Best MMA Training Bags 2020 Guide And Reviews

Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide
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There’s one aspect of training striking that can hardly be replicated in grappling. that is the ability to work on attaining perfect technique by yourself. In that sense, there’s more than one way to ensure your striking is as crisp as they come. You could go all out shadowboxing, for example. Or, even better, you could put on a pair of gloves and go over to the bag. Whether it is a heavy bag, a teardrop, a speed bag or any other punching bag you’ll be able to get a workout and work on your technique at the same time. For that purpose, we bring you the best MMA training bags of 2020, in all shapes and sizes. 

Training MMA requires you to put in a lot of work in a lot of different areas. Most of them require either a specialized facility, qualified trainers/instructors, or both. In the case of striking though, as long as you have some experience, and particularly if it is your strong suit, you can get really far by yourself, technically speaking. Shadowboxing, with or without a mirror is always a good idea. However, if you really want the most bang for your buck, you have to actually have an impact when you train. In that sense, there’s hardly a better training tool than a training bag. The best MMA bags, regardless of category, share some core properties that you one to be aware of, so that your bag can serve you your entire career. And we have all of them organized and outlined for you below.

Types Of MMA Training Bags 

The concept of a bag is probably as old as striking martial arts themselves. While having someone hold pads or focus mitts for you is great, sometimes it’s just hard to find a partner. So, having a bag nearby can really help you reach the next level in your training. Yes, if it is a medium-sized bag, having someone hold it might allow you to train a bit easier. However, as you’ll see later, the bag’s movement is actually another training tool, one that’ll help you develop different aspects of your game than just punching and kicking.

Seeing how striking for MMA is a really complex combination of the best principles and techniques of many arts, there are different MMA training bags. While some of the very best MMA training bags to cover all the basics, others are highly specific for a certain task. In our quest for the best MMA training bags in all departments, we did our best to include all kinds of options in our guide.

Covering every aspect of how a punching bag can help your striking is a subject for an entire article of its own. For now, we’ll just stick to the very basics. And you can’t go more basic than a 70 lbs heavy bag for MMA training. A bag that doesn’t go from the floor to co ceiling, as the heaviest ones do, is perfect for training the multiple aspects of MMA. Apart from uppercuts, you can work on virtually everything, along with lots of movement. The large 100 lbs and over bags do offer less mobility but allow for training more power. Teardrop bags help with uppercuts but do lack an option for training low kicks, for example, This is a specialized type of bag, just like the speed bag is.

The Best MMA Training Bags in 2020

Our best MMA training bags 2020 guide has options for everyone looking. In it, you’ll find heavy bags, speed bags, teardrop bags, hybrid bags, and more. However, we did not only focus on variety as our defining criteria for choosing the best MMA training bags. We also made sure that every entry is of the highest possible quality, while not burning a hole in your wallet. To that extent, we took three main characteristics as our most important ones: filling, bag material, and weight.

Heavy bag fillings are the most important aspect of a heavy bag. Most bags come filled, but you can also opt for an unfilled one too. The type of filling material defines how the bag reacts to strikes. Filler materials include water, sand, foam, and/or gel. The filler material is also a big determinant of the bag’s weight. The heavier you go, the more stability you gain. The basic rule is that you shouldn’t go lower than half your bodyweight. Finally, when it comes to bag materials, always go for the durable and sturdy. Leather, vinyl, or canvas are the most common, and best materials used in bags. Of course, leather is the preferred choice.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Combat Sports bag

We are going to start our best MMA training bags guide with a Muay Thai style heavy bag. This is one of those bags that go from ceiling to floor and provide a great striking surface for training virtually everything. Uppercut training might be the only aspect that suffers slightly, but you can adjust and adapt. This full-length bag is one of the most highly rated among all kinds of professionals.
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This bag is made of solid, extra sturdy synthetic leather that guarantees durability. The weight of this bag is 100 lbs, making it one of the heaviest in our guide. The construction makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. The measurements are 13″ x 72″. The bag comes with a heavy-duty chain to hang it from. The color is black, with the logo and writing in white. The fact that this is a full-length bag means you can train everything from leg kicks to elbows. Moreover, this bag provides plenty of resistance and remains static throughout so you won’t need a partner to stabilize it.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Everlast

Everlast gear is a classic brand for boxing equipment and is not far behind when it comes to MMA gear too. The Omni Strike Bag is arguably the best MMA training bag you can own. I have one of these at home and it provides one of the best workouts ever, whether technically, conditioning-wise, or both! This one is a hybrid, weighing at 80 lbs and providing options for training literally every aspect of striking.
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The material this bag is made of is once again synthetic leather. This translates to maximal durability and longevity. The filling is with cutting edge C3 foam that provides the perfect balance between sturdiness and flexibility. The design is somewhat unusual since there’s additional foam wrapped around the bottom of the bag. this provides you with a striking surface great for working on kicks. At the same time, there are handles on both sides of the bag, allowing you to practice clinch striking and dirty boxing as well. It also makes it perfect for ground and pound drills.

This bag is not a full length one, meaning you’ll also need to employ footwork when training. The weight is also lower, with this bag coming in at 80 lbs. Comes in a red and black combination and is my personal favorite out of all the best MMA training bags we have here today.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Century Heavy bag

With the Century Hydrocore bag, we once again have a full-length heavy bag, Muay Thai Style. This is a unique bag not often see in modern MMA, due to the filling. Instead of the usual foam or soft material, this bag features water as the main filling. Coupled with its sturdy exterior this bag really provides a different striking training experience.
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The Century Hydrocore MMA Bag has a special vinyl-polyester exterior to guarantee toughness. The core, however, as the name suggests, is a liquid one made out of – water. However, you don’t just get a bag filled with water, as there’s also a layer of foam beneath the vinyl cover and around the water core. The bag comes in black color, with nothing but the Century logo on it. It comes with a variable weight system, heavy-duty hanging chain, ceiling ring, and extra-durable hanging straps. The water core provides you with a sensation like striking a human body, which really changes striking training. Plus you can add or remove water, thus changing the weight of the bag. The most innovative and high-tech one in our best MMA training bags 2020 guide.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Fairtex terdrop bag

Taking a little breather from heavy bags, we have a different MMA training bag variation here. The Fairtex Teardrop MMA bag is a specialized bag as a result of its specific structure and form. This is another Muay Thai style bag, offering a different feel when it comes to close quarters striking, like elbows and knees. Works perfectly for all punches too, but is not the best for training leg kicks.
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In all honesty, this bag is designed specifically for Muay Thai. However, it more than fits the bill for MMA, given how key a component Muay Thai is. The bag is made out of genuine leather, constructed in a way that ensures it’ll outlast most other bags. The premium leather means it is completely waterproof and special Nylon ensures there are no possibilities of tears appearing anywhere. Moreover, it comes with Nylon web straps that help secure it easily This bag is lighter than previous ones, given its main role. It also comes completely filled with foam filling. Available in a Red, black, and white combination. Perfect for people looking to crisp up clinch work and Muay Thai specific techniques.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide RDX Heavy Bag kit

RDX is a brand that’s hard to avoid nowadays. Whether you train boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, wrestling, or MMA, you’ll most likely at least consider buying an RDX product. In most cases, you won’t go wrong. When it comes to punching bags, you definitely need to consider RDX among the best MMA training bags of 2020. Particularly this RDX bag.
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One major thing to know about this bag is that it has the best price in our guide. One main reason for this is that this bag comes unfilled. This solves most shipping and transportation issues, plus allows you to choose your filling material. In terms of variety, you also get more than with any other entry in our guide. The RDX MMA bag comes in five different color combinations, including orange, black-red, and green. There are also two size options, one at 4 ft high, and the second at 5 ft. The bag has a Zero Impact G-Core Maya Hide Leather cover, heavy-duty top closure systems. There’s also a tether loop at the bottom, to allow you bottom fixation when/if required. Comes with a pair of training gloves specialized for bag work. Completely waterproof.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Title boxing speed bag

This bag is a boxing classic for more than one reason. First up, it is a Title Boxing bag, which pretty much tells the whole story, when it comes to quality striking gear. It is also a speed bag, which provides you with a very unique and specialized aspect of striking training. You need to have a bit of experience with speedbag work, though, before you can really get a workout with this one.
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Given the fact that this is the smallest bag in our best MMA training bags guide, it is also one of the best-priced ones. It is also a highly specialized advanced striking training tool. The outside of the bag is all 100 % genuine premium leather. Speed bags are very tight and inflated as opposed to any other training bag. In order to stay that way, this bag has an inner bladder that’s guaranteed to outlast all of its rivals. Moreover, the bag has welded seams, triple reinforced stitching, and a reinforced loop. It comes ready to go and is available in 6 different color combinations, wither plain colored or in a combination.


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide Everlast tether bag kit

Keeping with boxing classic brands, we keep going with Everlast, a brand just as, if not more famous than Title Boxing. Everlast pulls all stops with this one, though, making it the perfect bag for versatile MMA training. It is a medium-heavy bag, meaning you get the best of both worlds, in terms of footwork and power training.
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There are actually two different weight options you can get. One of them is a 70 lbs bag, while the other is a 100 lbs full-length heavy bag. The filling material is a custom one, made up of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand. This gives the Everlast Traditional Bag a very particular feel during striking training. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable weight customization chain. It also features a tether loop at the bottom and comes with a special bungee cord to help you attach it to the floor. While on the subject of providing essential equipment, Everlast also provides you with specialized bag gloves and hand wraps when you purchase this bag. The best deal in our best MMA training bags 2020 guide without a doubt!


Best MMA Training bags 2019 guide FDW bag with stand

Wrapping things up, something different. While most bags do not require a lot of space to hang, sometimes hanging a bag from the ceiling is just not an option. In those cases, a bag like the FDW Heavy Duty one comes in real handy. The main reason? It comes complete with a stand to hang it from.
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What you get with this one is either a white or black medium-sized bag, complete with a stand. It is specially designed to catch as little space as possible. Nonetheless, the bag is still heavy enough to provide you with great training. The frame for the stand is ultra high-quality steel, ensuring a lifetime of use. It is easy to assemble and take apart and can support up to 330 lbs. The bag itself is made out of extra strong materials and has a multi-layered foam filling. it comes in dimensions 12″L x 12″ D x 50″H and comes with heavy-duty chains and all the necessary attachments.


MMA Bag Training 

Training on a heavy bag for MMA is a very versatile tool. Once again, having someone hold a bag for you can be both beneficial and not, dep[ending on your goals. In that sense, setting up a training bag at home is a real breeze. All you need is enough space to move around. Most bags come with all the required tools to hang them up. Some, like the FDW Heavy Duty Punching Bag, actually comes with a stand that completely removes this issue. That said, once you have it, if it is one of the best MMA training bags from our guide, it’ll last you a lifetime. 

Training on a heavy bag can be as versatile as you are creative. Different training modalities depend first and foremost on the type of bag and your specific goals. that said, you have options of working on punching or kicking specifically. You might also focus on movement, and footwork, or work on striking/takedown transitions. You might also choose to train different aspects of striking, like power or speed. Of course, you can also put everything together, and even throw in some defensive movements (checking leg kicks for example) or evasive movement (rolling and weaving). Last but not least, mixing in striking with some bodyweight, kettlebell or other types of strength and conditioning is a great way to get in exquisite shape for MMA.

Another aspect to consider when training on an MMA training bag is equipment. First of all, you get acquainted with your gear, whether it is sparring or fight gloves and hand wraps. If you insist on using shin pads, you can also wear those when hitting the bag. Wearing a mouthpiece during striking also helps you work on your breathing and rhythm.

Final Words

ALL in all the heavy bag is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for striking training. it allows you to train on your own, but still, have all the benefits of training with a partner. While even the very best MMA training bags don’t hit back, they all do serve multiple specific purposes. Whether you’re working your clinch on a teardrop bag, hand-eye coordination on a speed bag, or going all out on a full-length heavy bag, you’re putting in important work that’ll get you more than ready for the cage.

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There's one aspect of training striking that can hardly be replicated in grappling. that is the ability to work on attaining perfect technique by yourself. In that sense, there's more than one way to ensure your striking is as crisp as they come.