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The subject of BJJ drills is one that has been talked about a lot, especially during the year we just had, with all the lockdowns. Keeping your BJJ crisp and ready to go is tough if you don’t have access to a gym. Even then, you need to do drills to perfect certain aspects of it. Setting up drills can be a bit of a hassle, and you’ll quickly get bored if you don’t introduce variety. however, since they’re something we must do as grapplers, we decided to put together the ultimate BJJ Drills DVD list for you, and even select a few top picks. 

There are plenty of popular phrases in Jiu-Jitsu that outline how important drills are. This alone tells you how tedious they can be – even though they’re essential. it is similar to warm-ups, with drills being a bit more important in the long run. Luckily, you don’t just have to do mindless repetitions of a single step move for never-ending periods of time to actually drill effectively. there are different ways to set up drills out there and luckily, some of them have found their way onto BJJ Drills DVD instructional. All you need for fresh drill ideas is to pick any (or all ) of the following up.

The Best BJJ Drills DVD Instructionals Collection

It is not hard to pick out what BJJ drill you need to focus on. Understandably, you can’t just drill everything together, but then again, neither can you actually train Jiu-Jitsu like that. Whether you pick what you’re great at and go into specialization mode, or you pick what you’re bad at, and improve, BJJ drills are the way to go.

Different schools and coaches have come up with different ways to set drills up. Some of the more traditional schools are still fans of the old “do thousands of reps on each side” method. To be honest, it works for some people, and if you’re one of those, go ahead! However, there are different options out there nowadays.

For starters, you can do solo and partner drills, and bot hare covered in our selection of every BJJ Drills DVD out there. Some of the solo drills are great to do at home, others need more space and will require access to the gym. Partner drills are much of the same, but they do require a willing partner as well. That means that doing them in the gym with a like-minded partner is your best option.

That said, setting up drills can be fun and interesting. You could do scenarios, you could have both partners train at the same time, you could go for time, you could do chains of moves, or do one move against a slightly resisting opponent. These are just a few of the ideas you’ll find in the list of top BJJ Drills DVD instructional below.

The Top 3

The following three BJJ Drills DVD instructionals are literally going to change the way you approach BJJ training. Even if you just use an idea or two from either of them, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a very proficient grappler.

1. 10th Planet Fundamentals by JM Holland & Zach Maslany

10th Planet Fundamentals DVD - JM Holland & Zach Maslany

Eddie Bravo really did manage to revolutionize the BJJ world on multiple levels. He did not just promote a very unique style of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, but also managed to revolutionize the way we drill. Namely, he does drills as warm-ups in his 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system and they work like a charm! He sets them up like scenarios that tend to be quite long and involve work from both training partners.

All of his warm-ups are included in the “10th Planet Fundamentals” DVD by his top black belt students JM Holland and Zach Maslany. All 32 scenarios, along with the letter and number combinations Bravo uses to organize them are explained in detail here. keep in mind that Eddie Bravo is constantly changing and upgrading the drills, so don’t be afraid to change them to fit your needs.

2. Solo And Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Movement by Tom DeBlass


Tom DeBlass is another huge name that has to be considered when you’re trying to learn BJJ from DVDs. Luckily enough, in his huge DVD collection, he also has a specialized instructional that covers precisely this topic. His “Solo And Partner Grappling Drills” DVD is a four-volume goldmine of not just different BJJ drills, but also intricate ways of setting them up and combining them with one another. Plus, he covers the much-requested subject of solo drills in great detail as well!

3. BJJ Drills For Skills by Jeff Glover


For those that prefer a slightly more unorthodox approach to drills. Jeff Glover has his own way of doing everything and that includes this BJJ Drills DVD. It is unlike other instructionals but that is exactly where its value lies. That, and the fact that Jeff is one of the best black belt instructors out there. The DVD has 3 volumes, and it involves both solo and partner drills. Even more so, the drills Glover demonstrates range from very basic to some quite advanced options, meaning there are lots to learn for everyone in this one. That said, the way he sets up drills is also unique so there’s no danger of getting bored if you get this DVD.

List Of Every BJJ Drills DVD Instructional Out There

Let’s provide a few more options for everyone out there that is keen on expanding on the different ways that you can set up grappling drills. The following BJJ Drills DVD instructional will offer some great ideas for people of all levels:

1. Movement for Grappling by Scott Georgaklis with Travis Stevens

Scott Georgaklis - Movement For Grappling (DVD/DIGITAL/E-Book)This is a very original DVD when it comes to setting up drills. It is all about the movement and how to make your body perform any grappling task better. Given how much time wrestlers spend training movement, this was a long time coming for BJJ.

2. Self Mastery: Solo BJJ Training Drills by John DanaherSelf-Mastery-Solo-BJJ-Training-Drills-by-John-DanaherJohn Danaher is, of course, a name that needs no introduction. In this 4-part DVD instructional, the mastermind of BJJ shares his take on what the most important solo drills are, how to set them up and combine them. Perfect training material during lockdown!

3. 40 PLUS BJJ SUCCESS VOL 7 – DRILLS [ON DEMAND]40-PLUS-BJJ-SUCCESS-VOL-7-DRILLSEasyy put, drills are absolutely essential once you pass that 40 years old mark. If you’re just starting out, they’ll make your BJJ life much easier and more comfortable, and give you fast progress.


Gianni Grippo is the man to listen to if you want to learn how to set up drills for top competition preparation. This BJJ Drills DVD is a highly specific one, covering leg drags and passing drills that every competitor needs!

5. BJJ – 5 DVD Instructional Set – How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Series 2, with Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins and Stephan Kesting. Techniques, Drills, Strategies, and Tactics for the Smaller GrapplerHow-to-Defeat-the-Bigger-Stronger-Opponent-with-Brandon-Mullins-and-Stephan-Kesting

This 5-volume DVD set will teach you everything you need to know about not just surviving, but thriving as a smaller grappler. In fact, it contains the drill that will make you a force to be reckoned with on the mats, despite being pocket-sized.

6. BJJ Solo: The Ultimate BJJ Workout Program (3 DVD Set)BJJ-Solo-The-Ultimate-BJJ-Workout-Program

Here is a very cool DVD set aimed once again at solo drills for BJJ. It contains different workouts in the form of 8 different routines and is the perfect way of not just getting in better shape, but also working on jiu-Jitsu skills at the same time. All by your own.

In Conclusion

BJJ Drills DVD instructional is not something most people consider until they have to train at home, or somewhere where they don’t have a partner. Drills come in handy even in the gym, if you’re recovering from an injury or if you’re preparing for competitions. There is truth to all the hype behind BJJ drills and they will make you better. That said, they should and can be fun, if you choose the right material to learn from!

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