Best Women’s BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews


Gis are a major factor in BJJ training. They might not be the primary focus of beginners, when it comes to design, cut, feel, weight, materials or weave. However, everyone wants to have one, whether it is a male or female. For the ladies, very often it is the same Gi’s that their male counterparts wear that is the first choice. This is down simply to convenience. However, there are BJJ Gis out there made specifically for women. They solve many issues that arise from male Gi’s and come in much more “girl-friendly” varieties. To that extent, we have the list of the absolute best Women’s BJJ Gi options available in 2020! 

The best women’s BJJ Gi guide is focused solely on the Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos that not only make women’s grappling simple but also make it stylish. Let’s face it, the ladies are always going to have a better style sense than men. That is just as true in BJJ as it is in daily life and fashion. To that extent, Gi’s also need to serve the purpose of grappling, whether it is training, rolling or competition, a Jiu-Jitsu Gi needs to fulfill certain requirements. The ore of them it fulfills, the better the Gi. Well our best women’s BJJ Gi guide features nothing but the kimonos that thick every single possible box!

Men’s Vs. Women’s Gis

In case you were wondering if there’s anything different between men’s and women’s Gi’s apart from the color and design, the answer is “yes”. Granted, the image of a female BJJ Gi is mostly a pink one, but color has nothing to do with how a Gi fits nor how it performs. Plus, most of the best women’s BJJ Gi options in our 2020 guide below are available in pink color, on top of others.

The main differences that the finer half of grappling faces when it comes to choosing a Gi have a lot to do with female anatomy. With men, it’s all about the size of the Gi (as usual). With the ladies, however, the cut and fit of the Gi are much more important. Characteristics such as bust size, as well as a wide or narrow waist,  are crucial in finding the perfect Gi fro a lady grappler. Luckily, there are Gi’s and Gi variations out there that offer solutions for everyone.

In order for top performance, a Gi has to fit you perfectly, first and foremost. Female gi’s offer a lot more variety in that department than male Gis. Most male Gi’s simply have an athletic, or slim-fit cut. With the ladies, taking into account bust and hip ratios, there are plenty more options. that means that the sizing is also a bit different and consulting a size chart is always a great idea before purchasing, even if you know your right size. As far as common Gi issues go, they’re pretty much the same – shrinkage rate, choice of material, weight, weave, and price. In our best women’s BJJ Gi guide for 2020, we cover each and every one of these aspects, as well as a bunch more.

The Best Women’s BJJ Gi 2020 Guide

It was Kyra Gracie (for me at least) that first showed everyone ladies can wear Gi’s different than those of men. Since then, just about every major female BJJ champion has come out with a different version of a Gi. Normally, big BJJ brands had to follow the trend and realized they can’t just sell “unisex” (usually meaning male) Gis. Moreover, certain Gi brands now specialize in making nothing but some of the best women’s BJJ Gi versions out there. As welcome as this variety is, it does raise the problem of sub-par kimonos. This is where our guide comes in.

In order to make sure we cover just about every aspect of BJJ Gi related variety, we went with many different Gis from many different brands. That means that below you’ll find different weight Gis, available in different colors and signs. Some are IBJJF approved, while others are just for gym use. Apart from colors, you get every possible female-specific cut, nothing but the best materials, and some of the sweetest deal you’ll find in 2020. Without further ado, then, onto the reviews:


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The Venum Challenger Gi is pretty much a classic at this point in time. The Challenger series feature, not just female Gis, but also male and even children’s Gis. They’re that good, they’re enjoying their second version at the moment, with a third edition not far away. This best selling Gi has everything the ladies need, regardless if they’re just rolling or looking to win the Worlds.
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Let’s start with variety. This Gi comes in three different colors, all of which are allowed for competition. All fo their versions (blue, white and black) feature pink embroidery on the front and back as well as patches on the shoulders. This is a 420 gsm pearl weave Gi that’s on the lighter weight side. The material of both the jacket and pants is 100 % cotton, with strategically reinforced areas and last-gen tech seams. Overall, the construction of the Venum Challenger 2.0 Women’s BJJ Gi guarantees durability and top performance. Available in all the usual sizes, which in the ladies’ case start with a W or F in front of the number. Watching machine safely, odor and microbes resistant. Perfect athletic fit, with different bust sizes available. Check Price On Amazon Now - Best Women's BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews


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As far as signature ladies’ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis goe, there’s no kimono better than the Fuji IBJJF Women’s Gi. Usually seen in pink, this Gi is also available in other colors and is a supreme kimono even compared to those in our best women’s BJJ Gi guide. In fact, this Gi has the trifecta – great fit, great performance, and great price.
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Let’s take a closer look at the Fuji IBJJF Women’s BJJ Gi. This Gi is, as the name suggests IBJJF approved. However, this holds true only for the regular, blue, black and white colors. The pink one, which is the most utilized one, is still only good for training, rolling and other competing platforms. The construction of this Gi focuses precisely on what ladies need. The sleeves are somewhat shorter, allowing for a more ideal fit as well as performance advantages. The waistline is also smaller compared to men’s pants, allowing for a much better feel. The material is, of course, 100% cotton for both the jacket and pants. The Gi is not only available in different colors, but also 11 different sizes, allowing for an unforgettable BJJ experience. Check Price On Amazon Now - Best Women's BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Time to take our best women’s BJJ guide in a different direction. In this case, let’s check out an ultra-lightweight BJJ Gi that’s equal to wearing a rashguard. Lightweight Gis are my personal preference so, no wonder this one is my favorite. Although on the pricier side of things, this Gi is going to provide you with a grappling experience that’s second to none.
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The War tribe “Hydrogen Ultra-Light Gi” is a second-generation War Tribe Ultra Light Gi, specialized for women. The colors available are black and blue. The embroidery is simple with nothing but one logo on the right sleeve and on the pants. Other than that, the seams are multicolor, which is an original and unique feature. The material is 100 % cotton and the weave is pearl. Despite the pearl weave, the fabric is of premium quality allowing for an extra lightweight gi (only 350 GSM jacket). This translates to not just comfort and maximal mobility, but also extended durability for a lighter weight Gi. The pants re 8oz cotton rip-stop pants with double reinforced stitching. On top of everything, this is a Gi you can wear in IBJJF tournaments with no troubles. Check Price On Amazon Now - Best Women's BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Storm kimonos are a brand that’s famous for extra high-quality Gis which offer top-grade performance. No wonder they are the first choice for the Mendes bros, and we’re the brand behind the Gracie Barra uniforms for a while. Their Commander women’s Gi is certainly one of the best they’ve ever put together. Stylish, durable, and extremely comfortable, this one is a competitor’s best friend for sure!
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This Gi comes in all the usual colors, although the blue is probably the best version. The fabric is a 420 GSM Storm Weave Fabric, ultra-comfortable and durable. The pants are Ultra-Lightweight military-grade ripstop breathe-tech material. The materials used in the jacket are breathable, with a Zero Wrap collar, Zero Hold sleeve technology, and ultra-resistant to tears. A great caveat is a hidden mouthguard pocket. All in all, if you’re out for a competition Gi, this one is on top of our best women’s BJJ Gi 2020 guide. The sizes come in all usual varieties, and the fit is an athletic one. There is green and white Storm embroidery on the chest, front of the pants, and the right shoulder. Check Price On Amazon Now - Best Women's BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews


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Time to go into the pink and fluffy side of things. Let’s not forget, ladies out there have different tastes and preferences, and this Gi has proven to be a real best seller! The brand might not be as well known as Venum, Strom or Fuji, but the Gi is of the utmost quality nonetheless. As far as color varieties go, the SunRise Ladies BJJ gi offers more than any other in our best women’s BJJ Gi 2020 guide.
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On the subject of variety in design, there are a total of 10 different designs. It is not just the colors that are different, though, ranging from white and able to black, yellow and purple. There’s also different embroidery, featuring the likes of teddy bears, flowers and kittens. Despite the fluffy design, this Gi is one of the sturdiest out there. It is lightweight and made from 100% cotton. It features an EVA foam collar and provides amazing breathability. The Gi comes completely pre-shrunk, so what you see is what you get. The pants are slim cut and come in the shape of full rip-stop pants with a round drawstring. The cuff lining features three rows of reinforced stitching providing maximal durability and strength.

Furthermore, there are no back seams since the Gi is constructed out of one piece. The Gi features a female-only construction with a strong pearl weaver. Embroidery is on the sleeves, jacket, and pants. Available in 8 different sizes.
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Wrapping up our best woman’s BJJ Gi 2020 guide is a Hayabusa Gi. This is one more brand that has pretty much a legendary status in the BJJ community. Their Jiu-jitsu Gis and gear is a synonym for both quality and performance. Plus, they come at an amazing price. In fact, the Hayabusa a Shinju BJJ Gi is the best priced on n our 2020 guide!
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This Gi is available in black, white and blue color, meaning it is perfect for both training and competition. Once again, this is an Ultra Lightweight Gi with a 450 GSM pearl weave and 100 % cotton. The pants are 10oz rip-stop, designed with an extreme range of motion in mind. The Gi features a female-specific taper cut with a perfect fit for ultimate performance. All high-stress areas feature reinforced stitching with state of the art seams. You can easily wash the Gi in any washing machine, and enjoy the benefits of innovative quick-dry technology. The Gi is fully breathable and comes 100% pre-shrunk. There are patches on the chest, shoulders, and back of the skirt, as well as the pants. Available in all usual sizes. Check Price On Amazon Now - Best Women's BJJ Gi 2020 Guide And Reviews

Gi Selection Criteria

Let’s look a bit further into the criteria we used to evaluate every Gi contender in our best women’s BJJ Gi 2020 guide. The winners, outlined above offer both variety in every possible department as well as the utmost quality. On top of it all, we made sure that everything is affordable. This makes shopping much easier as well as offering the option to acquire more than one Gi, which, lace face it, everyone likes to do.

Apart from the cut of the GI, which we discussed a bit earlier, the weight is also a huge factor. This is usually in close connection to the weave for the Gi. The basic rule of thumb is that heavier Gis usually features a more complex weave, and in turn, are more durable and long-lasting. Lighter weight, Gis, on the other hand, although durable, do give way earlier than heavier kimonos. However, they offer easier movement, are perfect for warm weather, and can really help competitors.

On the subject of weave and material, there are lots of weave options to consider. Material-wise, cotton is the best option, without a doubt, Weaves come in a single, double, pearl, golden, etc. Pearl weave is somewhere in the middle making for really durable Gi’s that are still pretty lightweight if you want the best of both worlds.

The color of a Gi is also very important. Only blue, black and white are allowed in official IBJJF / UAEJJF competition. They also restrict the amount and location of patches you might look to add to customize your Gi. Sizes also ovary in between brands, so makes it a habit to always check size charts. All of the entries in our best women’s BJJ Gi guide have charts included.

Final Words

Ladies, do not settle for male Jiu-Jitsu kimonos just because they’re easily attainable. Instead, use our best women’s BJJ Gi 2020 guide to find the perfect Gi for you. Whether you are a recreational grappler or a fierce competitor, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Moreover, all the prices are crazy low, meaning you can definitely get yourself different Gis for different occasions!