The Best X-Guard DVD and Digital Instructionals

The best X guard dvd and digital instructionals

While not everyone might agree that the X-guard is one of the best guards in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, everyone will surely restore to playing it at one time or another. It is not about efficacy or all the things that you may do from the position. It is more about the ease of getting there, the mechanical advantage and safety this guard provides. The reason everyone gets there is that it is the ultimate checkpoint that connects pretty much all open guards in Jiu-Jitsu. In simple terms, you need this guard in your arsenal, and we have the ultimate collection of every X-Guard DVD instructional that has something to offer you. 

The number one reason why I encourage everyone to at least try the X-guard as early as they can in their Jiu-Jitsu journey is that it works perfectly in both Gi and No-Gi. moreover, it fits people of all sizes, and there are so many little modifications to do that you can do wonders with it across all levels of grappling ranks. The following selection for all of the best X-Guard DVD instructionals will help you master every aspect of the guard, whether it is a defensive, offensive or a balanced approach you’re looking for.

The Best  X-Guard DVD Instructionals Collection

Why does the X-guard work so well for everyone in BJJ? There are a few reasons, really, and you’ll need to understand them ys you know what o focus on when looking at X-guard DVD instructional.

The first reason why the X-guard works so well is that it places you underneath the legs of your opponent. Similar to the deep half guard, the X-guard has you right underneath the center of gravity of an opponent, making it really easy to manipulate their base. Secondly, your legs are placed ina configuration that makes it hard for them to strip them off, which only enhances your control. A little hint here- use your knees to control the X-guard rather than your ankles and feet hooks.

That said, the hierarchy of learning the X-guard is the same as with any open guard. First, of all, you need to understand how to stay in the guard, i..e master guard retention. Then you can have fun with sweeps (which are really plentiful from the X-Guard), submissions (leg lock galore), and, most importantly in the case of the X-guard, transitions. Finally, you can explore different ways of entering the guard, now that you understand how to hold it and where you want to go next.

The Top 5

There are X-guard players in the  BJJ world, and then, there are X-guard experts. The following 5 X-Guard DVD instructionals are all the work of some of the people that have developed the X-guard into what it is and are continuously working on its evolution.

1. The Complete Butterfly Guard by Marcelo GarciaMarcelo Garcia DVD Review Cover

Marcelo, of course, tops the list of the best X-guard DVD instructional. There’s literally nobody that has used the X-guard against op level opposition than Marcelo Garcia. In this instructional, although the main subject is the butterfly guard, Marcelo constantly talks about the X-guard. In his system, it is the natural continuation of the butterfly guard.

2. The Modern No Gi X Guard by Jon SatavaThe-Modern-No-Gi-X-Guard-by-Jon-Satava

A No-Gi instructional covering why the X-guard is arguably the best guard to play without the Gi. Four volumes in this instructional by X-guard expert Jon Satava will teach you everything about the fundamental workings of this guard. This instructional is suitable for grapplers of all levels, and obviously, everything presented in it will also work with the Gi as well.


Another Jon Satava X-Guard DVD, this time with the Gi is also a mandatory instructional for any self-respecting BJJ guard player. The grip opportunities with the Gi are much more numerous than without it, meaning different options open up when you play it this way. Once again, Satava is the man to take you through all of them.

4. No-Gi Sweeps DVD with Chris Brennan [DVD]Nogi Sweeps DVD with Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is one of the old school of grappling, with a very direct and no-nonsense style. This instructional focuses on No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and covers nothing but sweeps. As it happens, all of the highest-percentage sweeps Brennan likes to use work from the X-guard or a variation of it.


One more Gi-oriented DVD to wrap up our top 5 picks – Lucas Lepri’s Sit up guard. Similarly to Marcelo’s butterfly guard DVD, there’s a lot more X-guard in this instructional than there is Sit up guard, simply because the X follows naturally, and provides al to more possibilities.

List Of Every X-Guard DVD Instructional Out There

The top 5 picks are definitely complete guides to the X-guard that you should turn to first, in order to master that position. If you’ve already seen them, or have experience with the position, the following X-guard DVD instructional will certainly offer some new perspectives for you to experiment with.

1. Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Supine Position by Gordon Ryangordon-ryan-open-guard

Gordon Ryan, typically for him and the DDS has an 8-part instructional out on the Supine Position Open Guard, which is, in other words, mostly X-guard. while Ryan does cover other guards as well, the X is once again the centerpiece that connects them all altogether.

2. Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Seated Position by Gordon RyanGordon Ryan Seated Guard : Systematically Attacking From Open Guard DVD

On the subject of the X-guard connection, all other guards Ryan’s seated Open Guard series also cover a lot of X-guard-related information, this time from another transitional and attacking perspective.

3. Open Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John DanaherDanaher Open Guard BJJ Fundamentals DVD Review Cover

Balancing the scales of Ryan’s two No-Gi guard DVDs is Joh Danaher’s Open Guard Gi instructional. A good portion of this DVD is focused on explaining the inner workings of the X-guard and all the options it creates.


Satava really does have his heart set on releasing X-Guard DVD instructional. And they are all extremely effective. this one goes beyond the basics of the X-guard and will teach how to look at the position from a more advanced standpoint.


If you’re interested in seeing what the Jon Satava: X-Guard and beyond DVD has to offer, check out this free preview.

6. No Gi Fundamentals Bottom Game by JT Torresjt-torres-bottom-game

JT Torres is yet another name that we associate with an extremely effective guard game. Once again, aNoGi perspective on open guards, and most importantly, the X-Guard.

7. Back Takes For Everyone By Gabriel ArgesBack_Takes_For_Everyone_By_Gabriel_Arges

One of the transitions that the X-guard opens up is towards the back. Exactly how you can get there is explained in great detail in this Gabriel Arges Instructional.

8. Viking Guards by Tommy Langaker and Espen MathiesenViking_Guards_by_Tommy_Langaker_and_Espen_Mathiesen

Arguably, the best-named guard DVD in the world, “Viking Guards” is a collaboration instructional between Tommy Langaker and Espen Mathiesen. The X-guard is the central topic of half of this instructional, mostly in relation to other open guards and with a few direct attacking options of its own.


This is Lucas Lepri’s prequel to the Gi instructional on playing guards with the Gi that we covered previously. In other words, the perfect companion to help you develop a very well-rounded X-guard game.

10. Flower Power by Malachy FriedmanFlower-Power-by-Malachy-Friedman

While most people usually connect the flower sweep to the closed guard, Malachy Freidman begs to differ. He has some very unique ways of getting the sweep from everywhere, including the  X-guard.

11. Classic Open Guard by Lucas ValenteClassic-Open-Guard-by-Lucas-ValenteLucas Valente’s Classic Open Guard instructional might not seem like an obvious choice of an X-guard DVD, but it has plenty to offer on the subject. Simply put, the X-guard is the epitome of open guards, and this instructional will show you why.


Tanquinho’s guard game is among the most highly created Jiu-Jitsu games in the world, and for a good reason – he managed to sweep or submit just about anyone of matter with it. A lot of his game is X-guard-based, and he shares his greatest secrets of the guard in this DVD.

In Conclusion

The X-guard is simply an amazing tool to use in grappling. Given how effective, easy to get to, and versatile it is, I am amazed it is not a mainstay in more people’s games. Use any of the X-guard DVD instructionals above to widen your horizons and figure out how to either become an X-guard expert or incorporate it into your game.

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