Best MMA Headgear In 2019 – A Guide And Reviews

The ultimate 2019 guide to the best MMA Headgear with detailed reviews

One of the major concerns for people when MMA first appeared was trauma, particularly to the head. 4 oz gloves instead of the usual 12 oz boxing one’s were always thought to promote more danger than any other striking sport. Essentially, this was proven wrong, due to the fact that MMA focuses on grappling, wrestling and other changes on top of striking. This greatly diminishes the amount of head strikes that land. However, that doesn’t mean that traumatic brain injuries are non-existent in MMA. Quite the opposite. But, it has much more to do with training than competing in MMA. The solution is quite simple – never train without the best MMA Headgear available! 

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Whenever we look at protective gear for MMA or grappling it always comes down to live sparring as the main culprit. It is hard to get ready for a professional fight without simulating what is about to happen as realistically as possible. today, we see the results of sparring without the proper protective gear. Many of the legends from the first wave of UFC stars are today struggling with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). The last one to publically acknowledge so was Renato “Babalu” Sobral, who can’t walk a straight line. There’s a lot to be learned from this. the main lesson is that the one, mandatory piece of equipment you must wear when sparring live is headgear. The best MMA headgear can drastically change the effect of all the cumulative impact that comes with MMA sparring.

CTE And Mixed Martial Arts

CTE is the popular term for trauma-induced brain damage nowadays. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is the effect of direct trauma to the skull. What most people fail to realize, though, is that this doesn’t have to mean a knockout or just major one-off trauma. On the contrary, the hidden dangers are in the cumulative absorption of strikes throughout the years. And, as fighting is when everyone is at their best and adrenaline is flowing, sparring is where most of this trauma gets accumulated.

The main trouble with striking training is that there’s no way to really train without having to get hit. It is just the way things are. Now, body shots and leg kicks are uncomfortable and painful, there’s no doubt about it. However, we can take them. Head strikes, on the other hand, are different. Every trauma that our heads receive ends up mashing our brains into our own skull. Do it enough times and the brain is going to show signs of deterioration. The scariest thing about it is that it is not immediately apparent. Instead, symptoms often appear after people are done with MMA, just like Bablu, for example. Luckily there’s a solution, and it is easy.

All it takes is for you to get some headgear. Today, with all the input from MMA and boxing, headgear technology is on a whole different level. This means not just immense protection, but also extreme comfort and extended durability. Even so, some training helmets out there are simply superior to others. We went deep and got a handful of the very best MMA headgear you can use to ensure you get out of MMA with your health intact.

Best MMA Headgear in 2019

For people that want to fight smart, there is no place for machismo when it comes to MMA. Fighting smart is always the absolute best strategy you can use for MMA, as proven by countless UFC world champions. However, fighting smart is not enough. Not by a long shot. You need to also train smart, and that means doing things that you might not enjoy. MMA headgear is not easy to get used to and will frustrate you the first few times you put it on. However, it is imperative that you get used to it, and keep it with you every time you train anything that has the potential to inflict even the smallest trauma to your brain.

The best MMA headgear for 2019 that we have in our guide below covers just about every possible basis of protection. Just like with every other piece of MMA gear, headgear has varying quality. There are different types that offer different characteristics and come and different prices. The real trick is finding one that won’t cost you the complete purse of your last fight but will give you the maximal possible protection. Although there are small variations in price between the headgear we review below, they’re all more than acceptable and even affordable. Yet, they all thick each and every box that would qualify them among the best MMA headgear of 2019.


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The way we kick our best MMA headgear 2019 guide is with the best deal possible! The Maxx MMA headgear is by far the best-priced helmet we would find that’s among the very best. It ticks all the boxes, features a very modern slick design and is available in different sizes. The perfect helmet for beginners without a doubt, but not less effective for professionals either.
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The MAXX MMA headgear is very simplistic. It comes in black color with a white MAXX logo on the front. It is available in two sizes, large and extra large which fits most people. One key aspect of this helmet that makes it one of the best is visibility. The design is such that there are virtually no restrictions to your field of view. The closure system combination is with a hook and loop Velcro under the chin and on the back of the head. this allows for as many adjustments as possible while guaranteeing security. There’s multi-layered, extra thick, closed-cell foam padding that offers 360 degrees shock absorption.Read more hidden text

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Hayabusa usually provides high-quality gear fro grappling and MMA on a regular basis. Still, when it comes to the best MMA headgear, we were extremely picky. Still, Hayabusa’s T3 helmet not only made the list but is a strong contender to be the best among the best.
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Black leather outside, blue inside and the Hayabusa logo on the top right front portion and the back. As far as design goes, this headgear is unrivaled by any. Furthermore, it comes in different combinations, with black/green, black/grey and black/red also available. The size is universal as there is a double adjustment system. There’s an extended field of vision which makes sparring with this headgear no different than without it. There’s a T-cross Velcro closure system on the top and back of the head guaranteeing no shifting. Also featuring is a Crush Zone core which offers unrivaled shock absorption and dispersion of force. Extremely durable and as lightweight as they come.  Read more hidden text

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81Y6eyCaCoL. SL1500  150x150 - Best MMA Headgear In 2019 - A Guide And Reviews

Similarly to Hayabusa, Venum offer just about everything when it comes to MMA and BJJ gear. Most of their stuff is pure quality, albeit some sub-par products have been known to appear with their logo. The Challenger 2.0 is definitely not one such piece. In fact, the demand about the original Venum Challenger headgear was so big, that they had to issue a 2.0 version of it.
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I’m not a huge fan of Venum products myself, but I have to admit to owning this particular piece of MMA headgear. If you ask me, it is the absolute best MMA headgear you can have. I own the full black version, but the black and white combination also looks sharp. This helmet’s main claim comes in terms of weight. Venum has outdone themselves by managing to bring full protection via an extremely lightweight MMA headgear. The foam is triple density, layered and, most importantly contoured. This allows the headgear to conform, offers a maximal field of vision as well as incredible shock absorption. The CLosure is via a two-way Velcro on the back of the head, which contains flexible straps.Read more hidden text

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Ringside’s’ full-face training headgear lifts MMA sparring safety to a whole new level. This piece of headgear somehow manages to offer complete protection while having one of the largest frontal openings. On top of that, this one is going to last you a lifetime as it is particularly sturdy and durable.
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The color combinations here are black and white and the material of this MMA headgear is high-grade synthetic leather. As far as durability goes, hardly anything can beat it. Size-wise, it is available in four different sizes, S – XL. A hoo kand loop closure system on the rear ensures further adjustability so that you can find a snug and tight fit. The protection this helmet offers is as complete as they come. It protects every part of your head and face, as well as under your chin, thanks to strategically placed padding. It has absolutely no vision restrictions and features padded edge holes for the ears so that you can hear what’s going on. One of the very best MMA headgear pieces ever!!Read more hidden text

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61eMeajeMXL. SL1000  150x150 - Best MMA Headgear In 2019 - A Guide And Reviews

We had to include at least one boxing classic in our list, not just to make it complete, but because it is utterly deserved. There’s no place for fashion statements when it comes to CTE, just plain performance and functionality. These are two traits that the Everlast Everfresh headgear flawlessly delivers on. But that’s not all.
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This MMA and boxing headgear is available in a black, with the Everlast logo on the front. The first thing that stands out is the shape of this headgear. It is unlike any of the others in our best MMA headgear 2019 guide and looks too open at first. However, the protection it offers is more than optimal, thanks to the strategic placement of padding. The material here is a rugged and extremely resilient Everlast copyright called Everhide. In short, it’ll never give way, and it’ll never allow the padding underneath to budge or move. Moreover, there are adjustable closure systems on the top of the helmet and beneath the chin, ensuring one size fits all. Top choice for many professional fighters.Read more hidden text

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61qb9JWDzFL. SL1000  150x150 - Best MMA Headgear In 2019 - A Guide And Reviews

Mid-range when it comes to price, high-end in terms of protection. If you ask me, this MMA helmet provides the most in return for the value. It is unrivaled in terms of comfort and features gel padding instead fo the standard foam variations. Plus, there are different sizes and color designs available.
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Meister’s Full-Face Gel Headgear comes in a black and charcoal version (really cool looking) and an additional white/black combo. Both look great, and both feature the meister logo centrally in the forehead region. There are three available sizes, with each covering two standard sizes, i.e small/medium, large/extra large and even an XXL one. There’s gel enforced multi-layered padding for maximum impact resistance. Padding is further reinforced on most sensitive areas like forehead, cheeks, chin, and ears. The outside is premium full-grain leather, easy to keep clean and very durable. There’s a rear entry making it extremely easy to put on and the most comfortable on in our guide. A double hook and loop closure adds further adjustment properties and secure fitting.Read more hidden text

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71KvSgSwpPL. SL1500  1024x873 - Best MMA Headgear In 2019 - A Guide And Reviews

I got the chance to wear one of these on a few occasions. It led me to two conclusions. The first is that this will be my next MMA headgear for sure. The second is that this is the best looking piece of MMA headgear you can get in 2019. Being such a quality helmet that offers incredible protection comes second to how it looks. Well, not really, but this helmet really looks as good as it can protect you from impact.
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First up, design. There are 4 available color combinations, black, red/black, pink/black and blue/black. The designs are so good you’ll probably have a hard time picking your favorite. In terms of sizes, there are 4 options, from small to extra large. The helmet contains Tri-Slab Max-Shock foam padding for the ultimate shock absorption. This is further enforced by integrated shock absorbent gel-tech. There are a quick EZ hook and loop system to ensure fast handling and a tight fit. The outside is ultra tough Maya leather, providing durability and resilience. Which brings us to the centerpiece – a removable plastic-encased face grill to ensure even better protection. Oh, and did I mention this MMA headgear has an unbelievably reasonable price? Read more hidden text

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The Key Components Of The Best MMA Headgear

The original intention of headgear, one that is a mainstay of boxing training, was to prevent cuts and bruises. This brought about the shape of the headgear we know and use today. However, as priorities shift towards preventing long term CTE, so do the tasks of headgear. Now, it is not just enough for a helmet to protect you from cuts and bumps.

A secure and comfortable fit of your headgear is surprisingly the first thing you need to worry about. Most modern helmets do a good job of protecting you from both impact and cuts. However, the best MMA headgear is designed in a way that fits you perfectly. The benefit from this is a larger field of vision, a smaller target for training partners to hit and, of course, increased protection properties. So, size and shape play the most important role when it comes to MMA headgear.

Padding comes next. The standard approach is foam padding, but that sometimes comes with the cost of visibility. Instead, gel seems to be the better choice, as it absorbs shock better and is not as bulky as foam.

The closure system is another huge one. There are two main aspects here, one being chin straps and the other a Velcro type closure system. Out of the two, a buckle chin strap is far more secure. There’s top closure to consider as well, where laces beat hook and loop every day of the week.


Apart from the very apparent and obvious reason to spare your brain unneeded trauma when training, there’s another reason you need to get MMA headgear. Most gyms have helmets available for use. Still, it’s best to make sure you have your own. This has to do with hygiene and the potential for spreading germs when you share headgear with lots of people. Plus, getting your own guarantees you get one of the best MMA headgear options for 2019.

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