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Training grappling is an exhausting endeavor that requires you to be in a certain shape. While this means having some athletic abilities, it also means taking care of nutrition and hydration. In today’s modern way of life, getting to the academy for training is a task not many can complete. This leaves next to no time for nutrition and hydration, which is why people turn to supplements. For professional grapplers, this is actually a no-brainer – they can’t go without it. However, carrying around a water bottle and meals can be a real nuisance. Unless you’re ready for the day ahead and have everything neatly packed in one of the best BJJ shaker bottles you can get. 

Everyone needs a shaker bottle. It is as easy as that. Regardless of whether you are a recreational grappler, a professional one, or just a regular non-training Joe, you need a shaker bottle to make daily life easier. A good shaker bottle is a great way to carry around hydration and nutrition essentials. You never know when you’re going to be in a jam and need a quick meal. Reaching for a shake is a way better option than going for junk food. And, if you train regularly, you know how important pre, peri, and post-workout nutrition is, Not to mention water.

So, instead of carrying around disposable plastic water bottles, you should look to get a shaker. But not just any shaker. Nothing but the best BJJ shaker bottles for 2021 should be on your shopping list. After all, you want a safe and practical bottle that’ll last you for years!

Best BJJ Shaker Bottles

What exactly are your options when it comes to BJJ shaker bottles? That’s easy – use your goals to guide you. In terms of general requirements,s we got you covered. Everything on our Best BJJ Shaker Bottle list is made from eco-friendly and 100% safe material. All of the bottles are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. There’s also no chance of spilling anything from any of them. Plus, there’s no shaker with a capacity smaller than 20 oz, which is more than enough. Actually, there’s also an XXL one able to hold up to 45 oz.

As far as design goes, we have everything, from plain plastic, through stainless steel to built-in compartments and electric blenders. There are also plenty of colors available for most, and some even offer variable sizes on the same design.

BlenderBottle Classic Shaker

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019The first shaker bottle we’re going to look at on our list of the Best BJJ Shaker bottles for 2021 is a classical one. In fact, it is such a classic that it’s named “the Classic Shaker” The company behind it is BlenderBottle, a renowned brand for the production of shaker bottles. And you can’t go wrong with this one, even if you’re a complete beginner.

When it comes to design, BlenderBottle leads the way undisputedly. They offer two dozen different color designs on their Classic shaker. Furthermore, the shaker itself is one for any occasion. First and foremost, it comes in three sizes, 20, 28, and 32 oz which is more than enough for all your training needs. The bottle is made from special BPA-free plastic, that is safe for the dishwasher. Along with the shake bottle, you get a stainless steel wire ball for maximal whisking of your concoctions. The lid is a screw on one, guaranteeing no spillage even if you keep it upside down. A flip cap with a leak-proof seal makes drinking easy, and you’ll never misplace your lid cap. Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Hydra Cup – Dual Threat Shaker Bottle

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019Here’s a real treat when it comes to the best BJJ Shaker Bottles. The Hydra Cup is an innovative shaker system that acts as a two-in-one bottle. Plus, it is an awesome design and looks really cool if you have two different colored liquids inside. Can also double as a storage container.

If you have a really specific nutrition plan that requires pre and post-workout drinks, or other combinations, this is the shaker bottle for you. The Hydra Cup offers you two bottles in one thanks to built-in separated chambers. This means you can have two different shakes in it at the same time, or water and a shake. You could even store pill or powder supplements in one compartment and liquid in the other. The lid has two drinking openings both with leak-proof seals. One compartment is 14 oz, while the other is larger at 22 oz. Perfect for carrying both water and a shake. The material is BPA free plastic, safe to wash, and easy to clean.


Homiguar Stainless Steel BJJ Shaker Bottle

Here’s a shaker bottle option for those that do not want to drink from plastic. The Homiguar Shaker bottle is a stainless steel one that will ensure you’re getting a bottle to last a lifetime. Plus, it comes in a few different color versions.

The reason this shaker is among the best BJJ shaker bottles of 209 is primarily the design. The stainless steel means you get a metal body for the shaker, which usually means no visibility. On the contrary, Homuguar has a built-in window, with measurements in both oz and grams engraved on it. It features a leak-proof cap that has a flip cap and a strap for convenient carry. The capacity of the bottle is 28 oz, making it perfect for daily use. The stainless steel means I can also hold warm liquid like tea or coffee. The manufacturer offers a full money back or replacement guarantee.


BlenderBottle Pro45 Extra Large Shaker

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019It is time for another BlenderBottle member of the best BJJ shaker bottles category. This time, we’ll take a look at a shaker model that’s larger than usual, for those in search of such a bottle.  The Pro45 is a big one, yet it’s just what some people want.

BlenderBottle’s Extra Large shaker bottle is a 45 oz giant, able to hold enough for even ultra heavyweights. Comes in 7 different color varieties, all dishwasher safe. The material is high-grade, BPA, and phthalate-free plastic. The lid screws on for a maximal seal. and it has a practical flip cap. There’s also a carry loop making it portable as well as Spout Guard technology protecting it from dirt accumulation. A key feature is a wire ball that’s double the weight of usual ones, meaning you can even mix pancake batter with it.


Umoro V3: The 3 in 1 Shaker Bottle

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019If you find regular shaker bottles to be insufficient, and even 2-in-1 bottles like the Hydro do not meet your demands, this is the solution. Umoro has a unique BJJ shaker bottle design that features an amazing 3-in-1 shaker.

The three features of the Umoro V3 are a shaker bottle, a water bottle, and a storage compartment. It is a convenient bottle, easily portable, and very lightweight. No need to unscrew additional compartments, or carry two or three bottles. The Umoro works by having two compartments that can hold powders in the bottle cap. You can fill your shaker bottle with water and drink it up until you need a peri-workout drink, for example. Just press a button and the compartment holding it falls down and you get your drink. Next up, re-fill with water and press the other button for an immediate post-workout shake. Original and practical! It also has a 100 % leak-proof seal and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. BPA free and odor resisting plastic is the main material and it comes in a variety of colors. Can hold up to 28 oz.


GNC Pro Performance BJJ Shaker Bottle

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019The GNC Pro Performance bottle is one for those that are looking for just a simple bottle for a day to day use. With this shaker bottle, you get exactly what you see. No fancy mixing technology or separated compartments. Just a plain old red shaker bottle for minimalists.

A classic shaker bottle with a screw-on lid and flip cap. Still a modern twist on the flip cap is the loop, making this bottle really easy to carry. Plus, it ensures that it won’t open while you’re carrying it via the loop system. BPA free plastic and 100% safety from leaks are features we already take for granted from the best BJJ shaker bottles. Also features a wire ball for easier mixing and can hold up to 28oz.


BOTTLED JOY Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019With this shaker bottle, we go into modern technology territory. The Electric Shaker Bottle by Bottled Joy offers you the opportunity to use a blender wherever you go. No need to blend at home, leave everything messy, and use a shaker bottle to take with you to the mats. Now, you can do it all in one container, which is a breeze to clean.

The Bottled Joy electric shaker is definitely one of the best BJJ Shaker Bottles you can get in 2021. It is a modern design, offering you a portable blender that takes up no more space than a regular shaker bottle. This shaker bottle has a blender in the bottom section, that you can turn on at any moment. The way it does it is by creating a vortex that ensures no lumps in your shake. Simply add all the ingredients and press a button. You get a perfect shake in seconds. Comes in a clear design, made from BPA-free plastic, and with a capacity of 28 oz. Can also double as a home blender, since you can use it while recharging the built-in battery. Comes with a charger.


BlenderBottle ProStak System

Best BJJ Shaker Bottle 2019Wrapping things up another representative of the brand that wins the best BJJ shaker bottle search. BlenderBottle is at it again, this time with a multi-compartment bottle conveniently named The ProStack shaker.

This shaker bottle actually offers you the option to travel prepared for anything. It is another 3-in-1 version, but not as high-tech as the Umoro V3. It can still do the job, though, and at only a fraction of the price. What you get is a 22 oz capacity shaker plus two screw-on compartments able to hold 150 and 100 cc., respectively.  This offers opportunities for bringing along powders, pills, or any other form of supplements you might need to get through a typical day. It features a seal proof flip cap and a screw-on lid. Bpa-free and dishwasher safe, as all other BlenderBottle shakers.


Why You Need A BJJ Shaker Bottle 

To sum things up, a shaker bottle means a healthy meal to go, At the very least prepping one is miles away from having to do meal prep at home. All you need to do is throw in your favorite protein powder, or spirulina if you’re into it, and be on your way. Or, as you’ll see later, you might even have them both ready to go in a single shaker bottle. Then there’s the 3-in-1 design allowing you to carry multiple supplements and/or water or other drinks at the same time.

Technology also offers a huge relief in terms of blending. Now, your shaker bottle can not only hold your preferred concoction, but it can also blend it on the go as well. Make yourself shakes or smoothies on your way to the gym, or on the spot right there on the mats. Or, have your shaker bottle double as a coffee cup, with stainless steel options that have no trouble holding hot liquids.  Whatever your needs are, there’s a shaker bottle (or more) out there for you. On that note, there’s no need for extensive research, case we already did it for you. Behold, the most comprehensive list of the very best BJJ shaker bottles for 2021, featuring representatives from every shaker bottle category imaginable!

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Training grappling is an exhausting endeavor that requires you to be in a certain shape. While this means having some athletic abilities, it also means taking care of nutrition and hydration. In today's modern way of life, getting to the academy for training