The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital Instructionals


At one point or another in your BJJ journey, you will have to go through a phase where you explore escapes. They might not seem as attractive or fancy as attacks, or transitions, nor can you do flying variations of them. Yet, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting out of someone’s signature, go-to move unfazed, and continuing to dismantle them while they’re re-thinking their entire existence. That said, you’ll fail miserably most of the time until you really figure out some of the sweet spots and principles that make escapes work. Well, you can cut that time significantly short by picking and choosing from the best list of BJJ escapes DVD instructional ever put together. It is right here. 

It took me reaching brown belt to really get into the groove of enjoying escapes, and all the suffering that comes with them. BJJ escapes can be really fun, especially after you get the first one or two workings. One of the reasons why it is so hard to figure them out is that there are too many of them out there. Moreover, not all of them will work with the same level of effectiveness against all types of the opponent. In fact, the same escape won’t work against different people that execute the same attacks because of individual preferences. Learning the principles that make all escapes possible, on the other hand, is universally applicable. So, read the reviews of ALL the best BJJ escapes DVD instructionals, make your picks, and begin to annoy the submission hunters in your academy.

The Best BJJ Escapes DVD Instructionals Collection

The formula for learning escapes in BJJ usually starts with you developing an interest in the defensive side of the sport, and an affinity towards suffering. If one thing is for certain, you will suffer a lot in BJJ, especially when trying to figure escapes out. Next up, you’ll look at which escape methods fit you best and eventually, try to fit them into a system. Finally, you figure out the BJJ escapes DVD instructionals that will help you learn and develop such a system.

The above sounds like a solid formula, in theory, at least. In reality, however, things are not that simple. When it comes to actually escape people’s attacks you’ll have to spend a lot of time, and I really mean a lot, failing. This is particularly true for submission escapes. IN that regard, escapes do not apply only to submissions. Defensive BJJ works across the board, from preventing a sweep or a pass so that you can set up attacks, all the way to getting out of ht tightest possible heel hook that seems like a done deal. That is exactly the gap you will need to bridge and the BJJ escapes DVD instructional we have in store for you are your building blocks.

There’s also the question of what next. Escapes are quite a tricky business, as oftentimes they will let you out of a grappling tight spot, but won’t necessarily get you in a position of dominance. That means that you’ll need to always have a way to get to a better position, or simply, a top position after you finish an escape. In combination with picking escapes that fit your goals and abilities, and combining them into an attack-defense system, you’ll build a BJJ game that is very hard to match!

The Top 10 

Kicking things off are the top 10 picks in the domain of BJJ escapes DVD instructionals that have been proven to work for people of all sizes, ranks, and abilities. They are very diverse and offer the secrets to several different complete escape systems. Each and any one of them will do wonders for your BJJ Houdini act, but all of them together will make you untouchable.

1. Escapes from Everywhere by Bernardo Faria

bernardo dvd disc a2cee801 bf09 4cf4 818d 6cf043e2e533 grande 300x182 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital Instructionals

Bernardo Faria has one of the best instructional in the entire sport of BJJ in this one. He has developed an incredibly simple, methodological, and easy to implement a system of escaping anything opponents throw at him. It takes him four long volumes to go through every bit of it, but he really spares no details as he will explain how to deal with BJJ’s most common positional and terminal attacks in the Gi. Very highly recommended.

2. Exit The System by Garry Tonon

Garry Tonon Cover 1024x1024 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThe polar opposite of Bernardo Faria’s BJJ escapes DVD, at least in terms of attire. Tonon offers much of ht same – a way out of literally everything, but he does it in No-Gi, quite understandably. This instructional is 8 volumes long, and in more than 10 hours running time Tonon explores many interesting and some quite unusual-looking ways of developing into a true escape artist. It is sufficient to say that they all work like charm.

3. The Running Man & The Baby Bridge: Essential Postures To Keep You Safe by Priit Mihkelson

download 2020 11 27T120849.199 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsI’d argue that Priit MIhkelson is to BJJ escapes what Danaher is to leg locks. You might not agree with that, but what everyone will agree upon is that Priit has elevated BJJ escapes to a whole new level. Moreover, he has some very unconventional ways of setting them up. Most incredibly of all, he offers systems and concepts that seem to work universally for everyone and will be effective even against seasoned grapplers. The “running man” and “babybridge” concepts are great examples and just a fraction of the entire system Priit is developing.

4. Submission Escapes by Tom DeBlass

Screen Shot 2017 12 19 at 11.46.11 AM 1024x1024 213x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsTom DeBlass is one of the people that are most difficult to submit, as some of the best black belts in the world can attest to. While most of that is due to his aggressive and submission hunting-based system of grappling, there is also the defensive aspect of his BJJ that we have to consider. When it comes to resisting submissions, Tom is at the very top and he has a very simple way of approaching submission defenses. This instructional will teach you all about it.

5. General Introduction to Mirroring Principle by Wim Deputter

download 2020 11 27T122119.863 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsWim Depputer is another very high-level BJJ black belt from Europe that has an incredible system of his own. His Mirroring principle works both defensively and offensively. IN terms of escapes, though, it is nothing short of incredible, and it does tie in great with Priit’s innovative BJJ escapes. If you want to take that “lazier” approach to escape, this is a BJJ escapes DVD you simply have to own.

6. Worry Free Escapes by Dean Lister

lister wfe 1549edba 7d88 4ec9 8e87 0ac6a7ec46b4 480x480 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsLister is known as the submissions guy. He loves to tap people out, but that also means that he is extremely good at escapes. DO you know why? It is because he attacks so much that he understands what people are trying to accomplish when they’re looking to set attacks up. His “worry Free Escapes” system is based on understanding and recognizing attacks before they even take place. And it works. It is awesome!

7. Ultimate Choke Escapes by Henry Akins

download 2020 11 27T120536.684 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsOne of the best instructors in the world, a black belt by one of the legends of Jiu-Jitsu Rickson Gracie, has a very effective formula to dealing with any choke attacks that come your way. Henry Akins’ choke escapes will help you fend off any strangle attempts, whether they are with the Gi, or without it. It is a four-part BJJ escapes DVD that leaves no storm unturned in the realm of Jiu-Jitsu choke defense.

8. Escapes: Old School Evolution by Fabio Gurgel

download 2020 11 27T121555.001 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsGurgel is one of those charismatic old-school BJJ professors that have an extreme understanding of Gentle Art. He asl happens to have a great delivery system, bringing things into perspective really quickly. As expected, his system of escapes is highly technical and based on old school BJJ. that man that everything he domesticates has been tested over and over again for decades. What you get is ta the latest, polished up and updated version of all the BJJ escapes that have proven to be real “classics”.

9. Get Off Me Fool by Jeff Glover

download 2020 11 27T121833.538 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsIf you have a flair for the unorthodox, and perhaps even dramatic, this is instructional for you. While that is true for any Jeff Glover DVD, this one is particularly “out there”. It works though, especially given that people won’t expect any o the directions or moves that Jeff demonstrates here. Don’t worry about being able to perform them, though, this instructional is geared towards everyone, and you won’t need to know handstands or crazy flips to be able to get the hang of things.

10. Leg Lock Defense & Counter Attacks by Chase Davis

download 2020 11 27T163322.470 300x198 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThe final top ten entry in our list covers a subject that many people have been looking for lately – leg lock escapes. While you can take Dean Lister’s or Tonon’s route and do them so much that you can recognize them anywhere, it will take time. If you’re looking for a “quick fix” way of mastering leg lock defense, this BJJ escapes DVD is precisely what you need.

List Of Every BJJ Escapes DVD Instructional Out There

The world of BJJ escapes is vast, and it definitely doesn’t end with the top ten BJJ escapes DVD instructional. Other instructionals offer more in the sense of either highly specialized escapes, or general systems that will help you stay safe, and never get into trouble in the first place. You’ll find each and every one of those that makes sens listed and reviewed below:

1. Pin Escapes & Turtle Escapes: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher

Fundamentals Escapes Cover Part 1 1024x1024 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsJohn Danaher’s take on escapes with the Gi centers around the turtle position, and dealing with pins. As expected, you’ll find a wealth of information inside, ranging from simple to quite complex, spread across 8 volumes.

2. Go Further Faster Bundle by John Danaher

WhatsApp Image 2020 11 13 at 15.31.46 200x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsIf you’d like to explore the full JOh Danaher Gi system, including many escape systems and concepts, go for the ‘Go Further Faster” bundle that contains all of his Gi instructional DVDs.

3. Enter The System Bundle by John Danaher

download 2020 11 27T102606.667 200x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThe No-Gi system of John Danaher consists of 6 parts, and you can find them put together ina neat bundle that will teach you about escapes along with showing you how to break people’s limbs and strangle them unconscious.

4. Side Control Escapes: Basics To Advanced Concepts by Andre Galvao

download 2020 11 27T113102.095 300x204 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital Instructionals

Galvao is an easily recognizable name in BJJ – he is one of the top competitors ever, and the man that runs arguably the most successful competitors gyms in the BJJ world. In this BJJ escapes DVD, Galvao shares with us his system for escaping side control. It is a Gi instructional.

6. Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Escapes Gi & No Gi by Lachlan Giles

Lachlan Giles Cover New 1024x1024 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsLachlan Giles. One of the top and instructors in the world and just as high level of a competitor. In other words, he knows what he is talking about, as his concepts have been tested against some of the best in the world. His experiences are now available in this 8-part BJJ escapes DVD instructional.

7. Back Escapes: Introducing The Hidden Posture by Priit Mihkelson

download 2020 11 27T113628.094 300x204 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsAnother innovative release by Priit, this time covering back escapes and some very unusual ways of approaching the turtle position. They work perfectly for me, and everyone else I’ve shown them to, so you can only gain by getting this DVD.

8. Ultimate Armlock Escapes by Henry Akins

HenryAkins UltimateArmlockEscapes Cover 1024x1024 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsA companion to Henry’s choke escapes this instructional covers armbar defense and escapes in a similar fashion. The same four-part instructional with the same professional system and the same quality of presented material.

9. Getting Un-Stuck by Luiz Panza

download 2020 11 27T121318.016 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsLuis Panza’s BJ escapes DVD is perhaps the best named one out there – “Getting Un-Stuck”. Once again, the standard four-volume format, with a very interesting approach to positional escapes, mainly intended for No-Gi.

10. The Mirroring Principle: Back Defense & Being Offensive by Wim Deputter

download 2020 11 27T122632.539 300x205 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsAs I mentioned, the mirroring principles system by Wim Depputer has plenty of different applications. One example is the back, where you can use the system to both defend, escape, and attack from the position.

11. No-Gi BJJ Position Escaping System by Troy Manning

download 2020 11 27T161622.055 300x202 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsTroy Manning has a very good instructional that is perfect for people that are complete beginners to start and grasp BJJ escapes a little better.

12. No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Back Attacks and Escaping System by Troy Manning

download 2020 11 27T111550.243 300x203 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsAlso by Troy Manning a very simple back escape system based on core Brazilia Jiu-Jisu fundamentals. Some attacks blended in there just make this BJJ DVD that more appealing.

13. Principles of Guillotine Defense by Nicolas Renier

download 2020 11 27T162012.312 300x203 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThe guillotine choke is something you have either tapped to or will in the near future. It is likely that both are true if you’ve been involved in BJJ for a while. If you don’t want to make a bit out of tapping out to guillotines, get this BJJ escapes DVD. it will latch you how to deal with them once and for all, no matter who is hunting for your neck.

14. No-Gi Defense & Escapes by Kyle Boehm

download 2020 11 27T163002.688 300x203 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThis is a more general-based approach to BJJ escapes, highly specialized for people that love to train without the Gi.

15. The Pillars Escapes by Stephen Whittier

download 2020 11 27T231254.866 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsStephen Whittier is a representative of the SBG system which is a highly conceptual and effective one. Stephen, in turn, is an “escape expert” if such a thing exists, Simply put, if you get this one, you’ll quickly become an expert yourself.


01 40plus master escapes 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsA huge instructional for everyone that’s over 35. As the title suggests, you’ll master BJJ escapes, in the sneakiest and least energy-demanding way possible. If you’re younger and smart, you will also benefit greatly from this escape system.

17. Killer Counter Attacks by Jake Mackenzie

Untitled 300x198 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsJake Mackenzie is a great competitor and one that understands what it takes to mount a sucesfullBJJ defense. His take on spaces is to counter attacks sot ha you don’t just get out, but you also get a win along the way.

18. Systematic Armlock Defenses by Ante Dzolic

download 2020 11 27T232209.196 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsArmlocks in BJJ come in various shapes and sizes, so escapes have to follow. In this BJJ escapes DVD, you’ll get a myriad of different ways to deal with armlocks organized in a very efficient system.

19. Escaping From Side Control and Knee on Belly by Ante Dzolic

download 2020 11 27T232535.227 300x201 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsSide Control escapes were already covered before, but it won’t hurt to have more options on the subject. What will definitely hurt is not knowing how to escape the knee on belly position, which exactly the issue this instructional tackles.


ante escape side 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsOn the subject of side control, escapes will only work if there’s no way for the person to submit you or transition. Surviving comes first, and that is precisely where the focus of this DVD lies.


situp escape 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsWhile not often considered a reliable means of escape sitting up (or standing up, for that matter) is a great way of getting out of many things in BJJ. Jeff Rockwell’s system will help you figure the sitting up part of that particular puzzle.


gracie escapes 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsOld school, proven, and taught by Igor Gracie – this escape mastery course is exactly what you need if you’re looking to develop effective BJJ escapes in a pinch.


prison escapes 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsThis is not just another instructional on leg lock defense. it comes straight from the depths of Sambo, the original grappling material art that glorified leg locks before BJJ took over.


advanced escapes 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsA bit on the advanced side, but still useful for everyone. This instructional is a Gi-specific one and is a great option for competitors.

25. Gustavo Machado’s Great Escapes & Counters DVD Jiu Jitsu Gracie BJJ

31tLf8QK3L. AC  - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital Instructionals

If you see that name Machado, you can bet you’re in for some awesome old-school Jiu-Jitsu. with this BJJ escapes DVD, you get exactly that – great escapes and counters by one of BJJ’s most knowledgable professors Gustavo Machado.

26. Gracie Jiu-jitsu Submissions, Escapes & Self Defense DVD with Robin Gracie

61z8b7 wqL. SL1000  222x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsAnother Gracie DVD on BJ Jescapes, this time expanding towards self-defense a well.


basically escaping sidemount 212x300 - The Best BJJ Escapes DVD and Digital InstructionalsAdem Redzovic’s solutions for dealing with side control, and in particular, heavy pressure sid control, are all you’ll ever need to easily wiggle out from the bottom and start playing your own attacking game.

In Conclusion

If you’re being attacked and dominated in BJJ, you won’t ever be able to develop an attacking game of your own. IN other words, you\’ll need to know how to escape, because people are too often too happy to just hold you in place until a round is over. having ways out means you initiate action, even if you’re on the defensive. Whether you’re looking for a complete system or just highly specific escape and defense solutions, the BJJ escapes DVD instructionals reviewed above hold all the answers you seek.