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Compared to about a decade ago, training without the Gi is becoming increasingly popular. Before, usually, people involved in MMA took part in training without the Gi. Now there’s a huge No-gi scene out there, for both training and competitions. Along with the increased interest in No-gi training, specific training apparel is also booming. The trend lately ist wear full-body gear, meaning a rashguard and spats along with shorts. yet, the one item here that features now as much as it did before is BJJ shorts. Can you train BJJ in just spats? Certainly. Is it pleasant for your training partners? certainly not. Plus, training with BJJ shorts on is just more comfortable. So, when it comes to choosing a pair or two for you, make sure you know what the best BJJ shorts in 2021 are! 

BJJ shorts come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and are probably the most versatile piece of equipment you might own. While their primary use is clear – grapple with them, you can use them in a multitude of other ways as well. For example, they’re great to wear as you’re training strength and conditioning. For MMA training or competition, they’ll also more than do the trick. You could even use them as swimming trunks, should the occasion arise. I actually do on a regular basis. You might even use them as leisurewear if you do not find the lack of pockets annoying.  So you might want to make sure that you have the best BJJ shorts that you can get.

The Best BJJ Shorts For the 2021 Season

Time to see what the best BJJ shorts options are out there! The selection below is one based on multiple criteria and taking into account the needs of grapplers in 2021! We guarantee you can’t go wrong with any of these, but still, personal preference is the deciding factor. All of the BJJ shorts featured below fit the criteria and need a grappler might have for training and competition. Plus they’re all very affordable, especially when you get them through the special deals we offer!

Bad Boy Men’s Legacy BJJ Shorts

Kicking things off are a pair from a brand that is among the best in the world ar making combat sports shorts. Bad Boy is a leading force in the world of MMA and No-Gi grappling equipment, with their shorts standing out. So far a lot of their shorts turned out to be a success, but none can surpass these. The Bad Boy “Legacy” shorts are the best BJJ shorts you can get!

Best BJJ Shorts 2019These shorts feature a classic velcro plus drawstring closing mechanism at the waist. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and fit tightly around the waist. The material is a very unique one –  charcoaled bamboo fibers. This allows the shorts to act as a heat retainer, making sure your muscles do not cool too much. Four-dimensional stretch material is also a feature, meaning they can stretch to provide a lot of freedom of movement. They come in plenty of sizes and have a really cool-looking design that’s sublimated, so no chance of washing it off in the machine.

Venum Camo Hero BJJ Shorts

One of the most recognizable BJJ and MMA brands out there. When it comes to all things BJJ, you can turn to Venum for quality material in both the Gi and No-gi department. With shorts, you have a lot of series out there, but the only one makes our list of the best BJJ shorts in 2021. The Venum Camo Hero Shorts are certainly ting of beauty!

Best BJJ Shorts 2019First of all, the design is unique and really catches the eye. The camo graphics combine with the logo of the brand in a very unique way. These shorts are made of polyester micro fabric that ensures they’ll last for years to come. An extremely useful feature is the long slit along the side, allowing for unimpeded lateral movement. They come in all the usual sizes, from extra small to extra large. There’s an innovative 3 point closure system that ensures the shorts will stay in place even though the most chaotic scrambles.

Clinch Gear Performance Shorts

The candidate for the best looking BJJ shorts, the Clinch Gear Performance shorts are truly an all-around product. There’s hardly a physical activity that you can’t use them for. IN terms of grappling, they offer security, comfort and are the most flexible pair on our list of best BJJ shorts for 2021.

Best BJJ Shorts 2019The one thing that stands out with these shorts is the material. It is a military-grade material, that has no chance of tearing or breaking down. The design is also awesome, with printing completely resistant to wear and tear due to use or washing. These shorts feature 360-degree side flex panels and have moisture-wicking properties. Extremely comfortable and lightweight to wear. At the waist, a hook and loop closure system are there to keep things tight and safe.

RVCA Men’s Grappler Shorts

RVCA is among the leading brands that make the highest quality MMA and grappling equipment. The Grapplers Shorts are their finest accomplishment to date! These are not just the best BJJ shorts, but also the best shorts for anything! Yeah, they even feature an inner pocket, meaning they can easily double as leisurewear when needed. A multitude of sizes and corols available plus a really minimalistic and aesthetic design.

Best BJJ Shorts 2019The material of the RVCA Grappler Shorts is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This is the perfect ratio to make these shorts both extremely durable and as flexible as possible. The material is highly breathable and is moisture-wicking as well. As far as comfort goes, these are among the most comfortable pair of shorts you’ll lever wear in grappling. They feature a velcro and string closure system, the most common and secure one in BJJ shorts.


Hayabusa Metaru Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

Hayabusa is the manufacturer of the best BJJ shorts, period. At least in my experience. I confess to being partially biased towards Hayabusa BJJ shorts, but it is based on years of grappling experience! Simply put, if you want a solid pair of shorts, there’s not one Hayabusa product that is going to disappoint you. Still, even among them, some are better than others, and we are looking for the very best here! aren’t we?

Best BJJ Shorts 2019The Hayabusa Metaru BJJ shorts have a huge distinctive advantage over others – they are approved by the IBJJF. So, if you are into the No-Gi competition under any rules, this pair is all you need. On top of it, they come ranked, so you can choose the color according to your belt level. The shorts have the usual stretch panels, making them comfortable and durable They also have a state-of-the-art hardware-free waistband, that keeps the shorts securely in place without the need for drawstrings or velcro. Maximal durability and breathability guaranteed!

RDX BJJ Shorts

RDX are among the most reliable MMA brands out there. While they’re geared mostly toward’s MMA, that doesn’t mean they do not make a mean pair of BJJ shorts. The RDX latest series is a strong candidate for the title offset BJJ shorts in 2021. Their biggest advantage over all the other shorts on this list is price. The RDX shorts come at a great value, by offering high-quality performance shorts for a fraction of the usual price.

Best BJJ Shorts 2019The RDX MMA Shorts have an ergonomic design. They feature the mandatory side slits that make movement easier. They’re also 100% resistant to microbes, fungi, and odor retention. The stitching is very high quality and is part of the latest technologies. As far as durability goes, reinforced stitching guarantees long life even under the harshest conditions. The shorts come in a variety of sizes and multiple color options.

2XU Men’s Elite Compression Shorts

Let’s spice things up with a pair of compression type shorts. So far, we saw board type and hybrids, so it’s time to get one of these introduced into the mix. The main benefits these shorts offer are faster recovery and a lot less soreness. You might even wear them under a pair of board shorts for maximum results.

Best BJJ Shorts 2019The 2UX Elite Compression Shorts feature nylon, lycra, and elastane, with nylon represented at about 80 %. This ensures they’re both extremely flexible and can get back into shape immediately. They also feature MSC technology (Muscle Containment Stamping). What this means is that these BJJ shorts compress the thigh muscles in order to make them work more efficiently, They also help with muscle recovery. They have an extremely lightweight feel to them and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Anatomy Of BJJ Shorts

If you think you can train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in shorts meat for kickboxing or just regular trunks, you’re in error. BJJ shorts are actually built in a very specific manner to ensure you get the most mobility for grappling. They’re also made out of specific material, strategically reinforced to guarantee they won’t tear from the stress during rolling or competing. Before you go on to choose the best BJJ shorts for you, you need to understand what a pair of them looks like.

First of all, BJJ shorts need to be the right length. This doesn’t always have a lot to do with size. If the shorts that fit you at the waist and every other department are too long, they’re a bad fit. Too long, in this case, means going past your knees. This only impedes movement and is going to get you stuck often while rolling.

Next up you have the side cuts. The best BJJ shorts have cuts on the sides of the tighs, making sure the shots do not interfere with the lateral movement of the legs. This is key in grappling, as it is extremely easy to get stuck in a regular pair of shorts. Or, even worse, get injured.

Then, there’s the issue of the locking mechanism. While most BJJ shorts, even some of the best, include the usual drawstring + velcro locking mechanism, there are some examples out there that move past this. This ensures that there’s absolutely nothing that makes rolling uncomfortable, even when you’re putting a lot of pressure on certain points of your body.

Shopping For BJJ Shorts 

Before we offer all the suggestions for the best BJJ shorts let’s get into shopping criteria for a while. After all, you need to know what it is you’re looking for right? Especially if you’re someone who has no experience in No-Gi grappling equipment. Today’s focus is going to be on shorts size, material,  and type, before everything else.

In terms of size, you’ll need to be careful with size charts. Every brand out there has its own variations of common sizes, so make sure you always consult the charts. Some even have categories that are right in between common sizes, offering enough variety to satisfy everyone. As a rule of thumb, always go for a smaller size or cut off shorts. If you’re in between sizes, the smaller one will do. This makes sure nothing is going to impede movement or get tangled as you roll. After all, comfort is key when selecting BJJ shorts you’ll wear on multiple occasions.

Materials are obviously key when you’re shopping for BJJ shorts. There’s no point in buying a pair that’s not going to last long. material translates directly to quality, and you want the best bang for your buck. What you’re looking for is material that’s durable and sturdy, yet stretches enough to accommodate a wide range of movements. You also want to be reinforced stitching along areas that are known to give way.

Finally, you have a few types of shorts to choose from. There are your basic board shorts which feature a velcro and drawstring lock mechanism and have cuts on the sides. Next up are Vale Tudo shorts, which are a type of compression wear. Today, you also have a hybrid type joining the best features that the two types have to offer.

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best-bjj-shorts-review-guideCompared to about a decade ago, training without the Gi is becoming increasingly popular. Before, usually, people involved in MMA took part in training without the Gi. Now there's a huge No-gi scene out there, for both training and competitions. Along with the increased...