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Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019
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Do you have any idea what the most common BJJ injury is? Let me put it like this. Do you know which joint get hurt the most in BJJ? If your answer is the elbow, then you’ve got it right. It is not that we use our elbows more than any other joint. It is that they get attacked so often from so many different positions that they inevitably crack under the pressure. Other joints get their fair share of injuries too, but nothing comes close to the elbows. This means that if you do not look after your elbows, you’ll end up with either a serious or a chronic injury on one or both of them. Unless you have support for your elbows in the form of BJJ elbow pads. And of course, they have to be the Best BJJ Elbow Pads that exist in 2021.

Let’s face it, protective gear is a must when you train BJJ. Wearing it as a young grappler or beginner might not be on many people’s priority list. In all honesty, young guns and beginners do not really need it. The thing with protective gear is that you should use it before you need it, or it may be too late. The best thing is to identify a problem area and address it as soon as possible. Moreover, if you’re an advanced or senior grappler, get yourself a pair of the best BJJ elbow pads straight away. You’ll notice the difference straight away and your elbows will be grateful. After all, the point is to keep on training right?

Also, there’s a difference between Elbow Compression sleeves and Elbow compression pads. Pads are more suitable for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as there’s a lot of friction in BJJ, MMA, and other grappling sports. Compression Elbow Sleeve pads for BJJ, MMA, grappling, etc. will give your elbow compression and protection from rubbing and blows.

The Most Injured Joint In BJJ

The elbow joint is one of the most important joints in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This usually becomes clear to people only once they’ve ended up injured. Training with an elbow injury is actually possible in BJJ which makes it that much more of a problem. For example, if you tear knee ligaments or roll an ankle, you’ll have to take a rest for a while. However, if you injure an elbow, apart from breaking it, you can still roll, albeit not at full strength (nor advisable). This is why a lot of people aggravate elbow injuries and turn them into chronic ones. It’s also where the best BJJ elbow pads can make a huge difference.

The elbow joint is mainly intended for flexion and extension. It can also do twisting motions, but only with the help of the shoulder joint. Now, in BJJ, the goal is always to have extreme control over the neighboring joints of the one you’re attacking. This means with every attack the elbow joint’s range of motion is diminished. And this is before people even look to attack it. Not to mention that there are a bunch of attacks on the elbow joint, like straight armlocks or armbars.

The main trouble with the elbows in grappling, though, is posting. When you’re passing the guard, or in mount you have to constantly post. All the time, your opponent is trying to explore and looking to trap your elbows. Then, there’s playing guard. Looking to frame and protect guard positions, as well as an attack can be dreadful on your elbows. Not to mention scrambles and all possible twists and tweaks they bring about. No wonder the elbows get such a beating during Jiu-Jitsu training.

The Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2021 Guide 

The best BJJ elbow pads that we have in our guide today might surprise you. Not all of them are what you might have in mind when you think about elbow pads. As technology advances, so does protective sports gear, and particularly combat sports gear. This means that today you don’t just have a simple pad and an elastic band to hold it. On the contrary, there are highly specific systems like sleeves, or adjustable multi-directional protective braces and pads. On top of everything, they’re all made of durable and high-grade material that’ll keep them strong for ages.

There’s also a hugely important aspect in the design of BJJ elbow pads. Most of the pads in our 2021 best BJJ elbow pads guide are made specifically for grappling and combat sports. There are some that are intended for all kinds of sports, but they’re so high-grade and adjustable and offer so much protection that they simply had to feature. We made sure we include elbow pads that come in pairs, as well as provide the best-priced products for you in 2021.

Liveup SPORTS Elbow Brace

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019We’re kicking it off with a bang here. Liveup Sports are the manufacturers of an extremely cool pair of elbow pads fit for any sport. One of the best things about this product is that it is a two-pack, meaning you get two extra strong elbow sleeves for the price of one.
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These elbow pads come in gray color with white stripes and are somewhere in between pads and elbow sleeves. They provide immense compression and won’t slip an inch thanks to a special no-slip cuff on the inside. The compression helps alleviate pressure from your joint and prevents it from popping while training. The material is an even split between rubber, polyester, and nylon which makes it virtually indestructible. Not only that, but this blend also guarantees that the pad will remain elastic. It is breathable and moisture-wicking plus resistant to odors. A great product to start exploring the best BJJ elbow pads for 2021!

G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019Here’s a BJJ elbow pad that’ll make you look like something out of “The Terminator”. Well, if you wear it in No-Gi at least. Despite its looks this elbow pad is a very modern product made with the latest technologies. It is also a pad that provides incredible protection. Also comes in a pair.
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G-Form’s “Pro-X” elbow pad is a protector made out of special foam that is soft and flexible. When the elbow is under pressure through the foam stiffens to protect it from the force of impact. This is possible thanks to proprietary Reactive Protection Technology designed by G-Form. Despite looking bulky at first glance, these pads fit perfectly under a Gi and won’t impede your motion. More importantly, they won’t injure your opponents since they do not contain hard, sturdy plastic. The best part is that they’re completely washer-friendly so you can throw them in along with your Gi. Available in 6 different color designs. 

COOLOMG Compression Padded Arm Sleeve

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019COOLOMG’s compression sleeves are as cool as the name suggests. No really, it’s not a pun! First of all, you get two of them to start with. Next up, they come in a bunch of different designs. Furthermore, the designs are not just the same one with different colors but completely varied. And, of course, they do their job without a flaw, hence their inclusion in our best BJJ elbow pads guide for 2021.
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These compression sleeves come in a size that fits most people, thanks to their immense elasticity. The material is 90% polyester and 10 % Spandex plus high-grade EVA pads. They’re completely permeable to air and have moisture-wicking properties. Perfect to keep your elbows safe while providing nearby muscles with much-needed compression. Keeps its elasticity even after repeated washing. Comes with 100% lifetime warranty with every purchase.

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019As far as the best BJJ elbow pads go, these offer probably more protection than any other pair of pads out there. This page actually doubles down as both protective pads and elbow sleeves. The perfect combination for any grappler, especially those with elbow issues.

They come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and in black color. Still, what they lack in modern funky design, the makeup for in quality and protection. These pads feature a foam grid that is placed in a way that guarantees relief from most elbow injuries. Information, tennis elbow, even ligament damage area all easy to resolve with these pads. The material is abrasion-resistant. The pads offer a full range of motion and support throughout the most complex movements. The special design means they’re impossible to slip and are suitable for both sexes and people of all sizes. Money-back guarantee included!

RDX BJJ Elbow Support Brace

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019RDX is one of these companies that offer a lot of products intended to help grapplers and fighters. Out of all their stuff, their line of protective gear is definitely up there with the best of them. Normally, their BJJ/MMA elbow support brace is one of the best BJJ elbow pads you can get this year.
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The RDX elbow brace is available in three colors (black, red, or blue) and comes in a pair. Sizes range from small to extra large, meaning they can accommodate virtually anyone. They are different from other products so far in that they’re not a slip-on pad. The RDX elbow pads feature a cross-over strapping system that makes them fully adjustable. The padding is made out of extra light carbon fiber that ensures complete protection and no tearing whatsoever. The fibers feature sweat-wicking technology and keep your elbows cool and dry. These pads are among the highest quality pads you can get!

Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support Pads

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019Mueller’s adjustable elbow pads come in one size that fits all and also come as a pair. They feature a strap closing system and ensure maximal protection while staying flexible. they’re also completely adjustable to anyone’s arms, plus both straps can be worn on each arm.
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The material in these best BJJ elbow pads contenders is a special neoprene blend. This blend is soft and helps retain body heat to improve circulation. In this sense, it also relieves pain and helps the body heal. A hugely important aspect for grapplers is that these pads are extremely comfortable to wear and don’t interfere with training at all. They’re also a bit longer than regular pads, meaning extended protection and a better fit. There’s complete breathability via a strategic Hydro mesh panel. An extremely high-grade product is tailor-made for training Jiu-Jitsu.


McDavid 489 Elbow Strap

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019Here’s where we go off the reservation a little bit. Still, we are going to offer a product that’ll relieve pain and discomfort in many grapplers. one of the most common injuries grapplers run into is tennis elbow. This is is often a chronic thing that requires a lot of attention and caution during training.
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McDavid’s elbow strap is specifically designed to help resolve tennis elbow symptoms. This is a small pad compared to others. In fact, it is not a pad at all, but a strap that you wear on your forearm, right below your elbow. This strap offers targeted pressure to the area affected by tennis elbow symptoms. It is small, comfortable, and easy to wear under the Gi. The strap100 % neoprene, with Dual Sorbothane pads that provide the targeted pressure. There are a hook and loop system to adjust it to your arm, plus it comes in three different sizes. Available in black and definitely one of the best BJJ elbow pads that grapplers can own. The price makes it really affordable to get even if you already have a more heavy-duty elbow pad.


Venum Kontact Elbow Protector

Best BJJ Elbow Pads 2019Finally, wrapping up our best BJJ elbow pads guide for 2021 is a BJJ classic. Well, at least in terms of a manufacturer. Venum offers everything a grappler might think of, from Gis and backpacks to dedicated headgear and elbow pads. They’re specific to BJJ, very high-quality and extremely useful.
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The Venum Kontakt Elbow Protectors are available in six different colors. They come in one size since they’re fully adjustable via a straps system. The material in these pads is very high-grade cotton with strategic reinforcements for improved protection. The closure of the straps is via Velcro tape to ensure there’s no slipping and that the pad fits perfectly. The pads come in a pair and are washable in a machine. Made to fit perfectly under the Gi without impeding motion at all. Offer additional abrasion protection from mat burns when training No-Gi.


Elbow Pads For Grapplers

The trouble with elbows is that they’re exposed from day one all the way to the advanced levels.  As we saw, there’s not much we can do about it, no matter how careful we are in training. What we can do is grab ourselves a pair of the best BJJ elbow pads and go on to roll like usual. While our guide above is by all main comprehensive, here are a few more caveats of what makes a pair of elbow pads perfect for grappling.

As you know by know, elbow pads come in a variety of sizes, designs, materials, and intended uses. Your own needs are going to determine the type of elbow pad you need to keep your elbows healthy. As we saw, materials range from polyester and rubber to neoprene and/or nylon pads. Depending on what you’re looking for they can offer immense compression, elbow padding, specific movement restriction, or all of the above. The material defines the properties of the pads, so choose according to your needs.

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Do you have any idea what the most common BJJ injury is? Let me put it like this. Do you know which joint get hurt the most in BJJ? If your answer is the elbow, then you've got it right. It is not