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The highest percentage submission in BJJ is the armbar. It is probably the same, or similar in terms of MMA and submission grappling as well. Factor in the Kimura, Americana, Omoplata, and all other arm locks, and you definitely have the highest percentage submission holds of any grappling martial art and/or combat sport in the form of arm locks. Learning all the ins and outs of arm attacks in BJJ is not easy, given the numerous variations on the subject. However, there are arm attacks DVD instructionals that can really help you master the highest-percentage submission moves in any sport. They are all listed below! 

Not everyone loves arm attacks in grappling, but everyone uses them. They’re too reliable and available not to. Given that you can do them with and without the Gi, on a straight or a bent arm, from virtually any position imaginable and against opponents of all sizes and levels, it comes as no surprise that they’re so effective. If you are interested in becoming a true arm lock aficionado, you’ll need to get through lots of material, though. There’s an extreme amount of information out there, and not all of it is going to come in hand. Every arm attacks DVD below has been proven effective and does bring something to the table that will improve your arm attacks.

The Best BJJ Arm Attacks DVD Instructionals Collection

What is your favorite arm attack in BJJ? As you probably know by now, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu arm attacks come in two major categories. They are either straight arm attacks, usually targeting the elbow or bent arm locks, that focus on the shoulder joint. In terms of attacks on the arm there are also wristlets and muscle slicers (mostly on the biceps), but, we’ll leave those for different articles.

The one main principle all arm attacks share si that you use your body to entangle and arm, control it and force a joint to bend in a direction it is not meant to, by applying mechanically superior force. IN simple terms, you isolate an arm and put pressure on a single joint until lit “breaks”. You don’t really break an arm with BJJ arm attacks, but rather destroy the soft tissues in a joint (ligaments, tendons, joint capsule, cartilage, etc.). This can end up being much more devastating than a break to the bones.

A major principle behind arm attacks that I like to teach is the control of two neighboring joints. regardless of what type of armlock you’re going for, if you control the joint above and below the one you’re attacking, you’ll be able to stay in a position long enough to set up a devastating lock. This is a principle you’ll recognize in every one of the arm attacks DVD instructionals we have complied for you in our ultimate arm-locking collection.

The Top 10 

Let’s start by looking at 10 arm attacks DVD instructionals that among them, provide the ultimate break down of any and all BJJ arm locks.

1. Kimura Hunting by Kazushi Sakuraba

A Review Of The Kimura Hunter DVD by Kazushi SakurabaKazushi Sakuraba is the man who broke Renzo Gracie’s arm with a Kimura. As if that’s not enough he also used the Kimura to beat several other Gracie members as well. Sakuraba has one of the most unique takes on this old-school bent arm lock. IT just so happens, his take is a highly effective one, and it works perfectly well for modern BJJ.

2. Fundamental Armbar Mechanics by Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec

Fundamental-Armbar-Mechanics-by-Karel-Silver-Fox-PravecKarel Pravec, AKA the Silverfox is a Renzo Gracie black belt and one of the best BJJ professors in the world. Whatever he explains is certain to become crystal clear. However, he does have a fascination with arm locks, and his DVD on armbar mechanics is the proof o that. Simply put, if you fancy yourself as an armbar hunter, you have to get this instructional.

3. Omoplata Everyone by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria DVD Omoplata EveryoneBernardo Faria needs no introduction, as the multiple-time world champion is a household name in the BJJ world. His instructionals are really setting the pace for every other instructional out there, but nobody has quite matched his DVD on Omoplatas. This arm attacks DVD is a title that every Gi grappler should have at home. Just in case.

4. The Buchecha Arm Bar by Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

Marcus Almeida Buchecha DVD Review: “The Buchecha Armbar” CoverBuchecha is yet another superstar of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that everyone knows about. In this four-part instructional he uncovers some of the key secrets behind his unique version of the straight armbar. With this one, you’ll get details on finishing the armbar from everywhere without any chance of the opponent defending.

5. The Filthy Kimura by Neil Melanson

Filthy Kimura DVD by Neil MelansonNeil Melanson is arguably, the most unorthodox grappler alive. He has a very unusual grappling system combining Judo, Sambo, Catch wrestling and BJJ. he is also highly creative, often coming up with moves that are just as effective as they’re unusual. His “filthy” Kimura is just one such example. This one works like a charm in both Gi and no_Gi and might just be the most brutal Kimura lock variation in existence.

6. 50 Shades Of Arm Bar by Renato Canuto

Renato Canuto - 50 shades of ArmbarsA true classic in terms of arm attacks DVD instructionals. As the title suggests, you get over 50 different ways of finishing a match via an armbar, courtesy of Renato Canuto. This four-part instructional is a real armbar bonanza, and while some techniques might seem a little out there, they are all tired and tested at the highest levels of the sport.

7. The Kimura System by Robson “Mau-Mau” Lima

The-Kimura-System-by-Robson-Mau-Mau-LimaAnother highly creative Kimura variation, this time by the charismatic Mau-Mau Lima. His take on the Kimura actually bears his name and is one of the most underrated Kimura variations in existence. It works, though, and is something you can use to surprise even black belts.

8. Attacking With Arm Locks by Jeff Glover

Attacking-With-Arm-Locks-by-Jeff-GloverGlover is hands down one of the best grapplers in the world. He has a really crazy style of grappling, which is in big part, a result of his crazy setups and entries into moves we already know. that is exactly what you get in this Jeff Glover arm attacks DVD instructional. In three-volumes, he covers all the major arm locks of BJJ and offers plenty of original setups and entries.

9. Arm-Lock Series (Juji-Gatame) by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals CollectionThe armbar is actually considered to be a Judo move, originally. Known as the Juji Gateame, it is one of the most used submissions ins Judo as well. In this incredible instructional, Judo and BJJ black belts Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro team up to teach you the secrets of the Judo armbar for BJJ.

10. Wrist Lock The World by Pete Letsos

Wristlock The World - Pete The Greek DVD ReviewWrapping up our top 10 arm attacks DVD instructionals is a bonus DVD on wristlocks. In it, Pet “The Greek” Lestos shares an incredible amount of information on some of the sneakiest submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

List Of Every BJJ Arm Attacks DVD Instructional Out There

The above instructionals might be our pick for the top ten arm attack DVD instructional in BJJ, but they’re far from the only ones! Check out dozens of more high-quality instructionals on everything about armlocks below:

1. Systematically Attacking The Back by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan Instructional: Systematically Attacking The Back REviewGordon Ryan’s instructional about back attacks actually feature to of Kimuras and armbars with a crazy amount of details.

2. Systematically Attacking the Turtle Position by Gordon Ryan

Systematically Attacking The Turtle Gordon Ryan DVD ReviewSimilarly to the back attack instructional, but obviously, with even more arm attacks. the turtle position is one that offers direct routes to arm locks, and Ryan doesn’t shy away from them.

3. Strangles & Turtle Breakdowns: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John DanaherJohn Danaher BJJ DVD Review – Strangles And Turtle Breakdowns CoverDanaher’s turtle DVD is a Gi instructional that covers mostly strangles in terms of the turtle position. There are, however, plenty of armbars among the many chapters of this 8-volume DVD that are more than worth looking into.

4. Kimura: Enter The System by John Danaher

Enter The System: Kimura John Danaher DVDSpeaking of Danaher and arm attacks DVD instructional, he also has highly specialized ones on bent and straight armlocks. this particular one covers the Kimura, and everything related to it in Danaher’s unique style.

5. Arm Bars: Enter The System by John Danaher

Review Of Enter the System: Armbars John Danaher DVD InstructionalAnother of Danaher’s specialized arm attacks DVD instructionals, this time on the straight armbar. This one will help you understand even the smallest details in regard to anything armbar related. It is, however, an 8-part instructional that will take a lot of time to go through.

6. Unifying The Systems: Navigating Between The DDS Submissions Systems by Garry TononGarry Tonon Unifying the Systems DVD Review

Tonon has pretty interesting DVD instructionals. He likes to cover broad subjects and go into detail about different stuff in different volumes. This instructional helps you connect all the attacks Danaher explains in his own specialized instructional into a meaningful system.

7. Side Control Attacks & Submissions: Old School Evolution by Fabio Gurgel

Side-Control-Attacks-Submissions-Old-School-Evolution-by-Fabio-GurgelFabio Gurgel is a true representative of old-school Jiu-Jitsu, and this side control instructional proves that once again. An entire section of it is all about armbars, and you’ll get some crazy old-school tips and trick in this one.

8. The Single Strap Back Take Encyclopedia by Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria DVD Review: The Single Strap Back Take Encyclopedia coverFaria’s one strap back take system si crazy enough to want to learn it on its own. In terms of the armbar options it offers, though, it is a must for any arm lock fan out there.

9. Wrist Locks From Everywhere by Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens DVD Digital Instructionals CollectionThis DVD is all about the sneaky ways in which you can use BJJ/Judo wristlocks to surprise and tap anyone.

10. Submission Arsenal: Closed Guard by Giancarlo Bodoni

Submission-Arsenal-Closed-Guard-by-Giancarlo-BodoniThe closed guard is a position usually associated with lots of arm locks: Kimuras, Omoplatas, straight armbars. that is exactly what you get with this instructional.

11. Timeless Sweeps And Submissions: The Side Butterfly Guard by Rafael Lovato

The Side Butterfly Guard Rafael Lovato DVDLovato has an interesting guard variation in his side butterfly guard. Conversely, there are a lot of arm locks that become available, as you’ll learn from this DVD.

12. The Armlock Obsession by Dave Camarillo

Armlock-Obsession-by-Dave-CamarilloAn arm attacks DVD covering all types of arm locks imaginable. The DVD has 8 volumes, covering every aspect of arm locking people with the Gi.


DAVE-CAMARILLO-ABSOLUTE-ARM-ANNIHILATIONOne more Dave Camarillo instructional, this time focusing on how to finish armlocks in extreme detail, rather than covering all the various ways of setting them up.

14. Winning From Full Mount by Andre Galvao

Winning-From-Full-Mount-by-Andre-GalvaoGalvao is a name that needs no introduction. While this title is not a specific arm attacks DVD, it does offer plenty on the subject, given that it is all about the mount position.

15. High Percentage Submissions by Bernardo Faria

High Percentage Submissions by Bernardo FariaFaria’s four-volume instructional on the highest-percentage submissions in Jiu-jitsu is mostly about arm locks, as you might expect.

16. Total Crucifix Back Attacks by Dallas Niles

Total-Crucifix-Back-Attacks-by-Dallas NilesOne position that offers a really unique and brutal arm attacks is the crucifix. Learn all about them as well as several chokes that work perfectly with the arm locks.

16. Wrist Lock The World Volume 2: No Gi by Pete Letsos

Wrist-Lock-The-World-Volume-2-No-Gi-by-Pete-LetsosPete Lestos has so much to say on the subject of wrist locks that one 3-part instructional wasn’t enough. So, he shot three-more volumes, expanding on everything he taught in the first instructional.

17. Automatic Omoplata System by Clark Gracie

Automatic-Omoplata-System-by-Clark-GracieClark Gracie is known as the Omoplata guy, with nobody calming the move as their own more than him. That said, he has a lot to teach on the subject, as his four-part arm attacks DVD has to show.

18. Kimura Domination by Tom DeBlass

Kimura-Domination-by-Tom-DeBlassTom DeBlass knows a thing or two about arm attack,s given how keen on submissions he is. Simply put, there is no better name for this instructional than Kimura Domination – that is exactly what you get.

19. Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock

A Complete Review Of The Tarikoplata DVD by Tarick HopstockHere one that narrowly missed out on the top ten. Tarik Hopstock has a crazy Kimura / Omoplata variation he does with his legs that have proven to be highly effective. This instructional will teach you all about it.

20. Closed Guard Yin Yang Series by Roberto Jimenez

Closed-Guard-Yin-Yang-Series-by-Roberto-JimenezRoberto Jimenez is one of the top up and coming competitors of today, and he is a true specialist in certain areas, like that back and the guard, for example. In this instructional, you get to learn all about the guar,d with lots of arm attacks from the position, of course.

21. Deadly Wristlocks by Marcio Stambowsky

Deadly-Wristlocks-by-Marcio-Stambowsky As the name suggests, lots of extremely painful wrist locks in this arm attacks DVD.

22. Mount Attacks Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisboa

Mount-Attacks-Beyond-The-Basics-by-Thomas-LisboaThomas Lisboa will show you extremely detailed setups of armbars and Americanas from the mount in the four instructional of this DVD.

23. Position, Transition and Submission by Eli Knight

Position-Transition-and-Submission-by-Eli-KnightEli Knight has one of the best overall instructionals out there in this one. it is all about positioning, transition, and finishing from all over. As you’d expect arm locks play a huge part in this instructional.

24. Old School Submissions from Side Control by Keith Owen

Submissions-from-Side-Control-by-Keith-OwenKeith Owen refreshes us with some long-forgotten and heavily underused old-school submissions options that are perfect to catch people off guard.

25. Finishing Finishers by JM Holland & Zach Maslany

Finishing-Finishers-by-JM-Holland-&-Zach-MaslanyThis DVD offers a 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu submission Party, including lots of No-Gi armlocks, most of which are far from ordinary.

26. Obnoxious Omoplatas by Jeff Glover

Obnoxious-Omoplatas-by-Jeff-GloverJeff Glover strikes again, this time exploring the world of Omoplatas, with lots of setups from positions you’ve probably not considered before.

27. Side Control Masterclass by Matheus Gonzaga

Side-Control-Masterclass-by-Matheus-GonzagaMatheus Gonzaga’s instructional covers side control from an offensive standpoint, which, among other things, means having fun with lots of bent and straight armlocks.

28. Position to Submission by Matheus Diniz

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Matheus Diniz gives tribute to the old “position before submission” mantra, from the standpoint of mechanical superiority that makes submissions work.

29. Super Spicy Omoplatas by Andris Brunovskis

Super-Spicy-Omoplatas-by-Andris-BrunovskisHow do you like your OMoplatas? Andris Brunovskis likes them spicey, and that’s exactly how he delivers them in this arm attacks DVD.

30. Pillars: Mount Dominance by Stephen Whittier

Pillars-Mount-Dominance-by-Stephen-WhittierStephen Whittier is one of the best coaches alive, and his mount dominance DVD will not only teach you how to stay in the mount indefinitely but also how to finish most people with chokes and arm locks.

31. Mirroring Principle: End Game Finishers by Wim Deputter

End-Game-Finishers-by-Wim-DeputterI have no idea why Wim Deputter’s mirroring instructionals are so underrated, but I don’t mind as they are a real secret weapon. HIs mirroring principle applied to submissions is high-level JIujitsu that is now accessible for everyone.

32. The Top Game Submission Manual by Ken Gabrielson

The Top Game Submission Manual by Ken GabrielsonWhile you can get arm locks from anywhere, getting them from top positions is a much more reliable option. The Top Game Submission Manual will teach you how.

33. Sambo Academy: Arm Bars by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo-Academy-Arm-Bars-by-Ivan-VasylchukA different take on arm locks. Ivan Vasylchuk offers decades of Sambo knowledge, uncovering even more secrets behind the mechanics of arm attacks.

34. Kimura Logic by Harry Grech

Kimura Logic DVDQuite originally named, this arm attacks DVD instructional explores the why behind one of the most devastating and common BJJ submissions – the Kimura.

35. Kimura System by Marcelo Cohen

Kimura-System-by-Marcelo-CohenOnce again a Kimura DVD, but this time, offering a system that revolves around the grip and traps that this arm lock offers.

36. Sneaky Submission Traps From Guard by Arnaldo Maidana

Submission-Traps-From-Guard-by-Arnaldo-MaidanaSpeaking of traps, you can use arm locks to force your opponents into plenty of mouse traps from the guard. This instructional is all that you’ll need.

37. No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Omoplata System by Troy Manning

Omoplata-System-by-Troy-ManningThe Omoplata works perfectly in both Gi and No-Gi, but this instructional goes really deep into the world of the latter, especially in terms of grips and finishing mechanics.

38. Kimura Control by Kyle Boehm

kimura-control-kyle-boehmThe best positions to control someone are the same positions where you submit people from. The Kimura happens to be one such position of incredible control.

39. The Kimura Machine by Fabio Holanda

Kimura-Machine-by-Fabio-HolandaBecome a real arm locking machine with the help of this incredible instructional by Fabio Holanda.

40. Kimuras as a way of Doing BJJ by Robson “Mau-Mau” Lima

Kimuras-as-a-way-of-Doing-BJJ-by-Robson-Mau-Mau-LimaIf you’re interested in the Mau-Mau Kimura we covered in the “top ten” portion, then you’ll absolutely love this one. Mau-Mau goes even deeper into how he sets up and finishes his recognizable variation of the Kimura lock.

41. Fight 2 Win System by Seth Daniels

Seth Daniels DVD The Fight 2 Win SystemSeth Daniels is the man behind Fight2Win and he also happens to be a high-level black belt. He outlines his entire system in this instructional, which, as you’ll notice, has lots and lots of armbars.

42. The Omoplata by Kristian Woodmansee

The-Omoplata-by-Kristian-WoodmanseeKristian Woodmansee is another Onoplata aficionado who seems to have the uncanny ability of slapping it on from everywhere. After watching this arm attacks DVD, you will have the same ability too.

43. The Armbar Blueprint by Logan Stieber

Logan Stieber DVD: “The Armbar Blueprint”As the name suggests this two-part instructional will provide you with a blueprint of setting up and finishing straight armbars.


VAGNER-ROCHA-50-50-OF-THE-ARMSVagner Rocha’s 50/50 of the arms is an arm pummeling system that will always keep you in control of the upper body. that, in turn, means arm locking options whenever you decide to wrap u pa match or roll.


DAN-CAMARILLO-ATTACKING-THE-ARMSDan Camarillo has yet another instructional on attacking the arms in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


MARCELLO-MONTEIRO-EXTREME-ARMBARSThe title promises extreme armbars, and that is exactly what you get in this crazy arm attacks DVD instructional.

47. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques and Tactics: Arm Locks DVD – BJJ Martial Arts Lessons

Arm-Locks-DVD-BJJ-Martial-Arts-LessonsAn old school DVD on arm locks that includes not just techniques and setups, but also tactics when hunting for them.

48. Fernando Terere – Favela Jiu Jitsu Submissions 3 DVD Box Set

Fernando-Terere-Favela-Jiu-Jitsu-Submissions-3-DVDTerere’s “Favela Jiu-Jitsu” DVD is one that you can use to learn more about every aspect of BJJ. That of course,  includes bent and straight armlocks.


Dominyka Obelenyte "Spider Variations And Domoplata" DVD ReviewDomynika is one of the best female competitors in the world of Jiu-Jitsu and a real wizard from that guard. She also has a unique variation of the Omoplata she developed herself, which later became known as the Domoplata. In this DVD, she uncovers how ti works.


SUBMISSION-HUNTER-BY-JEREMY-HENDERSONThe perfect instructional for submission hunters, especially if you’re leaning mostly towards arm locks.


Joseph Capizzi DVD review– The Capizzi LockAn interesting arm lock submission is an original one. The Capizzi locks will give you an upper hand over anyone when it comes to finishing with arm locks.


Paul is one of the OG crew as well, and he has a really brutal and simple style of BJJ.  Exactly what you want to introduce to your game.


ART-OF-THE-WRISTLOCK-BY-ROY-DEAN The only time an Aikido black belt might come in handy is if you also have a black belt in BJJ and like to explore wristlocks. Roy Dean fits this description to a “T”.

54. No Gi BJJ Kimura System by Troy Manning

No-Gi-BJJ-Kimura-System-by-Troy-ManningThe Kimura is perfect to control people with, especially if there’s no Gi to grab on to. This instructional will not only teach you how to submit people with it but also keep them where you want them.

55. Sneaky Submissions by Kaelum Kalista

Sneaky-Submissions-by-Kaelum-KalistaBeing advanced in BJJ is all about being sneaky with what you do. This instructional will provide you with the building blocks of BJJ sneakiness, especially when it comes to arm lock submissions.


ANTE-DZOLIC-ARMS-RACEThe originally named “Arms Race” arm attacks DVD instructional will teach you how t obe the first one that sets up an armbar with lightning speed.


KRISTINA-BARLAAN-CROSS-GUARD-WINDSHIELD-WIPERIf you want to learn a unique Gi guard, and all the associated armadas that come with it, this Kristina Barlaan DVD is exactly what you need.



This instructional will not only teach you how to tap people out with armbars but also raises awareness about cancer. You simply have to have it.


WRIST-LOCKS-BY-TOM-MCMAHONWrapping up our collection of all the best arm attacks DVD instructional is one more title covering wristlocks, this time by Tom Mcmahon. Highly recommended.

In Conclusion

The above collection of arm attacks DVD instructionals is quite an extensive one, but then again, we did say we’ll list ALL the best instructional on the subject Reagedlessof how many, or which, of the reviewed instructional you pick up, you can bet that you will become better at certain aspects of submitting people with armlocks, or all fo them. Happy hunting!

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