Best BJJ Jump Rope 2021 Guide And Reviews

Best BJJ Jump Rope
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Go out for a run. This is the one universal advice you’ll get when you ask for conditioning advice. Regardless if it’s weight loss, boxing, or BJJ, 90% of people will recommend some kind of roadwork. It may be long slow running, sprints, or some kind of interval training variation. The one common thread is that you need to go outside and start running. But what do you do if you’re not blessed to live in a spot like California where you can run outside year-round? Sure, going to the gym for a go at treadmills and ellipticals is a good option but not always practical. Well, there’s one more conditioning tool you need to explore – the jump rope.  Let’s see what the Best BJJ Jump Rope is, where to get it, and how you can use it. 

Jumping rope for combat conditioning is nothing new. Boxers and kickboxers have been using this simple tool for decades now. And there’s no way you can claim these athletes are not in tremendous shape. The trouble with the jump rope for BJJ conditioning is mainly perception. Usually, people see jump rope as part of boxing/Muay Thai footwork drills. Well, it is much more than that. Let me put it like this – everything you can do outside on the road, you can do with a jump rope in your living room. Not only that but you also have additional options and different conditioning modalities to explore. Basically, when you get a jump rope you get an inexpensive tool to use both inside and outside, along with the option to condition yourself to an elite level. All you need to know is which is the best BJJ jump rope!

Jump Rope Conditioning

Conditioning with a jump rope is not specific to any martial art. This means you can make it as specific or general as you want. In BJJ terms this means that you can work on all three energy systems, which is something that very few conditioning tools can offer. On top of it all, there are some hidden benefits of rope jumping for grapplers that you’re probably not aware of.

First, the obvious benefits. Training with a jump rope is a cardiovascular exercise, aimed at improving the capacity and strength of your heart and lungs. The beauty is that you can both run for hours or do short intense sprints with it, even adding weight to the mix. This largely improves endurance for grappling. It is going to build you a gas tank the likes of Nick Diza in just a few months. Furthermore, jumping rope helps protect your knees while training. There are also massive increases in your VO2 Max. Even if you train for s small amount of time, you can get a great return in terms of grappling endurance.

The hidden benefits that the very best BJJ jump rope brings are in the form of coordination and timing. Even the very basic double leg skip requires you to have solid hand-eye coordination, More complex skipping patterns further improve your footwork and timing. Then, there’s also moves like double unders that double as plyometric exercises on top of conditioning. Some even less known benefits are certain improvements in strength at specific parts of the body and improved breathing efficiency.

Best BJJ Jump Rope Guide

While you might be tempted to think any old rope will suffice, you’ll soon discover that it’s hard to jump rope without a proper rope. The best BJJ jump rope is an inexpensive one, that features suitable (or adjustable) length, a material with a specific weight depending on needs, as well as state of the art handles for a better grip. it may seem as handles do not really make a difference, but try a Tabata, or even better a 60-minute jog without them and you’ll understand.

Below, the best BJJ jump rope contenders are going to further clarify what you’re looking for in a great jump rope for BJJ. Moreover, we’ll go over some jump rope qualities at the tail end of this article as well. The jump ropes below are the absolute best products on the market, offering different benefits depending on their design. All in all, you won’t go wrong with any of them, but we made sure you have a good selection to choose from.

#1 – Master Of Muscle Jump Rope

The Best BJJ Jump Rope Master Of Muscle Jump RopeOur opening round goes to Master Of Muscle’s jump rope designed for speed jumping. This means that you get an ultra-thin rope made from a specialized material. If you’re after a highly portable tool this is the one for you. If you think you’re advanced enough to try and master double unders, this is definitely the rope you need.
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This rope is as simple as it gets which makes it one of the best BJJ jump rope options for grapplers. There’s no PVC or plastic, with just a cable wire connecting the two handles. This means there’s absolutely no way for you to snap, bend or damage this rope. The handles have a 90-degree turn, meaning they’ll never seize or lock up while you train. Even more so, this technology offers the fastest spinning available with a jump rope. The handles also offer the option to adjust the rope to your height. Extremely light and portable, this jump rope comes with a free pouch. 100% money-back guarantee by the manufacturer!


#2 – ELITE SURGE Jump Rope

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - ELITE SURGE Jump RopeA similar style of rope as the Master Of Muscle one, Elite Surge has a great product on offer. Once again, it is an ultra-thin jump rope, with a simple design and top quality handles.
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The handles are actually high grade anodized aluminum that’s machine-cut. They contain dual ball bearings to ensure smooth and uninterrupted spinning with minimal friction. The rope itself has a nylon coating around a cable wire. This makes it virtually indestructible and one of the best BJJ jump rope options of all time. The handles actually have quite a large cable hole, allowing you to change the rope if you desire. Can use either thin ropes or even weighted cables with the same handles. The rope comes with a weight of only 4 oz and the ability to adjust the height. Comes in a few different colors.


#3 – 5BILLION Speed Jump Rope

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - 5BILLION Speed Jump RopeChanging gears just a little bit as we go into some more complex jump rope designs. 5 Billion has a really great product out that’s particularly useful for grapplers. This rope is of the greatest quality and offers the best handles a jump rope can have.
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Starting with the handles here. The ergonomic non-slip handles feature modern technology that makes this the best BJJ jump rope for grapplers. The handles have grooves for your thumb and index finger allowing for very easy and comfortable gripping. Sweatband tapes ensure the handles are never going to slip regardless of training intensity. The rope itself is 3 meters long and completely adjustable. Adjustments do not require any screws or tools. There area ball bearing in the handles to allow maximal movement and speed. Comes with a carry bag and in multiple color options. Also available as a weighted rope. A free exercise guide and an extra cable are included.


#4 – 321 STRONG Plastic Jump Rope

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - 321 STRONG Plastic Jump RopeWhen we think of the best BJJ jump rope we rarely think plastic. Unless it is the “321 Strong” Jump rope. This is the rope that proves a good quality product can come in very different shapes.
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Another minimalistic option, this jump rope has tapered handles for maximal comfort and a secure grip. Oversized thumbscrews ensure effortless adjustments. The design ensures that the rope does not tangle, which is a very important quality. The “rope” itself is actually a steel wire coated with PVC. The length of this rope is 11 feet, meaning it can accommodate even the tallest grapplers. The package includes a replacement rope, spare screws and handles vinyl caps, plus a nylon carrying pouch. There’s also an E-book to help beginners with exercising.


#5 – Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope 

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump RopeThe perfect rope for people who have never skipped before. That said, it is also a great option for advanced skippers, hence it features in our best BJJ jump rope guide for 2021. Fitness Factor’s rope lightweight, inexpensive, and durable, plus very easy to use.
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The handles are different from previous designs because they feature a foam coating. This coating helps to reduce the stress on your arms as well as improve grip. For grapplers that continuously overuse their grip muscles, this is a perfect fit. The rope is completely adjustable, able to accommodate BJJ athletes from 4’9″ to 6’6″. Extremely low impact and with a smooth spinning action via ultra-durable ball bearings. The cord is tangle-resistant and made of high-grade plastic.


#6 – KING ATHLETIC Jump Rope

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - KING ATHLETIC Jump RopeWhy is this the most serious contender for the best BJJ jump rope ever? Well because the manufacturer is so confident that they offer a 200% money-back guarantee! That means that if you are unsatisfied, you’ll get a new rope plus a 100% refund. It’s the deal of a lifetime!
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The King Athletics rope is my personal preferred choice. It is very easily adjustable and features a very long rope at 9’4″ total length. Very lightweight and portable, this rope is built to last and will never break down. The handles feature custom molded foam grips for ultra-comfortable workouts. Contains super-speed ball bearings, providing smooth and unimpeded rotation even at very high speed. Comes with not one, but two E-book manuals containing everything you need to build jump rope grappling workouts.


#7 – WODFitters Speed Jump Rope

The BEst BJJ Jump Rope - WODFitters Speed Jump RopeDo not be deterred by the name, as this is not a Crossfit specific rope. Despite Crossfit dividing the opinions of the grappling community, certain tools developed for it fit BJJ needs perfectly. WODFitters’ speed rope is one of those tools and certainly one of the jump BJJ jump rope products for 2021.
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Available in a black or dark red color, this rope is a wire cable ultra-simple one. Since the focus of this rope is speed, the design features extremely fast, dual bearing, pivoting eye technology. It is a rope that professional jumpers use to achieve world records. Conversely, it is the perfect rope for training sprints or intervals in the face of grappling competition. The bearing system is actually patented and allows for friction-free spinning. The pivoting eyes mean you can use any angle you want and still achieve flawless motion. Durable nylon-coated steel connects a pair of super-strong nylon handles. This gives the rope uniformity and a huge lifespan. The nylon coating also gives it a bit more weight allowing you to easily get into a skipping rhythm.


#8 – Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Best BJJ Jump Rope 2019 - Survival and Cross Jump RopeOur last best BJJ jump rope contender is made by “Survival And Cross”. Their rope stands out as a premium quality product that features a slim and simple design. It is extremely portable and lightweight as well as lightning fast.
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This jump rope comes completely adjustable, as with every other product in our guide. The handles have special traction grip technology making them very secure. There is a collar at the top of the handles with adjustable screws. This allows for extremely easy adjustments just by loosening or tightening the collar. The cable is extremely durable, tangle-resistant, and impossible to tear or break. Plus it offers a very smooth spinning action. The manufacturer includes a free training app with every purchase.


How To Pick A Jump Rope

If it’s unclear about the characteristics you need to be looking for in the best BJJ jump rope, we’ll clear everything up here. However, we’ll focus on an aspect that you might not find at the top of the list – the ratio of rope length and your height.

Initially what you’re looking for in a BJJ jump rope is an affordable price. We offer something for everyone’s price range in our best BJJ jump rope guide above. We also cover only durable, long-lasting jump ropes that you’ll be using for years. In terms of material, the thing to go for is a steel wire, preferably coated with a durable material like nylon. Handles are highly individual and you should choose according to your needs. There are different widths and handle designs, from nylon coated to those with specially molded foam. Of course, adjustability is a characteristic a jump rope simply must have, otherwise, it’s not worth your time.

Before we wrap things up, let’s take a look at rope length. Surprisingly for most, the length of a rope has more to do with the exercises you do and your jumping style than with your height. Adjustments can feature from 2″ above your head for speed jumping to 30″ if you want to play it safe as a beginner. Still, the recommendation for grapplers is 12″-24″ since you’ll be jumping in different styles and with different intensities. Just keep in mind to go for the shorter end if you speed jump or do double unders.

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Go out for a run. This is the one universal advice you'll get when you ask for conditioning advice. Regardless if it's weight loss, boxing, or BJJ, 90% of people will recommend some kind of roadwork. It may be long slow running, sprints,