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Best BJJ Spats 2019
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Training in pajamas has been a tease for training BJJ among grappling martial arts forever. Since most other grapplers, apart from Judokas, train without a Gi. As BJJ exploded onto the grappling scene, dominated by training in the Gi, people made a lot of fun of the kimono at first. Fast forward a few decades and now you have a booming industry manufacturing thousands of Gis every week. They come in all shapes and sizes and are no longer made fun of. Now, that mantle belongs to No-Gi Jiu-JItsu and training with spats on. While rashguards and the mandatory shorts were never in question, training with spats is seen as something of a goof. today we’ll see why they’re absolutely essential for grappling, as well as find out which the best BJJ spats for 2021 are. 

One reason why spats are such a subject of ridicule is design. Today, people are into a custom or funny looking designs on everything. No more plain, one-color compression thighs. Now, most grappling thighs have integrated graphics, full of color and drawings. And they look beyond cool. Well, some of them do, anyway. Still, the need to wear spats, especially when rolling without the Gi is more than obvious. Spats actually have a lot to offer to grapplers, both in terms of obvious and hidden benefits. Apart from their hygienic properties they also have performance-boosting, thermal and even tactical uses in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And this is before we even start talking about how the best BJJ spats can help you get the most out of Gi training as well.

BJJ Spats And Compression Tights

In terms of the properties of the best BJJ spats, we need to look in two main directions. First up are the benefits of spats for the grapplers wearing them in training and competition. Next, we have the compression tights themselves, how they’re made, and what they have to offer.

As far as benefits go, let’s start with the most obvious one. Spats are essential lower-body rashguards, and we all know why we use rashguards in Jiu-Jitsu. They protect against rashes, against mat burn, and virtually anything you come in contact with. All the best BJJ spats feature anti-microbial materials that protect against gym germs. There’s also the fact that they keep you dry by wicking moisture away. This helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm during the winter. The compression effect of spats helps your muscles work more efficiently and even recover much better. Plus, they help extend the life of your Gi by keeping moisture away when you wear them under.

From a design standpoint, the material ratios you’re looking for is mostly Polyester with some Lycra or Lycra threw in. Sometimes there’s Nylon in the mix as well. A crucial aspect of grappling spats is also ventilation. there’s no point in slowly cooking inside, so ventilation is a must. New technologies like Dry Tech are a huge bonus and feature heavily among our best BJJ spats. Fit and comfort are huge factors, as you should feel like wearing nothing with a good pair of compression tights. Apart from materials, the durability of your spats mostly comes down to the stitching. Always go for the flatlock, stitch, preferably the double version.

Best BJJ Spats Of 2021

Personally, I was completely opposed to wearing spats until I threw a pair on to get through cold-weather training. The first time I wore them was under the Gi, and, to be honest, I never looked back. Spats are a huge help in your training, but you can’t just wear anything for grappling. Crossfit training spats, or yoga pants, for example, won’t be able to withstand the strain of dynamic grappling. Moreover, commercial spat variations often contain mash areas for better breathability. These are the first to go during grappling exchanges.

Make sure when you go for grappling spats, you get specialized ones. Even better, go for nothing but the best BJJ spats you can find! Below, we have for you the top 9 contenders for 2021. Whichever pair (or more) you choose, you won’t go wrong for sure!

Red Plume Sports Compression Pants

Best BJJ Spats 2019A great modern design, full length, and great quality kick off our best BJJ spats shopping guide. Red Plume’s Compression pans are a state of the art pair of spats that are perfect for grappling. Design-wise, these are very hard to beat, especially since they come in a few different styles.

These spats are made from 85% Polyester and 15 % specialty polyester fibers. Available in a huge variety of sizes. These spats are very comfortable, have a great ventilation system built-in, and have moisture-wicking properties as well. On top of it all, they are extremely elastic and tear-resistant. They allow complete mobility and freedom of movement while providing excellent compression. This means improved blood flow to the muscles and, in turn, better performance. It also leads to faster recovery after training. They come in three distinct and different styles, with sublimated graphics. Washer friendly.


Hyoptik Thermal Spats

Best BJJ Spats 2019Hyoptik’s Jiu-Jitsu compression pants are a very special piece of training gear indeed. They feature an original design with 75% Nylon and 25 % Lycra. This potent combination makes them extremely durable, on top of unbelievably comfortable.

They come in all the regular sizes, from small to extra large. The design is pretty simple, and they can even pass IBJJF inspection. These spats have the highest grade Elastane possible, and also feature a really tight-knit. They come in black color, with simple Hyoptik logos in silver in a couple of places. The inside is lined with a thermal layer that guarantees thermal isolation. The compression level is also high, providing great blood circulation during rolling. Very comfortable and fit completely into your skin.


Sub Sports Compression Tights

Best BJJ Spats 2019Another pair of truly great grappling spats here. Sub Sports have what seems to be one of the very best BJJ spats designs ever. And by design, I do not mean flashy graphics, but unbelievable performance properties.

They come either in full black or in two or three color combinations. This gives them a lot of visual variety, on top of perfect performance characteristics. The base layer is a 4-way stretch material, that ensures complete mobility in every direction. Moreover, it means they fit like a glove. There’s also a state of the art moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry no matter how long you roll. The seams are embedded in the material, removing the dangers of irritation. They come in all the usual sizes and offer great targeted compression. The material is 82% Nylon and 18 % Elastane, safe to wash in the machine with no shrinkage or loss of color.


Sanabul Compression Jiu Jitsu Spats

Best BJJ Spats 2019Sanabul is a brand that offers very high-quality Jiu-Jitsu gear. In terms of spats, they certainly deserve to be featured in the best BJJ spats list for 2021. Their Compression Jiu-Jitsu spats are one of the top choices you have in this department.

They come in a black color, or the unique steel gray one, which looks awesome. They’re as simple and minimalistic in design as possible. The material is a unique blend of Spandex Nylon and Polyester. They offer thermal insulation in both hot and cold weather and fit better than any other pair in our guide. Reinforced stitching of the 5-thread-2-needle variety means they’ll last for years. An elastic waistband prevents slippage and keeps rashguards or T-shirts snugly in place. If you’re a fan of suffering, these spats provide UV protection, making them perfect for the beach as well as the mats. Perfect compression is guaranteed.


Neleus Men’s Compression Tights (2 Pack)

Best BJJ Spats 2019As far as the best BJJ spats for 2021 go, this here is undoubtedly the best deal you can get. Neleus offers not only great grappling spats at a great price, but gives you a second pair for free! Yeah, these spats come as part of a two-pack, and you have a huge variety of colors to choose from.

Neleus’ spats are simplistic in design, coming in one main color with colored stripes running the length of the seams. 85 % Polyester and 15 % Spandex, these spats guarantee extreme comfort and a complete range of motion. They’re elastic, wick moisture away very efficiently, and are unbelievably quick to dry. There is a built-in two-way air circulation system that ensures breathability and comfort. The material has anti-microbial properties and is resistant to odor retention. A great pair of spats for Gi or No-Gi training, and even an official IBJJF competition. Plenty of color combinations available for the two-pack.


Pressure Grappling Women’s Premium Grappling Spats

Best BJJ Spats 2019While most of the spats we feature are unisex, we also have a pair that’s exclusive to the ladies. Pressure Grappling’s premium spats are among the best BJJ spats in the world ever and feature some of the coolest designs imaginable.

They come in a multitude of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. There are 7 different styles, all with sublimated graphics that completely cover every inch of the spats. “El Tigre” and the “Kraken” models are the two arguably best options for female grapplers. They feature a polyester blend known as WikPro that offers extreme stretching properties in every possible direction. The waist has a wide elastic band that prevents rolling and is integrated into the spats. 4/6 flatlock reinforced seams give this pair of spats an even greater value. Unbelievably sturdy and resilient, these spats offer maximal protection and comfort, while allowing you to have an original style on the mats.


Anthem Athletics Compression Tights

Best BJJ Spats 2019Anthem Athletics make some of the best rashguards and spats available for sports. When it comes to grappling, their products are particularly durable and often the first choice of many. Available in 17 different styles and 5 different sizes, they cover the needs of virtually any grappler out there.

A key characteristic is a lightweight material, that wicks moisture and allows maximal elasticity. The level of compression is also a huge factor that puts these spats among the best BJJ spats for 2021. Graphics are sublimated, peel-resistant, and washer friendly. Apart from the flatlock reinforced stitching there’s a dual lock waistband for maximal security. Very comfortable to wear. If you are in-between sizes, the recommendation is that you choose a bigger size. Our pick from all their various styles is the Hex Camo Red BJJ spats.


Elite Sports Grappling Spats

Best BJJ Spats 2019Elite Sports, much like Anthem Athletics make one of the most reliable and grappling-friendly pairs of spats available in the market. They are top-quality spats that are made from an ultra-strong Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex blend. Extremely lightweight and even more durable, Elite’s Sports Grappling Spats are optimized for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

The construction of these spats is a multi-panel one, featuring high-density flatlock stitching and a dual lock waistband. They’re very comfortable and offer incredible thermal isolation. Despite that, they also feature state-of-the-art ventilation, making them very breathable. 4-way stretch material ensures both elasticity and high-level protection. An added bonus is UV protection. Available in black and white and all the usual sizes.

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Spats

Best BJJ Spats 2019Whatever BJJ related gear we’\re looking at, there’s going to be a Venum product somewhere in there. At least among the best. In our quest for the best BJJ spats for grapplers in 2021, we came across the Venum Gladiator 3.0 spats. Simply put, they’re so good that they’ll give any other pair of spats a great run for their money.

First and foremost, there are three really cool looking designs. One comes in black color, one in red while the third is a combination black and white pair. While it’s really hard to choose, I’d go with the black and white one. Sizes range from small to XX-Large. Venum’s Gladiator spats offer a never-before-seen compression technology that massively impacts blood circulation. These pairs have the latest Dry tech technology, that provides unrivaled moisture wicking and sweat evaporation. The seams are fully ergonomic, with an elastic waistband.


Mat Hygiene

If you need one key reason to wear spats when you’re training BJJ, then do it for hygiene. No matter how clean you are, or even the gym is, grappling academies are a great spot for skin infections. Whether it is a bacterial, viral, or yeast infection, most BJJ athletes get one during the years. It may not be down to you, or how clean the mats are. Sometimes, training partners can either spread infection directly or simply carry the germ over to you. All of the above scenarios and more are easily avoidable by wearing supportive gear like Rashguard and spats.

The answer to the question of when to wear spats is easy – always. When you’re on the mats about to grapple with other people, have a pair of spats and a rashguard on. It doesn’t matter if you have a Gi on top, Gis can also be breeding grounds for germs. Give yourself every chance of staying clean and help protect the others in the gym as well .the antimicrobial properties of spats mean you’ll prevent the spread of germs, effectively rooting out all potential infectious outbreaks. Keep in mind, however, that wearing spats and a rashguard does not absolve you from regular personal hygiene. It simply makes training BJJ easier.

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best-bjj-spats-review-guideTraining in pajamas has been a tease for training BJJ among grappling martial arts forever. Since most other grapplers, apart from Judokas, train without a Gi. As BJJ exploded onto the grappling scene, dominated by training in the Gi, people made a lot of...