The Best BJJ Gi 2018

The BJJ Gi is the ultimate mark of a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. It is akin to the armor warriors wore in battle, especially for. At the very least, every grappler needs a BJJ Gi to train in. With the spread of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so did the industry focused on producing Gis. Today, there are multiple brands available, all of which have just one goal -sell their product. So, if you’re pondering buying a new kimono, make sure you go through our list of the best BJJ Gis for 2018.

For people that already have experience in Jiu-Jitsu, buying a new BJJ Gi is a ritual. You either have an eye for something you noticed online or something a training partner wears in the gym. Experienced grapplers do their research before deciding on their new BJJ Gi. That said, every now and then people do go for the wrong GI. In the case of beginners, this is not at all unusual. So, we make the selection process easier by covering every aspect of buying a new BJJ Gi.

For starters, we are going to cover everything you ever need to know about a BJJ Gi. From types and sizes, through material and durability all the way to how to take care of your BJJ GI. Finally, we’re going to take a look at a few of the best options on the market for 2018. Some of them are better suited for training while others are a dream come true for competitors. Let’s get into it!

Basic BJJ Gi Properties

OF course, financial availability of the Gi is one of our primary concerns. But, this must not be the only determinant of whether or not you’re going to acquire new armor. There are a few more factors that massively influence how a BJJ gi is going to fit you.

BJJ Gi sizes range from A0 to A5. The letter A stands for adult sizing. The number is a representation of the actual size of the Gi, in terms of adults. These are just the main numbers, as there are categories that are in between. For example, some brands offer sizes like A 1,5 etc. remember to always check the size chart of the brand you’re considering buying. While you’re looking at size, also make sure you choose the correct fit for you. You want neither a tight BJJ Gi nor a very baggy one.

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Rate of shrinkage is the rate at which the Gi is going to get smaller after you wash it. This plays a huge role if you’re at the upper border of a Gi size. For example, buying an A3 Gi might not be smart if you end up looking at A4 sizes after washing it for a few times. Nowadays, most Gis is pre-shrunk. However, always leave a little room for skepticism as a small shrinkage rate might still be in play.

The Gi Color is important if you are a competitor. Later on we’re going to discuss competition rules more, but for now, know that you’ll be limited to three main colors. IF you’re Gi is not white, black or blue, you won’t be able to compete in it. Check out the IBJJF Gi color rules here. When you train, you can go for any color, or combination of colors you like.

BJJ Gi Material Variations

This is where most people go wrong. As you become more experienced in Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll discover where your desire lies in terms of BJJ Gi material. For now, you need to be aware of the basic options and what each of them brings. Honestly, considering the average cost, what people mostly look for in a BJJ gi is durability. This is very closely tied to the material and weave the Gi is made of.

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The thickness of the Gi is one more very important property that people should consider. The thicker the BJJ Gi, the harder it is for the opponent to grip and manipulate. .The tougher it is for them to close their fist, the better for you. However, thickness often time means more weight, so be careful. The thickness of a BJJ Gi is determined by its weave. There are several main types of weaves common to Jiu-Jitsu Gis.

Best BJJ Gi review1. Single Weave is the most basic BJJ Gi weave. It is a popular type of weave among grapplers, mostly due to its price. It is very similar to the double weave, but with the added benefit of less weight. this makes them perfect for competitors or training in hot areas. One more category of grapplers that can consider a single weave Gi are beginners. It is affordable, comfortable and easy to take care of. The drawback of this Gi is obviously, durability. Furthermore, it does offer a good gripping surface for your opponent which can also be a hindrance.
Best BJJ Gi review2. Double Weave Gis contain the same pattern found in a single weave Gi. The main difference, though, is that the single weave is repeated. This feature makes the double weave one of the best out there. It provides more thickness, durability and is heavier compared to a single weave. It is very difficult for opponents to establish grips on a double weave Gi. The thickness which may make it hard to wear is the only con of this weave.
Best BJJ Gi review3. Gold Weave is a combination of the double and single weave. Its primary function is to take only the best of both and discards the useless. it has the thickness and durability of a double weave but posses the lightweight fa single weave. In the modern day game, many competitors go for the gold weave. It offers a lot of advantages and next to no faults. What it also does, is cost more than any other weave. If you can afford it, do not think twice.

Competition GI Hacks

When you compete, there are several guidelines you need to follow with your BJJ Gi. It has to fit the standards set by the organizers. It also has to give you every advantage over your opponent. There are a few aspects of a BJJ gi that you have to consider in this sense.

Rulewise, you need to have either a blue, black or white Gi. Apart from the patches that come with it, you most likely won’t be allowed anything more. So make sure you do not have an academy or personal patches on your competition Gi. Furthermore, you need to have the size and state of you Gi right. Your sleeves can’t be too long or too short. This also holds true for your pants. furthermore, you need to have a clean Gi with absolutely no tears anywhere. Otherwise, you won’t be able to even enter the competition area.

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The best bet for competitors is going for a lightweight Gi. When you cut weight, this is going to come in really handy. Furthermore, any Gi that makes your opponents struggle for grips is a great option. The BJJ gi also needs to fit you perfectly and not impede your movement. Look for a Gi with narrower sleeves. do not forget the rules and shrinkage rate, though. In terms of Gi pants, what you want is durability. Always go for rip-stop versions.

The Best BJJ Gi Options For 2018

So, now that every aspect of selecting a Gi is clear, let’s look at some examples. The following few Gis are all viable options of great quality. they do have different properties so everyone is going to find a suitable option. There are great fits for competitors, beginners, different body types and they’re all at a great price. Here are our top picks for this year:

Tatami Estilo 5.0

Tatami Estilo 5.0 in all colors white blue black

Tatami is a classic BJJ Gi brand. It has been around forever, and there are plenty of Gi variations on offer. However, none can beat the Tatami Estilo. This time, it is version 5.0. The Estilo is a universally accepted Gi that is a great fit for everyone, especially those just starting BJJ. The latest version has the best fit so far, in terms of the jacket. The Gi is a pearl weave, which makes it sturdy yet mobile. Once you buy it, it is going to serve you for a very long time.

Make note that the sizes tend to be big. Even with the rate of shrinkage, you’re best off choosing on the smaller side. The Estilo BJJ Gi comes in a very wide variety of colors and is very comfortable to wear. It has a medium price tag but it is worth every penny in terms of durability. Highly recommended.

Atama Mundial 9

Screenshot 60 - The Best BJJ Gi 2018

Another BJJ classic. Atama is a Brazilian brand of Jiu-jitsu kimonos that is as old as BJJ itself. IT is one of the top quality brands for Jiu-jitsu practitioners. From the get-go, be aware that this BJJ Gi is going to cost you. It is on the high end of the cost scale but it is an all in one product. While beginners might not have a need for it, it is perfect for both training and competition. It is lightweight, very sturdy and impossible to hold on to for your opponents.  The latest model 9 is very similar to the previous model 7.

The Atama Mundial uses and original weave called the Carioca weave. This means there are no seams and the whole Gi is made out of one piece. Rip-stop technology is present in the sleeves and pants. Some of the highest-level competitors favor this make and model of a BJJ Gi.

Hypnotik Vortex IBJJF Lightweight BJJ Gi

Screenshot 61 - The Best BJJ Gi 2018

Hypnotik Base – Currently Unavailable

The Hypnotik Base BJJ Gi comes in many colors. As far as beginner’s Gis go, this is by far the best choice. Once again, it is a hybrid weave Gi. It is lightweight and very durable at the same time. Every area of the Gi has heavy cotton seems as reinforcements. The Hypnotik Base is as basic as a BJJ Gi can get. The rate of shrinkage for this Gi is minimal if any at all.

The collar is thick and reinforced, without being too big and uncomfortable. The pants are so light they might even feel thin, but they’re as durable as the jacket. The whole Gi is very comfortable to wear and does not become heavy even after infusing it with sweat. IT is a fantastic Gi that is on the lower end of the price range. Perfect for beginners or as a backup training Gi for the more experienced grapplers.

Scramble Athlete V3

Screenshot 63 - The Best BJJ Gi 2018

Scramble is one more of those Gis that are considered mainstays of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One thing to know about this BJJ Gi is that it is heavy. Actually, it may be the heaviest one in this list. This is an advantage though, as there’s no Gi more durable than the Scramble Athlete. There’s version 3.0 out and about and it is magnificent. It is a slim fit BJJ Gi with a Pearl Weave pattern. It weighs about 2 kg in total.

The Scramble Athlete Gi meets all IBJJF Gi requirements while giving you every possible advantage. there’s simply no holding on to it, it is comfortable, thick and very lightweight, despite the weave. Sleeves and pants are rip-stop all over and boast a rubber collar. All in all the perfect competitor Gi. Once again, the price is towards the higher end, but, just like the Atama Mundial, it is one Gi made to last.

Venum Elite Light

Screenshot 67 - The Best BJJ Gi 2018

A lightweight competition BJJ gi straight out of the top drawer. The Venum Elite Light is the toughest lightweight Gi available on the market today. It is a GSM reinforced weave Gi that makes it super strong and durable. At the same time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lighter kimono anywhere. As far as competition Gis go, having one of these is a must

Additional features include advanced moisture management, Rip-stop technology all over, absolutely no rate of shrinkage and reinforced slots on the jacket. And that is not the best part! The Venum Elite Light is a medium price Gi that brings you all the benefits of the most expensive kimonos available! The top choice for competition and very useful for training as well. Perfect for frequent travelers.

Grips Athletics Amazona – Women BJJ GI

Screenshot 68 - The Best BJJ Gi 2018

This one is for all the BJJ ladies. The Grips Amazona is a very high-quality Gi that has a surprising number of great features. For example, it has a CoolMax lining on the knees and shoulders, offering complete protection of your joints. It is arguably the most comfortable Gi on this list, extremely light and soft. The pants are on the thinner side but durable nonetheless.

One aspect you need to consider is that this is a slim fit Gi, so make sure you have the right body type for it. Furthermore, its price is medium to high and it may not be the best bet for beginners. It is awesome for competition and training for people that have experience in BJJ. If you’re looking to buy your first Gi, maybe look for a different variation. As a second or competition-only option though, hardly any Gi can surpass the Grips Amazona.