Best MMA Hand Wraps Guide For 2021 (Reviews Included)

Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Guide with Reviews

MMA is a sport that is different from any other in the world. In fact, when put together, it is even different than each individual sport that is an integral part of it. This is also the case with MMA gear. MMA gloves are the greatest testament to that. they are as far removed from boxing or Muay Thai gloves as possible, yet serve a very similar purpose. However, MMA gloves are not the first line of protection, as many people think. In fact, the most fundamental part of MMA gear is something we often take for granted – hand wraps. There’s a huge difference between the best MMA Hand wraps and your garden variety boxing or Muay Thai wraps. This is the one and the only guide you’ll ever need on MMA hand wraps information. 

Short or long, thick or thin, camouflage or plain colored, and a bunch of other questions are associated with MMA hand wraps. Of course, actually wrapping them in a meaningful way is by far the most important one, but that comes after acquiring a pair. Hand wraps can be different, and not just in color and design. Just like with different MMA gloves, you need to know when and why you need certain types of MMA hand wraps. Every question you might have about wrapping your hands for MMA is about to be answered. Not only that, but you also get a guide to the best MMA hand wraps for 2021, complete with detailed reviews.

Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 selection

Wrist And Hand Safety 

Before we talk about the hand wraps themselves, let’s talk about two much more important points than design and wrap length. First up it is why you need them, and secondly, why you need to know how to use them properly. Failing at any of these points means that your hands and wrists are exposed to potentially devastating damage.

Whenever you punch at anything, be it a bag, a pad, or an actual opponent, your hands are exposed to force. this force has to be absorbed somehow. This is where hand wraps come in. Absorb the force without any support, and you end up with a broken/otherwise injured hand. Use wraps to build an optimal shock-absorbing structure and you’ll not only absorb force better, but your punches will also become much stronger.

When you’re fighting in the cage, you don’t have to worry too much about hand wraps – others do them for you. In training, though, it is down to you to protect your hands. After all, the best MMA hand wraps do much more than just protect you while you’re punching, They’re also essential to blocking and parrying the various MMA strikes that come in the form of elbows, punches, knees, and kicks. MMA hand wraps protect you not only when you have a clenched fist, but also when your palm is open.

One more very important point (which we’ll discuss later) is to know what type of hand wraps you need. To that extent, there are different hand wraps, some more common to boxing, some to kickboxing, and some that come in a glove form. All have their strengths and weaknesses and you need to figure out what you need and if you need one or two pairs of each for different training modalities.

How to Pick The Best MMA Hand Wraps 

There are two main methods of choosing the best MMA hand wraps in 2021. The first, and easiest one, is to go through our guide and learn everything, or just skip to the direct links and get what you like. The second is to know what are the main properties of MMA hand wraps and what makes certain MMA hand wraps better than others. If you’re dead set on learning all the ins and outs, keep reading. If you trust our choices, simply scroll down and choose your favorite out of our top 10 below!

First up, materials. Not that the type of MMA wrap is very closely tied to the material as well. This is because elasticity (or lack of it) is a huge factor, and completely dependent on the material. That said, cotton is the material of choice for most wraps. The closed to 100% cotton, the better. There’s also often elastic material blended with the cotton, in wraps that lean towards elasticity. Linen is also an option but is often too expensive to consider.

The closure system is another very important aspect of MMA hand wraps. Hook and loop Velcro leads the way, but glove-like fist protectors are also starting to stake a claim. A thumb loop is an absolute must, at least if you’re after the best MMA hand wraps available.

Of course, there are so additional factors like price, durability, length and thickness, and how easy or complicated they are to use and maintain. More on that in the respective reviews of each MMA hand wrap.

Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 selection

Best MMA Hand Wraps in 2021

Below, we have the top 10 list of the absolute best MMA hand wraps of 2021. All of the ten options we provide fit the bill perfectly. Still, with the purpose of providing as much variety as possible, we included a lot of different types. There are MMA hand wraps of different lengths, thickness, type, material, design, etc. Of course, there are also different prices, ranging from unbelievably cheap to mid-range. We also did our best to ensure every single pair of wraps we recommend is of the highest possible quality. In fact, most of them are the preferred choice of professional MMA fighters worldwide. Straight into it, then.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Twins

Twin Special MMA Hand Wraps kick things off. We have a fairly simple pair of MMA wraps here, falling under the elastic type of wraps. They’re very easy to use, even if you’re a complete beginner. In terms o variety, they’re available in plenty of different colors, and in one size that fits everyone. Extra quality for an extra price!
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Speaking of variety, the designs for this pair of wraps are truly numerous. There are no less than 15 different designs, ranging from plain black, through rainbow variations all the way to bright colors like purple and orange. The length is the universal length of 5 meters (196 inches) which’s great for the majority of people. the material is a 100 cotton blend, resulting in a unique type of fiber. Cotton is a special soft and flexible type to ensure maximum elasticity without adding other types of materials. They have the mandatory thumb hole and incorporated hook and loop Velcro closure system.



Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Pro IMapct

The Pro Impact Elastic hand wraps are one more pair of wraps you might easily skip when looking for the best. That would be a major mistake, as you’ll soon see for yourself. Namely, these are Mexican style MMA hand wraps that are among the most versatile in the world, not only in design but also performance-wise.
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Once again, there are a bunch of different colored versions of these MMA hand wraps. They feature plain colors, American and Mexican flag designs, camouflage patterns, and bright neon colors.  I other words, there’s something in there for everyone’s taste. The material is a blend of cotton and elastic, ensuring a secure fit and maximum elasticity. They’re incredibly durable, conform to the hands are machine washable, and quick dry. The length is 180″, typical for Mexican-style boxing wraps. Given the elastic properties, this is not the final length of the wrap, depending on how tight of a wrap you need. There are an oversized hook and loop closure system to guarantee a snug wrap. One of the best-priced products in our best MMA hand wraps 2021 guide.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Everlast

With this pair of wraps, we now venture into the realm of known high-quality brands. Still, even within those brands, like Everlast, you need to know how to get great quality for the best price. Out of all their hand wraps, the Pro Style range area absolutely the best choice for MMA fighters. Versatile in every sense of the word, these are the most customizable wraps in our guide.
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Everlast is one of the largest boxing gear brands in the world. With the rise of MMA, they’ve expanded their range of products to fit the needs of mixed martial arts fighters as well. Of course, this includes more hand wrap options. The ProStyle Everlast hand wraps come in more than 16 different designs, featuring plain colors, camo, and mosaic. Something unique to these wraps is the size range, 7 different options, from 120″ to 180″. They’re made of a special blend of materials featuring a signature “Ever Fresh” technology, which means that your wraps will never retain odor or stink up your other gear. Price-wise, they’re the best-priced MMA hand wraps you can get in 2021.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Sanabul

When it comes to Sanabul, this brand is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. They have everything, from pro-MMA gear to BJJ Gis. Conversely, their MMA hand wraps are of the utmost quality and a pair I use on an almost daily basis. And it’s not just down to the amazing price that this is my preferred choice of MMA hand wraps.
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There are not as many different color designs on offer with Sanabul’s Professional Hand Wraps. However, all of them are of exceptional quality, guaranteed to never fade. Black, blue, green, and orange are joined by silver and forest green. They’re 180″ long, which is a length that covers the needs of most fighters. The material is a modern blend of polyester and cotton, ensuring flexibility and elasticity like no other pair of wraps. At the same time, the support is immense, providing exceptional shock absorption. The material also ensures they’re quick to dry and very breathable. The closure system is yet again via a hook and loop Velcro. Top price!


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Meister

Meister’s gear is also one that often flies under the radar. It is not, however, going to remain that way for long, so the sooner you get some of their MMA gear, the better. This includes their Semi-Elastic 180″ MMA hand wraps. Once again, this is a product that provides even more variety for our best MMA hand wraps 2021 guide.
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In terms of design, there are about two dozen different colored wraps here. Anything you think of, from camo to zebra-striped wraps is available in the form of Meister’s Semi-Elastic hand wraps for MMA. The material is a unique blend of spandex and ultra-high-quality cotton, providing extra support and an ideally tight wrap. The length, as the name suggests, is the common 180″ ideal for most. Really lightweight and thin, meaning there’s hardly and bulge under the gloves. A hook and loop closure system with a thumb loop makes it easy to put on and remove. In a unique twist of things, these wraps actually gain in elasticity after the first few time s in the washer. Most comfortable to wear from all the options in our guide.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Elite

Elite sports is another one o the leading combat gear brands out there. They’re not just offering a lot of different products, but also come with guaranteed quality as well. They’re not overly versatile in terms of color but are hard to beat when it comes to performance and protection. Ultra-soft and comfortable, with a price that’s a real steal!
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Elite’s Sports Professional MMA hand wraps come in plain black, blue, or red. Still, what they “lack” in terms of design they more than makeup for in performance. They offer ultimate protection and support by way of a modern technology elastic blend. The fibers guarantee exceptional comfort and lightweight while offering extra strong support. The length of 180″ is also perfect for both male and female fighters, as are the designs. A velcro and thumb loop closure system is also present. Very easy to maintain and probably more durable than any other pair of MMA hand wraps out there. Will last you your entire career without any signs of tearing.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Venum Wraps

Not much to say about Venum that you shouldn’t already know. They’re the quintessential MMA gear brand, offering virtually anything. If you know where to look among their huge range of MMA gear, you’ll find the Venum Boxing Hand Wraps, one of the very best MMA hand wraps ever! If you need to go through a lot of training with just one pair of hand wraps then this is the top choice for you!
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More than half a dozen designs feature here, including signature Venum forest camo, black red combo, and neo pink and yellow. Moreover, they come in two different sizes, 100 and 157″. While this is somewhat smaller than the standard, the design allows for an ultra-tight wrap with the best support possible. The material is a trademark Stretch cotton, which gives these wraps their unique properties. There’s enough softness and elasticity for shock absorption while allowing form maximal support of the wrist. They feature a thumb loop and special Velcro fasteners to make sure they stay in place. machine washable, quick-dry and odor, and microbe-resistant. All in all, the perfect pair of MMA hand wraps, available at an unbelievable price.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Title BoxingAnother boxing classic brand here. Title Boxing is right up there with Everlast when it comes to extra quality boxing gear. They’ve been at it for years, and understandably feature in our best MMA hand wraps 2021 guide. Their Elastic Mexican style hand wraps are not just a great boxing pair of wraps, but also a perfect fit for MMA, particularly for live sparring.
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These wraps come in well over two dozen different designs. This means there are many plain color ones available, enriched by rainbow style combinations. Length-wise, they’re traditional boxing 180″ hand wraps. The material is a semi-elastic blend that is the perfect combination of tightness and support. There’s a hint of Spandex mixed in the Polyester base that allows these wraps to have such unique properties. They are easy to maintain and clean, won’t retain odors, and won’t stink up the rest of your gear. Perfect fit for anyone, beginner or professional.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 Fairtex

Fairtex is a brand in the company of Elite, RDX, and Sanabul. They might not be as famous (yet) as Venum or Everlast, but they’re more than a match for their quality. The Fairtex Elastic Cotton wraps are a pair of wraps that check all boxes and then some. From design to price and performance, these wraps do not have a weak spot.
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Color-wise, these wraps really do offer something different. The combinations are highly attractive, featuring the American flag, Thai flag, mint green, bleach, and many other innovative colors. Sizes include two options, one at 120″ and the other at 180″. The cotton is a special ultra-soft and flexible type, ensuring maximal comfort. There’s a velcro strap that makes for a top grade closure system. Additionally, a thumb loop means they provide support for your whole hand, in both closed and open palm variations. The elasticity properties of these wraps make them particularly comfortable for grappling training as well as striking.


Best MMA Hand Wraps 2019 RDX protector wraps

Finally, the best for last. Well, okay, all of the hand wraps in our best MMA hand wraps 2021 guide deserve the mantle best for one thing or another. Furthermore, the RDX protector is not a hand wrapper, but it does have the same properties as one. In fact, it may just be the next big thing in hand and wrist protection for MMA.
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The RDX inner Fist protectors are essentially open finger gloves, that are made to act like hand wraps. This removes any hassle by using different methods of wrapping and helps save lots of time. Black and orange/green options along with all black, blue, and red are among the available designs. Sizes here are crucial, ranging from small to extra large, and you will need to consult the size chart. The material is also unique, in the form of breathable permanent-stretch carbon fiber. It is extra soft while also providing tightness and support. An added thumb further adds to the increased support. Extremely snug and durable, as long as you wash them according to directions. The best thing is that they’re priced less than some of the more common traditional-style MMA hand wraps out there.

In Summary 

If there’s one important point you need to take from our guide, it is that you need MMA hand wraps whenever you’re training. That said, you should make sure you get the best MMA hand wraps available out there. In 2021, there are countless brands out there that offer hand wraps of varying quality. Go for the proven things, choose from our guide, or simply learn what are the defining characteristics of a pair of professional-level MMA hand wraps.

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