All The Best Self Defense DVD and Digital Instructionals

All The Best Self Defense DVD and Digital Instructionals
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Self defense is always on the minds of people that train in martial arts, whether it is the main reason for them starting or not.  That said, self defense is not an easy thing to master, regardless of what type of martial art you practice. Whether you’re grappling, training MMA, or doing Krav Maga, you need to understand what self defense in a realistic scenario is, and for that, you need to know who you can trust. The list below has every self defense DVD that can actually teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Picking a self defense DVD should be no easy task, as you never know when you’re going to run into something that’s completely ineffective. Self defense means not just being able to find your way through a violent encounter in a real-life scenario, but also being prepared for the mental aspects of such an event. The self defense DVD instructionals below are all great options, but if you really have no idea where to start, any of the top 5 will do the trick.

The Best Self Defense DVD Instructionals Collection

Self defense shouldn’t be taken as a joke, given that someone’s life could end up in jeopardy if it is. If your goal is to train self defense make sure you not only pick a reliable martial art for that but also a school with an instructor that knows what they’re teaching. That said, there’s no way you’ll learn self defense from just books or videos, so going to classes is a must.

However, certain self defense DVD instructionals out there can help you greatly in figuring out what exactly you need to do to protect your self, In combination with training in a class that is aimed at self defense, full stress scenarios and all, DVDs can greatly help with developing mental comfort in violent altercations which is the number one thing that matters in real life self defense.

Learning self defense is not hard, when you filter all the useless stuff out. We did just that complaining about this list of DVDs and digital instructional that can help with every aspect of self defense training. Choose one (or more) that’s the same as the martial art you’re training in, and discuss it with your instructors in order to get the full benefits of learning from a video source.


The following 5 self defense DVD instructional al have one thing in common – they work. There are DVDs here that are BJ Jbased, feature krav maga, MMA, or are focused on women self defense, In any case, they’ll help you achieve your self defense goals for sure.

1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self-Defense For Women by Deborah Gracie

BJJ Self Defense For Women by Deborah Gracie
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There’s hardly a better system out there for self defense in one-on-one situations than Brazilian jiu-jitsu. when it comes to women, it is the absolute best martial art to train in. The trick is training BJJ for self defense when schools around the world are more focused on the sports aspect of it. That’s where specific BJJ for self defense classes come in, and most schools do offer them. In conjunction with this 3 part DVD that will teach you what to focus on, you’ can rest assured you’ll be able to fend off anyone trying to start trouble.

2. Untangled: How To Disengage From Conflict by Eli Knight & Jared Jessup

How To Disengage From Conflict by Eli Knight & Jared Jessup
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One way to solve a violent altercation is to disengage and get to safety. The best self defense technique you can learn is to disengage from conflicts. Eli Knight offers just that, along with some great ways of what you should do when those primary tactics don’t work. One of the best self defense DVD instructionals available.

3. Beyond Krav Maga by Aaron Jannetti

Beyond Krav Maga by Aaron Jannetti BJJ and krava maga combined
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Krav Maga is an Israeli fighting system that was developed for military needs. later on, this hand-to-hand combat system branches out into a civilian version as well, one that has been proven to be extremely effective for self defense. Krav maga works, but only if you train it right, and learn from people that know what they’re talking about. Aaron Jannetti is one of them.

4. Jiu Jitsu Based Self Defense Strategies by Paul Sharp

Free Videos and Techniques List

Paul Sharp is the man you’d want protecting you if you’re assaulted on the streets. since it, is pretty much possible to hire him as a bodyguard, all that you’re left with is his Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense DVD. Four volumes of some of the very best BJJ self defense concepts will have you ready for the streets in no time!

5. Alpha Male Self Defense by Dean Lister

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Finally, when you’re in doubt, turn to a man who can fight. Dean Lister has faced the who is who of heavyweights fighters in the world and has beaten most of them. Plus, he is a real example of an Alpha male that can fight. his no-nonsense self Defense DVD is all you need in combination with some BJJ training to end up feeling confident and safe going down dark alleys.

List Of Every Self Defense DVD Instructional Out There

let’s expand on the list of the top 5 self defense DVD instructional and look at every other digital instructional that was worth considering if you’re looking to improve your self defense skills.

  1. Combatives and Street Jiu Jitsu by Dan “The Wolf Man” Theodore
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    Another Jiu-Jitsu-based self defense DVD that will help you learn how to train grappling with a different perspective in mind.

2. Kimuras For The Street by Eli Knight & Jared Jessup
Free Videos and Techniques List

The Kimura works in MMA, BJJ, Judo, and in the street. This instructional will teach you how to use it in every possible situation. standing and on the ground.

3. Police Tactics For Police Officers & Instructors by Jay Wadsworth
Free Videos and Techniques List

This is a title dedicated to law enforcement officers, demonstrating the many different ways in which grappling is an essential skill they’re most often missing.

4. Police Self Defense Tactics For The Street by Jay Wadsworth
Free Videos and Techniques List

Another one for police officers, although that doesn’t mean civilians can’t learn a lot about self defense from this DVD.

5. Clinch For The Street by Burton Richardson
Free Videos and Techniques List

Clinching is one of the most effective ways of controlling people, whether it is on the mats or on the streets. Learn all about clinching for self defense from this DVD.

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6. Knife Defense For The Street by Burton Richardson
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When faced with weapons, the best thing you can do si get away as quickly as possible, however,  since that is not always an option, Burton Richardson’s system for knife defense is one that can actually save your life instead of endangering it.

7. BJJ For The Street by Burton Richardson
Free Videos and Techniques List

Richardson also has a self defense DVD out on using BJJ in street fighting scenarios, which is very realistic.

8. Street Fighting Secrets by Chad Lyman
Free Videos and Techniques List

Street fighting is a world of its own where everything is fair. When it comes to the right mentality for street altercations, and the techniques that go with it, this DVD is your best bet.

9. Comprehensive Street Self Defense by Chad Lyman
Free Videos and Techniques List

A four-part DVD covering every aspect of start self defense imaginable in a way that even complete beginner will understand.

10. Gi To Street Self-Defense by Eli Knight
Free Videos and Techniques List

This is a very interesting self defense DVD, that takes into account your knowledge of Gi BJJ and how you can use it in the streets with plain everyday clothes.

11. Jiu-Jitsu Based Self Defense Solutions by Eli Knight
Jiu-Jitsu Based Self-Defense Solutions - Eli Knight DVD
Free Videos and Techniques List

An Eli Knight DVD focusing on Ju-Jitsu as the main way of protecting your self in any self defense scenario you might encounter.

12. The Mirroring Principle: Fundamental Self Defense by Wim Deputter
Free Videos and Techniques List

Wim Depputer is one of the most underrated coaches in BJJ. In fact, His mirroring principle doesn’t only work on the mats but is also effective in self defense as well. Learn all about it from this unique sell defense DVD!

13. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: Episode One – The Key to the Gracie System of Self Defense
The-Key-to-the-Gracie-System-of-Self Defense
Free Videos and Techniques List

The original Gracie Jiu-jitsu was always about real fighting, so it is a pretty good bet that their old-school curriculum is efficient in self defense situations.

14. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques and Tactics: Self Defense DVD – BJJ Martial Arts Lessons
Free Videos and Techniques List

BJJ for self defense DVD, this time not only offering techniques but also tactics, which is an aspect of self defense not many people focus on.

15. Gracie Jiu-jitsu Techniques & Self Defense DVD with Robin Gracie
Free Videos and Techniques List

Robin Gracie shares even more of the Gracie family’s practical self defense Jiu-Jitsu secrets.

16. Gracie Jiu-jitsu Submissions, Escapes & Self Defense DVD with Robin Gracie
Free Videos and Techniques List

There’s no better self defense than being able to submit people. That’s exactly what you’ll learn from this Robin Gracie self defense DVD.

17. Headlocks & Haymakers “Jiu Jitsu For the Concrete Arena DVD By Ari Bolden
Free Videos and Techniques List

This very originally named DVD will teach you about dealing with some of the most common attacks in self defense scenarios using JIu-Jitsu.

18. Women Empowered (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense for Women)
Free Videos and Techniques List

A Gracie women’s self defense course that will teach women how to defend themselves in some of the most unwanted situations imaginable.

19. Reality Check Self-Defense by Pat Major
Free Videos and Techniques List

As far as reality-based self defense DVD instructional, go, this Pat Major one is at the very top.

20. The Ground And Pound Safety Manual by Javier Vazquez
The Ground And Pound Safety Manual by Javier Vazquez
Free Videos and Techniques List

One of the most effective ways of finishing an MMA fight is ground and pound having that skill honed in will help you dominate everyone in every situation, even in the streets.

21. Fighting Back by Sepi Melamed
Free Videos and Techniques List

Another DVD aimed at self defense for women, covering plenty of scenarios and Jiu-Jitsu based ways of efficiently emerging unscathed from them.

In Conclusion

Self defense has to be taken seriously if you actually want to be able to defend yourself. However, fighting in a street is nothing like training martial arts and that’s an aspect of it you have to be ready for. Any of the self defense DVD instructionals above will help you achieve it, as long as you don’t base your entire self defense knowledge just on them.

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