Helena Crevar DVD Review – Best Submissions From Top Position

Best Submission From Top Position Helena Crevar DVD Review
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Anyone can teach you BJJ, regardless of belt rank or age. Helena Crevar, the 16-year-old  teen BJJ prodigy is the perfect example of this, and the Best Submission From Top Position Helena Crevar DVD is the perfect learning tool to get you better at finishing people. Yeah, I am claiming that this 16-year-old pigtailed girl can make even seasoned black belts better at submissions from top positions.

Helena Crevar – Best Submissions From Top Position


This Helena Crevar DVD instructional, which is surely among the first of many to come, has three volumes it, each corresponding with one of the big three top positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: side control, mount, and back control. 

The submissions Helena shares are chained together, revolving mostly around chokes, and armlocks. Triangles, Kimuras, and armbars are the common denominators although Carver does include other submissions like Darces, Americanas, and Ezekiel chokes to connect the dots.

Helena Crevar instructional, best submissions from top preview

Instructor Background

While still very young, Helena Crevar has already achieved more than most people ever will in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The 16-year-old, who started training when she was 8, already has an astonishing competitive record.

Crevar has 151 fights, 148 of which are wins, with 130 of those wins by way of submission. Her accolades include 5 Fight 2 Win belts and 4 NAGA belts (so far), as well as six Pans titles as a kid.

Helana started training in Cobrinha’s gym in Las Vegas Nevada, and currently holds the rank of a blue belt. That has not prevented her from ranking number 6 in the world at 145lbs and regularly taking on adult brown and black belt competitors, emerging victorious from most of those encounters.

Moreover, Helena switched gyms just last month, moving to Austin, Texas with her entire family to join New Wave Jiu-Jitsu and train and compete under the tutelage of John Danaher and Gordon Ryan.

On top of everything she does, there are also a few Helena Crevar DVD instructional produced by BJJ Fanatics, allowing even more exposure for the rising Jiu-Jitsu superstar.


The subject matter is pretty straightforward, as Helena covers submission holds from top positions (scoring positions) in No-Gi. Everything she demonstrates is legal under all rulesets and works just as well with the Gi. 

Most of the focus is on classic BJJ moves like bent and straight armlocks and chokes.


Given that she is still a blue belt (albeit with 8 years of competitive BJJ experience) this Helena Crevar DVD instructional is great for grapplers of all levels, including juveniles. The way Helena explains things makes it clear just how vast and deep her understanding of submission grappling is. 

Technical Details

Produced by BJJ fanatics, this instructional has 3 volumes, each lasting around half an hour, which brings the total running time of this BJJ DVD to 90 minutes. Helena allocates thirty minutes per volume of methodical submission setups from side control, mount, and back control respectively, chaining together everything as she demonstrates, and providing connections between the major positions outlined in the volumes as well.

All other technical aspects, like sound quality, video quality, camera work, and final production are up to industry standards. 

The release is available in both DVD and digital formats.

Best Submission From Top Position Helena Crevar DVD front cover

DVD #1

This Helena Crevar DVD instructional begins with side control. After a short introduction, the prodigy shares some crucial control and pin concepts that will allow you to keep a hold of your opponent in side control while setting up various submissions.

In the submission department, step-over setups of the triangle choke, Kimura, and armbar are the first finishing moves that Helena demonstrates.

She moves on to cover North-South entries building off the previously shown material, focusing on how to control the opponent’s legs while establishing the position. From the North-South, her submission attacks revolve mostly around the Darce choke, with several variations available depending on the opponent’s reactions.

The North-South choke also makes an appearance before Helena shows how to get to the mount off of her side control submissions, introducing the next volume in the process.

DVD #2

The control methodology Crevar likes is under mount, which she covers in great detail in the beginning sections of the second volume.

The first submission is the arm triangle, followed up by a very sneaky and original double armbar Dead Orchard from top. After spicing things up with an Americana, Helena goes on to explore the S-mount in great detail, throwing the well-known triangle, armbar, and Kimura into the mix.

She wraps the second part of her Best Submission From Top Position BJJ DVD with a section on the gift wrap mount and assorted finishing moves. Of course, she uses the gift wrap to expose the back, flowing right into the final portion of the instructional.

DVD #3

The back control section of this Helena Crevar DVD also starts with control.

The submissions center around the rear-naked choke but offer a lot more than just strangles. Crevar shares a Kimura trap setup of the rear-naked choke, as well as armbars, triangles, and Kimuras from the same trap position.

Moving on to the lower body,  Helena offers some neat tricks about the body triangle, pairing them with a few more rear-naked choke variations.  

Helena Crevar – Best Submissions From Top Position

How We Grade The “Best Submission From Top Position” Helena Crevar DVD Instructional

Considering this “Best Submission From Top Position” Helena Crevar DVD instructional’s technical aspects and quality of content, we come to an overall score for this instructional that I’ll deliberate in short below.

Technical Quality: 10/10

The technical aspects of the “Best Submission From Top Position” Helena Crevar DVD instructional are pristine and right up there with the very best grappling video instructionals. 

 Quality of Content: 9/10

A bit short compared to what we are used to, in the form of the standard 4-volume, 4-hour DVD length but very useful in terms of information. While there are no mind-blowing new things (apart from maybe the Dead Orchard from Mount) in this Helena Crevar DVD, there’s a fresh perspective on how to set up and use things we’re all quite comfortable with using during rolls or matches. 

Overall: 10/10

We’ll go with the maximum mark here, taking into account the maturity of this instructional and Helena Crevar’s age and accomplishments to date. Everyone will find this useful. 

Wrap Up

It is refreshing to see how the new generation of grapplers, who are groomed to be professionals from a very young age approach BJJ, both in terms of understanding and teaching it. Learning from a 16-year-old girl who has more experience and understanding than most purple belts out there is certainly a new approach to learning Jiu-Jitsu and one more than worth exploring.

If you want the check the price and preview of this instructional click HERE.

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