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Sambo. You either love it or completely shun it away. There’s no middle ground. For BJJ athletes, training Sambo is often something they don’t even consider. Judo and wrestling are the two grappling martial arts that are usually associated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, Sambo has just as much, if not more to offer to both Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, which can’t really be said about any other grappling sport out there. To that extent, Sambo DVD instructional can help p a lot, especially when it comes to the secrets of some of the best Sambo masters who live in Russia. 

Sambo is a very fun martial art that is pretty much a complete system. Between sport Sambo, (which is mostly grappling), Combat Sambo (like MMA), and military Sambo (the original) there’re no aspects of martial arts that are not included, For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purposes, though, what we’re most interested in is the grappling aspect, i.e. sports Sambo. Whiter it is the intricate throws or brutal leg locks or Sambo you’re looking into, the list of the best Sambo DVD instructional below will help you find the best possible learning material.

The Best Sambo DVD Instructionals Collection

Sambo is a Russian martial art that was created for military purposes. The name is an abbreviation of “self-defense without weapons” indicating it swabs originally a hand-to-hand combat system. similar to Krav Maga it later evolved into a civilian combat system, and eventually, into a full flyblown national sport in Russia. Nowadays, Sambo is internationally acclaimed, and almost every country in the world has Sambo clubs.

Still compared to the big three of grappling in BJJ, Judo, and Wrestling, Sambo is far from popular. In fact, if it wasn’t for MMA people would probably have no idea what it is. Sports Sambo is quite specific, given that the fighters wear Judo/BJJ-like Gi jackets along with MMA-likes shorts and special Sambo shoes. This specific attire makes for a unique mix of techniques and combinations that are very applicable to Jiu-Jitsu, Gi, or No-Gi.

In truth, most people don’t really turn to Sambo for the takedowns, but rather for the leg locks. For some reason, under Sambo rules, chokes are considered illegal as they’\re deemed “too dangerous’ but leg locks of every variety are ago. To that extent, you’ll notice that a lot of the sambo DVD instructional are either leg lock specific, or contain leg locking techniques. However, the Sambo takedowns and grip fighting combinations are also highly effective and need to be taken into account for BJJ  purposes.


Let’s take a look at the top three Sambo DVD instructionals you can get, whether it is for BJJ or learning pure Sambo. These are your top options if you’re looking to start learning Sambo from digital instructional.


Top Rock Turbo DVD By Reilly BodycombReilly Bodycomb is one of the top Sambo fighters to make a name for himself as a submission grappler, submitting big BJJ names in the process. His area of expertise is leg locks. He has several Sambo DVD instructionals out but this one, on getting leg locks from top positions during passing is by far a must-have for anyone that is looking to incorporate some Sambo into their Jiu-Jitsu game.

2. Sambo Throws Revealed by Vlad KoulikovSambo Throws Revealed by Vlad Koulikov

Vladislav Koulikov is one of the biggest names in Sambo. A true master of the art, he shares some crazy throwing combinations in this three-volume DVD which will provide you with different options than Jiu-Jitsu players. True to his Sambo roots, Vlad also shows follow-up submissions after the throws, in the form of various very brutal leg and arm locks.

3. Georgian Grip 2 DVD Set by Vladislav Koulikov for BJJ, Judo, Sambo

Georgian Grip 2 DVD Set by Vladislav Koulikov for BJJ, Judo, SamboSpeaking of the specific Smabo grips, Koulikov has another Sambo DVD that covers this subject in extreme depths. The gripping in Sambo, given the Gi jacket and shorts combination, and the presence of wrestling-like shoes is quite elaborate, and there are some grips that other grappling martial arts do not use. In other words, this is instructional to help you with all your grip fighting ng woes for BJJ, Gi, and No-Gi.

List Of Every Sambo DVD Instructional Out There

On top of our top 3 Sambo DVD picks, we’ll share with you all the other instructionals involving Sambo that can help you learn some secrets of this martial art, and use them for whatever grappling sport you’re involved in.


    NO KURTKA SAMBO VOLUME 1&2 - REILLY BODYCOMBOnce again, it is Reilly Bodycomb, this one with the two-part “No Kurtka” instructional, which in Sambo terms means No-Gi. In other words, this is a No-Gi Sambo instructional of the highest quality!

2. Sambo Academy: Combat Sambo by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo Academy: Combat Sambo by Ivan VasylchukIf sports Sambo is not really popular, then Combat Sambo is even less known by most people. Still, if you are into MMA, some of the concepts and tactics of Combat Sambo can come extremely useful, as proven by the legendary Fedor Emelianenko.

3. Devastating Sambo Throws by Ivan Vasylchuk

Devastating Sambo Throws by Ivan VasylchukA Sambo DVD instructional focusing on throws that don’t really require follow-ups, due to their devastating nature and explosive setups.

4. Sambo Academy: Kneebars by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo Academy: Kneebars by Ivan VasylchukJust to put things into context, the ‘Honeyhole” position that is a staple of leg locking these days, is actually a Sambo position. This DVD offers you a different take on kneebars compared to BJJ, including setting them up from standing.

5. Sambo Academy: Arm Bars by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo-Academy-Arm-Bars-by-Ivan-VasylchukFrom the same man that brought you the instructional on Sambo kneebars, Ivan Vasylchuk, this is four-part DVD covering Sambo armlocks, including an entire volume of drills.

6. Sambo Academy: Achilles Locks by Ivan Vasylchuk

Sambo Academy Achilles Locks by Ivan VasylchukThe final piece in Ivan Vasylchuk’s awesome collection is a Smaqbo DVD set on ankle locks. Given the presence of the boots, you’ll find some interesting grip variations and ankle lock setups which come in really handy in Jiu-Jitsu.

7. Killer Sambo Submissions by Ivan Vasylchuk

Killer Sambo Submissions by Ivan Vasylchuk

  1. Submissions are one of Sambo’s most notable contributions to the grappling world. They are somewhere in between the explosiveness and brutality of catch wrestling submissions, and the precision of positional BJJ subs. Perfect for expanding your fight-ending options.

8. Sambo for BJJ by Vlad Koulikov

Vladislav Koulikov DVD Sambo For BJJSpeaking of Sambo for BJJ, Vlad Koulikov actually has an entire DVD set on precisely how you can incorporate the teachings of Sambo into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

In Conclusion

Every grappling martial art out there has the potential to help you evolve your BJJ game in very specific and unusual ways. However, Sambo is something that I feel should be incorporated a JIu-JItsu a lot more than it is. this collection of every Sambo DVD instructional available will do wonders for your game, even if you only get the top three titles.

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