundamental to successful control while leg locking is keeping the opponents’ hips on the ground. In other words, if both their butt cheeks are touching the mats, you will have sufficient control to start setting up leg locks and get a tap.

In terms of legal and illegal moves, my approach is to train everything. Learn as many different aspects of leg locks as you can. this, of course, is a principle that applies across the board in Jiu-Jitsu. Know how to set leg locks up so that you’re not surprised when someone tries to go for them when you roll or compete. The legality puzzle can easily be solved – know the ruleset. Knowing the ruleset, though, does not stop you from training and understanding even the “illegal” moves. In our leg locks DVD collection, you’ll find all kinds of leg locks, legal and illegal, but they all have one thing in common – they work!

The Top 10 

Let’s start with a bang. The best 10 BJJ foot and leg attack DVD instructional that you can get online. The 10 parts that make up the Holy Grail of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu leg locks. Enjoy the reviews.

1. Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50 by Lachlan Giles

Leg Lock Anthology 50/50 Lachlan Giles Leglocks DVD:The first spot in our list goes to the man who proved not just that leg locks work, but that they also work perfectly against much larger and stronger opponents. Lachlan Giles was the shining star of the 2019 ADCC where he beat some huge names and people in the absolute division to earn himself ADCC bronze. His entire system of 50/50 leg locks is available in this 8-part instructional.

2. Down Under Leg Attacks by Craig Jones

Down Under Leg Attacks by Craig JonesLachlan’s star student and the man beyond a doubt reinforced the notion that leg locks DO work when he broke Vinny Magalhães leg with a very tight heel hook. This instructional won’t just teach you leg locks, it’ll also serve as a guide to entering Asnhi Garami positions by using Craig’s innovative methods.

3. Leg Attack Domination by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass DVD Leg Attack Domination  The man who “groomed” Gordon Ryan and Gary Tonon into grapplers before Danaher took over is also a huge fan and connoisseur of leg locks. Tom DeBlass has an extremely versatile and tight leg lock game, with a huge emphasis on controlling, and transitioning in between different Ashi Garami positions. This DVD of his will open doors for you that you’\ve never thought existed.

4. Grand Master Leg Locks by Gokor Chivichyan

Grand Master Leg Locks by Gokor ChivichyanOne of the few people that had very in-depth instructionals way before leg locks became popular was Gokor Chivichyan. This four-volume instructional is an updated and evolved version of his original system. That means that with this one you get the best of both old-school Sambo / catch wrestling and new-school BJJ leg locks.

5. The K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System by Dean Lister

Dean Lister KATCH leg lock systemRight up there with Gokor’s early work. Dean Lister is the man who inspired John Danaher to develop the system we use today, Lister’s DVD was the first complete BJJ-based leg locking system out there. To this day, the K.A.T.C.H. system works like a charm, both in its original and updated version. A must, for any self-respecting leg locker out there.

6. The Knee-Barges Leg Attack System by Gabriel Arges

The-Knee Barges Leg Attack System by Gabriel ArgesFor those that have an affinity towards kneebars more than other leg locks, Gabriel Arges is the man to seek. If you can’t get to him, his instructional on kneebars will more than suffice. Expect a detailed breakdown of kneebar mechanics along with some really slick entries.

7. The Estima Lock & New School Toe Hold by Braulio Estima

Braulio Estima - The Estima LockWhile some like kneebars, others like toe holds. Braulio Estima likes both, but this instructional is all about toe holds, given that his signature submission, the Estima lock is based on toe hold mechanics. More than just a DVD on the toe hold technique, this instructional offers a full system that connects various leg locking submissions. Legal for the most part.

8. IBJJF Legal Leglocks by Luiza Monteiro

Luiza monteiro DVD IBJJF Legal leglocksSpeaking of legal and illegal, Luiza Monteiro has an instructional that covers nothing but IBJJF legal leg locks. If you’re a Gi IBJJF competitor by train, these four volumes will teach you everything there is about what you can do to people’s lower bodies and win in a fair and square way.

9. Ground Marshal Leglocks by Neil Melanson

Brand New Neil Melanson DVD Instructional Ground Marshall Leg LocksThis is one for true leg lock lovers, and perhaps those with a bit of a sadistic nature. Neil has a pretty brutal grappling style, based on catch wrestling. While his leg lock system does employ modern positioning principles and tactics, it also leans a lot on the brutal finishing nature of catch-wrestling-style leg locks. In terms of this DVD, it is better to have it and not need it, than the other way around.

10. Budovideos Break a Leg DVD by Jeff Glover

Break a Leg DVD by Jeff GloverJeff Glover’s wacky and unusual leg locks also make it in our top 10 picks list. Perfectly named “break a leg”, this instructional covers interesting (to say the least) ways of setting up and finishing leg locks. As is the case with Glover’s instructionals, the creative entries into leg locks are really the thing that stands out the most.

List Of Every Foot & Leg locks DVD Instructional Out There

What if you want more than just 10 leg attacks DVD instructionals? Lots more? We got you covered. Below is every BJJ leg locks DVD that has at least one little thing to teach you. In other words, this is the most comprehensive list of leg attacks DVD instructionals that actually work.

1. Leglocks: Enter The System by John Danaher

John Danaher Leglocks

Of course, Danaher’s leg lock instructional is going to make an appearance in the list of the best leg attacks DVD instructional. Bear in mind though, it is 8 volumes long and has approximately 12 hours of material. It is sufficient to say you’ll need to spend months just trying to make sense of it all, and even more to learn everything there is. It is definitely worth it, though.

2. Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit by Garry Tonon

“Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit” Garry Tonon DVD ReviewWho can forget that Garry Tonon scissor takedown entry into a leg lock vs. Edwin Najmi at the 2019 ADCC? It was the perfect example of how to blend together high-level wrestling with the modern leg locking game. This Tonon DVD will teach you how to do exactly that.

3. Leg Lock Obsession by Quentin Rosenzweig

Leg Lock Obsession by Quentin RosenzweigBeautifully named “Leg Lock Obsessions” this four-part instructional goes deep into the world of BJJ leg locks and will teach you things you never even thought of.

4. Getting Un-Stuck by Luiz Panza

Getting Un Stuck by Luiz PanzaLuis Panza’s escape system involves a lot of leg lock defenses and positional escapes, which can be very useful in learning, not just defense, but also leg lock offense.

6. Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam Chsiev

Russian Grappling Hacks by Rustam ChsievRustam Chsiev is a scary grappler that takes pleasure in devouring people’s limbs. When it comes to leg locks, he is hard to match, and he has every unique blend of Sambo and BJJ leg locks which he fully explains in this instructional.

7. IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets by Dean Lister

Dean Lister DVD Review: IBJJF Legal Leg Attack Secrets CoverWhile he may have been coerced into releasing this leg locks DVD, the fact is that Dean Lister also has an instructional out covering nothing but IBJJF legal leg locks and shot in the Gi. Well worth it, though!

8. Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks by Dean Lister

Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks by Dean ListerAs you might expect, Lister has a lot to say on the subject of leg attacks, so much so, in fact, that he has several ultra-high quality instructions. This one is all about quick hacks that will help you finish way more leg locks than ever before.

9. Sambo for BJJ by Vlad Koulikov

Sambo for BJJ by Vlad KoulikovSambo leg locks modified to fit the needs of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taught by one of the utmost experts in the field. Sounds good? That is because it is!

10. Leglocks 101 by Charles Harriott

leglocks 101 by charles harriottCharles Herriot is one of the best leg lockers of the new school. He puts lots of hours into perfecting and exploring leg locks and leg attacking positions and has lots of novel approaches. His instructional is well worth checking out.

11. Sambo Academy: Achilles Locks by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo Academy Achilles Locks by Ivan VasylchukAnother Sambo gift for BJJ athletes, this time in the form of an Achilles locks masterclass taught by Ivan Vasylchuk.

12. The 411 Leg Lock Instructional by Alan Shade

The 411 Leg Lock Instructional by Alan ShadeFor those that really want to specialize in the 4/11, AKA Honeyhole, AKA Inside Snekaku position. ALan has some crazy deep insights and tricks to share about never losing the position, and exposing many different leg attacks from it.

13. Wiseman BJJ by Rodrigo Cavaca (Footlocks, Closed Guard Attacks & Stopping The Guard Pass )

Rodrigo Cavaca Wiseman BJJ DVDRodrigo Cavaca has an interesting DVD out that use leg locks to bridge other guard attacks and pass prevention. Unique, and extremely useful, especially for competitors.

14. The No-Gi Formula: For Masters Competitors by Mario Delgado

The No Gi Formula For Masters Competitors by Mario DelgadoIn this instructional, Mario uncovers why leg locks are the ultimate tool at Masters athletes’ disposal, particularly when rolling/competing in No-Gi.

15. The Ashi LegLock System by Jay Wadsworth

The Ashi Leg Lock System by Jay WadsworthWhat exactly si the Ashi Garami and how does it work? Learn everything there is about modern BJ leg entanglements from this great BJJ leg attacks DVD instructional.

16. IBJJF Legal Leg Attacks by Tiago Alves

IBJJF Legal Leg Attacks by Tiago Alves

Another release focusing on IBJJF legal leg locks, this time taught by black belt competitor Tiago Alves.

17. High Percentage IBJJF Legal Footlocks by Mikey Musumeci

High percentage IBJJF legal leg locks mikey musumeciMikey Musumeci is one of the most famous grapplers alive. His instructional on leg attacks are filled with giant-killing techniques that will allow you to tap out people much larger than you. A perfect fit for ladies and smaller-framed grapplers.

18. The Belly Down Footlock From Single Leg X by Tarik Hopstock

"Belly Down Foot Locks" DVD By Tarik HopstockOne particularly;y brutal way of finishing foot locks is by going belly down into a tripod position. Tarick Hopstock will teach you many different ways of doing exactly that. Moreover, he’ll do so from one of the premier leg locking positon – the Single Leg X-Guard.

19. IBJJF Legal FootlockClick Heres by Jose Varella

IBJJF Legal Footlocks by Jose VarellaJose Luis Varella has a very fundamental guide on how to set up and finish leg locks that won’t get you in trouble under any ruleset. Perfect for beginners that love training with the Gi.


FOOTLOCK MASTERY BY OLIVER GEDDESOlie Geddes has a very underrated and dangerous leg lock game, that he shares in great detail in his footlock mastery course.


THE FOOT LOCK MANIFESTO BY ALEKSANDAR RAJACICFocusing on foot locks this instructional covers both the Ashi Garami position, and some innovative alternatives that offer tight and brutal ankle lock-based finishes.


LEGAL LEG LOCKS FOR BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSUA simple guide to leg locks for BJJ that has something to teach both beginner and advanced grapplers.

23. Leg Attacks Against Modern Guard by Tarsis Humphreys

Leg Attacks Against Modern Guard by Tarsis HumphreysTarsis Humphreys has a very unique leg locks DVD, focusing on leg locks from the top. This three-part instructional will offer you plenty of interesting and unusual alternatives to passion the guard.

24. Unconventional Leg Attacks by Jesseray Childrey

Unconventional Leg Attacks by Jesseray ChildreyAs the name suggests, there’s nothing conventional about the two volumes filled with leg locks in this DVD. No-Gi.

25. Invisible Leglocks by Warren Brooks

Invisible Leglocks by Warren BrooksIf you want to set up leg locks without people noticing what you’re doing until it is way too late, this is instructional to focus on. Brooks really does have a way of making leg locks seem invisible.


ILLEGAL LEG LOCKS PART TWOAfter all the legal leg lock instructionals this one comes as a breath of fresh air to those leaning towards the dark side of grappling. In this DVD, you’ll learn all about the most illegal of leg locks and how to set them up.

27. The Modern Leglock Formula with Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting

The Modern Leglock Formula with Rob Biernacki and Stephan KestingOne of the early go-to DVD sets for leg locking, this 6-part formula will explain the world of Ashi Garami leg locks and the importance of control before submission.

28. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Leglocks Vol-1 By Rigan Machado

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Leglocks Vol 1 By Rigan MachadoAn old-school approach to leg locks, as taught by the legendary Rigan Machado. Very effective. and straightforward.

29. Battle Tested Down Under Leglocks by Craig Jones

Craig Jones DVD INstructional - Down Under Leg LocksThe second portion of Craig Jones’ original leg locks instructional. Here, he shares some experiences of his many matches and leg lock finishes and goes deeper into his system.

30. The Imanari Roll And Modern Leg Attacks From Japan by Masakazu Imanari

Masakazu Imanari The Imanari Roll DVD ReviewThe Imanari roll is an integral part of any leg locker’s arsenal. In this instructional, the original Japanese leg locker who invented the move, Imanari himself, talks about his leg locking game and crazy spinning entries that will catch everyone off guard.

31. Brazilian Leg Lock Secrets by Rodrigo Artilheiro and Judge Walmory

Brazilian Leg Lock Secrets Rodrigo Artilheiro and Judge WalmoryFour volumes filled with secrets of BJJ leg locks, presented by Rodrigo Artilheiro and Judge Walmory.


MASTERING ANKLE LOCKS REILLY BODYCOMBWrapping this leg attacks DVD list up is an instructional by American Sambo expert and leg lock expert Reilly Bodycomb. In it, he covers his take on ankle locks, along with some interesting approaches to regaining control over the legs when people try and defend or escape.

In Conclusion

You can easily get overwhelmed by foot and leg locks DVD instructionals if you’re not sure where to start. As an experienced leg locker, you already have an idea of what you want and you can use any o the titles above to further specialize. If you’re a beginner, stick to the more general ones, or better yet, any of our top 10 picks.

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