The Best Side Control Attacks DVD and Digital Instructionals

the best side control attacks dvds and digital instructionals

Once you pass the guard, you arrive in one of the most interesting, versatile, and unpredictable positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That is side control. Contrary to what you might expect from it, actually having control over the bottom person is not an easy task to complete. The position is highly dynamic and it is one of the key things you have to accept about it if you want to be able to successfully launch side control attacks. While getting to side control is not an easy task at all, staying there long enough and with enough control to start attacking can be even more difficult and frustrating. If learning this is what you’re after, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Below, you’ll find every Side Control attacks DVD you’ll ever need to start torturing people from there. 

Everyone uses side control in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. there no way around it. So why not become truly efficient at it, especially from an attacking perspective? Let’s face it, trying to hold someone in side control for 5 minutes is not just a futile attempt, but also makes for very boring Jiu-Jitsu. Instead, the moment you arrive in side control, your mind should only think about one thing: Attack! That doesn’t really come easy because once you start looking for attacks, you’re likely to lose the position if you have no understanding of what is happening. The following Side Control Attacks DVD instructionals will solve that particular issue, along with plenty more.

The Best Side Control Attacks DVD Instructionals Collection

It is not easy figuring side control out. Trust me, I have been there, feeling completely lost. I turned to every higher-ranked grappler I could find and instructional… lots of them. BJJ, Wrestling, Sambo, you name it, I have gone through it. That said, there’s a lot of information out there that it is difficult to make sense of. You won’t have to go through the same process, though, thanks to our best side control attacks DVD instructionals collection.

What you need to know before you dive in and start watching is the nature of side control. Namely, side control is highly dynamic, and you will need to factor that in when you think about controlling and attacking from there. In fact, attacking from side control can only happen if you stay there long enough. Moreover, attacks from the top of side control come in the form of either submission r transitions. Submissions are pretty self-explanatory, really. Transitions will take you to positions that provide better control, and points, like knee on belly, mount, or the back.

Here’s something to get your imagination going – what if you started to threaten attacks 9subs and transitions) the moment you arrive in side control? That will most definitely help you to stay in control of the position, mainly because people don’t think about escaping when you’re trying to choke them or break a limb. That, in turn, all means you can set up other attacks, like go for an Americana to get the mount, etc. Let me make it simple – just pick one or more title s form tour best side control attacks DVD instructional and you’ll see what I mean.

The Top 5

Side control attacks are numerous, versatile, and take time to learn. the following five instructionals can cut that time in half. 

1. Side Control Setups & Submissions by Bernardo Faria

A Bernardo Faria DVD Review Side Control Submissions instructionalOne of the best side control attacks DVD instructional out there is by Bernardo Faria. His four-part instructional has everything you need on the subjects of submissions from the top of side control. This is a Gi instructional.

2. The Complete North South Choke by Marcelo Garcia

Mracelo Garcia North South Choke DVD Review coverThe master of the North-South position, Marcelo Garcia shares his secrets about maintaining, and attack from this side control position. This instructional focuses a lot on the North-South choke that nobody can set up as good as Marcelo can.

3. The Scarf Hold The Soul Stealer by Henry Akins

Scarf-Hold-The-Soul-Stealer-by-Henry-AkinsThe scarf hold, or Kesa Gatame as it is known in Judo is a position that people underestimate and underused in BJJ. This instructional by Henry Akins is here to correct that. After going through the four volumes on this DVD you’ll never look at the scarf hold the same again.

4. Side Control Dominance by Andre Galvao

Side-Control-Dominance-by-Andre-GalvaoAndre Galvao’s name is truly a mainstay in BJJ, regardless of which generation of grapplers you are from. This particular instructional of his is a Gi based one, and it covers a multitude of tiny details that will make you extremely dominant form that top of side control.

5. The Pillars Side Control Mastery by Stephen Whittier

The-Pillars-Side-Control-Mastery-by-Stephen-WhittierA huge instructional that I am amazed hasn’t gotten more recognition. Stephen Whittier is an SBG black belt and one of the best at explaining conceptual Jiu-Jitsu. If you truly want to understand side control, this is the DVD to et.

List Of Every Side Control Attacks DVD Instructional Out There

Apart from the top 5 picks above, other instructionals out there do offer more insight into the secrets of side control. Any of the following side control attacks DVD instructional will help you massively improve your submission rate from all possible side control variations.

1. Kimura: Enter The System by John D šankanaher

Enter The System: Kimura John Danaher DVDJohn Danaher’s Kimura series might not sound like a side control instructional per see, but if oy think about it, there’s no other top position where you hunt Kimuras from more than side control. Conversely at least half of his 8-part instructional covers ways of attacking this specific arm lock from different side control variations.

2. Side Control Attacks & Submissions: Old School Evolution by Fabio Gurgel

Side-Control-Attacks-Submissions-Old-School-Evolution-by-Fabio-GurgelFabio Gurgel is truly a representative of the old-school. This four-part instructional features simple, yet very detailed and extremely high percentage submission attacks from side control.

3. Old School Efficient BJJ by Chris Haueter

Old School Efficient BJJ Chris Haueter DVDAnother old-school BJJ GI instructional, this time with Chris Haueter uring as the instructor. Lots of incredible invisible BJJ information in this one that covers many aspects of side control attacks.

4. Position, Transition and Submission by Eli Knight

Position-Transition-and-Submission-by-Eli-KnightEli Knight covers all the stuff we talked about in the opening sections of this article: how to attack by threatening both submission and transitions at the same time.

5. Old School Submissions from Side Control by Keith Owen

Submissions-from-Side-Control-by-Keith-OwenA Gi-based instructional that features plenty of old-school attacks from the top of side control, including some crazy lapel submissions.

6. Pure Jiu Jitsu by Luis Heredia

Luis Heredia DVD Review Pure Jiu-JitsuLuis Heredia has an incredible instructional in “Pure Jiu-Jitsu” that really tries to explain the nature of the most important positions in BJJ, including top side control.

7. The Top Game Submission Manual by Ken Gabrielson

The Top Game Submission Manual by Ken GabrielsonKen Gabrielson has really put together a crazy submission manual. While this is not a side control specific DVD it includes a volume dedicated to side control attacks.

8. Side Control by Eliot Marshall

Side-Control-by-Eliot-MarshallEliot Marshall’s side control attacks DVD is a four-part instructional on the various things you can do from side control without the Gi. It involves everything, from positioning to submission finishes.

9. Knee On Belly Domination by Stephen Whittier

Knee On Belly Domination Stephen Whittier BJJ DVD ReviewAlthough not a side control DVD, this one involves side controls’s next logical step – knee on belly. given that the instructor is Stephen Whittier, you really need to find a way to get this one in your collection.

10. The KTNA Side Control System by Ante Dzolic

KTNA-Side-Control-System-by-Ante-DzolicA unique DVD by andy account that covers an unusual but highly effective system for attacking from side control that the founder Ante Dzolic calls the KTNA system.

11. Side Control Destruction Gi & NoGi by Will Grundhauser

Side-Control-Destruction-Gi-&-NoGi-by-Will-GrundhauserThis one is as brutal as it sounds. Learn how to destroy people’s will from side control with some of the most brutal positioning and submission holds.

12. Shin On Belly Guard by James Clingerman

Shin-On-Belly-Guard-by-James-ClingermanAs crazy as ti sounds, the shin on belly guard has everything to do with side control and not much to do with an actual guard.


ROMULO-BARRAL-SIDE-CONTROL-SECRETSRomulo is one of the greatest grappling competitors of our age and in this side control attacks DVD he shares all the secrets of his system that have brought him several world championships among other notable titles.


40-PLUS-BJJ-SUCCESS-VOL4-SIDE-CONTROL Over 40 and looking to improve your side control attacks? Look no further than this instructional!


MARCELLO-MONTEIRO-SIDE-CONTROL-ATTACKSMarcello Monteiro has a really cool instructional on side control attacks that doesn’t just show attacks but teaches you who to string them together. The best part is that they work not as a chain, but as a loop, meaning you won’t stop attacking until you get a tap.


LUCAS-LEPRI-KNEE-ON-BELLY-PART-ONELucas Lepri is a name that needs no further explanation. In this instructional he dissects the knee on belly position completely, leaving no stone turned.


LUCAS-LEPRI-KNEE-ON-BELLY-PART-TWOThe second portion of the Lucas Lepri knee on belly instructional that covers the attacking and transitioning portions of the position.

In Conclusion

Any side control attacks DVD that you pick will teach you something,. However, if you want instructional that will teach you everything, whether it is broad or specialized, you’ll find what you are looking for among the titles we reviewed above.

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