REVIEW: The Omoplata BJJ Instructional by Ryan Hall

REVIEW: The Omoplata BJJ DVD by Ryan Hall

A classic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move, taught in depth by one of the best coaches to ever be a part of the sport. That is exactly what you are getting from the Omoplata BJJ DVD by Ryan Hall. “The Wsu-Jitizard” shares an interesting modern perspective on a Jiu-Jitsu move that is for some reason being super ignored lately.



Ryan Hall was one of the first high-level BJJ practitioners, competitors, and coaches to issue multi-volume in-depth instructionals in a period where BJJ instructionals were at best scarce and there was no real standard model. 

Hall is one of the very best when it comes to going deep into a subject matter and deconstructing every tiniest bit of a move. The Omoplata BJJ DVD shares a new perspective on using the Omoplata as a submission, sweep, pin, and transitioning point to build an entire game around it.

Ryan Hall uses the four volumes in this instructional to showcase his legendary open elbow concept, means of controlling the Omoplata, finishing the submission, and a whole host of different ways to enter into the position.

The Omoplata BJJ DVD by Ryan Hall front cover

Instructor Backgrounds

Ryan Hall is a Felipe Costa black belt and one of the best featherweights to ever compete in BJJ. Hall has a very well-rounded game with lots of experience in both Gi and No-Gi. He was one of the very early adopters and developers of the heel hook leg locking game, mostly from the 50/50 guard, which is something he spent so much time on, that his entire academy bears the name of the popular guard. 

Hall transitioned into MMA in 2012, representing Tristar Academy in the Ultimate Fighter, which he won to get a spot in the UFC and put on some impressive performances in the octagon, demonstrating slick spinning entries into heel hooks to quickly tap out legends like BJ Penn.


Ryan Hall might be popular for his leg lock prowess and crazy inverted guard skills, but he is also super well-versed in every other aspect of BJJ. The Omoplata BJJ DVD by Hall covers a position that is far more than just an armlock. It offers sweeps and chain attacks while offering lots of control in Gi, No-Gi, and MMA. 

This particular instructional covers every aspect of the Omoplata from setting it up to holding and finishing it, through a system of concepts and principles that makes a lot of sense, as opposed to just a series of techniques that are seemingly unrelated to each other.


The Omoplata is one of the staple submissions of Jiu-Jitsu, but it is not something complete beginners pick up very early. Understanding the Omoplata requires a bit of working knowledge of the guard and the Kimura lock.   means the

The Omoplata BJJ DVD is No-Gi, which means the applications of everything demonstrated are for both Gi and No-Gi settings. Ryan is an excellent teacher, one of the very best, so everyone is going to benefit from this one, even complete beginners who have no idea how bent armlocks work.

Technical Details

The Omoplata BJJ DVD follows the gold standard set forth by BJJ Fanatics. This Ryan Hall instructional has four volumes, each lasting between 40-60 minutes. The entire length of the instructional is around 3 hours, which is lots of dedicated material to just one single position/submission.

Hall’s structure is world-class, as he presents the material in a very concise and organized manner. The first volume covers the principles and concepts that make the Omoplata work. Controlling people from the Omoplata position using the aforementioned principles is the subject of volume two before Hall goes on to explore Omoplata entries in the third part. He warps things up by breaking down the finishing mechanics of the submission aspects of the Omoplata.

The production part of the DVD (camerawork, video and audio quality, cover art, etc) are all as you’d expect from a BJJ Fanatics release.

The instructional is available in high-definition DVD format as well as a digital download.

Detailed Analysis

DVD #1

Ryan Hall begins by talking… a lot. iI you’ve ever seen an earlier instructional by him, you know what I mean. The first portion of the DVD is all about the concepts and principles behind the Omoplata.

The Open Elbow principle is something Ryan has an earlier multi-volume instructional on out. In this DVD, he covers it in one chapter, leaving space to also cover important things like frames and structure, what the Omoplat is, and why would people want to do it in the first place.

There’s also a chapter towards the end of this part that demonstrates the differences in Omoplatas from the top vs hanging from someone’s shoulder when you’re on the bottom.

DVD #2

Part two of The Omoplata BJJ DVD is all about control. The position offers a really effective pin, despite most people looking at the move solely as a submission.

Once again, the volume is a real treat, with Ryan Hall covering upper and lower body positioning separately and in great detail, as well as how to use your hips, feet, and knees to break opponents down completely.

There is also crucial information on body positioning in terms of body shape, and some advanced tips on leverage and alternative (elbow-level_ finishing of the Omoplata.

DVD #3

Before covering the finishing mechanics, Hall goes into Omolpata entries from top and bottom. He uses other submissions and positions to create chains based around the Omoplata, allowing you to form a complete game regardless of what your favorite moves or positions are.

Armlocks, Triangles, and Guillotines are the holy trio of neighboring submissions that offer easy access to the Omoplata. In terms of the guard, Hall moves away from just the closed guard and explores the X-guard and K-guard as entry points into the Omoplata.

A few sweeps make their way into this portion of The Omoplata BJJ DVD too, offering even more variety.

DVD #4

Bringing this great instructional to a close is almost an hour of braking mechanics. Hall offers a bunch of different ways to increase the pressure month shoulder by forcing motion through rolling and re-rolling, as well as by preventing motion through different hooks and traps.

This is also where Ryan Hall connects the Omoplata to the back mount, front headlock, and leg locks, creating an entire system around this versatile BJJ technique. 

Ryan Hall: The Omoplata BJJ DVD

How We Grade The Omoplata BJJ DVD by Ryan Hall 

Considering this Ryan Hall instructional DVD’s technical aspects and quality of content, we come to an overall score for this instructional that I’ll deliberate in short below.

Technical Quality: 10/10

No mistakes here, with a perfect progressive organizational system, a high standard of  technical realization of the production, and the perfect length to cover everything that is important without wasting any time 

Quality of Content: 10/10

Once again, a complete hit. Perfect for Gi and No-Gi enthusiasts of all levels, with a delivery of information suited to everyone’s skill level and understanding. A few great new and modern ways of looking at the classic Omoplata.  

Overall: 10/10

A real treat from Ryan Hall that should find its way into every self-respecting grappler’s BJJ DVD collection. Fan of the Omoplata or not, there’s so much great material here that you’ll be able to at the very least, understand how valuable a tool it can be. 

Wrap Up

I’d say yes to any Ryan Hall DVD, but this one, in particular, is one that remains on my favorites list after this review. There is untapped potential in the Omoplata that Ryan presents in such a way that it is impossible not to consider adding the move, or the entire system, to your game. 


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