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Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu carries with it lots of challenges. However, fun times certainly outweigh the tough ones. The state of BJJ worldwide at the moment is such that people try to introduce more individuality to the art than ever before. It may be as huge as stumbling onto a new technique modification or simply getting a brand new patch for your BJJ Gi. In fact, patches really do seem like a cool thing to do to brighten just about any Gi. To that extent, the choice out there is huge, and kimono’s even come with a set of their own. At least in most cases. Still, if you’re looking for something interesting to add to your Gi, check out our selection of the best BJJ Gi patches for modern grapplers!

BJJ Gi training is definitely more widespread than No-Gi. To be honest, No-Gi jiu-jitsu is catching up fast, but it still has some distance to go. In the meantime, People that train Gi JIu-Jitsu are certainly noticing the latest No-Gi trends. In other words, they’re witnessing all the cool, insane, and sometimes horrible rashguard designs available to No-Gi players. When it comes to expressing originally in the Gi, you’re’ pretty much bound by the model of kimono you’re wearing. While there are some cool BJJ Gis out there to choose from, they’re far fewer than regular ones. This is exactly where the best BJJ Gi Patches come into the picture.

The BJJ Gi

Training with a BJJ Gi is somewhat of an added addiction for grapplers. When it comes to grappling in general, particularly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, people easily get addicted. So much so, in fact, that psychologists are starting to show interest in discovering why. But that’s a subject for another time. For now, let’s talk about Gi addiction. As people get hooked to BJJ, given they’re training with the Gi at least part-time, they also tend to really get into BJJ Gis as well. In all honesty, most people have at least a couple of Gis in their closet. However, they are very rarely satisfied with just two.

To be completely honest, having more Gis is actually a good thing. Even the toughest and sturdiest kimono out there can’t withstand regular use for prolonged periods of time. By regular use, I mean training anywhere from 3-6 times per week. In those cases, you need to own a few GIs in order to make sure you have a clean one to train, and they last you for years. That said, since people need more than one Gi, they rarely buy the same model, color, and series over again. Moreover, some tend to go further and look to further customize their Gis,

How exactly can you customize a BJJ Gi? We’ll apart from making it short-sleeved anything else is ago. More precisely, anything that involves making it visually different from others. While artists might go for drawings with special colors, the rest of us untalented grapplers are left with BJJ GI patches. And that is perfectly okay, as some of the best BJJ Gi Patches are way better than any other type of modification. Not to mention that they’re so tough, they outlast most Gis by quite a few years.

How To Use BJJ Gi Patches

Best BJJ Gi Patches IBJJF Uniform RulesWhen it comes to BJJ patches, there are several things you need to understand. And the first one has to do with rules. Most academies won’t really mind you adding BJJ Gi patches of your own to your kimonos. As long as you’re not covering yourself with patches from a rival local school, you’ll be good. Competing, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game. The Gi regulations set forth by the IBJJF as the global governing body of Gi BJJ competition, also have a set of rules concerning Gi patches. Since getting a DQ is the last thing you need before stepping on the mats to compete, make sure that if you place patches of your own, they’re allowed.

In those terms, you need to be aware primarily of the locations where you can place a BJJ Gi Patch (or five). On the jacket, those are the front along the collar, the top of the shoulders and side of the sleeves, and the skirt. There’s also the back of the Gi, mostly reserved for large patches. On the pants,  you can place patches on the front, side, and back of the pants, but must mind how far the patches are from the edges. If you want to know the full extent of the rules, you can read more here.

Finally, remember that the patches themselves can be ground for a DQ. Namely, the person checking your Gi before IBJJF / AJP competition can ask you to remove a patch that it is not firmly secure. Also, patches need to be cotton, although that is something that nobody really checks.  Luckily, our selection of the best BJJ Gi Patches perfectly fulfills all official requirements. All you need to watch out for is placement.

Best BJJ Gi Patches

Speaking of the best BJJ Gi Patches, let’s see some of the options. Remember that his article is going to be subject to lots of updates, as patches are evolving a lot faster than Gis or rashguard designs. First things first, we tried to provide variety. That means that we included patches of all sizes, that you can place literally everywhere on your Gi. For instance, we included small patches that can go anywhere around the sleeves and pants. Others are perfect for placement along with the collars, while the largest ones are intended for the back of the jacket.

Of course, there were strict selection criteria in choosing the best BJJ Gi Patches. Apart from the same requirement s the IBJJF (cotton material) we also looked into other characteristics. Some of them include the quality of the print, sturdiness in terms of constant training and washing, as well as how good they can hold the seams. Of course, the design also plays a huge role too, with all of the patches perfect for any grappler out there. Moreover, we made it a point not to include academy or affiliation patches, but rather generic Jiu-Jitsu ones which won’t make anyone mad.

Shaka BJJ Hand Patch

Best BJJ Gi Patches Shaka Hand Cutout


  • Fully embroidered
  • Iron / Sew on patch
  • Very durable
  • Heat seal backing

Kicking things off is a real classic. This is one patch I just recently discovered and am currently awaiting delivery. The Shaka sign is a BJJ classic, just as much as saying “Oss” is. So, it is not uncommon to see it represented in patches, although none can really measure up to this one. The best part about this BJJ Gi patch is that it follows that it has the same contours as a hand throwing the sign.

Apart from having the hand contour of the Shaka sign down to perfection,  this patch also has finger tape all over several of the fingers. Plus, there’s a strategic placement of the word “BJJ” on the tape on one o the fingers. The material is cotton of the best quality. Moreover, the colors are stable and not susceptible to damage due to moisture. Plus, this embroidered patch has two options for placement. You can go and sew it on, or apply it with an iron (full instructions on how are included). Finally, this 3.5 Inches patch is ultra-durable and perfect for placement anywhere on the Gi.

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Drill to Kill Jiu-Jitsu Patch

BJJ Patches


  • Sew On / Iron On
  • 4.7 inches
  • Fully embroidered
  • Black and white
  • Durable and strong

The second member of our best BJJ Gi Patches list is a very simple patch that carries a very powerful message. Once again, it is a phrase many in the grappling community love to use. However, for some, it has a much deeper meaning than simply something associated with the support. Whatever the case, this is a patch nobody would mind having and is a really good one at that.

This BJJ Gi patch has the phrase “Drill to Kill” particularly held in high regard amongst competitors. Moreover, it features a cool skull in the center, with letters going around it.  Simplicity is key here, as it is a simple patch with a dark background and white letters. It says “drill to kill” at the top and “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” at the bottom. These are separated by crossed bones, completing the vibe of the design. As such it is a perfect addition for any color Gi. Plus, it is a 100% embroidered patch that you can sew on or apply with an iron. This is one of the smallest patches in our best BJJ GI patches guide at  4.7 inches or 12 cm.

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“BJJ Grappling” Embroided Patch

Best BJJ Gi Patches Grappling


  • Multicolored
  •  Iron or sew on patch
  • Top-quality embroidery
  • Long lasting

It’s one that’s as neutral as they come. Whether you choose to get this one for yourself, or as a gift for a grappler, you won’t be wrong. This circular patch is perfect for either the sleeves, pants or the front of the collar. It is a testament to Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it features a really high-quality design.

The outer edge of the circle here is in black and wide enough to house some lettering. On the top, this patch has “grappling” written in that space, while opposite side it, on the bottom, it says “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”. The middle is yellow and green, extracted from the Brazilian flag. In the center, there are two grapplers in Gis with one applying a Kimura from the closed guard. The diameter o the patch is 3.5 inches and the material is cotton with full embroidery. Available for sewing or heat application on pretty much any type of surface.

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Ronin – Shogun Heishi Gi Patch

jiu-jitsu Gi patches


  • High-end, durable fabrics
  • Double-stitched edges
  • Easy to sew on
  • Colorfast
  • Beautiful Shogun design
  • Resistant

One more in our selection for the best BJJ Gi Patches that focus on glorifying the warrior values of the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. It is made by the Ronin brand and features a Shogun Heishi warrior in one of the best designs available. The vivid colors make it look perfect on any type of clothing, but especially on a BJJ Gi.

The background color of the patch is red, featuring scattered black three trunks. The Shogun Warrior is placed in the foreground, multicolored, in full samurai armor, and holding a smoking gun. The edges of the patch are double stitched, preventing it from ever falling apart. Great for kids and adults of all ages. This BJJ patch is 100% embroidered, sew-on, and with dimensions 7.6 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches.

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USA/Brazil Jiu-Jitsu PatchBest BJJ Patches American Brazilian Flag


  • Made from the finest materials
  • Easy to sew on
  • Completely washable
  • Colorfast

Here’s a patch that perfectly demonstrates how the spread of BJJ begun. From Brazil to the USA, without these two countries, BJJ would never reach the stage it has nowadays. Speaking of simple design, this one has the simples yet, but it is still very classy. This is the perfect patch for those looking to pay respect to both countries, or just those with great taste in grappling patches.

The 4-3/4″ x 3-3/4″ Gi patch features both the American and Brazilian flags. The shape is rectangular, with a gold frame on the outside of both flags. The left portion is reserved for the flag of the USA, while the Brazilian flag is on the right, resting on a green background. The sam green background extends below both, housing the words Jiu-Jitsu. Embroided, easy to apply (sewing or iron), and extremely durable.

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“Keep On Rolling” Shaka Patch

Best BJJ Gi Patches Shaka Keep On Rolling


  • Extra large
  • Heat seal backing
  • Fast and easy application
  • Iron or sew on

Let’s take a little break from the smaller-sized BJJ Gi Patches and look at one that’ll fit perfectly on the back of your Gi. This one is quite larger than anything we’ve seen so also features a circular shape, and once again, focuses on a mainstay BJJ phrase – keep on rolling. Plus, going the extra mile, it features the shaka sign once again.

This patch has a 9 Inches diameter and has a gold edge all around. Moreover, it has a navy-colored strip running around housing the words “Keep On Rolling” and ‘Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”, separated by two gold stars. Finally, the middle has the Shaka sign yet again, this time with the thumb and pinky finger pointing up, This time around, though, there’s no finger tape, The fingers stretch into the navy strip, giving this patch a really cool looking appearance. Extremely durable, and applicable in two ways like the others.

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Eat, Sleep, Jiu-Jitsu Embroidered Gi Patch

bjj patch


  • Iron or sew on application
  • Fully embroidered
  • Thoughtful design
  • Great quality
  • Machine washable

This one is a great patch for everyone. That’s precisely the reason why it features in our best BJJ Gi Patches guide. While the phrase “Eat, Sleep, Jiu-Jitsu” is not common only to the BJJ world, it is a phrase very often used and adored by grapplers. This awesome-looking Gi patch features this phrase on a very simple, yet great-looking design.

This patch is circular with has light blue background color and a black edge. In fact, it has several shades of blue on it. The size is 3.5 inches / 90 mm. As such, it contains the phrase “Eat, Sleep, Jiu-Jitsu” on the bottom, with the words separated by dots. Both the letters and the dots are black. Above the letters, there is a depiction of two grapplers, one in a blue and one in white Gi, both with black belts, tangled in a bottom armbar position. 100 % embroidered and will last you a lifetime.

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Ronin BJJ Emperor Patch

Best BJJ Gi Patches BJJ Ronin Emperor


  • Superior quality
  • Extra-durable and thick fabric
  • Intense colors
  • Machine washable
  • Fully embroidered
  • Sew on

The best for last, right? This is a patch that’s a perfect fit for the back of your Gi. However, this is not intended to cover the entire back, but rather the top area, just below the collar. That said, this is the perfect patch to use on any type of Gi, and it won’t get you in trouble with the IBJJF. Plus, if you’re into Samurai art (most grapplers, for some reason, seem to be) it is going to be even more attractive.

The patch depicts a Ronin BJJ Emperor and features the head of a samurai warrior covered in a battlefield helmet. As such it has a very intricate design that’s too complicated to explain in words. It has several different colors coming in many shades and is designed to perfection. Moreover, it is  6 x 5 Inches featuring full embroidery. The material is of premium quality, ultra-tough fabric. The colors are not only intense but also impregnable and will never fade away. One of the best BJJ Gi patches of all times, and certainly one you need to have.

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How To Sew BJJ Gi Patches On

Before we sign off, let’s talk about how you can secure your best BJJ Gi patches secure it to your Gi. AS we already said, first you have to make sure you choose the right area. Once you have that, keep in mind that the Gi is made of strong material and you’ll need to put in some effort if you’re not a professional. That said, all you need are a few pins to hold it in the perfect spot before you begin, and a needle and thread. About two feet of thread usually provide more than enough to secure even large patches. Remember to start from the inside of the Gi, so that you end at the same spot and tie a perfect knot.

Among the many Gi regulations in terms of Gi color, length, width, overall state, the location of patches also comes into play. The result of having improperly placed patches might be a direct DQ unless you can remove them or get another Gi in an allotted time period.

A little tip here. Remember that placing patches on your chest is not always easy. You might sew it on correctly only to find it is sideways once you out the Gi on. This is due to the fact that you cross your jacket’s sides one over the other when you’re’ wearing a belt. So, always make your initial placement measurements with a belt on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are patches allowed in IBJJF tournaments? 

Basically, there are two main rules regarding patches in IBJJF competitions. First of all, it won’t matter where your patch is if your Gi is not blue, white or black, which are the only three IBJJF approved colors. In terms of patches, placement of the patches is one thing IBJJF referees look at (back of the Gi jacket, at shoulder level and collar are the best spots) and secondly, they ook to see if a patch might be loose. The worst-case scenario would be that they ask you to take your patch(es) off at the spot.

Where can you place patches on your Gi?

Once again, it has to do with IBJJF rules. They allow patches on the front side and back of pants, but your best bet is to place them at thigh or shin level. IN terms of the jacket, collar, shoulder, and back are spots that won’t get you in trouble with the IBJJF. If you’re not competing under their rules, or just want to use patches on a training Gi, you’re free to place them however you want.

What size patches are the best? 

This is entirely up to you. Usually, bigger patches are a great fit for the back of a Gi jacket, where there is lots of space. Rectangular patches are good for the collars. All the smaller patches can fit anywhere, which is why our Best BJJ Gi Patches guide features options of all shapes and sizes.

What is the best GI for BJJ?

The best Gi for Jiu-JItsu has to do with weight and not brand or color. Basically, you have to figure out if you like lightweight, medium-weight, or heavyweight Gis. Once you know that, you can use our Best BJJ Gi guide to figure out the absolute best options for you.

Does the color of your GI matter in BJJ?

It does not matter in terms of rank or status, but it is important to know that most Gi competitions adhere to IBJJF rules which only allow blue, black, and white Gis. Notice that variants like navy blue are also not allowed. Furthermore, some academies have strict Gi color rules, which sometimes even include placement and choice of BJJ Gi patches.

What’s better Gi or NoGi?

This is a highly individual thing, but the bottom line is that both are fun, have their advantages, and their drawbacks. In that sense, training in both is the best answer for anyone that is not yet a black belt.

What is the lightest BJJ Gi?

Most lightweight BJJ Gis feature a 300-400 GSM jacket, which pretty much defines them. However, the Atama Ultra Light is the lightest GI on the market, weighing in at just 2.6 lbs (1.2) kg.

Wrapping up

I think we can say that this wraps up our best BJJ Gi Patches guide. For now, at least. As I said, we’ll be updating it regularly as new patches appear on the market. However, they’ll need to meet all our criteria before we actually include them in our guide here. Until such time, take your pick and go customize your Gi to give yourself even more enjoyment while you’re’ on the mats.


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