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Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019

For people that train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Gi, most often choosing a Gi is either a big deal or something they do not think twice about. Usually, beginners find it hard to choose among the wealth of available options on the market. More advanced grapplers usually already know what they want. They have the best brands figured out according to their needs, grappling style, body type, etc. Then, there are competition rules which dictate a lot of parameters of how the BJJ Gi should look like. Still, there are some Gis out there that are completely out of the mold, and that defy the common perception of a Gi. You know, it’s the ones you just can’t miss in an academy. Why not be one of the cool grapplers and wear a cool BJJ Gi during training? 

If you take a look at any No-Gi BJJ class, you’ll see plenty of variety in the choice of apparel. Particularly during the past 3-4 years, rashguard designs have gone completely of the hook. And they make training that much more fun and colorful. On the opposite side, BJJ Gis usually comes in the traditional white, or somewhat more entertaining blue and black variants. Every now and then you’ll see a girl with a pink Gi as well, but it definitely not common. Sometimes, someone is going to make the brave choice and choose a different colored Gi, but this seems to be rare. This is exactly why you need to take a look at the best COOL BJJ Gis that are on offer in 2024. After all, you can compete in a boring Gi color, but you do not have to wear one daily, right?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Designs

A BJJ Gi is a unique piece of training apparel that’s quite different from the uniforms worn in other martial arts. Gis that people in non-grappling martial arts wear is made from lightweight material that’s not intended for pulling and tugging. Aikido and Judo Gis are sturdier and more resistant, but are very wide, particularly in the sleeves. The pants are also not reinforced since there’s not a lot of grabbing there. In that sense, a BJJ Gi features a unique design that’s very practical. And even then, there are the regular and the cool BJJ Gis to choose from.

A BJJ Gi has a jacket and pants as its main components. There’s also the belt, but belts do not come with GIS all the time. The jacket is the heavier and much more important part of the Gi, training-wise. There are different ways that Gi jackets are woven which has a lot to do with durability and weight. BJJ Gi jackets feature particularly strong collars, often infused with rubber for better gripping. There are also strategic reinforcements at places like the armpits to make sure the Gi doesn’t give way. The sleeves are much tighter than Judo or Aikido Gis, in accordance with the needs of the Jiu-Jitsu grip game.

The pants are simpler than the jacket but also feature Jiu-Jitsu-specific elements. They are sturdy, very comfortable, and durable. The best BJJ Gi pants feature a so-called ripstop grid that makes them virtually indestructible. On top of that, they’re reinforced on specific points like the knees. Similar to the sleeves of the jacket, the diameter of the pants is much smaller compared to other grappling GIs.

The Best Cool BJJ Gis For 2024

Now that you know what a BJJ Gi should look like, let’s explore some unorthodox options. All the Gis in our Cool BJJ Gis guide for 2024 is Jiu-Jitsu-specific Gis. Furthermore, they’re from proven BJJ brands that deliver nothing but top-quality products. On the plus side, some of these Gis are also both cool in design and legitimate for official BJJ tournaments. Others are not going to pass the IBJJF inspection, but they are the perfect thing to wear in training. And, we spend much more time in training than in competition anyway.

As long as a BJJ Gi is durable, fits you perfectly, you like the look and is a lighter-weight one, you’ll do just fine. Apart from those things that should come in as priorities, you can wear any color and/or design you want. And, we have the ultimate guide for choosing the very best cool BJJ Gis that are available in the market in 2024! Just remember that some of these are limited edition Gis, which means they won’t be up for sale for much longer! Make sure you get them while they’re in stock!

This list is still updating so stay tuned. Here is the list of Cool BJJ Gis:

Hayabusa Pearl Weave Light Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019Hayabusa is one of those brands that deliver grappling products of the highest quality every time. They’re a brand that’s extremely reliable with everything, from belts, through supportive gear, all the way to some of the very best Gis. In this last category, they offer a bit of variety on the regular designs, allowing people to display their individuality on the mats.
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The Hayabusa Pear Weave Light Jiu-Jitsu Gi is a competitor’s dream Gi. It comes in all regular colors, plus a few variants on both the black and white versions. They also have a gray and a very nice green Gi that both fit the cool BJJ Gis category. If you ask me, however, I’d go with the green one. The only trouble is that you can’t wear it in IBJJF/UAEJJF tournaments. The Gi is lightweight, with the pants weighing only 8 oz. The jacket has reinforced lapels and specific stress areas, all 100 % cotton. The pants are ripstop, made from a special blend of cotton and polyester. Also features very cool embroidery on the shoulders, chest, and pants. Comes in sizes A0-A5.

Sanabul Essentials v.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Gi

Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019Sanabul is another brand that’s right there with Hayabusa. Their Gis and No-Gi equipment are among the best that you can get. Very often, Sanabul is the gear of choice for a lot of professional grapplers of the highest grade. Much like the Hayabusa, Sanabul’s Essentials V.2 Gi comes in both legal and “illegal” colors.
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The design of this Gi is a simple and minimalist one, yet very cool. To be honest, this one is on my shopping list, and in particular the grey one we’re reviewing today. Available in sizes from A0 to A4, this Gi has a very important feature – it comes preshrunk. This means that no matter how often you wash it, it won’t shrink an inch. It is also ultra-light, with a tapered athletic cut making it extremely tight. This doesn’t take away from the comfort but actually adds to functionality, as it’s very hard to grip and hold it. The material makes it perfect for warm-weather training. It is also resistant to bacteria, fungi, and odors.

Shogun Fight Jiu-Jitsu Gi Tao Premium

Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019Another lightweight Gi,’ features one of the best designs ever made for a BJJ Gi. The Shogun Fight Tao Premium Gi comes in three regular Jiu-Jitsu colors: black, white, and blue. As such, it is approved for competition under all organizations, as long as the size is right.
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What makes this Gi one of the best cool BJJ Gis is the inside design. This lightweight Gi features an amazing interior design which is actually a rashguard. The complete inside of the Gi is covered with a rashguard lining, meaning you won’t need to wear one underneath. The rashguard has a sublimated design that’s nothing short of astonishing. The main mural is in the middle, while the sides of the inside of the jacket have further graphics across every inch. The black version is arguably the best, with purple embroidery on the sleeves and pants. There are also purple lines running the length of both collars. All in all, one of the coolest Gis that’s still legal to wear in competition. The pearl weave jacket also weighs only 450 grams.

Venum Koi Absolute BJJ GI Limited Edition

Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019If Hayabusa and Sanabul are among the very best BJJ brands out there, Venum is one of the top three of all time. Venum’s products extended to all combat sports, with everything from gloves and apparel to specific grappling gear and great Gis. One of the very best Gis Venum has to offer is actually the Koi Absolute Gi. Not that this is a limited edition Gi, meaning you’ve got to be fast if you want to ensure you get one.
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What you get with this one is a lightweight, 100 % cotton Gi that’s perfect for both competition and training. In terms of competition, you might run into some trouble. It does feature only IBJJF-approved colors but has two of them mixed in the design. For example, the jacket is white, with blue collars and blue sleeves below the elbow. The pants are blue, with light blue loops and white drawstrings. The inside of the jacket features sublimated graphics of the highest quality. Strategically reinforced, this is one of the best cool BJJ Gis of all time. Comes with a drawstring cotton backpack.

FLUORY Lightweight BJJ Gi for Men & Women

Best Cool BJJ Gis 2019Here, we go off the bandwagon a bit, exploring a brand that some people might not know about. Still, it fits right into our best cool BJJ Gis of 2023 category. Fluory’s lightweight Gi is first and foremost available for both men and women. Next, it’s made by a brand that specializes in Gis for all kinds of martial arts. Plus, it is available in both adult and children sizes.
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The material is lightweight, pre-shrunk, and 100 % cotton. There’s EVA foam in the collar and reinforced stress areas. the pants are slim fit, with a ripstop pattern. Special reinforcements on the cuff lining make this Gi very hard to hold on to for your opponents. A huge feature is the fact that the Gi is a one-piece construction with no back seam. In terms of design, you won’t be able to compete with this one. It comes in pink and purple, both with black collars. There’s also blue embroidery on the back, as well as white logos on the sleeves and pants. The drawstring on the pants is also black. Comes with a free drawstring backpack.


Tatami Honey Badger V3 BJJ Gi 

Cool BJJ Gis 2019Tatami is another member of the top 3 BJJ Gi brands, along with Venum. They make some of the best, and most affordable Jiu-Jitsu Gis on the market. However, their Honey Badger Gi is something else. It was one of the best cool BJJ Gis when it first came out, and now, with version 3, it’s right up there once again!
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The honey badger Gi comes in black color, with a white collar. There is also white on the inside of the pants, from the knee to the groin area. In terms of IBJJF and UAEJJF, this Gi falls under the questionable category. The design has embroidered artwork on both sleeves as well as a massive one on the back. The pants feature the same art on a large part of one pant leg as well. The embroidery is in white, just like the drawstring. Sizes range from A1 to A5. This Gi is virtually the same as the Tatami Zero G one, in terms of technical specifications. It has a cotton pearl woven jacket and ripstop cotton pants. A perfect athletic fit and extremely comfortable.

BJJ Gi Rules 

Let’s talk a little bit about IBJJF/UAEJJF Gi rules, to clear up what is legal, what’s illegal, and what can fly under certain circumstances. The IBJJF has very strict GI demands, that include size, fit, color, ruggedness, and cleanliness. Out of all, color and design are the most likely ones to result in a direct DQ if you’re not careful.

For example, the three colors allowed are blue, black, and white. The thing with color is that the whole Gi has to be in uniform color. This means that contrasting color on the collars is illegal. Still, you might be able to sneak one through, if you’re not at the Europeans, Pans, or Worlds. Having different colors on the sleeves and/or pants though, is certain to get you DQed. In terms of length, the sleeves must not be too tight or too short. The same holds for the pants, especially the length. Having a clean Gi is an obvious one, so we’ll skip over it. It is important to remember to have a GI that’s not torn or damaged though. Rashguard linings and embroidery are legal.

All in all, our guide for the best cool BJJ Gis of 2024 brings you the top options that are going to allow you to express your individuality on the mats. Get your Gi now, particularly if you have your eyes on a limited edition one! Also, check out our list of the best BJJ Gis in 2024.

Cool, Funny, Ridicolous and Cheap BJJ Gis for Everyone’s Pocket

The Best BJJ GIs in 2024

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cool-bjj-gis-2019-reviews-guideFor people that train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Gi, most often choosing a Gi is either a big deal or something they do not think twice about. Usually, beginners find it hard to choose among the wealth of available options on the market. More...