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Best BJJ Training Masks 2019
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Altitude training masks are a subject of a lot of controversy in the fitness world. Some people swear by their effectiveness while others claim they’re a waste of time. This debate does not look likely to end soon, so there’s only one logical approach – give it a try yourself. If you train just for the sake of training, or aesthetic reasons, there’s n point in getting one. However, if you’re interested in significantly increasing your conditioning, a training mask is one of your best options. Of course, you’ll need to actually train with it to get results, but you’ll be surprised at how difficult and uncomfortable it’ll be. Just like BJJ. For that purpose, we give you a complete guide for the best BJJ training masks for grapplers in 2021. Detailed reviews included!

Using a training mask for grappling conditioning is not for everyone. Yet, most people in the world, apart from those living and training at a very high altitude, will benefit from it. The thing with a training mask is that it does not only lead to psychological improvements in conditioning but also increases mental toughness. Since it does so in a fashion that makes breathing challenging it is the perfect tool for grapplers. In terms of specific training, any conditioning drill becomes Jiu-Jitsu specific with a training mask on. Still, even between training masks all are not equal. The very best BJJ training masks have to deliver on certain qualities in order to guarantee effectiveness. And we have the ultimate guide for you!

Altitude Training Masks On Trial

For all intents and purposes, the training masks remain on trial in the fitness industry. So far there are at least as many arguments against the theme, as there are for them. Still, athletes, particularly combat athletes are using them on a regular basis. Let’s look at some of the facts and try to reach a verdict of our own before looking at the best BJJ training masks for 2021.

In defense of training masks, their aim is to provide a simulation of high altitude training. This means that you’re tricking your body into thinking it’s training in a region with less oxygen than is readily available, In turn, this should provide you with all the benefits of training in a hypoxic environment, like more red blood cells and more efficient oxygen utilization.

Those in the prosecution of the training mask rest their claims on lack of evidence. The training mask is a fairly new training tool that makes the claim of lack of evidence stand. There are studies on its efficiency, but they go both ways. Of course, studies depend al to on conditions and variables so until la decisive one comes out, the doubt will remain. What we know though is that altitude training works. Do training masks successfully emulate the effects of altitude training?

So far science supports certain aspects of both claims. The fact remains that the best BJJ training masks are going to teach you to breathe more efficiently. This makes our verdict in favor o training masks, as, more red blood cells or not, efficient breathing can really influence a grappling match. Plus they look really cool!

Best BJJ Training Masks 2021 Guide

Time to dive in straight into the deep end and give training masks a go. We couldn’t really write a complete review without some personal experience now, could we? So, we got around and collected data, some from personal experience, others from the experience of others who use certain types of masks. We also factored in conditioning levels and all the important mask properties you’ll see further on.

To be completely fair to both streams of thought, our guide contains fairly few masks. While this goes in favor of the claim that training masks still have a lot to prove, it also demonstrates the opposite. We managed to find half a dozen masks that we consider to be the best BJJ training masks for 2021. Giving any of them a try is guaranteed to at least make you more efficient when breathing during rolls and matches. Not a bad return, considering we also got you the best deals price-wise! Check it here:

Training Mask 2.0 

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019The Training Mask is actually the pioneer in the field of simulated altitude training. Hence the simple name, which is now a trademark. Still, the mask we have on offer here is leaps and bounds beyond the prototype that hit the shelves a few years ago.
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The training mask is now at version 2.0 which is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device for serious athletes. This quintessential training mask does not only restrict breathing but has a multitude of settings to help you specify your conditioning parameters. It offers 21 levels of resistance, 6 interval training zones, and up to 36 airflow combinations! It is like altitude training on steroids without having to actually climb a mountain. You’ll get two training masks with every purchase, containing the original training mask and a Turn Flow Upgrade Kit. This one is a best seller and a leader among the best BJJ training masks!


Phantom Training Mask

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019Following closely behind the original training Mask, Phantom’s mask is another produce well worth your while. While the original one has an eating design and great efficiency, there’s no mask that looks better than this one. It’s like something Bane would wear only with a conditioning benefit attached! Our personal favorite.
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Phantom’s training mask comes in black and three different available sizes. It features an elastic band combination that holds it firmly in place while allowing for adjustments. It offers 4 inhale resistance levels that you can easily switch between while training. The mask is made of medical-grade silicone and special resilient fabric. It is lightweight and extremely durable, with an anatomical design. Given the efficient design, you can wear this mask even during rolling without any discomfort.


Dimok Hypoxic Workout Mask 

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019Price-wise, you’ve got a real winner in this one. Even better, the quality it brings is right up there with all the other best BJJ training masks of 2021. Dimok’s Hypoxic training mask is very practical and easy to use and is the perfect one to get as your first training mask.
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The Dimock Hypoxic mask features an efficient ergonomic design and It’s another Bane-like mask, that is going to revolutionize your conditioning levels. It comes in black color and one size only. Still, the mask fits everyone with no problem, given its adjustable nature. There are 16 different resistance levels, easily accessible and interchangeable during training. There are two air-flow valves on this mask, combined in a multilayered system. One valve controls and restricts inhales, while another does the same for exhales. This type of system allows you to emulate training at a range of 2.000 – 18.000 feet. There’s a full refund guaranteed with every purchase in case the mask doesn’t meet your expectations.


Cardio King Altitude Training Mask

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019This is one more mask with a simple yet powerful design. It comes in black, with a bit of blue here and there. The mask is one of the best priced high-quality masks you’ll ever find. It is a fully adjustable mask, that comes in three different sizes nonetheless.
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Lightweight and with a cutting edge anatomical design, this musk is one of the best fitting masks on the market. it can fit snugly on people of all sizes, 120-230 lbs. There’s a non-slip strap that ensures the mask won’t budge no matter what you do. And yes, that includes rolling with it on. The material it is made of is premium quality neoprene There are three rubber pressure control valves. On them, you fit a combination of three out of six different resistance level caps, according to your needs. As a bonus, you get a booklet with instructions on how to use the mask, as well as some workout ideas.


TEC Workout Oxygen Mask

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019At the tail end of our best BJJ training mask guide is TEC’s workout oxygen mask. That doesn’t make it the least effective one though. Quite the contrary. This mas will boost your endurance and increase oxygen levels incredibly fast! It also increases your lung capacity which translates directly into a bigger gas tank.
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This mask comes in black color and one size. Since there’s only one size, an adjustable closure system is a given. It has a lightweight, ergonomic design and the extra quality of being extremely silent. Having a mask on while training is hard enough, without having to sound like Darth Vader. There are 16 resistance levels that are easy to manage and set up. This mask offers quite a challenge so it is a better fit for more advanced athletes and people used to higher altitude training. Comes with a free black case for the mask and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Sparthos High Altitude Training Mask

Best BJJ Training Masks 2019The Sparthos High Altitude training mask is another one with an awesome slick looking design. This mask is available in multiple colors coming in at both full black and with different colored camo patterns. It is also highly durable and very versatile with its settings.
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This mask comes in only one size since it offers adjustment options to fit everyone. It features an anatomical design and cutting-edge technology that guarantees effectiveness. In terms of intensity, you get 16 different breathing levels. This makes the mask a great choice for people just starting off, as well as experienced athletes. Changing the levels during high-intensity training is also extremely easy, with no need to remove the mask at any moment. The mask is completely CO2 resistant and the ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to wear than other masks. 100 % guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Ready For Your First Training Mask? 

Now that you know what the best BJJ training masks are, do you think you’re ready to go get yourself one? Let’s recap a few things before you start shopping.

The benefits of wearing a training mask for grapplers are numerous. It’ll increase your conditioning, improve lung capacity, improve breathing efficiency and build mental toughness. On top of it, you’ll get better stamina and endurance. It is a valuable tool given the fact that it offers varying resistance. That means you’ll be able to train with your mask for an extended period of time. In terms of conditioning, you can do virtually anything. You can run, jump, lift weights, do circuits, and even roll with the mask. Rolling with it is really useful as it provides you with even more breathing restrictions than regular rolls. That means that competing without out is going to be a breeze after you’ve trained with it for a while.

The mask itself needs to be a good fit for you as well. While the best BJJ training masks above are all great options, you need to find the one for you. That means figuring out your price range, needs and factoring in your training experience. Wearing a mask is a grueling experience, especially when you’re not used to it. So make sure you carefully choose whether you get a thin or thick one, as well as all the altitude adjustment options. Normally, the safest thing is to start with low airflow resistance and build up.

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Altitude training masks are a subject of a lot of controversy in the fitness world. Some people swear by their effectiveness while others claim they're a waste of time. This debate does not look likely to end soon, so there's only one logical